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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom site says “full version of game required to use DLC”

One of the biggest video games of the year, and certainly one of the most anticipated, is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Today, some fans noticed that the official website for the game mentions that that the *full version of game required to use DLC. Sold separately.” Nintendo has refrained from mentioning downloadable content for the sequel to the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though we still have a lot left to find out about the game. However, we did get two paid content packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which were included in the game’s Expansion Pass. They were The Master Trials and The Champions Ballad. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches on the Nintendo Switch on Friday 12th May.


14 thoughts on “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom site says “full version of game required to use DLC””

  1. Pretty sure the full version of any game is required to use dlc, i mean why would anyone purchase additional content without owning the full version of a game. Also if you read the description of additional content in the Eshop, PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace the description will say “full version of the game required” So people can’t say they wasn’t warned or didn’t know. Not sure how this is news.

    1. I think you kinda misunderstood the point of this news.

      The point here was that the existence of DLC for Tears of the Kingdom has seamingly been leaked, which wasn’t known about before.

      1. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just because it says “full version of the game required to use dlc” might be a default message, it doesn’t mean Zelda Tears of The Kingdom additional content was unintentionally leaked.

    2. They aren’t commenting on the fact that the full version is needed, they’re commenting on the fact that, despite nintendo not announcing dlc for tears of the kingdom, it is listed on the website as if it has been announced, meaning there is probably gonna be dlc.

  2. So Tears of Kingdom (which is literally dlc ideas from BotW) will have it’s own dlc, which will be like $25-$35 on top of an already $75 game excluding shipping, and they haven’t even really shown much gameplay yet either 😒
    The more I here about this game the more disappointed I become, sad part is Loftwings might not even be available as an optional mount in this game either which should have been the first thing reintroduced in this game given the fact that you literally explore floating islands in an open world and was the main gameplay mechanic they wanted to use in Skyward Sword but couldn’t due to the limitations of the wii.
    I’m really trying to look forward to this game but Nintendo are fumbling the ball at every turn lately😮‍💨

    1. Lmao, bunch of nerd ass haters. I’m disappointed in your ability to look down on everything before you. Grow up, realize that nobody deserves anything they can’t create with their own two hands and appreciate the fact that entertainment such as this exists. If we lived as we should we would just have rocks and stick to play with anyway..

    2. Let’s use funny math. Play 100 hours of the game. Game and DLC call it $100. So that’s a dollar an hour. If you saw 50 movies at 2hrs = 100 hours. If movie cost $10. That’s $500

    3. This is not the brightest comment, both tears of the kingdom and the BotW DLC spawned off the many ideas the devs had for BotW that they couldn’t fit into the base game for a plethora of reasons. A small part of that was used in the two DLC, and the rest was used as a BASE which TotK is built off of (ToTK is not just additional DLC/ left over ideas), and I can say with confidence that TotK is not just BotW dlc with a triple A price tag, but the game seems bigger in scope, scale and story than BotW as I have seen all of the artbook leaks (which also has not shown off everything just a portion), this game is massive. TotK is it’s own FULL game through and through and it’s nothing new that devs use unused ideas from a previous game as a starting off point to build off of for a sequel. Seeing how additional DLC is being planned for TotK should not bother you as it is not just “DLC for a DLC”. Also you not being happy with the lack of loftwings is more of a personal nitpick than an actual critique of the game.

  3. Why does everyone think this game should’ve been dlc it makes no sense a sequal should a have new things and b that is a place that ideas that didnt make it into the orginal go why is this so hard to fathom

  4. I think it’s odd people think this is dlc like any other game use Ideas in a sequal that couldn’t in the orginal isn’t normal and also why wouldn’t a direct sequal take place in the same universe I think people want a game thier not getting instead of trying it just want to bash it without a least knowing more.

  5. Why are people surprised that this game is or might get DLC? This is a given and not just for the series but most video games in general. Yes not every game needs it should have DLC but most of them were cut from the base game and sold as “DLC” like a certain first person shooter i will not mention CoughCallOfDutyCough. This game is not DLC and flipping assets ain’t inherently bad unless it’s been done for years consecutively like a certain first person shooter I’m still not gonna mention. CoughYouKnowExactlyWhichGameImReferringToCough

  6. The legend of Zelda website was updated with asterisks in the correct place to clarify this line. The note is in reference to any DLC requiring the base game to play. It has that disclaimer because it talks about purchasing DLC in general in a paragraph talking about Nintendo Gold Points. The line has absolutely nothing to do with confirming or even hinting at TotK DLC

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