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There Are No Plans To Bring BioShock Infinite To Wii U

Last week, Mark O’Beirne from Click claimed that BioShock will be released on Wii U, but has since updated his article – in which he admits that a Wii U version of BioShock Infinite has not been confirmed. Click apologizes “for raising the hopes of those who were delighted upon hearing the news.” BioShock Infinite will be released on February 26th, 2013, for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks, Jerry

137 thoughts on “There Are No Plans To Bring BioShock Infinite To Wii U”

    1. Hahahahaahaahahaahaahhahaa

      Enjoy lack of third party support. U might get bioshock…. YEARS later as a gimped gimmicky port

      Man feels good to own the other consoles. Never miss out. Man this is some truly next gen system eh? Pffft hahhahaahaahahahahaha wii all over again

      Bet you are all like ah nvm its their loss… Not really since they make tonnes on other cpplatforms. Nintendo consoles are for fanboys hu want the same old nintendo games since the snes days but in hd…5 years too late! Barely next gen If u ask me

  1. Looks like Nintendo’s Ninja team threatened him into changing his statement. It will most likely be coming to Wii U. Nintendo is just keeping everyone’s lips sealed. They’ve got something big planned. I heard something on Twitter about news coming for a game tomorrow and if I remember it was about Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs Wii U? We can hope.

    1. Awww a nintendo fanboy is being optimistic. Failing third party support since 1996 (launch of n64)

      Might aswell abandon nintendo if u want CORE games on the day it is launched and not YEARS after! Cough batman armoured edition

      1. I am a Nintendo fan not a fanboy, I come on this site because I’m interested in the Wii U. I am a very skeptical fan but with all the quotes from developers like this making great statements and then holding them back I can’t help but think Nintendo is keeping their mouths shut. I think NSMB2 is a gigantic waste of money and refuse to buy it and if I had LoZOoT for N64 i would have never bought it for 3ds. So go ahead and call me a fanboy for thinking differently than you. I actually own(ed) a ps1, ps2, psp, xbox, xbox360, N64, Wii, and all but 1 or 2 versions of the DS family and Gameboy family. So go ahead and continue you’re incorrect assumptions.

  2. That’s unfortunate. I still think it will come eventually. The Wii U cannot be ignored. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. To be honest I was gonna pick it up on my PS3 anyway because then I would have to wait months to play it on WiiU and if I already can play it earlier, no point waiting longer, especially when it was gonna be MONTHS!!

    1. I probably wouldve done the same. I mean with AC3, i’ll still want to be saving money, and itll only be a few weeks, or a month later before the WiiU is released, but if i have the WiiU, amd have to wait 4/5 months for it, i doubt id wait.

  4. “Hurr hurr! Biosherk cunfurmed!1111”

    LOL, this is why it’s so hilarious to watch fanboys get all excited with the most shitty “sources” only to get screwed over when the truth arrives.

    Resident Evil 6, likely GTA V, Bioshock, hoping for more!

    1. Well, there will always be hope.
      You hope for more dissapointments, i hope to get the game in my Wii U

      1. The whole system’s concept is a big disappoint, and missing out on three generations of industry standards to “keep costs down”.

        Iwata is the casual cancer that has killed the hardcore Nintendo led by Hiroshi Yamauchi, who only believed in hardcore games.

        Now you guys get Nintendoland. :/ lol

        1. First of all, i must know what do you consider a “Hardcore” gamer?
          Just to know if we can have a civilized argument

          1. Don’t bother trying to have a civilized ANYTHING with Assholus over here.
            The moment these people decide to make a hard-core game for the Wii U, he will be ablaze with indignation and will roundly insult you for the merest HINT of happiness at the announcement.
            He’s a troll who believes that anything Casual doesn’t count as gaming despite casuals being better than he is, both as consumers and as gamers, and you’ll never get through his thick skull with any logical point.

              1. So by that definition,the only ps3 games are the exclusives, and the only xbox games are its exclusives. If you want to have a exclusives war, you’re in the wrong neighbourhood. When did any ps3 game sell as much as Mario Kart Wii? Never, because nothing has (that wasnt bundled)

                1. There’s a difference between PORTS and multiplatform titles, type this again when you figure out the difference.

                  1. No, it does not, because this version is well worth having for the enhancements it brings to the table through the new controller, on top of the fact that you get all of the DLC plus new guns and weapons right there on the disk FOR FREE, you ignorant cunt.
                    Release date on this issue doesn’t fucking matter to anyone who’s opinion is worth recognizing.
                    You do not count as a part of that group, so shut the fuck up.

          2. Gamers who don’t feed into the bullshit called casual games.
            Gamers who play games that actually require a degree of skill and doesn’t spoon feed you through the experience.
            Gamers who will do what it takes to dedicate their time to completion of it, no matter how hard the task.
            Gamers who actually have a refined taste in games and don’t fall for Nintendo’s scams or the lies of deluded fantards like Eric.

            1. Well, that’s why i like Nintendo, i have a nice story, a great gameplay and of course an incredible replay value. Maybe there are some games that are losing the magic (mario games), but then you see Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade or The Last Story, and you say “Hell this is amazing” and Nintendo knows how to keep that. You’re right, the Wii had a lot of casual games, because the third parties just focused in graphics, even when the motion control had an enormous potential. And tell you what, i don’t even care for the graphics, there’s actually just one game where i do care about graphics and that one is “Dead or Alive”, but it’s just the “Fan service”.
              The Wii U has an enormous potential, with the Gamepad, and an improved network.

              1. I admire how civil you are, something Aeolus lacks. I blame third parties, inexperience with the Wiimote controls for the abundance of casual shovelware on the Wii.

                1. Yeah, but at least, with the Wii U they have what they want “graphics”, so there’s no excuse, they can make ports, make sequel versions of their most popular franchises or create new ones. At the end of the day it’s their decision not ours, the only thing we can do is wait.

            2. Require skill? Is this guy actually serious? Please tell how Donkey Kong Country Returns and Metroid Prime Trilogy was easy, and how you’re “difficult” games where just that way because of smaller bullet sponges

              1. DKCR was a bit harder. But you’re seriously trying to tell me that you believe the Prime trilogy were “hard” games?

                Comic fucking relief.

                1. Metroid Prime 2 was infamously
                  Because you had to think.
                  All the games that ate “difficult” now are just decresingthe size of the characters bullet sponge. NinjaGaiden is hard,Dark Soulsis hard,completing Deus Ex3 without killinganyone and without beingseen is hard.
                  Not, OH I DID IT ON VETERN, SO L33T.

                  1. I did not find Prime 2 to be hard in any particular way years ago and honestly it still doesn’t seem like it.

                    Demon Souls and Dark Souls on the other hand…

            1. This is retort is like 80s old and very played out. Oh and I already have a PC, there’s no reason however to buy a Wii U.

              1. So basically, you’re entire arguement and effort into trolling is solely based on the fact you dont like the games? Just, wow. I have nothing to say about that, other than just fuck off, stop sucking on your mothers tits, pull that pole out your ass, and sit with your doritoes and play your PC, which is apparently SOOOOOOOOO good.

                  1. Its

                    1. I’ve sat here for 10 hours?


                      Unless you think spontaneously going absent for hours then posting like 2-3 comments within a minute or two is “hours”, then I feel sorry for you.

    2. Oh and Crysis 3, HAHA.

      So much for that Crytek “support”, they’re going to be making casual Wii games, not releasing HarDcore PC shooters.

      1. That support will garner sales for the Wii U.
        Sales that will prove every last bit of your negativity wrong.
        Enjoy sucking down whatever’s left in your Fail Pail.

        1. The only games that sold on Wii were all casual games, look it up. Third party games that aren’t casual don’t sell, and it’s a known fact with the Wii, that’s why they don’t bother. Wii U will be no different in the next-gen.

            1. Blatant lie? Go look at the top fucking 10 on vgchartz. Go look at all the core Wii games sales. They don’t sell SHIT different, if not WORSE than the other consoles.

              You’re fucking kidding yourself if you’re denying this. Don’t get embarrassed due to your blind fanboyism tonight.

                1. Wow, you really ARE a fucking idiot.
                  You post a list with PLENTY of core games that people love, and then say that the system had none just because some didn’t rank in the top 100.
                  You’re trying too hard for a point you’ll never prove to anyone with half a brain to work with.

                  1. Correction; you say it had none just because ones that YOU RECOGNIZE AS CORE didn’t rank in the top 100.
                    Your opinion of what is and is not a core game is already irrelevant so your point never even got off the ground.
                    Nice try, Troll.

                  2. Show me these core games, and do tell how they’re selling better than the other console’s “core” games.

  5. What a shame. However, Ken Levine did express interest in Wii U. Hopefully we will see something just as good from him. Still would be great if they brought Infinite, even if late.


      1. Error does not appear on the original Zelda, it appears in “Zelda II the Adventure of Link” Just saying =)

  7. Eh, this will not be a huge set-back for the system.
    They’ll obviously get other core offerings, in time, from these same developers, if not an exclusive version of this game itself later on.
    If they did it with Mass Effect III, then this isn’t off the charts yet, either, and nothing that any troll of any caliber says can change that fact.

    1. If you like playing games months after being available for real consoles, that’s your own problem. In the end, the core gamers don’t care. Only Nintendo fanboys like yourself do.


        1. Time of release matters, I’m not spending $300 on a Nintendo branded 360 just to play a GOTY version of a game available for months. Remove your head out of your ass.

          1. Time of release does not matter.
            The system itself outranks current gen systems, the title itself is superior to past versions, and you’re a hater who is digging deep and hard for any excuse you can find to bash Nintendo.
            Do yourself a favor and just shut the fuck up.
            You’re an embarrassment to the gaming community.

            1. Trust me it does fucking matter. When major games come out, people will be buying them if they have the console, the majority will not be waiting for a shinier turd with some shitty controller gimmicks. It would have already been stale by then, and largely irrelevant.

              The only people this matters to is idiotic basement dwelling Nintendo fanboys like you who refuse to own proper consoles.

              Have fun with your overclocked 360, I look forward to it Dreamcasting itself out of this gen.

              1. Except the controller options aren’t simple gimmicks, and even if they were it would still sell simply based off of all the development options it offers.
                Many will buy this because it’s the better version, and the only people who think it won’t ever sell at all just because of the console it is on, is a faggot like you who spends his free time here for the sake of trolling people who look at you like the failure you are.
                You can’t even tell what a proper console IS, yet you still keep flapping your lips.
                Have fun staying in your little fantasy land, where Nintendo isn’t leaving idiots like you in the dust.
                The rest of us will keep playing the Wii U alongside our 360’s and PS3’s while you wait for 2014, for systems that will leave you financially destitute in exchange for an unimportant upgrade in graphics.

                1. “Many” will buy this? Besides fanboys, who the HELL would be buying this instead of the version they already have a console to play?

                  You’re embarrassing, and incredibly embarrassing.

    2. Wont exactly be a huge set back, but it is a shame. Im grateful enough to still have Darksiders 2 and AC3, which are currently my most anticipated games, so no biggy. We dont know what the future will hold

      1. your all idiots being a hard core isnt about the games you play its about how long you play the games your all a bunch of troll nubs

        1. As you are so fond of telling us, we play the games a Loooooong time. Over and over and over….Year after year after year.
          I’m playing the original Zelda right now on my 3DS.
          So….More explaination required.

          1. Pokemon is “hardcore” when you play competitively against competitive players, ladder to huge ratings and win tournaments. Anything else is and will always be casual.

            1. Which completely goes against WHAT YOU JUST! SAID!
              You can’t even pull your head far enough out of your own ass to get your own statements straight.
              Go back to wherever it is you normally hang out, kid.
              You don’t belong here.

              1. Also, “kid”? I’m an adult, and you’re almost 30. I also get laid a hell of a lot more than you probably do. But maybe you can be a giant weeaboo faggot and pretend that you have some sort of authority, when you’re still a little bitch.

                1. Yeah, KID.
                  You act like one, you bitchy little faggot, and I’ll call you one.
                  I’m 30 and engaged, and my life is one HELL of a lot more joyful than your sorry existence.
                  ESPECIALLY since you seem so content to waste your oh-so-“mature” time on the internet for the sake of trolling people who play on systems you don’t like.
                  “Oh no, they’re gonna buy a Wii U! I gotta stop them by presenting BS “facts” that I think they’re stupid enough to believe so that they’ll change their minds!”
                  That’s you, twat.
                  In a fucking nut-shell.
                  And yeah, you’ll need to learn what constitutes hardcore before your opinion fucking matters on this issue.
                  Until then, shut the fuck up.

                2. By saying that you gave everyone the idea that YOU ARE A KID YOU DUMBASS!!! And a hardcore gamer is a gamer that plays ALL games on ALL consoles.Now go shove your “core” games.

  8. I’ve never played Bioshock, but with it were coming to WiiU.
    Ports accepted. Port me. (no, not you peteriuss)

    1. You missed out on a jewel of a series, there and should seriously consider tryin out 1 & 2. You wont be disappointed with them

    1. You know that part of you that wants to yell at small children, smack your grandma and impale flies on toothpicks?
      That is Aeolus. The dark side of your soul.

        1. Learn to love consoles for their games instead of turning one down due to the company it is coming from.
          Oh, and don’t develop BS notions about what constitutes a gamer.

    1. Im seriously considering buying a PC next gen, as well as a WiiU. I can get my old housemate to build me one, or my work mate, but i’ll see what Sony do first. Microsoft can kiss my ass with their “intergrate Window 8 into the new Xbox”. Erm, FUCK. NO.

  9. This is partly Nintendo’s fault for trying to keep the U under close surveillance for such a long time. I am sure 3rd Party will support it but it has not yet for keeping the technical specs hidden. This wave of AAA games are not coming to the U but I hope the next one does.

  10. Once Wii U sell Millions, they will be dieing to put it on the Console.
    Until then i will be enjoying ZombiU and Assassins Creed III :)

  11. This is actually funny. I’m pretty much used to not seeing the Shock games on any Nintendo console, so I’m hardly offended by this news.

  12. Que lastima.

    This doesn’t rule out the game coming to the Wii U however. I was getting it for my PS3 regardless anyway. I definitely want to try it out with the PS Move setup.

  13. Suck shit Nintendrones !! WiiU dosnt have shit coming out for it !! All the games coming aren’t coming to the wii u all ur left with is shitty Mario and gay Zelda !! ENJOY UR SHITTY INFERIOR CONSOLE FAGGOTS !!!

    1. The stupidity of this comment made me laugh. You trolls just keep on thinking that someone who buys a Nintendo console is a Ninty fanboy lol

      1. Well ur a faggot that Still plays nintendo games …who the fuck still plays Nintendo ? Lol grandmas and soccermoms playing skyward sword on the shitendo wii , wats next babies playing Mario on a shitty screen on a heavy controller ? Ur a blind Nintendrone …

  14. Damn. Eh. They may confirm it later, but the video I really wants to be confirmed to be coming for Wii U it’s Borderlands 2!!

  15. I AM SO FUCKING SICK AND TIRED OF those stupid rumors…. PLEASE stop publishing those FUCKING STUFF……. finally bioshock NOT coming for wii u?? FUCK YOU nintendonews!!!!

    Just try to post real news…

  16. 1. It’s one game. 2. We can still look forward to one of the sickest console launches in gaming history (just look at how many developers are excited by Nintendo’s next gen console). 3. Trolls are confirming their fear (and sometimes stupidity) with every post. Just smile and nod…
    Me: Mm hm ;)

  17. Meh. Bioshock 1 was decent for a tenner. Bioshock 2 was a rip off at full price (and very quickly entered the bargain bin)

    I wouldn’t go near this one until it’s reduced down anyways. No matter what console it’s on. And there’s about a bazillion games out around the same time which I want more.

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