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Nintendo UK Boss Quits

David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK, has announced that he’s leaving Nintendo after 20 years with the company to pursue other opportunities. Yarton’ departure couldn’t come at a worse time as Nintendo prepares to launch a brand new home console. European President, Satoru Shibata will look after Nintendo UK until a replacement for Yarnton is found.

74 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Boss Quits”

      1. i think that he thinks that the wiiU wont be so succefull as the wii and nintendo will become a 3rd party developer just like sega did.wii hope that will never happen

          1. Yarton’ departure couldn’t come at a worse time as Nintendo prepares to launch a brand new home console

            1. That quote you just used is Sickr’s opinion. Look at the source and that quote is nowhere to be found.

        1. lots of presidents quit at not so convenient times. it’s not like they have to stick to a schedule of quitting.

    1. After the next debacle and the lack of Interest of Bringing…NINTENDO MADE GAMES, that is not a good record as CEO, heck only one person have such bad record… Bernie Stolar aka the Man who killed the Sega Saturn two years before the Dreamcast.

      In fact Reggie is much like a propaganda tool than a manager(he alone make several niche games like Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy Crystal Chornicles sucess thanks to his good marketing),

  1. I want to Be THE boss so i can go to iwata and regie and kick them in The balls when they Screw up THE Wii u by not making it Powerfull enough to Be à real next gen console

    1. the wiiU should have next generation graphics and CPU etc.nintendo did a mistake,now lets hope god will do something to help nintendo for that.

      1. I hope it 2 i love Nintendo And i dont want do buy a Xbox 720 or ps4 because dont gets the 3th party game i’m à halo fan so i need to buy à Xbox and à final fantasy/kingdom hearts fan do hope That THE Wii u will Be strong enough to get Those games like ffvs13 and kh3

          1. I dont’t even like Sony games only shooters Only reget and clank and Jack and dexter are Nice platformers and Now à ssb clone bit The rest is blood blood everywere

  2. Considering Nintendos poor performance in the UK, I think you will find he has been pushed out of the door, he has certainly not been doing well, and truth be known Nintendo always underperforms in the UK, defo time for someone new in charge of their Uk division from a business point of view.

  3. Let me take charge and run the company. Ill turn thesd queers into hardcore men. Grandpa and grandma casual players does not make a gamer cool

  4. How the wiiU could be better than ps4 and 720.
    1.Nintendo should improve wiiU’s power by another 40%+ because it must be a next gen console.(50% meens its a half generation console)
    2.WiiU’s GPU and CPU should be improved
    3.WiiU’s controller should be at 720p at least
    4.the wiiU will cost 250$ as the wii costed.Nintendo should put more things and improve their console
    5.Nintendo has a chance to cancel the wiiU before its too late and wait untill microshit and sonysucks to show their future failure consoles.

    That’s my opinion for Nintendo’s success .
    Also president of Nintendo UK quits because he knows that nintendo will fail with their console.I JUST KNOW.JUST LOOK IT WITH LOGIC!

    1. the console will cost at least 500 or 600 hundred dollars/euros but look at it with the bright site:
      1.the gamer loves nintendo first party titles but he wants something new.
      2.the gamer will ignore the playstation and nintendo might not lose money.

      1. i meen that the gamer didnt care about the wii and he doesnt care about the wiiU because he thinks and he is right that the wiiU wont be so succefull because it will be a half gen console.If nintendo improve their home console then the gamer will return to his senses

    2. And that has so much to do with the article because…?
      Plus, how the hell can you know that the WiiU is going to be better than two other systems when there’s barely any information about them ? Seriously, sometimes I’m ashamed of being a member of the same community as people of the likes of you. Learn to enjoy video games, fanboy.

      1. i enjoy video games but the console must be with the next generation.i cant play games witch they have previous generation things.i want something new,like the wii,FOR 9 FUCKING YEARS IVE BEEN PLAYING WITH GAMECUBE GRAPHICS AND I VE BEEN SICK.(bored)

          1. same as wii.the wii had a new controller and nothing with the wiiu it will have ps3 graphics and a new controller.cant nintendo improve the wiiu a little more? i want to buy the wiiu but not with these conditions

              1. another 40% power for the wiiu and the wiiu can be a real next gen.believe me.Also about the vita i hear rumours that it fails in sales.i wish sony would become a 3rd party and leave nintendo alone!

    3. yeah you should go at nintendo and show them how its done. Also, let me guess, you were the one who was guiding steve jobs into Apple’s success. And Finally, learn what logic means beore you say it again, because what you are saying is nonsense. If it only was that easy to do all this… i mean if youre so sure that nintendo is doing it all wrong why dont you make your own company and surpass it, genius?
      -i have a ton more to say to the likes of you but i want this to be readable

        1. Nintendo has billions so they should do some secrifises and improve their console.Now it’s up to them if they want to remain a game company.thats all i have to say

    4. Look, kid. I see you have NO fucking clue about hardwars. So just STFU and wait for the console to come out, I’m not in the mood to explain to you the basics of hardware.

      1. ok then.I love Nintendo but i dont want nintendo to be behind.And if u are in a bad mood then go and take a nap.(advice)

    5. You’re an idiot. If they followed your ‘logic’ of how to improve the WiiU, they’d be selling it at a phenomenal loss which would overall make it a complete failure.

      As for cancelling it before it’s too late, do you even understand a project life cycle? Research, prototype development, deals and conferences with third party developers, advertising, E3, etc. all cost a great deal of money. At the stage it’s at now, there is no way they can cancel the WiiU at this point without a staggering amount of money.

      1. …. i think ur right.lets hope nintendo will make it.i cant just understand why the president of nintendo uk just leave with this message:Yarton’ departure couldn’t come at a worse time as Nintendo prepares to launch a brand new home console

        1. i meen why he quits? and why the news are writing this:Yarton’ departure couldn’t come at a worse time as Nintendo prepares to launch a brand new home console

          1. Research into what the General Manager of a company does and you’ll understand why the media considers it a terrible time for him to leave…

  5. @benji uk arent diaper pedo kissass weak race crackers. Weeaboo americunts die nintendo u suck go to hell with ur shit for brain fantards

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    1. Fuck off man, did you go to shit years of college to be able to run a company, huh? Plus you don’t even know what this guy is thinking, so unless this guy says something like “I let Nintendo ‘cuz its a crap company” then thats the time you give your opinion about Nintendo being dumb. The world is harder than how you see it.

  7. You know what would be sad? If someone like Bernie Stolar (The one who killed the Sega Saturn) joined NoE and started dissaproving games like what Bernie Stolar dissaproved of and said the Wii U is not Nintendo’s future, even though it was sucessful everywhere else, except Europe. That would just be sad.

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