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Japan: Nintendo reveals new Nintendo Switch bundle

newly announced nintendo switch bundle with nintendo switch sports

Nintendo has announced that Japanese fans will have a new Nintendo Switch bundle in time for the all-important Christmas shopping period. The newly announced bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and a copy of Nintendo Switch Sports (which adds golf as a playable sport soon) plus a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online base subscription. The bundle will be available at Japanese retailers on Friday, 16th December. Nintendo hasn’t announced the bundle for the west as of yet.

1 thought on “Japan: Nintendo reveals new Nintendo Switch bundle”

  1. Nice seeing a new bundle, hopefully they release this in the west at some point. I usually only see the bundle with Mario Kart 8 and Nintendo online subscription. Kinda wish now i’d waited and got a bundle, i got the standard Switch and ordered Pikachu joy-cons and a few games from Amazon.

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