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Video: MVG takes a look at Switch Online Game Boy/GBA emulation

Nintendo‘s emulation efforts on Nintendo Switch Online, as well as the Expansion Pack, have been divisive ever since the Nintendo Switch Online service began. So, with the arrival of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, it is not surprising to see that people are interested in how well the emulation is.

For example, Modern Vintage Gamer, or MVG for short, decided to take a look at the emulation of the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. Their verdict is that it is “technically very impressive”. You can see the video they posted of their findings down below.

10 thoughts on “Video: MVG takes a look at Switch Online Game Boy/GBA emulation”

    1. I forgot how much I enjoyed the GBA until I saw that it was announced. It has the versions of the 2D Mario games that I grew up with, my favorite era of FE, Golden Sun, my favorite Mario Tennis, and so much more.

        1. I would also like to see Sonic Advance on there. I heard it has publication issues with THQ, but otherwise I don’t think it would take much convincing with SEGA to get it on the service.

            1. I have a strong feeling we’re going to see an announcement of gens 1 and 2 for the service, but gen 3 would be a pleasant surprise too. Even better if they add trading compatibility, I can see a lot of people subscribing just for that.

  1. Why is it Nintendo is rather slow and won’t think to emulate DS and 3DS titles until 2045? Why didn’t they think to do thus now when they finally put the Gameboy Games on to the Switch?

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