Irrational Games: Wii U Version Of BioShock Infinite Not Announced

Over a month ago, a source claimed that Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite would be getting a Wii U treatment, but that rumor was debunked almost immedietly. For some reason, the same exact rumor is resurfacing, and in an attempt to stop the false claim from spreading, Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine sent out a Tweet confirming that BioShock Infinite for Wii U has not been announced.

162 thoughts on “Irrational Games: Wii U Version Of BioShock Infinite Not Announced”

    1. At least PS3 still sells.
      Over the last week, I heard 4 game companies bitching because noobe is buying a vita past launch and They each had at LEAST 2 used Vita’s.

      They weren’t necessarily Nintendo fans, but the were fans of the revenue 3DS hardware and software generates.

      2 of them said if Vita’s don’t start selling this Christmas, they’re finished since Sony obviously doesn’t care to support the system with price incentives or decent software support.

          1. There are many more then me and those ‘1 person’ add up. Not a huge ammount no but Vita will have it day once those upcoming exclusives are here just like with the 3DS.

              1. No, theres not such thing as a “real system”. By blanking out Nintendo you fail to live up to your quote of expanding your gaming horizon, which is a load of pretencious tosh, because ps3 and xbox are practically the same thing

                    1. Sony isn’t my favorite company, I could care less what happens to them. As long as proper software hits a more capable device, that’s the only thing that matters. Be it the 360, PS3 or PC.

                      You on the other hand will swallow any garbage reskin Nintendo sells right down your throat.

                      You’re a joke and a complete sycophant. Your very life is a joke and that’s why you’ll always be a shitty excuse for a gamer and a living stereotype of what people think of Nintendo fanboys.

                    2. It is YOU who is a joke and a real pain in the ass, Amir Stuart… a Nintendo hater and in full denial. Everytime you create bullshit, we Nintendo gamers and supporters show undeniable proof… It’s all there, printed in black and white, clear as crystal. You’re nothing but a fucking choke artist. You have absolutely no life… just sitting your fat ass on a computer downgrading us Nintendo gamers. You’re nothing. You don’t belong here at MyNINTENDONews, Aeolus the graphics whore. You don’t deserve jack shit.

                    1. You never had anything constructive to say. Just a mindless assumption because you’re a Nintendo fanbitch. You’re also ugly and fat.

                    2. You never had anything constructive to say. Just a mindless assumption because you’re a graphics whore fanbitch. You’re also ugly and fat, pussy lips!!!!!!!

                  1. I was talking about the past, dumbshit!!!! The entire video game industry would have been dead in 1983 if Nintendo haven’t released the Family Computer in Japan and the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States 2 years later.

    1. hurr wii u has no games only ports!1111 lul
      oh is not getting ports lul no games!1111
      vita has so many games though!111
      and im not a fanboy!!!!!!!!!111

      1. People never seem to mention the fact the 360 was a port paradise at its launch, and all its exclusives sucked major ass.

              1. Microsoft also beat sony sales wise and are right now outselling wiis. So they must be doing somehing right. Yeah ports but nintendo wii u more ports way more including wii games that were ports

          1. Ok, pretty much everyone hated Kameo and Perfect Dark on the 360, the launch exclusives. Which is what i was talking about. Not te CURRENT exclusives, the LAUNCH exclusives.

    2. Yes, very true. Always ready to take a jab at a system that they havent tried much less is even out yet… sigh judgemental idiots

  1. And so the battle continues. A current gen system canr even get atleast a port of a game. But nope, a system for casuals like me who rather spend time on CHEAP ios games.

    Shame really. Might get my son an Ipad to play nintendo games when they finally bite the bullet

    1. …thats it?
      Thats what you consider trolling?
      The objective of trolling is to make yourself laugh (which is already said), not to make everyone laugh AT you

      1. Lolz. A current gen console can’t even get a port of a game like this? Pathetic. Nintendo aren’t even trying to get third party support. The only support they are getting is from the same names in the wii era. No wonder capcom think wiiU is not next gen. Crap cpu, barely any better than current gen systems in the graphics department. I could go on forever.


        1. You have no idea how game development times work …. do you? When a console is announced you can’t just make a game like that for it. There probably still looking at the dev kit. Besides, when the Wii U was announced they were more than likely a majority of the way through development. They would have no time to develop for a new console at this stage. Seriously, do you trolls even have intellect any-more?

          1. Er excuse me? You are calling me a troll because my opinion is different? Nintendo failed third party support three gens in a row what makes you honestly think wiiU will be any different?

            I read these exact articles back then. Third party devs make more cash on non nintendo platforms. Deal with it and buy your fix of mario games :p

            1. Actually, I’d rather my PC games bra :P But I do enjoy a mario fix with my girlfriend every now and then (don’t judge! :P )

        2. Lolz? What are you, 5? Well…probably.

          And WiiU IS getting version of curremt and upcoming games, Assassins Creed 3, Batman, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, Black Ops 2, Ghost Recon Online (which is a PC game btw), another “big franchise” being done by Straight Right or whatever theyre called, Darksiders 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines. What, so we dont get RE6? Who cares, it looks like garbage. Bioshock, Borderlands 2 havent been ruled out at all for a WiiU version, in fact Gearbox WANT it on the WiiU eventually. And funnily enough, both those games belong to 2K, a subsidary of Take Two interactive. Capcom has already said they have stuff for the WiiU on the way, same with Sega, EA, Crytek.

          I fail to see your point, and clearly you have no knowledge of the gaming industry and how time and money works, probably because your mother does it all for you.

          1. You’re proud of getting ports I can get on 7 year old hardware? Looooolz

            WiiU has no games that proves its nextgen. Ovwrclocked 360 with nintendo all over it :p

            Why did you even mention resi 6? It is a great game and A LOT of people want it. Atleast its generating hype unlike the wiiU hahaha

            1. Im ignoring everything about the wiiu’s specs because clearly you’re too stupid to read, or even fathom common sense.

              But RE6 looks like balls, and i love Resident Evil, i even enjoyed playing 5 until it got to the enemies with guns…which is what RE6 is entirely based on. Its dumb, the story has just gone too stupid, and pointless, its barely even a horror game anymore, and REAL resident evil fans hate it.

              1. Hello real gamers! Llike horror survival games? Our friends at Ubisoft have the ZombiU game who wants to say “Hi!” I mean “Boo!” You’ll be scared shitless if you play with the lights off by yourself.

                *I’m Miyamoto bitches and I approve this message with Nintendo’s Seal of Approval!*

                1. (Correction!) I approve this message with Nintendo’s seal of [QUALITY]! Sorry….in before the trolls try to troll me. Reggie, Iwata and I are smokin’ at fat one and I Lost concentration because these fools got the munchies and are talking about getting some Jack In The Box….WiiU is gonna OWN! We are giving are true gamers and our new fans (casual gamers) something they’ll love and enjoy with friends, family and people all over the world…wait till’ our loyal fans see what RETRO has in store for them….hahaha! “Top Secret…shhhhh..”

            2. stfu bitch. remember the 360’s launch ???? yeh it looks lik an overclocked gamecube at launch. the graphics looked SHIT.

              now the wiiu , at launch , has pretty much matched the 360’s BEST graphics (and maybe improved in them in the ports) . and it has about 4 native 1080p games anounced FOR LAUNCH aswell .

              Rayman legends is too detailed for the 360 and ps3 . that is why it is not coming to those platform’s . also the gamepad is that games selling point. it won’t work with a normal controller .

              wiiu >>> last gen . bitch .

        3. Congrats, you look like a total idiot.
          1) Nintendo is nowhere near biting the dust.
          2.) You’re really going to spend $400-$600 for a iOS so your kid can game?
          3.) WiiU will not sell because of Ports. It doesn’t need them, they’re simply nice to have.

          Next time you want to act like an idiot, do it somewhere with people who give a shit.

        4. You realize that Nintendo could get on their knees and beg them to put the game on Wii U and it may not happen right? Capcom stated that the next generation won’t begin in EARNEST until after the Wii U launches. Do you comprehend that statement? It does not equal Wii u is not next gen. This current generation didn’t start in earnest with the 360 either. When you had BOTH 360 and PS3, that’s when it really started, which is what in earnest means. No developer in their right mind would abandon the PS3/360 to make exclusives for Wii U that take FULL advantage of it’s power, that would have to be down ported to those consoles. Instead, they will continue making 360/PS3 games and they will also show up on Wii U. When the 720 or PS4 show up, maybe both, THEN you will start to see games made that cannot be run on the PS3/360 consoles anymore. The Wii U can run ANY of the newest graphics engines, either to some degree, or at high/max capabilities. Even if 720/PS4 can max out Unreal 4 (unlikely as they haven’t truly even maxed Unreal 3 yet on any console) the Wii U will still be able to run those exact same games, with minimal change. I’m talking the change between a PC game run at max settings vs high/medium high settings. That’s nowhere near the difference between Wii and 360/PS3. If you honestly believe the PS4 will make the PS3 look as terrible as the PS3 made the PS2 look, you are sadly mistaken.

    2. I might get my kid an iPad to play Batman, Arkam, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed 3… Oh, and he will love it when he finds out the iOS tampon can’t actually play games, crashes, and won’t support the multiplayer games his friends are actually playing.

  2. Listen close kiddos! Has not been announced doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I’m Miyamoto bitches and I say the game is coming…but like Kevin Levine said it “has not been announced”.

    *I’m Miyamoto bitches and I approve this message with Nintendo’s Seal of Quality*

          1. The games that cater to casuals now with easy modes? Loooolz

            Come back to me when you master link to the past and not casual skysword with gimmicky controls making you think you are a hero flailing your arms like an autistic child :p

            1. Ive played every Zelda, besides those SONY produced ones for the CDi. I like them all. I dont play Zelda because i want to be brutally punished by difficulty, thats why stuff like Master Quest and Hero Mode, which was in Skyward Sword btw, is put into the game. I play Zelda because its fun. If i want to play a punishingly hard game, i’ll play Ninja Gaiden. Metal Gear Solid isnt technically hard. Does that make it casual? No. You just cant go guns blazing like a fucking moron, because thats not how the game was designed.

              Raising the difficulty and reducing the size of your bullet sponge in COD does NOT make you a hardcore gamer, or make it a hardcore game. Its an excuse for shitty AI to seem more difficult.
              Go play Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, and beat it, and do every mission, even optional ones, then come back.

        1. The guy who’s games have not only sold the most out of any other game but also hold the at least top 3 titles with the highest average scores and to have a few more high up in that list? That guy?

          1. As well as being the guy who has unaminously created the best game franchise in the eyes of majority of gamers, The Legend of Zelda, which also has more Best Game Ever nominations than ANY game or series ever made

            1. the same guy that invented super mario 64 that changed the industry more than crappy cod or anything like that ever could or will

  3. Hopefully it does come out so people who only have Nintendo consoles can try out some Bioshock! For now, I’ll still be getting my third party games on PS3 and PC until I get my Wii U and get more comfortable with it.

    1. Love Bioshock, one of the few FPS games i could stomach from this generation, including Metroid Prime 3, Borderlands, BulletStorm and Killzone 2 + 3.

          1. metroid isn’t an ‘FPS’ so to speak , its an ‘FPA’ due it’s story and lack of online (which i fucking love) .

            but i agree , metroid prime is in a different league to halo and cod or what ever. i prefer the way metroid prime looks on the gamecube to the way halo looks on the 360 .

            i think Retro studios should make a game called ‘The galactic federation online’ . A metroid spinn off where you play as a customizable federation soldier on campaign and coop mode.
            you only see samus tearing shit up on the campaign .

          2. i think you meant to replace halo with call of duty. halo’s awesome, and they put in a lot of time and effort into each installment. but yes, i do enjoy the metroid prime series, but never really tried killzone yet.

          3. Halo a joke? You’re a joke. They actually take time to make their games different, unique, and fun everytime. More like COD is a joke.

        1. “Gimmick”. Anyone thats actually played Metroid Prime on the Wii knows how superior the controls are. Just because Sony and Microsoft are doing nothing innovative, doesnteam you can get on your knees amd suck away. Gaming NEEDS progression. Otherwise we’d still be playing games on a joystick. There is no pinical of gaming interface out there, but the wii remote and mouse have aleays and will always be superior to analog aiming. So calling it a “gimmick”, becomes obselite when it becomes innovative. A gimmick is something like six-axis in the ps3 controllers. Pointless.

          1. Who pushed online gaming? Certainly wasn’t nintendo with the wii online and laggy smash bros haha

            Xbox live pushed online and achievements. Yes you have to pay but the quality is great. Rather have that than free internet but 5fps LOL

            1. Who pushed online gaming? Erm, PC’s and Valve, actually. Microsoft just, as expected, jumped on the bandwagon.

              And i occasionally play online on my PS3, which is free. I get ZERO LAG.

            1. Id hardly call it motion controls. The grapple thing can be considered motion, but aiming with the sensor requires barely any movement.

        2. HD is a Gimmick that gives developers an excuse to slack on gameplay and charge a shit-ton for games.

          You fell for the most epic gimmick that flew right under the radar and brainwashed the gaming community.

          Fucking sheep.

          1. HD is a “gimmick” that happens to be an industry standard in modern television, films, and now gaming. Yeah.

            Better visual quality is a “gimmick”. News to me.

            1. The word gimmick means a selling point, in this case, for a console, so anything from a controller design to features to capabilities are gimmicks.

              1. gim·mick/ˈgimik/
                A trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

                Do not fabricate definitions.

                    1. Yeah, you’re right. No one brought the PS3 or the 360 because you can play games in HD. No one cared about it’s graphical enhancements at all.

    2. People who own only a nintendo console (either fanboys or just poor lol) only want a nintendo console for their fix of the same old mario vs bowser or link going into temple after temple getting pendants, stones etc. Yawn yawwwn yawwwwn. No room for new IPs in their narrow minded gaming brains

      1. Well you’re also explaining Microsoft. They have next to no IP’s. Also there is nothing wrong with owning Nintendo consoles. I’m fortunate enough that I own all consoles, but you shouldn’t make fun of people for their financial situation. That’s just pathetic and makes you look like a total joke.

          1. You have no idea how bad the world economy is …. do you? Sovereign Debt Crisis, America losing its AAA credit rating … Only a retard wouldn’t know that.

            1. Is that so? Shame rly since I have a well paid job. Prob just the excuse of lazy oxygen thieves who we have to pay taxes for.

              Poor people exist to make the rest of us feel better.

              1. Well, thankfully I have a well paying job, but I also volunteer every now and then, lets just say you would be surprised with how some people end up poor. A lot of the time it’s because they have had gold digging partners, some though are even natural disasters. But yes there are those lazy scum who should go to hell and I don’t care if you make fun of. Just some people have had terrible tough times.

      2. Except that Nintendo has created new IPs on EVERY single console or handheld they ever made. Partial list for you. NES: Kid Icarus/Earthbound -SNES: Starfox/F-Zero -N64: Smash Bros/Sin and Punishment -Gamecube: Luigi’s Mansion/Pikmin -Wii:Wii Sports/Wii Fit/Pandora’s Tower -Game Boy: Warioland/Kirby -Gameboy Advance:Wave Race/Advance Wars -DS:Super Princess Peach/Drill Dozer -3DS: Steel Diver/Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight. There are of course tons more, not to mention spin offs that have been made over the years. Mario Kart/Party/Sports/Paper Pokemon and it’s spin offs. Lets not forget that the differences between Mario 3 and Mario Galaxy are leaps and bounds different than Uncharted and Uncharted 3, or any of the COD games.

        You could also make an argument that some games in a series are new IPs. I mean, if Sony can take the exact game play and graphics assets from Uncharted, add new male/female leads, and make it about post apocalyptic stuff, instead of treasure hunting, and call it a new IP, then Nintendo can claim Donkey Kong Country or Kid Icarus Uprising as new IPs, because they are nothing like the original games. That would also be true of Mario 64 vs say Mario 3, but even if you just keep those vastly different games under the Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus labels for IP, Nintendo still has tons of different IPs, and show that they can do incredible things with the same characters and make completely different experiences. Name one Sony/MS IP that can make that claim.

        You realize that there are 10 core console Mario games released in the last 26 years, and there are 9 core console COD games released in the last 9 years right? (not including handheld games or spin off titles for either series) Same for Zelda, there have been 9 core console titles in 25 years. That’s a Mario or Zelda game every 2.5 years or so, with COD coming out every year. Not having Mario vs Bowser in a core Mario game, or Link not explore temples, would be like Drake not hunting treasure, or Chief not shooting aliens. Some things are going to be consistent.

        Good thing you did your research and know that Nintendo owns so many IPs, right? I’d have to look, but I’d be willing to bet that Nintendo have more

        1. I could go on about this.. Resident Evil has 8 core games in 16 years, Sonic has 10 or 11 core games in 21 years, depending on if you count Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles separately. That’s a game every 2 years for both, which is a slower rate than Mario and Zelda’s core titles. Megaman and Street Fighter have nearly too many core titles to count, and they have been around for 20-25 years each. The amount of core titles and spinoffs from those titles nearly put Mario to shame, and are far more abused and milked than ANY Nintendo franchise. Mario’s face is on a ton of games, but again, you can’t count Kart/Sports/Party/RPG titles as core Mario experiences.


    1. Because one game hasn’t been announced for Wii U you attack the Nintendrones? Sad … Seriously …. you think you’re mature by trolling on this site? Lol, what a kid.

    2. Pretty much the only compamy not onboard with the WiiU is 2K, you do know that right? Amd i reality, the developers 2K hires WANT their games on the WiiU, and love Nintendo, both Randy Pitchford of Gearbox and this guy Irrational Games, who appeared in the WiiU’s promotional video, love Nintendo.

      The whole problem is Take Two interactive who run 2K and surprise surprise, Rockstar.
      Every other company is onboard, besides Konami, with their one Castlevania game, that includes, EA, Ubisoft, Sega, Activision, Rocksteady, Capcom, Platinum Games, Namco Bandai, EVERYONE, except for 2K/Rockstar. Who gives one?

      1. I wouldn’t worry about them. They are too narrow minded. They can’t appreciate what all companies have to offer. Wouldn’t be surprised though if they troll just because they can’t get any in real life. Typical losers lol.

        1. Well i couldnt care less, so no loss to me, but i understand people like them, but when theyre pretty much the only company being skeptical, you know its got something to do with those green rectangles they like so much.

      1. I’d have to agree with that! Plus I’m a bit of a sony lover too so add the PS3 and VITA in :P But still, I’m enjoying Kingdom Hearts 3D :3 (BEST 3DS GAME!)

          1. Calls Vita a “piece of shit”.
            Claims he’ll buy one.

            Bullshit, faggot. You’ll never own one. Your loyalty is pure Nintendo.

    1. I don’t know, there is a chance that it will but these guys have already held off the bio shock game that was confirmed for vita at launch in which they did say they were starting on after infinite. Though it’s been quite a while and given vitas situation, I haven’t heard anything for this title since.

    1. “Well, Bioshock is one game. Plus, I heard it wasn’t too great anyway.”
      Bioshock- 96% on metacritic
      Bioshock 2- 88% on metacritic
      Of course its a good game.

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