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Pokemon Sleep surpasses 10 million downloads and grants users a special gift

The Pokémon Company and developer Select Button’s sleep-tracking app, Pokémon Sleep, has achieved an impressive milestone, surpassing 10 million downloads worldwide. This significant achievement marks the widespread popularity of the app among Pokémon fans and sleep enthusiasts alike.

To celebrate this accomplishment, the developers are showing their gratitude by offering a free in-game gift to all users. The gift package includes valuable items like 1000 Sleep Points, 1 Good Camp Ticket, 3 Ingredient Ticket S, and 5 Poké Biscuits. Users are encouraged to ensure that their app is updated to version 1.0.6 to receive the gift.

Despite the prolonged anticipation leading up to its mid-July launch, Pokémon Sleep’s success in reaching 10 million downloads reflects its positive reception among players. In a recent review of the app, it was noted that while the development phase felt lengthy, the final product showcased potential to become a standout entry in the realm of Pokémon mobile games. The app’s continued updates and maintenance will play a pivotal role in determining its long-term success and player engagement.


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  1. im really impressed that the dev’s are giving away free in game items to show their gratitude for reaching this milestone.

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