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Nintendo sues popular TikToker and Twitch streamer Pokeprincxss

In a YouTube video recently uploaded by a popular TikToker and Twitch streamer formerly known as Pokeprincxss, the internet personality reveals that she has been sued by Nintendo. She’s had to hand over all profits that she made selling merchandise using Nintendo’s IP and the action taken has forced her to re-brand. Amassing nearly two million followers on TikTok, she will now go by the name of ‘digitalprincxss’.

The Pokeprincxss name was trademarked through the LegalZoom website and has since been removed due to Nintendo suing her as a result of the content creator selling merchandise like own-branded Pokeballs. She says “I was young and dumb and I was just going full force with it because I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong,”. Under the username Pokeprincxss, she also made adult content and Nintendo most likely did not want to associate themselves with this type of media. Nintendo subsequently sent a cease and desist to LegalZoom a couple of months ago and action was taken.

She has made it clear that there are no ill feelings towards Nintendo: “I’ll give my soul to Nintendo. After watching this video, go buy a Switch or something.”


24 thoughts on “Nintendo sues popular TikToker and Twitch streamer Pokeprincxss”

  1. After watching the video of her explaining the story, I can see how she made that mistake. She’s not the sharpest tool, and let’s just leave it at that. That video was excruciatingly painful to watch btw.. idk how 2 million people have that much strength lol

    But hey you live and you learn. Hopefully, she learned her lesson.

  2. They pretty much have every right to do it if she was selling their own merchandise, it seems like she hit all the red flags for nintendo for them to want to sue her tho than again they dmca that weird 8 year old peach game

    1. Tht Peach game was made with alot of love though. Followed it since my senior year in highschool back in 2013. lol
      Dude wuld’ve finished it had life issues and covid didnt get in the way. (he stopped and hasnt returned to it since Dec 2018; wasnt active anymore on the forum and Patreon anymore; even though did promise he wuld eventually return) He was halfway done with the 8th and final world.
      But he is currently getting the dmca claim refuted though since it is a game he made from scratch. Probably will just hav to change Title, Character Names and some wording. (maybe some other things)

      1. Which is how fan games should be made to begin with. If you love MegaMan and want to make an homage to it you dont need to litteraly put MegaMan in it.

      2. I think your forgetting it’s a porn game also lot of love or not that’s something you shouldn’t do with nintendo ips lol, and yes I get it theirs plenty of stuff like that on the internet but that doesn’t mean nintendo doesn’t have the rights to have them taken down considering it’s their characters, being use.

      3. If I recall there is a subsection in Fair Use tht allows u to use said characters if its a parody.
        Western law.
        Nintendo is one of the few companies tht is very hard on ppl using their ip, despite there is ways for ppl tht are allowed to use the characters, albiet in very specific ways.
        Despite the game being made for free to anyone tht wants to download it and isnt using any premade assets from Nintendo, will put it in his favor.
        Why do u think all the parodies on YT hasnt been taken down, despite using the characters in horror, comedy, music, etc.

      4. Also nothing wrong with it being a porn game. If ppl want to do their thing with characters of any medium, let them do so. lol
        Porn is literally the only reason, I think, Nintendo is goin after it after so long. Not wanting to be associated with it bc of their family friendly image. (despite their being hundred of millions of art, videos and such of hentai/porn of them.)

      5. In what way did I said something was wrong with porn in my last comment “Porn is literally the only reason, I think, Nintendo is goin after it after so long. Not wanting to be associated with it bc of their family friendly image.” You literally just restated the entire point of what I said in my last comment, I’m not into that type of stuff but if other people are into it its not my business or problem to worry about said people.

      6. Just making sure our points are agreed with.
        Plus the implication of “I think your forgetting it’s a porn game” sounds like there is something wrong. But typically text doesnt translate the meaning well anyways, so srry for my mistake. lol

        But anyways, I still stand by my point tht he has plenty of options and Fair Use on his side for the dmca to get off him. It only comes down to if he really is strong willed enough to want to do tht. (when usually ppl just dont want to go through the hassle and possible expenses doing so)

  3. Nintendo has the authority to take any actions on users and popular users for using there IPs to get more followers and money. Using gaming companies IPs like Nintendo’s and selling them online is illegal. She pretty much doesn’t know what she was doing. For the record, users like her have to come up with there own ideas and own merchandise to sell, Not using gaming companies beloved IPs.

    1. Why do people still regurgitate this fluff like it makes a difference, or even matters?

      Most people don’t care about this because they would rather vent over Nintendo’s obviously bullshit practices.

      Hell, why defend them at all? What have they personally done for you that makes them worth defending?

  4. I approve of this.

    So she tried to walk out the shop without paying for the bow & arrow. Thief got what she deserved.

  5. “I’ll give my soul to Nintendo. After watching this video, go buy a Switch or something.”

    Next week; Sales of Switch and something have skyrocketed!

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