Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid


US gaming publication Game Informer has written a compelling article that suggests that Nintendo could turn around the fortune of its ailing Wii U console by releasing a brand new Metroid game for the platform. We already know that the acclaimed Retro Studios have chosen to create a new Donkey Kong Country game, rather than a Metroid title. Do you think that a new Metroid game for Wii U could turn things around for Nintendo?

Many gamers don’t feel like they have a reason to own a Wii U. Metroid might give them that reason, Nintendo. Some gamers feel slightly burned by the Wii’s slow trickle of exciting titles? All the more reason to release a proven series for the Wii U. Maybe people are worried that the Wii U doesn’t have the graphical horsepower to keep them entertained, but games like Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and Xenoblade Chronicles have pretty well proved that you don’t need bleeding edge hardware and photorealistic graphics to make an entertaining game. A Metroid game could also show gamers what the Wii U is really capable of – remember how amazing Metroid Prime looked on the GameCube?

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206 thoughts on “Game Informer Says Nintendo Could Solve Its Wii U Problems With A New Metroid”

      1. Fuck gay informer ! Since when was the overrated metroid a system seller? Since when? Last time I checked Donkey Kong sells more than that bitch!

    1. Uhh hello! i tink samus is rely prety and she shuld wear bootty shorts in the new metrod game that retro studois is rumered 2 be workin on!!!! i hope rumer is true!! !I want metrod priem 4!!!1!! for wii 2!

    1. I agree it’s not the magic solution these guys are dreaming of. It can only be part of the solution showing the Wii U has great exclusive content and is not all about the casual market. But an HD Metroid can do a lot to reinvigorate the franchise. It would be more like the original Metroid Prime reaction than the second sequel. Gamecube to Wii U is a humongous jump, imagine what Retro or another studio could do with that power if focused on Metroid’s strengths.

        1. I agree with you. The whole lineup of new games, shown at E3, should’ve had their releases moved 6 months earlier – at least. Nintendo admits this problem and it’s a real pity.

          Last time I ever bought a new system before the major titles were announced. For the price I paid for my Wii U at release I could have gotten me 2 systems by now instead. Or better yet, one Wii U system and a Nintendo 3DS XL – at a lower cost.

    2. new super mario bros U, the sequel to the over 20 million sold new super mario bros Wii, didn’t make the WII U a massive success. everything changes. if you make an extremely beautiful and interesting metroid HD game, you will grab the people’s attention. nintendo needs to be more clever in the way they advertise and make their games shown worldwide. nintendo was good at hyping their games up, but they have been loosing it ever since the end of the wii lifecycle.

      1. New Super Mario Bros U was the reason the Wii U sold well at launch. And it continues to sell well with a insanely high attach rate. The problem was the software didn’t keep coming.

    3. 1.5 million seems a very low estimate.. considering it reportedly sold close to or even more than 400.000 copies during its first week in the US alone (on par with bioshock)

      long term estimates are often inaccurate.. the numbers on VGcharts for example are sometimes very unrealistic (and in this case directly contradict the numerous reports of ~400.000 copies sold in its first week)

      however one great game can of course not save a platform.. they’ll need several
      but it would be a good start

    4. Your right. Sure the gameplay is very good and the graphics look great but it wont solve . Donkey kong and mario will boost some sales and im sure mario kart 8 will be the first wii u hit game.

    5. Of course it’ll help! I know I sure would buy it if I hadn’t already. Since launch that’s the game I’ve been dreaming of!

  1. I’m pretty sure Super Smash Bros. will do quite a bit more for the Wii U than a new Metroid would.

    What would do even more is a full Pokemon RPG. It’s too bad Nintendo is too stubborn to see that. There’s no reason Pokemon RPGs can’t exist both on handhelds and home consoles.

      1. True, it could be so many other things. A NFC Pokemon game like Disney Infinity or Skylanders; A new Battle Arena; Card battle game, Adventure game, etc.

    1. Game Freak has explained so many times than the main Pokemon games fit better in the handheld as you have more freedom to play wherever you want and trade with people you find. of course, they could make another game like Colosseum or XD, but i think it’s better this way.

      1. I know what they have said, but it’s still a stupid excuse. Pokemon games could do just as well on home consoles if they’re made well.

        Like I said, they’re just stubborn.

        1. To add to that they can now have it online. So I think they should do a HD version of red and blue with online bam problem solved.

      2. I understand that and I am not sure Simply G does too. But our point is that Wii U could sell out if there is another Pokemon game or Smash Bros come out right now. In other word, we don’t think Metroid alone is the enough for the Wii U going sell out.

    2. Agreed , the only thing a 3D Metroid would do is prove the Graphics and sell to a moderate amount of western fans.

        1. Indeed. Metroid prime 1 (thinking long and hard about it) is my personal favorite game ever. So I would love a Metroid game more than anything else! but Game informer saying Metroid could single handedly solve the Wiiu’s problems is a load of BS.

    3. I don’t think it’s so much Nintendo not wanting to do but rather Gamefreak not wanting to put Pokemon on a console because they design Pokemon with the portable Japanese gaming market in mind. Maybe if Nintendo really begged and pleaded…….

      1. Nintendo owns Pokemon. They can do whatever they want with it; including getting another developer to make the games or telling their studios to make a certain game.

        It isn’t totally up to Game Freak.

  2. Metrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooid. If they do make a new one (I HOPE THEY FUCKING DO OR ELSE I WILL HAVE TO TAKE THEIR LIVERS AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASSHO-), please don’t let it be like Metroid Other M. Please no. Please….please…………

    1. That’s pretty ignorant and not true. That is only true on handhelds. The Wii has sold nearly 45 million Wii consoles in North America and over 30 million in Europe. They have sold less tnan 13 million in Japan. Japan is a much smaller market since it has a much smaller population.

  3. As of now, there are 7 exclusives coming to the Wii U between Sept-Dec. if people can’t find a game they love there, then they got problems. Metroid will be here and the exclusives coming in 2014 will flatten the competition as well as shut the naysayers up.

  4. Consider the best-selling Metroid game ever failed to sell 3 million copies… I doubt it.

    Metroid is just too dark, complex, and mature for a majority of Nintendo’s fanbase.

      1. Yeah, Metroid is one of my favorite series as well. Easily, my favorite Nintendo series… But that’s not saying much.

        Also, I see you are a fan of Naught Dog’s work. Have you played The Last of Us? What do you think of it so far?

  5. I could see where he’s coming from. If they made a Metroid Prime-like sequel then it would have attracted different types of gamers. Platformers aren’t as popular anymore as FPS, and the graphics would make the game look even more stunning compared to the HD look in DKC.

  6. This is a stupid article because they bring up Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. Metroid on the Gamecube sold about 3 million units and the Gamecube sold 20 million units. Metroid has never been a huge seller. DKC, Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, all sell more. Nintendo will sell more Wii U’s when those games come out.

    1. This article was talking about system sales instead of individual software sales. The difference is that Metroid draws a separate crowd than DKC and Mario. DKC and Mario both sell fantastically, but they share the same crowd. Zelda and Metroid draw in the more hardcore gamers. While Smash draws in everyone. Since neither Zelda nor Metroid are making an appearance yet, there is a large market base that may just get sucked up by Sony and Microsoft before Nintendo can grab their share. They could still get Metroid and Zelda to sell well, but they won’t sell as well if they have to simultaneously convince the hardcore to get a system on top of the system they already have. If Nintendo at least showed either Metroid or Zelda this year and said that one of them will be out sometime before the end of the first year for PS4 or X1, they would stand stronger the rest of the generation than they will now.

        1. It doesn’t matter. It’ll show what the system can graphically do and will appeal to a different audience. I for one don’t enjoy most platformers like Mario and Donkey Kong. I’m dying for a Metroid, though.

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  8. MAN, they made Samus UGLY in that picture.

    But seriously, they think Metrod can save the Wii U? METROID? It’s clearly their own personal opinion.

  9. Guys, there is a different between “I want it for Wii U” and “Wii U need this game to sell the console” to avoid confusion. I love Metroid and it is one of my favorite series. But Wii U need something like Smash Bros, Pokemon, or Zelda to sell the Wii U console.

    I am not sure if the remake of Zelda game is a console seller since it does work for Nintendo 3DS.

  10. Thank you game infromer, for not being biased on saying that they’ll fail if they don’t do otherwhise, and instead saying what we are actually thinking!

    1. If GameInformer isn’t biased, that would be a first. Nearly every front cover of every issue is a Playstation or Xbox title.

  11. Metroid Prime 1, 2 and 3 sold 5.8 Million in Total (Not Trilogy).

    Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii sold 5.97 Million. It makes scense why another DK Game would be a great idea, especially for the Wii U.

  12. A new Metroid game would be great.. As long as Yoshio Sakamoto doesn’t head the development process. As long as he isn’t involved then I’ll be happy.

  13. I want a new metroid, however, this is not the solution to Nintendo’s problem. It seems like the Wii U will have the same fate as the gamecube. Nintendo has to advertise the Wii U in a way that can catch people’s attention.

  14. So to sell millions and millions of Wii U’s Nintendo should rush a Metroid game out, likely tarnishing the series? A series that although spectacular has never sold anywhere near enough copies to be considered a system seller? And these people are PAID to write this crap? Deary me…

  15. I want another person Metroid from Retro on the Wii U so badly. Also a 2D one for 3DS. Please make it happen Nintendo.

    1. That would be cool if they add online multiplayer, where you are a Bounty hunter/Federation trooper and have to kill each other.

        1. If they had a third party developer like Bungie make that…….it would be so sick!!! I think it would be cool if they had Bungie make that while having Retro make Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid Dread at the same time. Team Ninja is not allowed to touch Metroid ever again, not because I didn’t like Other M but because I don’t like Team Ninja.

  16. A new installment in: metroid, kirby, f-zero, star fox, hell ALL of the great games on the snes and n64 deserve a new and well developed installment on the U. They need to start up a poll community on miiverse or on fbook/twitter

  17. Metroid will never be the solution, but it certainly could be part of it.

    I just hope that whenever they do make another, that it isn’t first-person. The FPS Metroids are the only ones I haven’t been able to beat.

  18. Metroid is niche, a Metroid game will come don’t worry but at the right time, doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are, metroid can’t move hardware, it is a niche series that appeals to a very small (believe it or not) part of nintendo’s fan base so no, no problem would be solved by bringing a new metroid right now. – Same goes for StarFoxm, F-Zero and all those ‘forgotten’ nintendo franchises. It’s what the internet fans want but it’s definitely not what the Wii U needs.

    1. As much as I love Metroid, your words are true. Metroid always sells very poorly (what is, at certain point, an injustice). It’s something that can wait. I really hope that Pikmin 3, DK, Mario 3D and Wind Waker remakes help to move a lot of sales. That and whatever Nintendo has up their sleeve for the rest of the year.

  19. I don’t see it any time soon after the outrage spurred by Other M. They’d have to do a lot of research before even concept a new game. They need to either find a middle ground with fans or just say, “Forget it. They get what we give them.” Which could make or break the series among fanbase, I think. I think they need to find a way to stop reusing plot elements given the last game was basically Fusion and Super Metroid in plot, just with slight differences.

    I also feel that people bitching over Retro’s decision are missing the fact many of Metroid Prime’s crew have moved on. It would be the same exact people working on it if they did another Metroid game. That alone gives Retro the opportunity to screw up as well. I wish people would stop putting Retro on a pedestal.

  20. Metroid could help, but it’s not the ultimate solution like many people are saying. SSB would do better for sure.

  21. I think everyone once again is missing the point. The bigger picture is Nintendo does need to showcase there console. Metroid prime is the type of game where you could add metroid mechanics to a great looking game. The reason the Wii U hasn’t stood out is there isn’t a game that can push the system and show the true horsepower.
    Imagine this a Metroid game with the visual style that is on the same level as x with prime game play. If Nintendo would have showed off a metroid that looked like that then they easily win E3. To be honest they should hand the series over to either the developers behind X or the ones that did last story.

    Basically the author is saying that Nintendo needs a metroid game with modern looks and their brand of quality and gameplay.

  22. Poll on Amazon that was subsequently and hurriedly removed, has 95% people saying they shall buy the PS4 and only 5% saying they will purchase an xboxdone lol.

      1. Jelly bean, on this one you and I agree. Remember when on the 21st of may I said am all about WiiU3DSPS4. Well e3 solidified that.

        1) Pikmin3
        2)X on the Wii U and Final fantasy XV PS4
        3) Watchdogs Wii U
        4) Assassins creed PS4
        5)Fire Emblem Awakening
        6)Luigis Mansion 2
        8)Killzone PS4
        9) Super Mario 3D Wii U
        10) Hopefully Metroid U and Last Gaurdian are released on the Wii U and PS4 next.
        11) Everything 3DS.

            1. I know XD People were booing him and saying xbox sucks. Although the funniest part was when Nova yelled “Anazing!” lol

        1. 3DS I was happy with (Addicted to Animal Crossing right now and can’t wait for pokemon!)

          Wii U, I want X like NOW. Plus it finally pulled out some big guns like Mario Kart and Smash Bros which has me excited. I just hope too see a price cut now.

          PS4 *faints with joy*

          Xbox One …. The only “exclusives” I liked on there I can get on PC too …. so Xbox one is kinda not needed. Except I hope PvZ Garden Warfare isn’t X1 exclusive, then I’ll be pissed.

      2. Maybe they are not informed or they just don’t care about “always online” and “used games”. I mean I always buy new games and always connected to online on Steam, Wii U, and even Playstation 3.

            1. Umm… I agree but you are arguing with a whole community of the internet. And also a lot of people don’t believe in lower or upper case of letter “g” too. So you be playing fire with fire my friend. Beside they not cursing at you but you just gave them a reason to.

  23. I’m all for a new Metroid, but I’m pretty sure Smash Bros. will sell consoles just fine. So will Mario. Like, I feel like this is completely a personal preference. I’m not really a Metroid fan, but they are some of the MOST die hard fans I know (So much, they don’t ever seem to shut up about it!), so I feel like this jorunalist is really pushing his personal wants. But can’t we all safely say that Smash bros. is going to sell plenty of consoles? So will Mario Kart.

  24. smash bros is the system seller, hopefully putting it on 3ds doesnt destroy that. nintendo………. you suck so bad since the wii. there needs to be new people running it.

  25. Below is a quote from NEOGAF member and not my own, read it though :

    Originally Posted by maabus1999:
    And so did the PS3 at launch, went slow, but look how it ended up now? Having a rough start does not mean “the end.”
    Sony took action. They retired Krazy Ken and worked extremely hard on PR as well as investing (properly) on first parties – with both time and money. They did those things because the electronics division is important to them, and they realized they can’t hope to run a profitable business without catering to gamers.

    I don’t see MS taking the same attitude. Not when the vast majority of their profits come from Windows and Office. Established and iron-clad monopolies.

    XBox came into being because the Dreamcast (which was running Windows CE) failed, without any prospect of SEGA ever being able to come back. XBox ALWAYS was a trojan, just like the Dreamcast was one (albeit indirectly so). Gamers should have known better from the very beginning.

  26. Yes… A new metriod would have solved NINTENDO issue…

    Then people would have said the same thing they’re saying about SMASH, DONKEY KONG, MARIO, Zelda… “SAME OLD IP WE NEED NEW STUFF” Meanwhile PS4 and XBOXONE are BATTLEFIELD, COD, FIFA, MADDEN, ASSASSINS CREED 4… YEP lots of INNOVATION there…

  27. I love how they act like Metroid sells, the entire Metroid Prime series has only sold about 1.32 million more than Donkey Kong Country Returns and DKCR3D have sold on their own, point is Metroid will satisfy some fans but it’s not going to move any more copies than a Donkey Kong game…

    1. It seems strange to me how people think DKC:TF is this “knight in shining armor” that is going to ride in and save the day for the Wii U. If New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, NintendoLand, Lego City: Undercover, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, Wii Party U, WindWaker HD, Sonic: Lost World, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic, Super Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U are not enough to attract the casual crowd and sell Wii U consoles I don’t see how Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is going to help much.

      Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii sold about 6 million units worldwide. That’s not a bad number, but not necessarily a great number either. So far the 3DS version has sold around 200,000 worldwide after a few weeks of launch. I expect the number to go up obviously, but I would expect it to do even half as good as the Wii numbers were aren’t so great in their own right.

      The point is that if all those games I mentioned aren’t moving Wii Us, this game won’t either. There isn’t anything in this game that would attract a casual gamer that most of those other games have in abundance. Quite simply put, casuals on the fence would have already made their choice. DKC:TF is an accessory, not a necessity.

      That being said, I don’t think Metroid would “solve the Wii U problem either.” It would definitely attract more core gamers to buy a Wii U. However Nintendo’s problems are a lot deeper than that. In their quest to differentiate themselves from the competition (and yes they do consider Sony and Microsoft competition despite their public spin) they are trying too hard to be original an dare turning their nose up at things that actually WORK in the core community. Nintendo has their own way of doing things and they refuse to budge from that. even if it is not working.

      I think they do have some more to show at a later date. I still think that Retro is working on something else, I think that a larger-scale Mario game is being worked on as well, and I think there are some more 3rd party games that are coming as well. It’s still too early to panic.

      1. yeah I agree neither dk or Metroid really would fix the problem, although i’m sure having dk wont hurt. Metroid never sells for whatever reason, just look at the 2 most popular titles in the series super Metroid and prime 1,they weren’t flops, but they weren’t Mario world or halo. that said though Metroid would attract core gamers, but still realistically I think it would only boost sales slightly, given previous Metroid titles. However we shouldn’t panic, if Nintendo can survive the 3ds sales problem they had, then I believe they can defiantly turn around the wii u. If anything the real titles I think that will bring people in are cat Mario, wonderful 101 pikmin 3, X, and bayonetta 2

  28. My point exactly. This is why many gamers who own a Wii U (like myself), and many others who are considering purchasing one were disappointed when Donkey Kong Country was revealed as the game that Retro had been working on. Overall, while Donkey Kong would bring in more money, Metroid would’ve done two things for he Wii U. Reminded many core gamers that the Wii U can be a place for them, plus, and probably most importantly, shown why the Wii U has a place in gaming. How? By showing off wonderful graphics with a unique sense of play that could only be experienced on the Wii U. Just imagine the amazing gameplay concepts Retro could create with the gamepad!

  29. Since when is DKC a casual game series? Only very experienced gamers can beat DKCR. I am very thankful Retro is making a second, with more of there own original ideas.

  30. I think Zelda And Metroid might be the stand out games of Wii U and maybe…..just maybe…..they will become the blockbuster hits and system sellers they deserve to be. A Nintendo fan can dream. I did get to go to the Best Buy Nintendo event and I got to say it made me a believer in Nintendo again. I can confirm that multiplayer works well in Super Mario 3D World so far and the game looks amazing. I also can confirm the fire flower, tanooki suit, frog suit, and cat suit as power-ups. The only thing that could use some tweaking was the controls on the Gamepad but I’m sure that it will be perfected in time. Mario Kart 8 was amazing and the graphics blew me away. I don’t know why it’s taking until Spring 2014 to release because that game was one of the most crisp games there. Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze was amazing and playing it really helped relieve of the burden that it wasn’t a new core IP. The game is a ton of fun to play and looks beautiful. Wind Waker HD looked great and was a lot of fun to play. I’ll definitely buy Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 day one.


  32. To be honest I don’t know if I would buy another Metroid, even if they did away with all the Other M bullshit, it’s just that the Mary Sue Adam and the whiny subservient Samus are too ingrained in my brains, I can’t even enjoy Prime Trilogy.

  33. Here are my 25 rupe..coins..whatever you want to call it.

    I know you guys will think i’m crazy but i’m going to agree with GameInformer on this one. Just think about it all of those man and angry Xbox customers dissatisfied by the already seemingly awful XboxOne. Sad to admit but most of the Xbox fanbase like shooters, Halo particularly. Well here is the catch right here Nintendo has a chance to steal the fps fans with a game that most likely inspired Halo: Metroid. Just throw in more then four player online with various and interesting modes, stunning graphics, a good trailer that will get your spine tingly, with WiiU Pro controller support and you’ve most likely got some to a large amount of the Xbox fanbase. To be honest Metroid doesn’t have to be the only series that could be apart of this a Pokemon game on the lines of XD that will attract the rpg fans, and a open world game but that already has been covered by Monolith’s X. Everyone be aware that i’m assuming ALOT with all of this and what I typed is my personal opinion.

  34. I’ve got a Wii U but no games. I bought the Wii U for Metroid and Zelda games when they come out. Wii U has been a waste of money so far. It is gathering dust at the moment. And no achievements.

  35. You do not tell Nintendo what they should make. Nintendo tells you, what you should play.
    Reg. 14:2.

  36. It would certainly help decrease our problems but it would not solve it…

    What would solve it is twice as much marketing, Games that shows what the Wii U is all about and getting these games out in time or as close to after the initial deadline…

  37. I disagree with most of you metroid is a great series and perhap making one after the events of metroid fusion could pull lots of old fans into getting the system

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