Sakurai ‘Doing His Best’ To Bring Old Characters Back To Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai says that he’s currently doing his utmost best to bring back the beloved Nintendo characters that graced previous games to the forthcoming Smash Bros Wii U and Smash Bros 3DS.

“I am planning on doing my best to bring old characters back in Smash Bros. From that perspective, I am probably in the most fortunate position in the world.”

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          1. I really love the Ice Climbers… they’re my go-to characters. If no other returning characters, I want Popo and Nana.

              1. no make sure roy is in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. Young Link from Majora’s Mask
                  Up+B=Spin Attack
                  Other combos with B could be Zora, Goron, and Deku Mask with their own movesets like Pokemon Trainer and Final Smash could be like Samus where Link could transform into Feirce Deity and have his own moveset.

                  1. I had thought about that and if it’s a good idea, it was like with Pokemon Trainer and if I had also thought of the fierce deity.

            1. Too bad Sakurai said that he is planning on MORE 3rd party….expect Sonic, Tails, Eggman to make an appearance and also Banjo Kazooie, Bomberman, Spyro, and most definitly Rayman and probably a couple Rabbids too.

        1. Pikachu and sonic are the most broken cheaty characters in the game! Pikachu can just spam thunder over and over and no one can touch him. Sonic can just zoom around the field and escape damage. AND THEY HAVE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME FINAL SMASH.

          Characters that take skill? Snake, Ike, and Marth. Sure they’re strong, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re screwed.

          1. Sonic isn’t broken. I hate noobs who spam thunder, but Sonic can be easily stopped with a reasonable speed character. He’s fast but his attacks don’t generally hit too much. Meta Knight is broken, hopefully they nerf him a bit in SS4.

              1. I fight a very good Sonic all the time and he is beatable. I hate Pikachu since he has a very simple infinite chain grab on my Fox to the point if it was possible, they should have patched it. Also Snakes tilts are clearly over powered.
                Good thing is if any character has an unfair advantage like Pikachu’s grab on Fox in the next game Wii U can patch it.

            1. Indeed, I find it funny that Sonic has the fastest running speed, but his moves are somewhat slow and predictable.
              As for Meta Knight…yeah he deserves to be nerfed a lot, worst thing is apparently Sakurai purposely made him overpowered.

          2. you dont know how to play if you cant hit Pikachu while hes spamming, if you tried Sonic youd prob run right off the stage, and your list of “skill” characters is also the list of “overpowered” characters

          3. characters that take skill? ice climbers,olimar and game and watch if you dont get killed by them…….you will get killed the next round

            1. I hope that there won’t be any ”exclusive characters” on the 3DS and Wii U. If it happens, both versions of the game will be incomplete: think about it.

        1. Just keep Falco, give us atleast 1 more Star Fox character (I’m looking at you, Krystal), and put Mewtwo back in and I’ll let you do whatever you want with the game.

  1. Do he mean old Nintendo characters or characters that was previously in Smash Bros, but got taken out. I hope it’s not the ladder. As long as they finally add Meowth and keep Lucas and Toon Link I’d be very happy.

    1. Who has been scrapped who could return? Mewtwo is popular, but Roy is basically a cross between Marth and Ike, and Dr.Mario is a clone.

      1. pichu? idk. a lot of the characters, besides mewtwo, that were cut i wouldnt really care if they returned ibh

    2. Knowing the series at this point, I’d say both. Since so many people are demanding so many characters from Melee and Brawl I would call that a fortunate spot to find oneself in, though it’s a necessary burden. However, showing forgotten characters to a new generation sounds quite fortunate (as long as you don’t enrage people by having it come at the cost of their favorite character.

  2. I hope this means Mewtwo will come back. Even though he was a pretty bad character, I am sure they will make him better in the next game. And I hope Roy will come back.

    But no Pichu. Please no Pichu.

    1. This! Pichu is a waste of time. Keep most of the old ones, take out the useless ones. I would also change some of the move sets. Ganondorf should not have been a slow version of Captain Falcon for example. He never used any of his signature magic from Zelda. There’s more opportunity for guest stars too like Megaman and Pacman.

  3. Bring 3rd party not your old ip garbage that u scrap cuz it sucked like kid icurus smh i hope micosoft makes their version id love to play as halo

    1. WTF is wrong with you? Microsoft better stop stealing Nintendo’s ideas and secondly get your character names right! It’s Master Chief or something like that. Halo is the name of the game he’s in. Lastly coming from your name your late to the party that is everyone thinks Sonic sucks…

    2. am I the only one smart enough to notice this faggot was a troll?

      “id love to play as HALO” should have been your first and ONLY clue needed…

      you guys are idiots

    1. Notice how all of the characters you’ve listed are characters not may people know about or just minor characters. All of the characters in ALL of the Smash Bros. are popular be it in Japan or in U.S. as well. Even the Pokemon they’ve added were popular through the games or anime.

  4. wow that’s so cool, but it must be difficult for characters like balloon fight and duck hunt but the last one i don’t see coming!!!!! :D

  5. game and watch master race. don’t ever take him out

    the characters i’d like to see are knuckles, geno and bowser jr
    geno has a low chance due to copyright but i don’t care i want him in :3

    1. No Knuckles. Ever. Not against Sonic or 3 rd party characters being in Smash, I just think each company should have no more than one playable character and a few assist trophies, but from different games to the one the character is from (Sonic, NiGHTS and Vyse, for example).

      And Bowser Jr? Are you serious? What would he offer? Sod all. Geno, yes, but no other Mario characters as all the main ones are there.

      1. its just my opinion you know
        knuckles would be ok, im not suggesting flood the entire game with 3rd party, but knuckles would legitimately work
        bowser jr could have his paint brush, transform in to shadow mario how zelda does to shiek, have one of his mech’s as a final smash possibly and have fire and shell attacks

      2. Thank you.
        Sakurai won’t add another Sonic character, he wants to limit third parties. At the very best, Sonic will be back. It’s not a sega game, it’s a nintendo game.
        I cringe everytime I see someone suggesting Bowser Jr or even worse: Toad. They wouldn’t add anything and they’re obnoxious as hell.
        As for Geno…well he technically belongs to Square and while it’s reasonable to expect a character from the company…it would be a bit awkward to have a 3rd party character whose sole appearance was from a Mario game…if you get what I mean.

          1. You didn’t get what I meant. Super Mario RPG was an amazing game, and Geno was an awesome character. HOWEVER he belongs to Square, which is why he couldn’t have an appearance in Brawl. I just said that, assuming Sakurai will take only pick one character per 3rd party comapny, it would be weird for Square to be represented by someone who’s essentially a Mario character. I’d much rather see Crono from Chrono Trigger (IMO, the greatest RPG on the SNES), but that’s just an opinion.

      3. The most frequent thing I’ve seen from Bowser Jr. in fan movesets is his Shadow Mario form. I could also see him using the giant Bullet-Bill shooting robot from Galaxy 2 as a final smash.

  6. Make sure Falco and King Dedede are in and I’ll be happy.

    And plz no Pichu are any tiny useless character…Take out Jigglypuff aswell…

    Add Magmortar or something instead ;p

    1. I say if they add another poke mon it should be Blaziken, I mean its go a move set that could easily transfer over to the Smash Bros. game, hell clone marios third jump move as its sky uppercut! Give it chirizards flame thrower and blaze kick and fire punch as its other moves.

      1. Capcom will probably have one character to represent them, at most.
        Though it would be pretty awesome to have a Nintendo vs Capcom game.

          1. That’s exactly what I said…it would be a good idea for another game.
            Also, lol SSB is not a fighting game? It’s definitely not as technical as Street Fighter or Tekken but it still counts as a fighting game you know :P

  7. what is SSB without jigglypuff? i mean seriously theres a reason that out of all 500 pokemon they choose jigglypuff to be in it. jigglypuff is awesome.

  8. Here’s my idea, have costumes for the characters with or without colors. Pichu can be a costume for Pikachu, as well as Raichu. Mario can have Doctor Mario and Shadow Mario. Link can have Young Link and Toon Link, etc. The most important thing about this would be that all of the characters with the same moveset would be considered as the same but could look different and have different voices, sound fx. This would take up less roster space, and be used as another way of unlockable content when you progress through the story.

    1. Also, Donkey Kong- Chunky Kong, Funky Kong
      Samus- different suits, (dark, gravity, etc)
      of course this wont work for all of the characters, and team battle needs colors, so colors would still be needed also.

      1. I am 100% agreeing with this. Wario had two different costumes but why was he the only one?
        One tiny potential problem is that costumes may end up being DLC you’ll have to pay for, considering the time we live in.

        1. Nintendo ain’t really down with DLC and knowing project sora they will add stuff till they fill up the 25 gig disc

      2. I could see Chunky, but Funky is too fundamentally different to be an alternate costume. Also, those are properties of Rare since they came from DK64.

    1. This with a passion! I could picture a final smash where not only is the moon falling but he becomes Majora’s Wrath. He could whip opponents around w/ his tentacles until the moon crashes.

  9. I know this is kinda weird but it’d be awesome if there were some Kingdom Hearts characters(Sora/Riku) in this one maybe as later dlc or with the game already. Also Metal Sonic, Billy Hatcher, and maybe introduce a system where characters turn into different forms in battle besides using final smash Ex: different Links, different Marios

      1. What if Sakurai worked in correlation with the pokemon team and actually borrowed some of the programming from Pokemon Stadium, and made it so the pokemon trainer has access to a certain number of pokemon throughout the series based on the rules of the match, so the pokemon trainer actually can choose their playset of over 600 pokemon and even register them as a set, and each one of the original pokemon would have the same moveset borrowed over from Pokemon stadium, then using the touch screen you can choose which of the 6 pokemon you want to use at this moment during the fight. The development process would be huge but it would actually create the most balanced thing and wouldn’t spam the player list with pokemon

    1. I was WAITING for someone to mention those characters. Because I was just about to say something. I would love to see sora vs. Link, ya know?

  10. I know it’s not a Nintendo franchise anymore, but I was thinking about old games and I would love to see Banjo Kazooie on smash bros. the combo bear strength + bird wings and pecks could be a super good fighter.

  11. Ok…Jigglypuff can get my approval for being cute…but make it a bit better…it wasn’t as powerful as the other characters in Brawl…

    And I agree to Banjo, he should be included…since it basicly belongs to the DK world…

    Wizpig should be one of the main villains for the main story ;D

  12. 1. Knuckles. KNUCKLES.
    2. Bring Mewtwo back, give him a final smash. I don’t care if tournament players never used him or WHATEVER, the game is about having fun. Make Metaknight more “cheap” and I won’t care, he’s so awesome he really deserves to win.
    3. Assist trophies. I really like them. But it’d be cool if more were attackable, more like the adventure mode from Melee.

  13. As long as Dr. Mario isn’t a separate character but an alternate costume and Young Link is out of the roster (Toon Link doesn’t ruin the Zelda timeline since both Links in Brawl were canonically different), then I’ll be happy. Also, the maxium number of characters for the Wii U will be about 47 characters to keep Sakurai’s 10 digit pattern from the previous titles’ rosters (64 has 12, Melee has 25, and Brawl has 35).

  14. All I want to see is Daisy (not a Peach Alternate costume, but a separate and unique Daisy character) and Luigi. Anything beyond that is all gravy.


    1. Wolf Link/Midna (Twilight Princess)
    2. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    3. Groose (Skyward Sword)
    4. Ghirahim (Skyward Sword)
    5. Shulk (Xenoblade)
    6. Non Specific Action Figure (Iwata’s desk)


    7. Megaman X (Capcom)
    8. Phoenix Wright (Capcom)
    9. Rayman (Ubisoft)
    10. Mickey Mouse (Whoever Warren Specter is working with)

    Plus all of the characters from the previous games.

    1. 1.SS Link will be the only adult Link, the only possible other incarnation would be Toon Link
      2. Yes, definitely want that
      3. Funny character, not much moveset potential and not relevant enough
      4. Would definitely be interesting, if they are to have another Zelda character it should be him
      5. HELLZ YEAH
      6. Depends if appears in games before that :P
      7-8. It would be one or the other (only one character per company), and it would likely be Megaman
      9. Would be interesting (personally I’d rather see Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes but that’s just me)
      10. No way. He’s not a video game character, he doesn’t belong to a video game company. He’s an unrealistic expectation.

          1. Saw it on 2 sites and also Wiki has it listed and every other game they have listed for Wii U has been confirmed so wii will see

  16. We know we can expect these for sure:
    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario, Yoshi. (plz add DaisyWaluigi/Baby Bros/Bowser Jr.)
    Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf. (i hope Toon Link comes back, but i expect Young Link since the latest Zelda game had him)
    Kirby, King Dedede. (Hopefully Meta Knight is still in it)
    Pikachu, pokémon trainer. (i want Mewto back and tbh i would like it if we had Pichu, who can evolve or not into Pikachu or something like that+Zoroark/other)
    Pit (hopefully also Palutina/Magnus/Medusa)
    Fox, Falco. (hopefully Wolf is out and Krystal/Floppy in.)
    Captain Falco
    Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong. (i hope King K. Rool and Dixie Kong will be added)
    Marth. (I hope Ike stays, and Roy/Lin comes in it)
    Mr Game & Watch
    Samus/Zero Suit Samus (i would like to see Ridley)
    Olimar & Pikmin (i hope maybe Louie/some of the new ones from Pikmin 3 will be added)
    Ness (i hope Lucas stays and one of Earthbound gets added)

    Im not sure about these returning:
    Pichu/Roy/Dr. Mario/Toon Link/Young link/Wolf/Jigglypuff/Ike/Snake/Sonic/Meta Knight/ROB

    But i hope SOnic stays and Amy and Tails gets added.
    and im hoping for more characters…Much more.

    1. Bro. We should keep Wolf. He is the most bad ass pilot in the Lylat System. Don’t fuck with him. Also I main Wolf. And of course, Sakurai, try to take wolf out and- CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT, SAKURAI.

      1. Jigglypuff was in all three games, so she (he, it) whatever the gender is gonna be on SSB Wii U and 3DS. R.O.B. is one I can’t say for sure. Everyone wants Roy back, I guess. Meta Knight was a fucking beast in Brawl, and Lucas needs to stay. Sonic too.

        1. Everyone wants Roy back because he was overpowered. All Roy was was Marth with a fire sword. Marth was one of the fastest characters in Melee, and combining his speed with Roy’s power made him overpowered.

    2. Toon Link was my main. I don’t really care if he’s Toon or not, as long as he has a similar move-set and speed and is some form of Link.

  17. I know it probably won’t happen but please Sakurai bring in NEKU AND OTHERS from THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU, how awesome would it actually be if you played as Neku on the top screen attacking the character and could actually also fight with Shiki on the bottom screen or she could somehow provide him with items. PLEASE. I LOVE THIS GAME, PLEASE.

  18. They should let capcom help make it that way they can release a new roster every six months after the game comes out

  19. as long as you bring back every character from melee and brawl and you put in Zoroark, im ok with anyone else you add.

    Dat MetaKnight

    I hope they keep metaknigh, him havingthe cheat and being the best charecter and all. Ilove mynintendonews!!!!!!!

  21. As long as Meta knight is there im happy, although personally, I think it’d be really cool to see Midna from Twilight Princess in the game as well.

      1. yeah i said that since brawl came out, i even came up with her final smash. a twilight portal opens behind her sucking in near by fighters and finally it cut to a quick cut scene like captain falcon’s where she morphs into the big twilight beast and with the spear stabs the sucked in played, cuts back to the battle field and off they fly off the side of the stage. that would be epic!

  22. ew okay yall dumb!!! MEWTWO is obviously not coming back!! Mewtwo got replaced by lucario so obviously lucario is gonna get replaced by like Zoroark.
    Any character that has been in smash bros at least twice is for sure returning!

    Pichu is dumb! It’s basically small Pikachu who takes damage like an idiot. Dr. Mario is dumb as fuck. Roy, marth, ike are the same thing. And so is falco and wolf. need to get rid of all these similar characters with similar moves and everything. Come on 3 characters with the same special (the landmaster)

      1. Ike is very different from marth and roy.
        they are all different.
        you’d know that if you played as all of them.

  23. Maybe for a setlist it’d be:

    Zelda series: Majora&SkullKid, Ghirahim
    Mario series: Bowser Jr.,Rosaline
    Pokémon series: Mew, Electabuzz

    Leaving of course final smash movements and all :3

  24. King K Rool, maybe Skullkid as an assist trophy or something?
    I too was almost certain Megaman was gonna be a third-party playable character in Brawl..
    None of this new-gen crap, Nintendo; You guys all know you rocked the 90s

  25. I think Mewtwo should come back. DEFINITELY keep Pokemon Trainer, Link and Zelda too. And of course all the classics from the original. I think Jigglypuff should be take out, it was the weakest and most useless character. I think they should add Knuckles since Sonic was put in there and maybe a few more DECENT people. It would be interesting to have a much larger character selection added on to the ones SSB, Melee and Brawl already have.

        1. To me, Kirby was my 2nd best character in SSB. From Melee to SSBB, I used Pikachu. Kirby was so….weak to me on both. His moves on Melee and Brawl, bleh. I liked the drill foward air he did on SSB64. I want that back on SSB Wii U and 3DS.

          1. yeah he was much stronger in ssb but in my opinion he’s still stronger than jigglypuff. and yes i want that back too >.>

        1. What if she did like some kind of fireball attack, like when she used the sacred flames and flew around the room? Or she could dance around the stage and give off “pulses”, like DK’s final smash, where the music beat would damage players. I just want Fi in it! >.<

  26. Ghirahim, Skull Kid (Majora’s Mask), Groose, Demise, Impa, Bowser Jr., Krystal, Roy or Eliwood, Lyndis, Micaiah, Goku (3rd party xD), Phoenix Wright (?), Knuckles, tails or Shadow, Zoroark, Koopa Troopa, Rosalina, King K. Rool, Bomberman, Megaman, Toon Zelda/Tetra, Knuckle Joe, Vaati, Dimentio, Ridley, General Zelgius/Black Knight, Amigo (Samba), Dr. Eggman, Maya Fey.

  27. need mewtwo and roy back(since marth’s fighting style and moves slightly changed in brawl they could just keep roy’s moves the same from melee), skull kid and knuckles put in. and stop bitching about characters from 3rd party systems you nerds.if it’s possible for them to be in the game lets hope they make it in the game.also lets make the entire game play more like melee then brawl. brawl was ok….but melee was released in 2001 and still hold sup to this day.

  28. Although some of these are unlikely to actually make it into the game, Skull Kid, Banjo (and Kazooie), Bomberman, Bowser Jr. and Majora’s Mask (young) Link (with different forms via masks) would be sweet!

  29. Anyone else think that Mario’s cape should be a tanooki tail swing instead?

    Scrap clone moves, make new movesets. Luigi could have vacuum, Young Link could have a transform move (kind of like pokemon trainer except with masks), Ganandorf’s b should be a projectile that has a large blast radius, but low knockback/projectile speed, etc.

  30. I really want the pokemon trainer in it and it should have either the fifth generation pokemon:snivy, pignite, and samurott or the 2nd gen pokemon: cyndaquil, croconaw, and meganium

    1. Bring the greatest pokemon of all time, HERACROSS to the game. It will the best SSB of all time Sakurai it does that.

  31. I want Wolf, Fox, Mario, Toon Link, Jigglypuff, Ness, Pikachu, Samus (not zero suit) and Captain Falcon, addd Dr. Mario as a costume and I’d be in heaven if Lloyd Irving gets added into the game.

  32. I’d like to see Mewtwo back, that would be cool. Roy is great, but as far as swordsman go, Link is my choice (though his jump could use a little work. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to get back on stage and fallen because of his spin attack -_-). It would be cool to see another Metroid character, like a Space Pirate or something. Maybe Starfy ;)

  33. Can they just re-release Melee with more characters, stages, events, trophies, and online support? Like… the same game with more features. Because Melee is the best SSB game. Same engine and everything.

  34. i hope he brings mewtwo back he was my favorite character in melee please no lucario
    mewtwo,zoroark and victini wouldbe better choices

  35. if sonic isnt in this one, whiny sonic fans will cry and whine about how they hate smash bros now because they kicked sonic i say leave sonic in the game.

  36. Probably not much of a possibility… but I’ve always wanted to see Tails added. But not be stuck in some dumb ass mech. Actually out and fighting like the rest of them. He never had mechs on the Genesis. He never NEEDED them. Make the mech a final smash or something. Or better yet, scrap the mechs altogether and give him his Super/Turbo Tails mode from Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

    As far as old Smash characters to bring back? ROY. That is, unless you can just go ahead and bring em all back :U

  37. It would be very difficult to see many characters go, and it would be great to see many characters return. How about, in addition to the new roster, Nintendo create new character, music, and stage DLC? That way the game can feel refreshing to play, and seeing other characters being used may encouraged other players to purchase said DLC. If we’re simply talking about characters we would like to see, here are a few that I think have potential as new characters: Zoroark (Pokémon), Ghirahim (Zelda), Demise (Zelda), and Banjo & Kazooie.

  38. It’s not really an old character… but if they had the Star Fox from Melee pushed into the Wii-U one, i’ll be more than happy.. And Marth, with Mr. Game &Watch (Brawl version, obviously) . Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have Young Link back with his awesome fire arrows!

  39. Would be great to see Ghirahim, perhaps a couple more Kid Icarus characters like Magnus. I would personally scrap Toon Link, all he is is a faster version of Link with ever so slightly different styles to his attacks (i.e. normal boomerang instead of Gale).

    And although it will almost certainly never happen, a couple Okami characters like Amaterasu and Waka (or Oki, or Nagi, or Susano… that said, Susano = ultimate joke character) would be cool.

  40. put some unova pokemon in the pokeball mix and i’ll be happy, and also a unova pokemon as a fighter like um how bout another pokemon trainer?

  41. Mr. Sakurai, I believe the Wii U will have plenty space to bring all of them, like Mewtwo and Pichu! But also, you should bring great icons that made history in Nintendo Consoles like Megaman, Klonoa and Tails! Oh, and I always dreamed with a Smash game where each “color costume” would actually be a diferent version of that character, like choosing “Link” it could be changed to Ocarina Link, Toon Link, Skyward Link etc. Hope it come true, the Wii U can do that! :D

  42. Well I think Kid Icarus will probably become a large franchise. Pit, Palutena, Viridi, Phosphora, Arlon, Thanatos, Medusa, Hades, Dark Pit, Magnus, Pyrrhon, and Amazon Pandora are all qualified fighters. I don’t think Nintendo will have any trouble representing that franchise.

  43. What would be cool is to implement another game-play element such as the Smash Orbs, but have the characters utilize items unique to them. For example, instead of FLUDD given to Mario in Brawl, have him utilize his suits from the Super Mario games instead. Maybe, Fox can have his staff from SFA. Maybe Samus can change into different suits as well. Maybe Link can actually use the power of the Master Sword.

    Just a suggestion. Might be kind of cool.

  44. I just want all the versions of Link in there…Like Ocarina of Time Adult Link, Young Link, Toon Link, Twilight Princess Link, and Skyward Sword Link all in one palette (square) that can be switched with the X or Y button. And they are all different in their own ways. With Twilight Princess Link with the Gale boomerang, Skyward Sword Link can dash really fast, Toon Link is light and has floaty arrows, and so on. That, would be my dream to see.

  45. Megaman, Simon Belmont and Alucard from Castlevania, Jimmy and Billy from Double Dragon, Battletoads, Bill or Lance from Contra

  46. BRING BACK ROY!!!!
    and also link should be one character but instead of color changes, you should make it different builds of link, for example instead of red blue green it should be skyward sword link, twilight princess link, toon link, ocarina of time link, and a game and watchesque link to the past link! :)

  47. Banjo and Kazooie sounds like an interesting idea… I would definitely use them… Just have Yoshi, Kirby, and some kind of Link, and I’ll be happy.

  48. How about this…. A transformation system like zelda/sheik? For all characters. Each transformation could have different types of attacks in different styles. Example: Mario(balanced attacks and defense) to Dr. Mario(Powerful magic like attacks, Low Defense) to Metal Mario(High defense and powerful but slow attacks). Or Adult Link(Balanced attacks and defense) to Wolf Link/Midna(Powerful magic with low defense) to Young/Toon Link fast and agile with low attack)… I think it would be a great upgrade. As far as new characters… I know rare prolly still owns it but… Any Jet Force Gemini Character. I want to see this so bad.

  49. Okay, so we now have NFC and DLC available with Nintendo games, so after that main list is maid, what if they offered special characters through the NFC. Get an anime figurine, play as goku or something. Those pokemon key chains and cards could allow other favorite pokemon in. But this would only be with those characters Nintendo isn’t sure about, this way, the third parties who use this get funding from the figures and Nintendo gets the software profits. Just thinking about it in a marketing way and it makes sense. Also, it would make those figures worth getting. That way everyone can get their favorite characters that may not have been included by Nintendo. Smash Bros was originally a Japanese only game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if amines got in on this. Anyone who watched dragonball z tell me that you wouldn’t wanna have goku as a character. Super saiyan final smash or spirit bomb. It’s so fitting. At least offer these guys through NFC. Come on, all you guys know this’d be awesome. All your favorite characters that miss the main roster, a scan away from joining the fight

    1. Goku would be awesome, and with his massive amount of moves.. I can’t even imagine what I would do xD. Think about a kamehameha wave like Samus’ charge cannon. The longer you hold it, the more powerful it gets. And maybe throw in Kaioken as a short power up just like the anime, you can use it for maybe 5 seconds, and then wait another 2 minutes to use it again.

    2. That’s what I was hoping or everytime you buy a new game say idk a dragon ball or Lego game there’s a card where you can add that character to the roster.

  50. If i were Nintendo i would put Ezio (or why not the three assassins?) and Rayman in the game, Ubisoft is going to give us a lot of games for Wii U so they deserve it; from Capcom Megaman, characters from Resident evil (Leon, Chirs, Jill,etc.) and from Monster Hunter maybe Cha-cha, they give us Resident evil 6 in Wii U and Capcom wins all the publicity from Smash Brothers

  51. just make sure sonic is in there and maybe shadow and maybe tag team matchs like give the select button a tag in tag out feature some thing the a button cant do for once becuse to me the select buttons kinda dead

  52. put sonic amd shadow in and maybe tag in tag out features for the select button for tag matchs so its the one thing the a button cant do

  53. For what’s worth this quote has been taken out of context…

    Sakurai was responding to this question.

    “You have mentioned how you like to breathe new life into forgotten franchises. Now that Kid Icarus has been completed, what other old classic would you like to look at? Ice Climbers, Star Tropics, MoleMania…or something non-Nintendo?”

    He’s referring to bring back old franchises. Not old Smash Characters.

      1. 2006 (Mother 3) is downright infantile, compared to the age (not to mention obscurity) of Nintendo’s other forgotten proprieties.

  54. Personally, there are some characters i don’t see why they’d bring back:
    ZSSamus, Sheik (only because of Impa), Pkmn Trainer’s current pokemon, Yoshi, Ice Climbers, Lucario, Toon Link, R.O.B., and JIGGLYPUFF!! She was popular when the 1st Smash came out, she’d sing on the episodes, put Team Rocket to sleep and all. But those days are looooooooooooooong gone and there are TOO many MUCH better/ cooler/ more appropriate pkmn to consider. Heated… sorry…

  55. Please keep Zelda in the next installment. If you can actually, keep the characters that were in Brawl and just add more!

  56. I feel that if they’re read & pondered daily – their ideals will soon become evident in our lives – and we’ll internalize them.

  57. To Mr. Sakurai, I wish you the best of luck in creating the great 4th edition to the Super Smash Brothers franchise. I myself am a huge SSB and Nintendo fan, and like many other people, I have my own Wish List for who I want to see as Playable.

    But since this post here regards old characters, I’ll leave it at that. I really don’t want to see anyone go, but I hope that Bowser, Pit, Sonic, Meta Knight, Peach, Wario, R.O.B., Diddy, and Olimar stay in SSB4. I already know that the Original 12 aren’t going anywhere, so they’re safe.

    I also have created a blog devoted to Super Smash Brothers since about February this year. In it, I have my own in-depth look at which characters should deserve to stay, and which new characters should be added as well.

    Feel free to browse through it at your leisure, and I hope that a post or two may inspire you. To my fellow Smash Fans, feel free to check it out too!

    And once again, Mr. Sakurai, I wish you, Project Sora, and all of Nintendo, luck and happiness in all of your future endeavors. I await more news with baited breath :)

    1. Ah, I must apologize. I misinterpreted the wording of old characters. Might I suggest Takamaru? Or perhaps Balloon Fighter or Alice? Alice would count as part of the Balloon Fight Universe, but add another female to the roster. Maybe even Sukapon could appear…

      But there is one old character that I wish was in with every fiber of my being: Geno. I beg of you Mr. Sakurai to try and put him in Smash Bros Wii U/3DS as a Playable Character. I’d be eternally happy and thankful.

      And on a side note, Dillon would make an excellent addition as well. Thank you for your time in reading my posts.

      1. But if you want some more famous old characters, I suggest King K. Rool, Captain Syrup, Waluigi, Little Mac, Meowth, Paper Mario, and the Baby Mario Brothers. I particularly want Waluigi, Meowth, and the babies to be playable.

  58. princess daisy should get a spot otherwise how would she ever get out of peach’s shadow if rosalina gets a spot before her just because her galaxy powers I’d be pissed but this comment get backlashed because people say daisy will be a peach clone well i’m sick of that excuse if the developer is to simple minded to look through mario games to come up with her own moveset sorry if this comes off as mindless ranting i’m sick of nintendo pushing characters i like to the side why create a character if you are note going to use them or are they afraid she might surpass peach if given a chance just look at her mario strikers charged there finished huff huff just make me so mad.

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