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Nintendo took down 1,300 uploads of GilvaSunner’s video game soundtracks from YouTube

Everyones favourite video game music uploader GilvaSunner has tweeted that Nintendo has taken down 1,300 uploads of his high quality Nintendo game soundtrack uploads from YouTube. It should be noted that GilvaSunner wasn’t monetising the Nintendo game soundtracks which he had uploaded to YouTube, he was simply catering to fan demand. It should also be noted that Nintendo doesn’t upload its own video game soundtracks for users to listen to, unlike other video gaming software companies.

58 thoughts on “Nintendo took down 1,300 uploads of GilvaSunner’s video game soundtracks from YouTube”

  1. What is the point of taking down soundtracks? I doubt anyone is going to buy a game just to listen to the music, and if anything it gets some people in the mood to play the games again. This seems counter intuitive.

    1. “It should be noted that GilvaSunner wasn’t monetising the Nintendo game soundtracks”
      I know reading is hard sometimes.
      (this article did mispell monetizing, though. hm)

        1. I completely understand that Nintendo is being truly unfair with their policies, copyright soundtracks and all but I don’t think Nintendo is gonna change there ways anytime soon despite for them being over protective with there IPs which they won’t allow anyone to used.

          On top of that, they always take down people’s and streamers videos they got hit with the DMCA takedown because of the unrelease content that has not been release to the public yet and they don’t want there fans being spoiled from any surprises by some streamers who doesn’t have that game yet. Pokémon Sun and Moon 2016 – ongoing.

          1. “over protective with there IPs which they won’t allow anyone to used.” haha what? you show a disgusting lack of knowledge. why would they “let” people use THEIR IPs? how can you be “OVER” protective of YOUR OWN intellectual properties?! you kids are just ridiculous

            1. Because its their property and they can do whatever they want with it. They are still not allowing anyone including youtubers used it or make money off of there IPs that is theirs.

              Nintendo is basically trying to prove a point here and they have done this in their recent years of copyright IPs that involving people using their IPs or trademark logo in there online store instead of using there own creations in there online store. Your the one here with a disgusting lack of knowledge you stupid pissant.

    1. Thank you I feel like peeps never actually look into this that its just NOJ and not the rest of the regions, I believe japan has some strange rules on copyright and trademark, btw not trying protect nintendo or anything just saying.

  2. I’m disappointed that Nintendo will never change their attitude anytime soon. They are too stubborn. Because their took their own copyright stuff far too seriously! They are too protective of their IPs. That is their problem. If Nintendo can’t change their policies and behaviours, so help me I am through with this company!

    1. Yeah you could say they are very protective with their IPs and they do mean business. Whenever people make money out of fan projects base on the companies IPs, Nintendo will immediately takedown any fan projects out of their IPs that people tried to make money off on there IPs. Not trying to defend them or anything, its just that Nintendo will not allow anyone to used their songs or IPs in there videos.

      This is why they haven’t upload a single soundtrack from there beloved franchises on there YouTube channel. Most companies like SEGA, Bandai Namco games, Square Enix and others are ok with them uploading soundtracks on their channels for there franchises that fans can listen to. Not gonna lie to you, but I don’t think Nintendo is going to change their attitude or their behavior anytime soon about some of their unfair policy. They mean business and they meant it.

  3. The thing is; If they were uploading OST’s that you can buy like the Pokemon Soundtracks on iTunes, I would understand why Nintendo would take issues with this.
    But so many of these are not even purchasable outside of buying the game itself so what’s the point? Nobody is gonna buy the game just to listen to the music, I’d even argue that a large majority that listen to the music on YouTube straight up listen to it because they own the game.
    Honestly Nintendo, just put the music up on iTunes or Spotify, at least there you’d have a damn good reason to do this.

  4. Basically, Nintendo is always serious about their policy for Copyright infringement about users using their soundtracks from there IPs in there videos without consulting with them first. Not only that, they always take down people’s and streamers videos due to DMCA takedown because of the unrelease content that has not been release to the public yet and they don’t want there fans to have any surprises being spoiled by them who doesn’t have that game yet. As always, some users and streamers never learn, always so greedy and can’t stand the patients. This is why Nintendo is serious about there policies and can’t change for who they are.

    If anyone trying to get some music’s from other Nintendo franchises, you can always go to this site as well.

  5. To the people saying he’s not monetizing it. Of course they are ! Lol they have 400k followers. Many of whom probly subscribed to the channel because of the soundtracks.

    They have a large enough following to be gaining money indirectly from added publicity, and followers.

    I’m all for the gamers but in the legal battle Nintendo is in the right.

    1. By using the companies IPs to gain a lot of profits from there IPs. Yeah that could lead anyone to a lawsuit or a bad road for getting there videos taking down by them and of course, channel termination. Also, some of those followers are bots. However, this also happens to the Tiktok user who used Nintendo’s merchandise using Nintendo’s IPs.

  6. Laughing Music Supporter

    So Nintendo has made clear their view on uploading thier stuff to YouTube, and this stupid git with a circular family tree thought he’d get a pass… why exactly?

    Maybe if he spent his time doing something productive above and beyond giving people a reason not to purchase OST’s he would be making a bunch of laughable twitter posts whinging like a dog that got yelled at for messing the carpet.

    1. yep, a lot of kids these days are quite dim witted and very entitled, they think they can sit on their fat bums all day, making money from Nintendo music by uploading it to Youtube, just sad

  7. Well… I guess if he wasn’t monetizing any of them.. then nothing was lost, right? I guess that’s something, at least.

  8. Then add your official soundtracks to Apple Music and Spotify, Nintendo! I would actually pay to own some OSTs like Xenoblade Chronicles, Majorca’s Mask, etc.

    Even Square has the FFVII soundtrack there.

  9. Y’all can always buy the soundtrack CDs on Amazon Japan, just sayin’
    I mean, Nintendo of Japan is the one copyrighting these soundtracks…. and they DO actually sell them… on CD because Japan likes CDs…
    Here is the Xenoblade soundtrack, very easy to buy… and reasonably priced for 4 discs… except the shipping which sucks
    You can also buy many zelda soundtracks, some mario soundtracks, metroid soundtracks
    Or y’all can literally just download mp3s you lazy internet clowns

    1. Yeah, that’s always on option, but some people don’t even use CDs anymore and some want the convenience of having everything streamlined with their preferred music service instead of (illegally) downloading the mp3 and sync tons of devices, but sure let’s call people lazy internet clowns.

        1. I mean… at least they didn’t force him to take down something he worked hard on like a fangame or some other artistic creation he invested in.

  10. I would happily buy official soundtrack CDs. If Nintendo sees that there’s interest in their music internationally they should just release such albums worldwide. They’re the ones who are gonna gain from it with the money anyway.

    1. All Nintendo CD releases are readily available for purchase on Amazon Japan , and on import sites like CDJapan or PlayAsia. All of those sites ship worldwide, and if you live in the US there is generally no import/customs fee on anything below $800. Other countries which have trade agreements with Japan may have similar rules, although I believe European countries may have customs fees.

    1. Want it a great deal so as to incentivize the creation of a product whose monetization scheme they control themselves, unlike Spotify.

      That’s not me telling you its a good idea. That’s just me telling you the thinking. Its their music though and they can do what they want with it.

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