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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Takes Almost An Hour To Download

Siliconera was curious to see how long it would take to download New Super Mario Bros. 2 onto a North American Nintendo 3DS. They downloaded the game from the Nintendo eShop and have concluded that it took 46 minutes and 23 seconds to complete the file transfer. New Super Mario Bros. 2 requires 2,725 blocks (or 340 MB) to download. The game will be released in Europe on August 17th, Australia on August 18th, and North America on August 19th.

93 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Takes Almost An Hour To Download”

    1. Wow it takes that long to download a rehash? Only nintendo folks. And the game has a lack of online… Once again nint being lazy but fanboys suck it all up anyway…nintendo were the kings of gaming before n64. Now they are a joke. Laughable and embarrasing. You can thank iwata for that. Yammauchi was the best for nintendo and you know it!

      I hope nintendo get their arses into gear but thewont reliying on this rehash and one year old ports they think will help get the hardcore back..

      And before u start saying AC and darksiders 2. Guess what I can buy a very cheap box or ps3. Why spendULL PRICE for a current gen system? Funny nintendo reliying on tacked on maps on tablets. O and better frame rates and resolutions.

      1. Uhm… Nothing to do with Nintendo, kid. Network speed.

        You say fanboy but this comment reeked of (pretty sad) troll. U mad bro? Or just like whining?

      2. It’s sad when Sonyggers have to infest other websites instead of staying to their own sonygger sites. I guess Sony really is dead.

        1. Hey dragon cunt. Funny how u always rely on memes rather than thinking of something to say. Silly boy… Haha

          1. Rely on memes.
            Funny how you rely on saying words like faggot, fags, nintyfags, cock suckers, wiifags, butthurt. Did someone just say denial and repressed memories? I think they diiiiid!!

            1. I’d bet money Dragon24 is right.

              But I was wrong. I thought it was a kid. But this thing can’t be more than 5. Perhaps he went to the link and couldn’t read the words?

      3. you Know this a NINTENDO site not a sony/micosoft site. and if your so dumb you think the wii u is this gen then go back school

    2. I calculated and it is roughly 7.5MBs a minute… that’s terrible. Why do they even bother with the internet? lol. Seriously they should have just gone to a café, at least the online will be better there… huh, huh? See what I did there? Ah, nevermind :P

  1. I’ve noticed that, depending on the router used, choosing the “Download Later” option is better. It allows the file to download in the background as the console is in “Sleep Mode.” I’m not sure if it’s actually faster, but by the time I come back to my 3DS, my demos and whatever I happened to be downloading at the time were already complete, and waiting on the home screen in their little gift boxes.

    1. Yeah. I actually noticed that if I have something downloaded on my 3DS, it would download faster. My girlfriend was downloading a system update and when she closed her 3DS, it was finished faster than I thought.

    1. Or my vita too.

      I mean we have to be talking an Internet cafe, using a 10 year old modem/router, with several people on it and at the end of the signals range to take that long for 340 MB.

  2. I love how peaceful these comments are. People are just commenting normally, speculating on internet connection and what not, everything relevant to the article. No Justin Beiber, no trash talk, no name calling, trolling, etc. This is nice, I will enjoy these minutes while it lasts… :)

    1. No whoever did this has lame Internet on their own. I’m a poor man. I have the cheapest Internet possible and even I have better speeds then this guy.

      Well could also come down to write speed on the card but even then I’ve never seen something so bad.

  3. No, it doesn’t.

    One download =/= every download in existence.

    Your internet speed’s a factor.

    I’ve heard someone said it took an hour for them to download Spiral Knights on Steam.

    It took me 10 minutes.

    1. Took me 16 hours to download team fortress two onto my imac, but paper mario 64 on the wii shop channel didn’t take more than 10 minutes
      i have no idea how it happened

      1. The Servers on Steam would be doing a lot more things at the same time, so it wouldn’t send the info as quick as Nintendo’s servers.

    1. That other guys a liar, substituting potatoes for electronic devices is always funny, like when u say a bad quality vid was shot with a potato :)

  4. Thays terrible, Nintendo 3ds is bad for that though, that’s about 0.122MB/second :( lol, that’s part of the reason I’m gettin the game card, and what if u want to sell it after, u sure can’t sell that downloaded game u bought for full price of the physical copy.

  5. That’s fucking pointless , downloading a shitty game that you can play on your NES,SNES,DS,WII coz their the Same recycled shit !! And u have to wait an hour to download 340 MB , LOL 1998 :) who the fuck waits an hour to download 340 MB unless you are downloading it on a toaster , 3DS hardware is fucking garbage and so is the Wii U piece of shit.

    1. Halo 2: Finish the Fight
      Halo 3: ermm, finish it for real?
      Halo ODST: its just a spin off!
      Halo Wars: People errr people wanted it?
      Halo Reach: Everyone wants to know what they already knew happened on Reach
      Halo 4: fuck it, GIVE US YO MONEY

      Not trashing Halo, i like the main series, but you’re an idiot.

      1. Well your gay ….halo kicks Mario’s ass .. Mario is a shitty franchise that should just die already !! Ofcaurse u won’t coz ur a Nintendrone and u will eat the recycled shit up !!! Zelda,mario,metroid,Kirby,Pokemon has been milked for years and u faggots still play them !! Why are u mad ? Oowwww ur mom didn’t get u that Mario game for ur birthday ??? HAAHAHAHA

        1. Yeah but, other than NSMB, those games are always different, with every title. Oh, princess got captured again? So, like i give a shit about a story in a Mario, its Mario.
          “meehhggg, rehash, halo is the best”
          Bitch, Halo 4 blatantly copies from Metroid Prime. The visor/heat visor, the soundtrack is Prime-esc, enemies are actually fucking smart, and require you to think, the new guns are basically just taken from Metroid. And do you know whats sad? People lime you will either deny it or say “its done better”. Ermmm, no. Regenerating health, that instantly ruins it, half the time in Metroid you’re running around with 2 out of 10 health squares, because the game is made to make be good at it. Its not a rinse and repeat, like EVERY FUCKING GAME/FPS OF THIS GEN. You have to use your brain, which is why people like you are stupid. “Oh Xbwwwwaaaaaax, Nintendo sux!”. Bitch, please. Enjoy your Xbox with Windows 8. Search why everyone hates Window 8. You’re fucked.

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                1. Hard to believe you have a mother that actually wantedto keepyou. Its calledDIVERSITY. But a racist homophobic, nintendo hating, brony hating sack of shit like you wouldnt knowabout anythinglike that because your mindis too weak.

  6. While it does depend on the Internet speed that you have, there are also other factors such as how reliable the servers are and how many people are connected. Anyone here got the free PSN games after it went down last year? So many people were trying to get the games at once that the servers were loaded with a lot of traffic, and even the fastest speeds could only get a small portion of the pie at a time.

    Then again, it doesn’t seem to be either of those in this case. Maybe they used a “standard” speed such as 768kb/s. Remember, your “standard” speed may not be what others have available in their area. At my place, I can only get up to 1.5MB/s, but 300 MB should take no longer than 15-20 minutes, so maybe they were using the former speeds, but that would also be weird since they are basically a “company.” They should be able to get fiber optic/satellite or similar speeds unless they used individual/residential connections.

    1. Yeah, i was in that moment, it was pretty crammed on the servers, but it wouldnt make a 340mb download take 45 minutes. I can download that in a few minutes on my ps3

  7. It probably won’t take that long for my 3DS to download because my Internet speed is somewhat decent (just under 10MB per second). My PS3 takes around 10 minutes I would say to download a 340MB file. But still, I will only ever download if it is cheaper than retail.

  8. I don’t have a great internet speed so I’m glad that I pre-ordered the retail copy and I also get the pre-order bonus to as I pre-ordered IT from GAME in the UK.
    Only 10 more days until it’s released over here.

  9. Depends on the internet speed. I might as well get the physical copy of the game mainly because half the time, my internet is patchy to download big files.

    1. Yeah, my PS3 download speeds are shocking. One of the few problems I have with it, other than it’s system updates.

      Hey, I know you’re playing your game, but I’ll just interrupt you to tell you how updating to version 1.04 is so completely and utterly necessary!

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