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Bayonetta 3 lead game designer is now working at Tango Gameworks

bayonetta 3

Update: It turns out Game Reactor was slightly misleading as the developer, Marius Hermanavicius, left Platinum Games a while ago.

Marius Hermanavicius, who was the lead designer for the long-awaited next entry in the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta 3, has left the team at Platinum Games and is now working over at Tango Gameworks. The Japanese development studio is currently hard at work on the PlayStation 5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo. Mr. Hermanavicius worked on Bayonetta 3 for four years before calling it quits and joining the team at Tango Softworks. Tango Gameworks is now part of Xbox Game Studios after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. Ghostwire: Tokyo is due out later this year along with Bayonetta 3.


9 thoughts on “Bayonetta 3 lead game designer is now working at Tango Gameworks”

  1. Stop posting this without any context. He left Platinum almost two years ago. He worked on another project in between before joining Tango in August. You’re making people think Bayonetta 3 is in trouble by making it sound like he left recently. This isn’t notable. People change jobs all the time.

  2. Not really any big news. Tons of companies have leads, directors, and VPs leave throughout the year, projects still go as plan or with minor hiccups.

  3. I hope they are working on Bayonetta 4 immediately as soon as 3 is complete. It doesn’t makes sense to just stop working on franchises then get back to it an adverage of 15 years later.

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