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Mutant Mudds Deluxe Releasing June 13 For North America

The bugs have been squashed and the errors fixed, and now it’s finally time to officially unveil a release date for Mutant Mudds Deluxe. Renegade Kid co-founder and developer for Mutant Mudds, took to Twitter earlier today and announced the title was ready and raring to go for a June 13 launch on the Wii U for North America. “Breaking […]

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Next Sonic Game Could Be Named ‘Sonic Lost World’?

According to a listing on the European Union Trade Marks and Design Registration, Sega’s next Sonic game could be called Sonic Lost World. The game was listed on the website yesterday, where a snapshot was taken by Siliconera, detailing the upcoming title. However, under the goods and services section the game is listed as a “computer game software for use on […]

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Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On Let’s Players YouTube Content

Cat videos and internet memes are not the only content to have had massive success on YouTube, Let’s Play content has also shared in the madness, with Notch-born Minecraft taking up a whole whack of space on the user-generated website. But now it appears, Nintendo are allegedly beginning to monopolise on the success of Let’s Players who specifically play any […]

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The Sun Names Nintendo 3DS As The Best Console Ever

A UK red-top tabloid has named the Nintendo 3DS as the best console in video-gaming history. The Sun’s columnist Derek Brown has given the grand old thumbs up to Nintendo’s handheld, and he’s stuck his neck out by saying it’s not just his favourite handheld console, it’s his ‘favourite console full stop’. Considering The Sun’s aversion to the console two years […]

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More Pokémon X And Y News Coming May 19, Possibly Before

There’s some new Pokémon information brewing overseas and it’s expected next week. Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda is due to appear on the popular Japanese variety show, Pokémon Smash, on May 19 to reveal more news about the highly anticipated Pokémon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS. However, it’s likely that the announcement may come sooner than expected – […]