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BlockShift Developer Fully Admits His Game Is A Pushmo Rip-Off

BlockShift developer Stephen Walther admits that he is wrong for copying Nintendo eShop’s Pushmo. Walther didn’t think that his game would get so much attention or backlash and is hoping that the criticism will make him a better developer. Walther claims that although what he did was not “necessarily legally wrong,” he wishes that he had created a more unique experience for gamers to enjoy. BlockShift is no longer available for download from the Android store.

“I will let you know that I do believe I am in the wrong. BlockShift in the form that it was released was way to close to Pushmo. The game that I release was not the game that I intended to finish with. I had planned to change the goal around and many more dynamics, but I wanted to upload that so more of my friends (who cannot sideload my apk builds) could try it out.”

“Overall I’m not displeased with everything that’s happened. Although I still think BlockShift was not necessarily legally wrong, if I know people are going to be interested in it I would prefer it to be more unique. I’m glad I was able to make a game that did not go unnoticed. My lack of experience simply got the best of me, but everything that has happened has helped me significantly. Hopefully what I make in the future can be loved by anyone because everything about making and playing games is incredible.”

75 thoughts on “BlockShift Developer Fully Admits His Game Is A Pushmo Rip-Off”

  1. *shakes head* First he says it’s “inspired” now he finally admits that it’s a rip off. If you want to create a game, use your imagination!

    Well, on the good side, at least it got taken down from the store.

    1. He decided to take it down so at least he was able to finidh what he started and be able to walk away with dignity.

    1. Now we just have to get Microsoft and Sony to admit to all the stuff they stole from Nintendo. They’ve been a shit off my ass for too long,

          1. Good for you! You sound like a real hero!

            Fact of the matter is that Nintendo should never have raised such high expectations and deliver this. If they didn’t say anything about a reward nobody would have reason to complain.

              1. 1) Is what ”because I’ve been playing the monotonous CoD series”? I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
                2) No, I do not play CoD, but I don’t see how that’s relevant.

                  1. You could have just answered my question in stead of being a fucking idiot about nothing. Seriously; you’re defending a guy who made an utter useless comment, which did not even make grammatical sense in the context it was in.
                    So how ’bout not trying to be a fucking smartass while you’re just making a fool out of yourself.

                    1. #UNation
                      I like how you seem to think I don’t like Nintendo, while the only thing I said I don’t like was that reward after Nintendo bragging about it.
                      Stop trying to ”stop trolls” if you’re one yourself. You could have started by answering a simple question, which you still didn’t answer. Probably because you now you’d be in the wrong if you did.

                      1. Oh god, you are so motherfucking stupid, this is beyond belief. I AM a Nintendo fan, your comment just didn’t make any sense, therefore I asked you to clarify yourself, which you STILL haven’t done.
                        YOU are the one giving Nintendo fans a bad name.

                  2. Don’t even bother with kids like this, they ruin Nintendo’s fanbase all together, I can barely read the comments because of them
                    They’ll just accuse you of playing CoD whenever you disagree with them

                    1. Thank you! For a moment I thought there was absolutely no common sense on this site xP. I completely agree with you, kid like these are what ruin Nintendo.

              2. I thought something cool would happen like a new world that has the original levels from the first mario game, Super mario bros, and mario wears the same colored clothing as the first too, you know the brown and red. Something cool.

    1. At least he’s honest, I mean look how many shameless, half ass pokemon clones hit the Android market for a quick cash-in. He shouldn’t have taken it down. There’s nothing wrong with being unoriginal, just acknowledge your source, try harder with your next title, and keep it moving.

        1. Exactly. Thanks to his fallacy, I actually got back into pushmo. I love this game. A fantastic 30 min time burner before bed.

          So, worked out for Nintendo after all.

    2. Yeah I knew this was going to happen. After being exposed by a bunch of gaming sites, taking the game down is the best option.

      On the bright side, I got pushmo on my phone!

      1. The guy had it coming for ripping off Pullblox.

        It his own damn fault for being stupid for thinking that he could get away with it.

    3. I find it funny that the guy thinks that he did nothing legally wrong.

      I don’t think that Nintendo would see it that way.

      1. he didnt you cant copy right game mechanics or gameplay, if that was the case youd have one FPS, One MMO, One RPG. Also it was free and he made no money cry a river somemore.

        Nintendo Fanboys are the worst fans ever perioid.

    4. While I do agree that Blockshift was a rip-off, I do like how he admitted his mistake and removed the game. Being honest is better than being in denial.

      If I were him, I wouldn’t worry about popular games out there and would just make a game I would want to see. It is okay to borrow a few mechanics and gameplay from other games, but not entirely to the point where you game is exactly like someone else’s. Just keep going and do your own thing.

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