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Japan: Nintendo announces permanent Joy-Con price drop

Nintendo has announced that from the 6th of November this year, the price of single Joy-Con will be permanently reduced in Japan. The price is being reduced to just ¥3,740 + tax; the price currently for a single controller is ¥4,480 yen + tax. The available Joy-Con colours include Grey, Neon Red, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Red, and Neon Pink.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo follow the same course of action outside of Japan. Speaking of Joy-Con, many people are still experiencing ‘Joy-Con drift’ with Nintendo reportedly stating that it doesn’t think it’s a widespread problem. Hopefully Nintendo will be looking into ways to remedy the issue that arguably a lot of consumers are experiencing, contrary to their statement.

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11 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo announces permanent Joy-Con price drop”

  1. I have this strange feeling that if a Switch Pro really is coming, they’ll be releasing new, higher quality joy cons along with it.
    Even the buttons and sticks on the Lite feel so much better than the normal joycons

    1. That’s probably just because the one you felt was new. They are exactly the same internal components. I recently purcahsed another set of joy cons, and they felt so good by comparison.

  2. Used to be €72 for a pair, and now they’re €60,1. Decent price drop, but still way too expensive for a product that’s likely to fail in the first year of its life.

  3. Probably going to roll the price change for black Friday in the US. Or at least the holidays.

    Possibly to get rid of current joycons. And to I troduce new ones. (possibly without drift)

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