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Leaked New Super Mario Bros. U Images Confirm Returning Villains

Several never before seen New Super Mario Bros. U screenshots have been leaked from Game Informer’s latest issue that covers Wii U games. The images confirm that baddies from previous Super Mario games, including Monty Moles, Piranha Plants and Cheep Cheeps, will return in Mario’s first Wii U title. New Super Mario Bros. U is expected to launch this holiday.

195 thoughts on “Leaked New Super Mario Bros. U Images Confirm Returning Villains”

    1. Clearly never played a Mario game, clearly only here to troll. Clearly a sad case with nothing better to do than stalk a website that only covers something he doesn’t like, so he can make childish comments to try and enrage actual fans.

      Mummy must be super proud of her special little guy!

    2. Yoshi (ヨッシー Yosshī, sometimes romanized Yossy in earlier Japanese materials), is a fictional dinosaur (referred to as a dragon at times) who appears in video games published by Nintendo. His debut was in Super Mario World (1990) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick (a role he has often reprised), and he later established his own series with several platform and puzzle games, including Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. He has also appeared in many of the spin-off Mario games including the Mario Party, the Mario Kart, and the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as in other various Mario sports titles. Yoshi also appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009) as the characters’ companion and steed, similar to his original debut role in Super Mario World. Yoshi belongs to the species of the same name which comes in various colors although the most common is green.

      Shigeru Miyamoto stated that Nintendo had wanted Mario to have a dinosaur companion ever since Super Mario Bros.; however, it was not possible because of the limitations of the NES. The inspiration for Yoshi can be traced back further, to the green dragon Tamagon in the 1984 video game Devil World. During the development of Super Mario Bros. 3, Miyamoto had a number of sketches around his desk, including an image of Mario riding a dinosaur. Takashi Tezuka, a Mario series developer, speculated that Miyamoto’s love of horse riding as well as country and western influenced Yoshi’s creation. The concept of Mario riding a dinosaur also came from the NES video game Excitebike, which featured people riding motorcycles. He again wanted to feature Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. 3, but was still unable to. Tezuka designed two power-ups to make up for this limitation, the raccoon and frog power-ups. Once the more powerful Super NES was released, Miyamoto was finally able to implement Yoshi into the series, putting him into the video game Super Mario World. Yoshi proved to be popular in his debut, which caused the next game in the series, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, to focus on his species.

      The version of Yoshi seen in the Super Mario Bros. film was made using a 3-foot-tall (0.91 m) animatronic dinosaur. He was designed in the film by Dave Nelson. It had nearly 200 feet of cable and hundreds of moving parts inside of it, and was controlled by nine puppeteers. The body is cable-controlled, while the head is radio-controlled. Nelson described the overall process as being “difficult.” The creation of Yoshi was handled by a company independent from the filmmakers.

      Yoshi has a variety of abilities that render him unique amongst other characters in the Mario series. He has a prehensile tongue that can extend a surprising distance, allowing him to eat almost anything; anything that can’t be eaten can be spit out at enemies. In some games the tongue can also be used as a grappling hook to pull objects or access otherwise out-of-reach areas. Yoshi is also capable of laying distinctive spotted eggs after swallowing objects, which can then be thrown at enemies or objects; eggs are in fact the primary “logo” of Yoshi in multiplayer games. Yoshi is also capable of forming an egg around himself and rolling around. By rapidly flapping his arms and legs, Yoshi can hover in midair or even gain height (depending on the game), this “flutter jump” makes difficult jumps much easier to accomplish. Yoshi is also a heavy user of the ground pound, dropping from the air onto targets. Yoshi’s large nose allows him to detect hidden collectibles by smell, and aside from kicks and tail whips, is Yoshi’s main instrument of close-range combat.

      Yoshis come in a variety of colors, including green, red, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, purple, black, white, orange, and brown. In some games the color of a Yoshi provides additional abilities: in Super Mario World, Red Yoshis can breathe fire, Blue Yoshis have wings, and Yellow Yoshis produce damaging dust clouds on landing. In other games, eating fruit changes a Yoshi’s color and provides an ability; Yoshis in Super Mario Sunshine can spit fruit juice to defeat enemies and create platforms, while those in Super Mario Galaxy 2 can use fruit to gain super speed, inflate like a balloon, or produce a platform-enabling glow. Yoshis of various colors appear often in multiplayer games as alternate choices, which may or may not have tweaked stats.

      Another one of Yoshi’s characteristics is the sounds he makes. In most games up to and including Mario Party 3, his vocals consist of record-scratching noises for positive interactions and whistling noises for negative interactions. In Yoshi’s Story, Super Smash Bros., Mario Tennis, and almost every game since Super Smash Bros. Melee, his vocals consist of high-pitched baby-ish squeals backed with numerous unintelligible words and his own name. Because his name is one of his vocalizations, it is a common misconception that he talks by repeating it numerous times. The character’s voice is played by Kazumi Totaka, the composer of Yoshi’s Story.

      In Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, bongos (or other appropriate percussion instrument) are added to the level’s background music whenever a player rides Yoshi. While being ridden, Yoshi acts as an extra hit point; taking damage will cause Mario (or whoever is riding Yoshi) to fly off. This makes Yoshi start to panic and run around haphazardly until remounted.

      Yoshi made his debut in Super Mario World as a native dinosaur that Mario or Luigi could ride on in order to eat enemies and otherwise navigate Dinosaur Land more quickly and easily. This game spawned a prequel entitled Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo in which the player could control Yoshi in order to keep Baby Mario out of harm’s way as they advanced through the game. This led to a spin-off series of games including Yoshi’s Safari for the SNES, Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64, Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation for the Game Boy Advance, and a number of games for the Nintendo DS, including Yoshi Touch & Go, Yoshi’s Island DS, and Super Mario 64 DS.

      Although he was introduced on the SNES in 1990, Yoshi was also the star of two self-titled games for the original NES released in ’92 and ’93: Yoshi and Yoshi’s Cookie, respectively. Both of these games were released for the Game Boy as well. He also appeared as a supporting cast member in Mario is Missing for NES, SNES and MS-DOS in 1993. Yoshi appeared in Super Mario 64 as a non-playable character who could be seen upon completion of the game. He also appeared in the DS remake as a playable (and starring) character, and in Super Mario Sunshine where he could be ridden on by Mario in the same fashion as in Super Mario World. However in this game, he is portrayed as a tropical Yoshi who changes to different colors after eating different fruits. Yoshi appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and his role in the game is very similar to his original role in Super Mario World. A number of different colored Yoshis can be obtained by hitting blocks throughout the game. He can then be ridden by characters in the game, though his color no longer represents special abilities. Yoshi also appears in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2, where he can also float across the air for a limited period of time by fluttering his feet at an amazing speed. Power-ups allow him to run up walls; turn into a ballon; and glow, lighting platforms that are only tangible when visible. Yoshi was also intended to appear in the original Super Mario Galaxy but was removed because, according to Satoru Iwata in an Iwata Asks session, it would be “too much all at once.”

      In the Gamecube title Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario rescues a Yoshi egg that hatches and joins his team during the third chapter of the game entitled “Of Glitz And Glory”. The player can then name the Yoshi character. The color of the Yoshi changes depending on the amount of time that passes between rescuing the egg and the egg hatching.

      Yoshi has appeared in nearly all of the Mario sports and spin-off games. He appears in every game of the Mario Kart series as a playable character (usually with a light weight). He also appears in every Mario Party game to date as a playable character. He has also made appearances in multiple Mario sports titles, including Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Super Sluggers, Super Mario Strikers and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Yoshi’s attributes in these games trend towards the lightweight side of the spectrum, often with high footspeed and less-than-impressive accuracy.

      Yoshi is a playable character in all three titles in the Super Smash Bros. series. Contrary to his lightweight and speedy portrayal in other games, the Smash Bros. version of Yoshi is a rather heavy character with strong attacks, quick movements, and a difficult-to-interrupt second jump; on the downside, his attacks tend to leave him vulnerable if they miss, and outside his second jump his recovery is almost nonexistent. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Yoshi’s Final Smash is called the “Super Dragon” and by using it, he grows wings and is able to breathe fire and fly for a short time. In the Subspace Emissary, Yoshi is awakened from his sleep by various Subspace enemies and teams up with Link and other Smash Bros. characters to defeat Tabuu and save the world.

      Yoshi has made cameo appearances in other video games. In Super Mario Galaxy, an image of his head appears as a wooden planet that Mario can visit in the Space Junk Galaxy. Yoshi made a cameo appearance in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest as one of the competiters in Cranky’s Video Game Heroes show. He also made a few cameo appearances in The Legend of Zelda series, specifically in Link’s Awakening and Ocarina of Time. He appears in two Metal Gear games for the Nintendo systems: The Twin Snakes and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. In The Twin Snakes, he and Mario are dolls that stand on a desk. If the player shoots him, he’ll yell “Yoshi!”. In Snake Eater 3D, Yoshi dolls replaces all the cartoon-like frogs, Kerotans, which that appear in all other versions of Metal Gear Solid 3. Shoot all of them will earn the player the Yoshi rank at the end of the game.

      An animated series followed Super Mario World, bearing the same name, and was similar in plotline to the previous series, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but with a different setting. The show featured Yoshi as a regular character, voiced by Andrew Sabiston. Yoshi was featured as a young dinosaur who often talked in 3rd person, (This caused people to believe that an error in Super Mario 64 was intentional) and in the final episode of the Super Mario World series entitled Mama Luigi, he was portrayed as a baby Yoshi that Luigi came across in a “?” block a short while after a Fire Sumo made him fall into a crack in the ground. He was featured in the Nintendo Adventure Books. He is also featured prominently in the Super Mario Adventures comic serial printed in Nintendo Power. Yoshi was also featured in the Super Mario Bros. movie. In the movie, Yoshi took the form of a realistic animatronic dinosaur. In the movie, Yoshi was King Koopa’s pet and is referred to as a “Throw-Back” by Koopa; he joined Daisy’s side and eventually protected her with his own body against a stabbing. In the end, he is seen alive with Princess Daisy and Toad.

      Yoshi is one of the more recognizable characters in the Mario series. Yoshi is also featured in a myriad of Mario merchandise; he is the subject of toys, shirts, and figures. Yoshi also appeared in two of the McDonald’s Happy Meal promotions of Mario toys which only starred Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi himself. In a poll conducted in 2008, Yoshi was voted as the third-favorite video game character in Japan, with Cloud Strife and Mario placing second and first, respectively. Gametrailers has created a special tribute video for Yoshi for the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

      Yoshi ranked at #1 on WhatCulture’s list of “20 Top Video Game Sidekicks Of All Time”, stating “there is no greater joy than hitting a question block and finding a Yoshi egg” and that he is as fun as possible. Cheat Code Central listed Yoshi as the third best sidekick in video games, commenting that he’s one of the most adorable video game characters. ScrewAttack listed Yoshi as 2nd on their top 10 Mario characters. GameSpy ranked Yoshi as the seventh best videogame sidekick, listing him over Luigi by reasoning only Yoshi can pull off being green and still be cool. Complex placed Yoshi at fourth among “The 25 Most Kickass Dragons in Video Games”, adding “Yoshi would have to be one of the best sidekicks of all time”. Australia’s Official Nintendo Magazine called Yoshi a “cute, trustworthy, a plumber’s best friend” and compared him to a loyal dog.

    1. Why not? This looks like a fine way to start off with the Wii U: a Mario game with a simple yet fun gameplay that shows some of the Wii U capabilities along the game. What did you dislike in this game to make you say that?

      1. A 3D mario game would have showcased the Wii U’s HD graphics more efficiently than a 2D platformer that resembles the Wii version’s greatly. Gorgeous sunset beaches in Super Mario Sunshine 2, or vast galaxies with great detail in Super Mario Galaxy 3 would have been a better choice. Personally, ANOTHER mario platformer with the same generic storyline and gameplay have become bland in my opinion. :\

        1. But the detail in the backgrounds and foregrounds in this game is amazing, and 2D Mario games do sell better than 3D Mario games, so this would bring in better console sales upon launch.

      1. Mario was never supposed to have good graphics! You should play Mario for gameplay. Want graphics? Wait until Zelda, Metroid or whatever.

  1. Wow, I totally never would’ve suspected Monty Moles, Piranha Plants and Cheep Cheeps in this game! Amazing!
    Seriously though, from the post title I was expecting something cooler, like an actual Villain (Tatanga or something like that). I am disappoint.

    1. Weekends are cruel to gamers and gaming magazines/sites. Almost no news at all, they must do something to call attention… unfortunately =/

  2. Dude, this is not leaked, this is captured from the iPad version of the new Game Informer issue, which have been already released.

        1. Only children fall for scams and spam links like these just to get their “free” video game consoles, and games… -.-

    1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      Oh, wow, really!? I never expected pictures from a game that is potentially 2 years away, and there probably wouldn’t be even a playable demo yet. But, man, you got some pictures from a game that wouldn’t even be counted as in pre-pre-pre-Alpha!
      Let’s get serious, stop with the spamming, they won’t give you anything for spreading that shit, and you won’t die/see your crush/have your name written anywhere. Just stop.

      1. While I agree that dumbasses missing the point is indeed something to be expected, I’m not “missing the point”, this news post could have been a lot better if they didn’t say something this obvious, and just showed the screenshots saying something like “Check out these gorgeous leaked NSMBU screenshots!” or something (because this game looks damn great). Or they should at least have pointed out the returning Torpedo Teds (which we didn’t see since SMW, and they were used only once) and the Monty Moles.

            1. It would actually cost Nintendo more to make it weaker than the current gen. I dont expect it to be as powerful as the ps4, but it wont be that much different from the 720, we’re jist not seeing next gen games yet, because its not next gen yet, it wont start till at least the WiiU and 720 are out. Besides, look at Metal Hear Solid: Ground Zeroes.
              That runs on current hardware, and it looks visually insane.

    1. The One Who Wrote This

      I totally agree with ya.

      But will he be able to be taken out of stages like in SMW? That’s the main question….

      1. Hope so…im still annoyed that the Gold Flower in NSMB2 only lasts one level, so i should at least be able to take Yoshi

        1. Ditto about the Gold Flower. Well, I guess they didn’t want to make you TOO overpowered in the game (even though there are MILLIONS of lives to gain in NSMB2).

          I think Yoshi should be able to be taken out of the stages. It added to the coolness factor of the game.

      1. Damn, i hope this game is basically a spiritual successor to SMW. The big map with multiple routes, Yoshi, old SMW enemies, even the level design reminds me of SMW, it just has that look

            1. The Koopa Football Players grabbed the Princess.
              Mario was attacked by a Koopa Wizard and then by a Magnum Bill.
              And I came face to face withe Fire Sumo! :)

  3. Visually, this game looks fucking incredible. I was skeptical at first but it seems like they’re putting a lot more effort into making this unique than they did with NSMB2.

    1. I agree, i’ll be getting Rayman before i get this, i loved Origins and Legends looks even better, but this is still gona be alot of fun :D

      1. i know , i will pick this game up . but no point in getting it alongside mario. 2 very similar games.
        Legends look’s like more passion and thought has gone into it .
        i wil buy NSMBU 2 months after launch

            1. I llove the game, and I would love it even morethan DKC2 (my favorite DK game) if I was able to use the Classic Controller. The game is up there with some of the best sidescrollers period.

        1. Yeah. I mean im getting Pikmin and Assassins Creed at launch, those are the games i want the most, but then i’ll be getting ZombiU and Rayman. After thats its whatever takes my fancy at the time, but i’ll be geting a good majority of the launch games. Also Paper Mario for the 3DS :D

          1. yeh , there is a few good 3ds games coming :(. i might give my 3ds a break when i get the wiiu . I have been playing my 3ds so much for the last year , barely touching my other consoles.
            kid icarus has replaced halo and resistance , Mario kart 7 has replaced forza 4 .

            seriously ATM i am like ”fuck the ps3 , wii and 360 they are old news where is my 3ds”.
            i have bought 24 retail games for my 3ds since last year.
            90% of which were really awesome.

            ps3 and 360 feel old to me now. don’t know what it is . maybe because my laptop is significantly more powerfull or maybe its the lack of innovative games etc etc.

            truly overated console’s.
            my wii is my second most played console with games like SSB , xenoblade , the last story etc .

            1. Yeah. Im honestly okay with my ps3 but nothing significant has come out for it for about 4-5 months…its boring as hell.

              Ive played on my Wii more than i have my ps3 this year, im replaying Skyward Sword now for the second time this year, its just too much fun.

              I got my 3DS end of last month and loving it, only have 4 games but all of them are incredible, plus a couple of eShop games.

              As for next gen, i dont even want a ps4 or 720, or at least not yet. I mean if the ps4 got revealed right now i wouldnt even be bothered, and i wouldnt buy it. The WiiU is long overdue, we need it, and im buying it day 1, but i can wait a good 2 years at the least for the ps4.

              1. agreed . i have bought skyward sword twice aswell . i have 2 gold motion plus remotes .

                its not about the small leap from ps3 to wiiu graphics.
                its about the new games and set up the wiiu brings.
                I mean have you seen the ‘none specific action figure miiverse trailer” from e3 ??? that is NEXT GEN .

                facetime chat linked , with a voting comment network built into the system connected to smartphones ????

                how is sony going to top that ??????

                the wiiu , to me at least , looks very very very Next gen in evey way.

                i expect once people max it out , the graphics will look amazing.

                like comparing a psp (ps3) to a 3ds (wiiu) .
                not only does the wiiu have better graphics when maxed out , it does 3d and has a modern exciting set up .

                how the 3ds feels so futuristic and modern compared to a psp will be the same when comparing a ps3 and a wiiu , guaranteed.

  4. I am completely stunned at the graphics in New Super Mario Bros. (World) U… especially the background in the first pic. New Super Mario U and Rayman Legends will be the best franchise titles on Nintendo’s future-proof console!

  5. Sounds like New Super Mario Bros U is going to be more like Super Mario World than Super Mario Bros… this is good.

    1. Much like all the Gears of War games, Uncharted games, Halo games and so on. Every game franchise that we all know of is pretty much all one big gimmick-a-thon.

      1. I think wiiu is weaker because ATI grahcis card doesnt work,OH yeah ive heard too many people screaming about that AHAHAHA DICKTENDO LOST

        1. “I think X Box 720 is weaker because ATI grahcis card doesnt work,OH yeah ive heard too many people screaming about that AHAHAHA MICRODICK LOST”

          Fixed. :trollface:

            1. So the answer is yes, at least you admit it to all of us. Now doesn’t that feel better. Mommy and daddy might beat you up sometimes but that doesn’t mean you can’t live your dream of being a furry.

              1. vait,vat do u meen by living a furry (seriusly),according to my gramma furr meens dat leatha thing that some people wears like leatha suit or leatha bag.i cant understand ur misserably accend

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    1. Zeir iz more,microsoft must destroy ALL 3D animated studios like dreamworks und disneyf fo a bright future HAHAHHAHA und yes i hate 3d animation


        1. So you are admitting that Nintendo looks like a fairly attractive woman? You trolls seem to be dying out quicker than I predicted

              1. i dont know anything about dragonballs,i think microsoft already destroyed them HAHAHAHAHA und now for microsofts mission TO DESTROY ZE SURI DI ANIMATIONS SUCH KUNG FU PANDA UND UR FAVOURITE ANIMATIONS hmhmHAHAHHA und zeir is more ze 3d gaming vill be only available on the xbox ONLY ahHAHAHAHAHAHA i think the schroda familly vill accept dat.


  7. OFF TOPIC: How much have you saved for Wii U?

    I currently have $230 in gamestop giftcards. Hopefully i will get the first bundle, that is $300. I also have $30 in amazon saved for a Wii U game. Ima start saving up again once i see all the big news in Nintendo’s conference next thursday. Sighs, another week of school :(

    1. I have just under £500 dedicated for the wiiu . I want the best bundle , another pro controller , a HDD , pikmin 3 , Rayman legends , AC3 , Darksider’s 2 , Fifa 13 . And maybe some other games if i can afford it .

    2. I did have about £250 but then i bought a 3DS and 4 games xD
      So im probably back to £100, but i get all my holiday pay soon, due to being at work for another year, so i’ll havr about £800 by the end of September xD

  8. I was just commenting to my friend how the nsmb series should be more like super Mario world. Hope they put a lot of good secret paths and such.

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  12. IN OTHER NEWS: NSMBU will feature mushrooms.

    Seriously, it’s been the same batch of enemies for 20+ years now. How bout some new minions to thwart?

  13. This sounds great. However, they have a big enough library to include many characters from other games/media. What about Mouser, Hammer Brothers, Angry Sun, Big Bad Wolf (from the cartoon series), Big Slammer Guy, Giant Bee (wario land 2), Guerilla, Kamikaze Koopa, Smithy, and one of my favorites…Booster!

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