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Wii U 328

GDC: Epic Says Unreal Engine 4 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U

Epic co-founder Mark Rein has told journalists at this years Games Developers Conference that the Wii U won’t be getting Unreal Engine 4 games. Rein said that Unreal Engine 3 is supported on Wii U, but Unreal Engine 4 will only be running on next generation consoles. He also confirmed that Unreal Engine 3 will still be supported while Unreal […]

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Epic Says Next-Gen Will Be A “Substantial Leap” Over Current Gen

Epic Games’ founder and chief executive officer, Tim Sweeney, believes that the next generation consoles provide a substantial leap over the current generation consoles on offer. Sweeney says that todays high-end PCs are representative of what players should expect from next-gen. He concluded that the team at Epic Games are more enthusiastic now than ever about the future of what he calls, […]

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Epic’s Stunning Next Gen Unreal Engine 4 Footage

Epic has held true to its promise and has shown off the first footage of Unreal Engine 4 on Game Trailers. The engine is meant for next generation consoles, though Epic expects the majority of next generation consoles to initially use Unreal Engine 3. Epic has yet to confirm whether or not Wii U will run the engine.