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Platinum Games: If you want to play Bayonetta 3 “simply buy a Switch”

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We received our first look at Platinum Game‘s highly anticipated action-packed game Bayonetta last week during the Nintendo Direct presentation. It looks like it will be another high octane adventure staring everyone’s favourite witch. Outspoken Platinum Games producer Hideki Kamiya has recently commented on the game with multiple fan’s asking if Bayonetta 3 will be coming to any other platforms. Kamiya says that is extremely unlikely and if you want to play the game you will just have to buy a Switch system.

“Just like with Bayonetta 2, we’re developing Bayonetta 3 with funding from Nintendo. We are only involved in development. All decisions about the final product are up to Nintendo. So feel free to send your requests of ‘release the game on other consoles’ to Nintendo. If Nintendo asks us to port the game to PS5, we might do that.

I mean, I guess the likelihood of Bayonetta 2 and 3 coming to PS5 and Xbox isn’t impossible – it’s Nintendo’s decision. By that same logic, it’s not impossible that games like Mario and Zelda could be show up on PS5 or whatever. So good luck sending passionate pleas to Nintendo and trying to get that to happen… If I were you, I’d simply buy a Switch.”


9 thoughts on “Platinum Games: If you want to play Bayonetta 3 “simply buy a Switch””

  1. Putting Mario, Zelda. Yoshi, Metroid and Wario in other consoles won’t happen anytime soon. Its up to Nintendo if they want there IPs to be appearing on other consoles and next gen ones. Fans can continue to keep asking all they want, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Its just too soon to asked.

  2. Didn’t Nintendo help save their buts with Bayonetta, I literally even believe Kamiya at one point said that bay will probs be exclusive because Nintendo is basically over them.

    1. Nintendo didnt “save their butts”. Nintendo fully licensed Bayo 2 and 3 so im pretty sure the VAST majority of the profit if any goes to Nintendo. I’m pretty sure youre thinking about Square enix w/ Nier Automata, thats was the deal so lucrative for Platinum that is “save their butts”

  3. A Nintendo Switch is a no-brainer. It has subjectively the best library of the current or last gen systems and complements a traditional console very well. There isn’t a good justification for owning more than one PC/Sony/Microsoft system per generation if it wasn’t for the exclusives. But you can buy a Nintendo Switch without the feeling of buying the same thing twice just to play more games.

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