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Fire Emblem Awakening Coming January 2013?

Popular online retailer Zavvi has listed a January 25th release date for Fire Emblem Awakening in the United Kingdom. The eagerly awaited game was originally expected to ship this year, but Nintendo announced a few months back that it has slipped into 2013.

132 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Coming January 2013?”

              1. obviously immature people who need sexual references to maintain the sad little lives quite pathetic really

                and the zavvi release date is legit i should know i work for Zavvi

                25th january 2013

                price £29.99

      1. indeed , that is a good game sir on GBA , i have ghost recon shadow wars on my 3ds and its a very good game . perfect gameplay , all it lacks is the killer story and graphics which fire emblem will bring .

  1. Typical Nintendo re-hash!
    Nintendo is all ports!
    I’ll just wait to buy this on my baby’s New iPad.
    There are lots of games that will destroy this one!
    I’m such a genius and fanboys are so dumb.
    Nintendo blogs are dumb, but I have freedom to post my opinion, and this is the only place I get any attention.

    1. 1st if Nintendo blogs are so dumb to you, then why are you here?
      2nd Is it so hard to have your own username are you not confident in yourself?
      3rd This is the only place you can get any attention. You must have a sad life.

      1. Don’t feed apple trolls, they really only comment once or twice unless people answer.That is why i didn’t answer.

        1. I disagree.
          I work. I’m flying out of state in 3 hours, and have to travel light. You better believe I’m bringing Kid Icarus with me.

          I ran/jogged/walked 6 miles this morning. You better believe I had Metal Gear with me this morning.

          I don’t even play a console anymore (Not till WiiU comes out) it’s all 3DS or XL for me.

            1. Ps1 was epic :O
              Crash, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid, Rayman 2, Kula World, Tomb Raider, Ape Escape, Medievil, Abes Odyssey, CTR, it was the best. Ps2 wasnt as good imo bit still amazing, and the ps3 was…pretty good, but its exclsuives have turned a bit boring. Too many shooters. I mainly bought multiplats this gen -.-

          1. You think video game sales are better because it has red blood and gore? No. You’re nothing but a blind graphics whore sitting your fat ass eating bon bons while typing in your own basement. You’re nothing but a pussy with no dick. GTFO!

      1. Casual Mum is a Casual Troll.
        I am super troll!
        Aeolus, Casual Mum, Ness:
        I will steal all your most popular insults, and drop mega-troll bombs that you only wish you could drop!

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  4. Nintendo is just a useless company that should just get bankrupt and die out, they release inferior hardware , shovelware galore , rehashes and milked franchises , Just making Mario games instead of their other ips and being cattered to casual faggots .. Sony and Microsoft will always be ahead of shitendo.

    1. U mad because Nintendo is a video gaming company and have more money in the bank than you have. They release better hardware, franchise titles, new innovations, etc. Mario isn’t the only franchise character in the Nintendo Universe… they also have Donkey Kong, StarFox, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Zelda, Kirby, Fire Emblem, etc. Nintendo is always one step ahead from Sony (losing $6.4 billion mean anything to you?) and Microsoft (money stealing bastards).

        1. 1.Nintendo is a company,not a man.
          2.Even if they was how would do you know Nintendo had a tiny dick. PERVERTED STALKER.

                  1. “So liking another console makes you retarded”

                    My point.

                    Your head.

                    I never said that liking another console makes you a retard. You’re a retard, because you’re a retard.

                    1. Nintendrone calls me a retard when all he does is wait a whole year to get a wii u so he can play another nintendo game.

                    2. “Nintendrone calls me a retard when all he does is wait a whole year to get a wii u so he can play another nintendo game.”

                      And since its one of the best games ever, yeah, its justified. Dumb ass.

                    3. “And since its one of the best games ever, yeah, its justified.” The best game available at launch is Rayman Legends and its a timed exclusive.
                      Nintendo fanboy at his best. Credibility lost. Good day sir.

                    4. Actually it has been announced Legends will NOT be ported to another console. Ever.

                      Why? Because the Wii U is the only console it’ll work on.

            1. Nintendrones are retards … And Sony and MS fans are TRUE gamers not Nintenfags that buy anything with Nintendo written on it.

              1. REALITY CHECK– TRUE GAMERS are people who play games on all systems… NES, Super NES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation One, 2, and 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, Neo-Geo, Atari 2600 and 5200, etc. People who own all systems including current gen consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are the true gamers.

                You lose, Nessie!

          1. Wasnt exactly a drone comment was it, he had a point. Saying Nintendo rehashes Mario on an article about Fire Emblem is just moronic, even more so than saying it in the first place

    2. Yeah! So what if Wii kicked our asses, and 3DS is mopping te floor with Vita, Nintendo still sucks because… It just does!!
      Yeah! Nintendo sucks, Nintendo sucks! Rock and roll, oh yeah! Someday they will be bankrupt, once they finish making consoles, then let’s see them make money! Ha! Take that Nintendo Fanboys!

    3. SILENCE Mother fu**er!!

      This is my trolling turf! Only I may insult nintendo you worthless turd. Go find your own Nintendo blog to fuck around on!

      1. casual mum , Tom , Jaded dry bones ,gamer. you are all the same fucking guy.
        you have the same little fucking icon by the side of your name.
        if you want to hide your identity use gravitar or at least use a different browser so it registers a different icon.
        you are either disabled or trolling , i don’t know which .

        OH WAIT , BOTH!!!!!

    4. sorry to say something is severely wrong at sony right now. they do everything from TVs, MP3s, computers, consoles ect. but as of september 8th they are worth less ($11B) than nintendo ($15B) who only make consoles and software. they lack focus and direction now and they don’t know what they’re doing anymore and that has me concerned. they used to be trend setters but they have been in a big decline for the last 10 years and have not set any trends (except with bluray but that’s only because of the PS3), they also seem to be continuing this decline.

      microsoft can just blow through their money but as things are now consumers are feeling like they can’t trust them. high failure rates through 2 generations, no games, only interest is in apps, forcing kinect and soon smartglass. they have an unlimited budget to find solutions to fix many of their problems, but they just don’t seem to care.

      nintendo is actually far from being a useless company since they had many firsts that are [still] being used now but much more refined. sega even had some firsts and their innovations are still being used the same way today. last year’s video game market dip can be directly attributed to lack of wii and wii game sales, nintendo keeps this market afloat. that was their first loss ever in 100 years of being around and still have zero debt.

      despite that many call their games “rehashes” they know how to refresh the series and keep it fun and even though there they take 4-5 years on a game that’s good. it gives everyone a cool down period and allows everyone to enjoy their current game while anticipating and getting hyped about the next one, unlike other companies who do this yearly which makes everyone feel very tired of their games very fast.

      their games are far from shovelware as each one gives a player a unique experience, fire emblem for example is very difficult and every action counts with your strategy, and if a character dies they are gone forever.
      mario is mixed, the 3D games can be fun but challenging while the 2D can be as just as fun but sometimes not as challenging (not counting older games) which is great in bringing new people into the genre.

        1. ill agree with nathan too but i will slightly agree with a few trolls though nintendo do milk mario alot other than that they are a great company

    5. Tell that to Sony constanly making Ratchet and Clanks games or better yet Microsoft for going overboard on Halo. They have to do it since he IS the mascot and very vital to night just like Ratchet is to Sony and Master Chief is to Microsoft.

            1. well what does it mean , seriously i have been using internet for 10 years plus , still dont know what that fucking symbol mean’s.

              it’s some sort of face isnt it ??? or is it the nutsack ???

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