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Scribblenauts Dev Faces Copyright Infringement Over Internet Memes

Copyright is always a pesky problem when it comes to designing characters in the video games industry. Most recently a female Yoshi look-a-like was spotted in an indie game released for the iOS, but fortunately Nintendo worked outside of the courtroom. Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell hasn’t been so lucky. The company is being sued, alongside publishers Warner Bros., over copyright […]

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UK Retailer Asda Cuts £50 Off Wii U Price Tag

The Wii U has been reduced in price yet again by UK retailer Asda who have slashed the price by another £50. The basic package for an 8GB white Wii U is now listed at £149, while the premium 32GB black console with Nintendo Land is listed as £199. In March, Asda set the goal posts for the other UK […]

3DS 31

Facebook Campaign Launched To Bring Ni No Kuni To Nintendo 3DS

Fans have launched a Facebook campaign to bring a localised version of Ni no Kuni to the Nintendo 3DS after Namco Bandai hinted that it could be a possibility. The popular title, which sees a boy transferred to a magical universe with his side-kick doll Drippy, was successfully received on the PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe earlier this […]

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Wii U Virtual Console To Launch In Europe Tomorrow

A library of quality classic games from NES and Super Nintendo are scheduled for the Virtual Console service on Wii U, with favourites such as Super Mario World, Excitebike, Mario’s Super Picross, F-Zero, Ice Climber, Donkey Kong Jr. and Punch-Out!! available at launch. Many other gaming classics such as Pac Man, Super Metroid and games from the Mega Man, Street […]

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Wii U System Update Is Now Live

Nintendo has just released the spring update for the Wii U. The update brings a number of improvements to the system including dramatically improved load times. Other features include the ability to copy and move data between USB drives and downloading and installing software even if the Wii U console is turned off. Loading times will be improved when switching between software or […]

Wii U 22

Game & Wario Wii U To Retail For $39.99 At GameStop

Game & Wario will retail for $39.99 if a recent listing at US retailer GameStop is correct. The retailer had originally listed the game for $59.99, but they have already slashed the game to $39.99. It’s unclear if other retail outlets will follow suit, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out. Game & Wario launches on […]

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80 Percent Of Wii U Consoles Are Connected To The Internet

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that 80 percent of the 3.45 million Wii U consoles worldwide are now connected to the internet. Iwata says this is the highest amount achieved for a Nintendo console and he believes that as the install base grows, so will the amount of people who are connecting their consoles to the internet. “This is […]

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Nintendo Of America Issues Statement On E3 Plans

Nintendo of America has issued a statement to Game Trailers regarding the news yesterday that Nintendo won’t be holding an E3 presentation. Nintendo will be at E3 in full force, but they just won’t be hosting their annual presentation there. Instead, the company will focus on its Nintendo Direct presentations, and the various press events that it holds. Here’s what Nintendo […]

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Nintendo Announces It Will Not Host A Major Press Conference At E3 This Year

During its financial results briefing, Nintendo announced that unlike previous years, it will not host a “large-scale presentation” at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Company president Satoru Iwata says Nintendo is instead planning several “smaller events” for the expo that will focus on software for the U.S. market. Among them are closed hands-on events aimed at American distributors and the Western media. In the […]

Wii U 109

Okami Announcement Should Be Coming Next Week

The official Okami Twitter account is teasing that it has new information to share regarding the beloved Okami franchise. The Twitter team says that they will announce something during the beginning of Golden Week which runs from April 29th to May 5th. Interestingly enough, the latest edition of Famitsu promises to share a game that “bring fans tears of happiness” in […]

3DS 27

Tomodachi Collection And Nintendo 3DS Dominate Japan

This week’s Media Create sales figures are in from Japan. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has been knocked off the top spot by Tomodachi Collection: New Life which sold around 405,000 copies. Tomodachi Collection: New Life gave the Nintendo 3DS XL a significant sales boost this week as the handheld sold 57,000 units, which is more than double what it sold the previous week. Here’s the […]

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Here’s The Skinny On Nintendo’s Financial Year Results

From the get go, it appears that Bloomberg’s predictions were not as bad as originally expected, but that’s not to say Nintendo didn’t suffer operating losses. From Nintendo’s financial results, there is a net profit of 7,099 million yen – approximately $71 million. However, Nintendo’s operating income brought a substantial loss of 36,410 million yen, roughly equal to $366 million, […]