Wii U Messaging “Much Better” Than Xbox Live’s Virtual Keyboard

The upcoming FIFA 13 will contain a “friends tab” on the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen, according to producer Matt Prior. By tapping on the friends tab, a player’s friends list – from the Wii U console – will become accessible. Wii U gamers will be able to message and invite friends directly from the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen, without being required to disrupt the television screen’s display. Prior claims that the Wii U GamePad’s messaging is “much better” than the Xbox Live’s virtual keyboard.

“A friends tab that’s always there in the front end on the [Wii U GamePad] so you can tap it, you’ve got a list of friends, the friends list from the Wii U console.”

“You can tap an invite to them, or you can tap a message to them. Obviously, touch screen messaging is much better than the 360 Live virtual keyboard where you’re moving it up and down. We really want to connect friends and allow people to game with friends as easily as possible.”

190 thoughts on “Wii U Messaging “Much Better” Than Xbox Live’s Virtual Keyboard”

      1. Heck, after a little while I even got good enough using the wiimote to type fast. Or at least fast enough. Then I started using my PS3 more, used a controller and was like ugh… *facepalm*

          1. Using “gay” as an insult pretty much confirms you’re a permanent virgin and not very intelligent at all. Well, you never actually were anyway. You own a fucking Wii, LMAO.

    1. I imagine it being no different than typing on an iPad, especially since it’s around the same size, and it’s rather easy to.

    1. They’re real gamers, they should purchase the 720, PS4 or build a PC instead and do so much more than a stupid console version of the DS.

      1. >”real gamers”
        >from an early adopter of the ps3 and vita

        you need some games to play to be a gamer in the first place :P

          1. I’ve read enough of your comments to know you at least got the vita early. And no, that doesn’t mean actually getting it before it was released or pre-ordering it. That means getting with soon after launch.

            And you’re enough of a blatant sonyfag(who’s parent bought him multiple consoles, not changing the fact that he’s a fanboy) for it to be completely logical to assume that you bought a ps3 early. I can just taste your buyer’s remorse oozing from your butthurt posts attempting to belittle people who actually enjoy their consoles.

            And lmfao if you think i’ll take your word for it when you say you didn’t buy it early. have of what you post about yourself is obviously false. it’s very clear you don’t know anything about pc gaming that you haven’t read about on the internet. ;D

            1. I make next to no comments on my purchase history. In fact, I don’t recall ever doing so. So don’t fabricate total lies to feel better about your blatant stupidity.

              You’re just another random fat ass on this site, just like TheUnation. Therefore I chortle at your meaningless existence, mortal.

              1. Except the fact that I’m not like you, Amir. You’re the Sonydrone who dick rides Sony and bashes Nintendo 24 hours a day, shows no proof without the benefit of intellect. The link that you’ve everyone is irrelevant– Pre-Alpha games that haven’t been finalized.

                    1. Your nose is growing more than your dick, Amir. Real gamers play games on all consoles INCLUDING NINTENDO! You’re not a real gamer… you’re a fucking disgrace to the video game community. You lose… Good day sir!

                    2. Nintendo consoles are not real consoles, they’re fisher price toys for stupid kids like you.

                      Only stupid kids quote those tired lines from Willy Wonka as well, by the way. Lol, what a child. Go outside and talk to some bitches, assuming they want to be anywhere near your fat ass.

                    3. Then they don’t deserve to be called REAL gamers, because a gamer have to have all consoles and PC’s included to be considered a gamer.

                1. One source without any quotes whatsoever is legit and factual. Good to see how stupid Nintendo fanboys are on a daily basis.

                  I love how you’re riding Ubisoft’s nonsense about “pre-alpha” as if the final product is magically going to jump to 1080p native @60fps when virtually no existing console game is doing that with barely over a year’s worth of development. You are one hell of a sucker for PR talk.

                  It’s literally astounding how stupid you are with that in mind, come to think of it.

                  1. You do realize that polish is the last step of development. FPS doesn’t matter in early development unless the fps is under 30 frames. They add the polish (graphics, fps boost) last.

                    1. It’s already 30fps, therefore it’s going to that way, or the graphics will be downgraded to support 60. Don’t pretend to know game development, dipshit.

                    2. Or they might have locked the frame rate at 30 fps so that it wouldn’t interfere with the coding and game development. You can get it to 60 fps by optimizing the engine (which in this case is Anvil) for the hardware. They then lock it at the desired framerate so that there framerates won’t drop as much.

              2. you have stated yourself that you owned a vita soon after it was released. that is a FACT. look it up yourself because i could give less of a shit about validating things anyone on this site could tell you. and like i said, lmao if you think i’ll take your word for it, loser. it’s sad because you could get a vita right now and it would STILL be considered “early adoption” because it has no fucking games hahaha.

                and “fat ass”? that’s the best insult you can come up with? i mean it makes sense with how little originality you have with your “REAL GAMERS” arguments that are nothing other than your blind opinions that you’re formulated from buyer’s remorse, jealousy and the need to feel superior to people who spend less time arguing about video games than playing them. also, i’m a supermodel from paris that works for sony. take MY word for that ;D

                “Therefore I chortle at your meaningless existence, mortal.”
                This is like the embodiment of what an angry teenager on the internet says to make himself seem superior. hahahaha, it’s actually sad how much of a typical loser you are.

                1. I have stated no such thing. Find a source with -me- stating that. Oh and, random “clones” don’t count.

                  I can tell you’re raging, your verbosity and hurling of horse shit under anonymity is clear proof of such.

                  In the end, you’re still fat. Kill yourself, nobody cares.

      2. Finally someone gets it!!!
        Aeolus! I love you, you pain in the ass bastard, fucking thorn in the foot!

        It IS a console DS.
        I think it’s ingenious, unlike my good friend Aeolus here.


        I love the idea. Nintendo should not be ashamed of this. Why not build a big-ass version of the handheld that crushes ALL the competition.

        1. Crushes all competition under the unholy might of shovelware, mobile phone ports, Pokemon rehashes and Mario spin-offs?

            1. “library of amazing games”.

              Everybody I know owns practically the same tired combination of games. This is true with almost every Nintendo handheld.

              1. Being educated must really have lowered my IQ! All thos years of college down the crapper!
                I love the DS and 3DS games I’ve played! DS sales says I’m not the only sucker!

              2. because “everybody you know” is relevant? he linked a huge list of good, relevant and mostly popular games and your reply is “people i know haven’t played them”? that’s your own group of friend’s fault, not anyone else’s. There is no denying the fact that the DS has one of the largest collection of good games. It’s just a plain an simple truth.

            1. *Seriously. I do.
              I retro fitted my original “Grey” DS with a Black case last month.
              It kicks ass and still outsells the Vita.
              Ok. That’s a lie. My original DS does not outsell the Vita. But it Kicks Ass!

                1. Admittingmyage here.
                  I baught the original grey,huge-ass DSonday one, when,like the 3DS, it had nogames.but it had a GBAslot, so I made due. ;)

                  1. I do understand getting the original. I never got a GBA myself, so that aspect didn’t really interest me. I guess I didn’t get a DS at first because I was dumb. ._.

          1. Lol, EA saying this has really hurt ur feelings…..it’s ok Aeolus we’ll befriend u when u pick up ur Wii U. Lol

      3. I buy Nintendo consoles to compliment my other gaming devices, they usually try new things and always make games that are super polished and full of charm. From a technical perspective I’ve very much enjoyed playing many games that run on the Wii at 60fps, something that sadly is still a rarity on Xbox 360 or PS3. Galaxy, Galaxy 2, Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, Kirbys Epic Yarn, Metroid Prime Corruption, Wii Party……all games that I’ve really enjoyed made all the more pleasurable with their silky smooth frame rates. It’s likely this will continue with the Wii U, but this time around in higher resolution.

    1. Typing on a touchscreen obviously happens to be faster than using a controller’s analog sticks or whatever, this has next to nothing to do with what was said about those. I think you might be a low functioning autistic.

          1. How about you shut the fuck up, dumbass? I, as a person who HAS autism, think it would be a novel idea for you to stop bringing up things that have nothing to do with the argument at hand. If you want to bash on people’s opinions, go right on ahead. If you want to be a complete and utter dumbshit; be my guest. But when you want to make fun of people with mental disorders that they can’t help, go fuck yourself.

  1. I play a lot of Halo, and having to press the Xbox button and blocking my view of the game tends to get annoying, this will be pretty neat.

  2. FIFA is the only game i play constantly.. lol this is great.. now when i play Online Team Play i can quickly message the dushe playing stupid

  3. They seem insistent on the fact that Wii U will have the best version of the game. Was the same at their conference. They kept saying basically that the 360 and PS3 versions would be crap compared to the Wii U version. Clearly their relationship with Nintendo is good enough that they’re helping sell the console like this.

    And I’m not doubting the claims. Just seems strange how much they’re pushing a specific platform for a multi platform game. But I suppose it’ll do no harm since it will sell on the other systems anyway and Wii U is the new system.

  4. Thanks to the power of the Nintendo Network, EA Sports is really taking online gaming up to the next level… especially using the Wii U Game Pad when messaging to your teammate(s).

    1. By shitting out watered down sports games. Wii U version of Madden lacks the new engine that’s on the PS3/360. LMAO.

      You idiots will buy them, because you’re too fat to play actual sports outside. :)

      1. its not on the Wii U because its new hard wear and they didnt have time to intergrate it in..

        and about going outside and playing actual sports, why dont you join the military and go shoot ppl instead of buying COD or join master chief and fight alien, well why not go out side a get in s street fight, its more realistic right.. come on now its video games… ppl like me who, oh btw is in the military and has gone to combat and has a job and kids and all that Adult responsibilities i dont have time to go out and play sports

        1. Excuses. I’m sure you’re a street fighting god too who can bench press 300 lbs as well. Joining the “military” was a good idea for you, though. You’re clearly too stupid for anything else. :P

          1. your clearly too stupid to understand.. and i never said i street fight.. and no i cant press 300 lbs.. but get me one round and an M4 and i’m sure i’ll get a one shot one kill on your stupidity

            1. Guns are for pussies, joining the military doesn’t hide that you’re still a pussy.

              Or your typical 12-year old CoD kid in fantasyland.

              1. Now your insulting the soilders fight for our/your country, lemme guess your hated by your community so you troll on the internet cause your
                to much of a pussy to troll your community you cum guzzling faggot

      2. With motion controls, we fat Wii gamers have lost 20 lbs each! We’ll go from Obese to overweight in no time!

        Maybe after Microsoft perfects Kinect, and includes it with it’s next gen consoles, it’s gamers will go from planetary to obese!

      3. Brags about ps3/360 having an epic sports engine (fucking lol sports games)

        Says people are stupid and should play sport outside.

        Hey Aeolus, the best graphics are out a fucking window, so jump out of it.

      4. Says the guy who happens to comment when ever a new article appears. Tell me Aeolus do you actually even play sports. I wouldn’t think so considering your comment speed for new posts.

        1. My comment speed? You mean like less than 10 seconds to shut little pussies like you up?

          You’re probably a fat ass too. I doubt you even play sports yourself.

          1. Let me add to this, who the fuck plays sports near midnight? Are you like, retarded? Or desperate to talk shit without even applying basic amount of logic?

  5. it’s suppose to be better. every time there’s an article on wiiu being better than ps360 just remember that wiiu is next gen so it’s suppose to be better.

          1. Overclocked 360s aren’t exciting. Rather see what the 720 and PS4 are made of. If neither of them deliver substantially better, oh well. Back to the race scene or PCs.

  6. im starting to worry now if you can voice chat and play at the same time becuase we would you need this if your in a party or private chat and if it dont do in game chat imo thats a big lose

  7. That’s an excellent feature that I expect to be employed in many more games. The Miiverse is an excellent idea. It’s gonna be great. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Good to thing to know that the touchscreen is more than just “gimmicks” to some mindful developers. Oh, it’s more useful than a traditional controller also (at least for that particular function)? Wow! Touchscreen sure is a gimmick! lol That “giant DS” will succeed in it’s competition if marketed right. A powerful HD Nintendo console with a new both new and traditional controller sets? Sounds great for anyone. I think the peak of graphics now is more than enough eye candy to have in a game. Besides, it’s all about the gameplay, people.

  9. I can only imagine how much less of a pain in the ass MH is going to be for those who played it on the Wii without a keyboard. Assuming that the WiiU gets MH of course…. Which would be really nice, Capcom. :x

  10. That’s nice to hear but I’m pretty sure most people on Xbox LIVE send people voice messages or just voice chat instead of using a keyboard.


      1. its true ive been crying myself to sleep for weeks trying to get over the fact that sony let me down with the vita im so said but now ive seen the light WII U FOR THE WIN btw joe zecca you mean “he’s the real one” just saying :D

  12. If Aeolus and his clones are actually serious about the incredibly ignorant comments are actually serious, or even thinking that they are funny, then they can fuck off and die, in hell. I’m sorry, but anybody that uses issues like Obesity and Autism as synonyms for the filth of society are filth themselves.

  13. Well duh of coarse its better then the virtual keyboard, lol doesn’t ps3 have the same thing, I think also the 360 came with a small keyboard you could attatch to the controller., you could buy it from like best buy or gamestop or something. But the touch screen will end up being excellent for this sort of thing.

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