Retro Studios Confirms It’s Currently Not Working On Another Metroid Game


Earlier this week, Retro Studios’ CEO, Michael Kelbaugh, shared the reasons for as to why his team chose to develop another Donkey Kong Country game, rather than working on other flagship Nintendo franchises like Metroid or Star Fox. Apparently, many Nintendo fans are assuming that Retro Studios is working on a new Metroid game alongside the newly announced Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Breeze. However, that is not the case, as Kelbaugh has confirmed to IGN that although Retro Studios loves Metroid, the developer will not be working on two major projects at the same time.

“We’re pretty much on one major project at a time. We do a game every two years or three years. In the first year of that, we have some extra bandwidth, so sometimes… We helped out with Mario Kart 7. We helped Monster Games do the 3DS version. Sometimes we’ll have a little bit of extra bandwidth to help out other entities at Nintendo. We really feel strongly about helping out Nintendo as a whole, so if we have time, we’ll do that. Do we have the bandwidth to do two major projects at once? I don’t think so. A big project and a little project at the same time, we can do that.”


135 thoughts on “Retro Studios Confirms It’s Currently Not Working On Another Metroid Game”

          1. Lol, Metroid Prime is in the top ten highest rated video games of all time, with the other two closely behind it. Also, It is the most popular in the Metroid series :D

            1. Yes and Metroid is my favorite games of all time with Starcraft and Smash Brothers, but Retro Studios is not made for Metroid only…

              I would like them to recreate an Ice Climbers game the same way they did with Metroid, and make it appealing to most…

              OR other Nintendo games that have been “sleeping” for some time…

              1. I bought Wii U at launch just to play new Metroid game. Now it seems that we have to wait at least two more years.

                1. It might not be Retro Studios doing a Metroid first…

                  It wouldn’t surprise me if they announce a new Metroid next year or something during the Fall in a Nintendo Direct…

                  I would like Nintendo EAD to make one now…

                  1. Just so long as Team ninja doesn’t make Samus a whiny bitch this time around. Silent Samus, or at least the minimal talking Samus from SSBB are the most dynamic.

                2. disappointed
                  EXACTLY i too only bought the wii u at launch for a hd metroid prime game or metroid dredd, after hearing the hype Nintendo built up, about how retro was working on a secret project, and that project would blow us all away, and it was something we all wanted them to make, after hearing all this i wrongly assumed it would me a metroid game, i mean think about it, the game pad is perfect for a metroid game like the prime series, also i can think of no better developer or game to show all the doubters of wii u and its power, retro would have nailed it, and showed everyone that the wii u can deliver a awesome first person action adventure title, with hopefully a fully fledged multi player.

                  Imagine a metroid multi player, where we have to battle with our power suits, and we can all fully customize our own power suits, with colors, and looks, etc, and imagine having to rank up and unlock new visors, new arm cannons, new abilities like screw attack, and morph ball, just think of the possibilities, it would be EPIC!!!! i can only dream what it would be like, this is the worst possible news for some one like me, which means i will have to wait another 2 to 3 years before i get a metroid game

                  It just boggles my mind, that Nintendo has had a top class developer like retro working on a 2d donkey kong game, which i know will be awesome, but still why on earth should it take 3 years? seriously?? there must be something going on, either that, or Nintendo and its teams 1st party and 2nd party need to get their fingers out their ass and speed up their development times!!!

        1. I think the Wii U’s successor will come around 2019/2020…as well as a new handheld to succeed the 3DS around the same time. Both systems will be extremely connected. I think the 3DS will dominate 2013(already is), 2014, 2015 and 2016. 2017 will show some 3DS fatigue and Nintendo will begin teasing a successor. The Wii U successor will definitely come around 2019ish. And by that time, it won’t be until 2023 that Sony releases the PS5..Microsoft will leave the gaming industry and will be replaced by Valve in the 3-way competition.

          2015-2019 will be the Wii U’s BIG BIG years.
          2013 – 2017 will be the 3DS’ BIG BIG years.
          PS Vita will show some popularity in 2016 – 2020…but will quickly fade thereafter.

          1. Uhhh no. Sony isn’t going to take another 10 years to release their next console. That was the plan for the PS3 and look what happened there. No, it’ll be 5-7, maybe 8 years for each console. But Wii U has almost been our for a year as it is, and 3DS has been out for two years.

            Successors will come when the systems stop selling.

  1. If Metroid needs to wait, Metroid needs to wait.
    They can’t just rush a perfect game series (OTHER M NEVER HAPPENED)
    I’d rather have a great non-metroid game from Retro, rather than a rushed, poorly executed excuse for a Metroid game (OTHER M)

    1. I can’t have my favorite series of all time be a rushed piece of shit. Unfortunately, both of my favorite series of all time (Metroid and Jak & Daxter) have had at least 1 shit game.

    2. Other M was the opposite of a rush.
      But they couldn’t keep the feel of Metroid
      I personally liked the story but everyone else hated it.
      They should have made it open world.

      1. Same. I liked it a lot. I was dumbfounded when the plot twist with Madeline Bergman and MB. Once I realised something was wrong, the suspense jump-started and things got freaking scary.

        But the character development was weird o.O

    3. It sounds like you’re blaming Retro for Other M and I just want to make sure you know that they didn’t make it. Just to be safe haha

  2. nintendo is fucking bullshit they have nothing!!!!! geeze it took some of you guys this long to figure that shit out!!!!!! you guys have been shit in the face by them for like 5 years!!!!! at least sega went all out and at least didnt slap fans in the face with the dreamcast!!!! they can at least pick up shadow of the eternals, SOMETHING!!!!!! fatal frame hd collection with never fucking released fatal frame 4!!!!!! nintendo needs new managment!!! (spit!!!) they make me sick!!!!! (pukes!!!!!) thanks for being such great fans!!!!! FUCK YOU, why do you have any fans!!!!!! ive been on a string for 5 years!!!!! its going to cut and im not even going to buy any of your shit anymore!!!!!!! now that one thing 1st party isnt even delivering!!!!! that string is going to cut!!!!!

      1. do you know what else….. grammar is the last resort pussy. you sound like a japenese retard with your retarded short answers, hello?? im artist?? do you like cake???? im going to bed now???? chow!!! get chopstick???? nobody understands japanese do you, i mean does anybody understand it????? yeah the difference here is that you suck at whatever your trying to do.

          1. yeah got nothing clever to say just like in real life, buzz kill. so if someone talks shit to you in your face are you just going to sit there, oh yeah im speaking spain, ok.

              1. this is my last reply to you, you have nothing insulting or clever to say. my grammar in this sentence is fine…. so that meaning your just a typical pussy on here that gets hurt by words. words about your life nintendo.

    1. They should have made wii u more powerful so 3rd party would have given more support. Nintendo should take a look at some stunning looking sidescrollers like trine 2. New marios are like wii games in hd. (Im not hater. Just saying my opinion. btw i have wii and wii u)

      1. Trine 2 is stunning to look at, but the mechanics of movement are light years away from the finely honed mechanics of Mario games.

    2. dude it’s not the end of the world because we will have to wait for a metriod i understand it’s a good game but you making it seem like nintendo don’t give a shit about it’s fanbase, because of one game that will show up on the console at a later date. why should nintendo throw it’s best cards out all at once to make u feel better?

    3. I would love it if they picked up Shadow of the Eternals, although I wouldn’t get it on the PC though but still, it might be a good move by Nintendo. What games have you really been hoping for during the last five years? I’ve quite enjoyed the last five years of Nintendo output actually, with some unexpected third party stuff like the Goldeneye Wii remake to entertain me on the way too.

    4. You mad bro? Seriously microsoft is off charging major for used games and forcing kinect and akways online down gamers throats and this THIS is what you’re complaining about this is what disgusts you to the point of puking? There were some great things showed by ninty at e3, even if retro way overhyped this and really should have worked on something different like a new i.p.

  3. Yeah I can see that.
    I’d rather them focus on one game and polish it rather than try and work on several.
    This game looks amazing so far and their effort shows.
    yeah Metroid can wait.

  4. I’m pretty sure NO ONE asked for this game. And after hyping it for like 3 years, did they really think they weren’t going to disappoint everyone?

  5. SO WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!!! this games comes out this november!!, so they wiill have finished for what? august?! then make the discs and stuff, they will be working already on another game by the time this games comes out!, i hope, nevertheless, this game looks fun

  6. I dont believe this..i bet for 99% that they working on another project, maybe not metroid, but they are doing samenhing

  7. idkk wat u ppls problem is. I am stoked about this new Donkey Kong, it looks great, and not everyone likes or owns a 3ds to play that other donkey kong game that came out. I was thoroughly excited about that E3 Ninetendo Direct. I think Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong, Watchdogs, Windwaker, and Pikmin will definitely be enough to hold me over until the big hitters drop in 2014.

    1. donkey kong tropical freeze is trash, worst thing nintendo and retro could ever have done. I have it fail harder than any game ever has. donkey kong over metroid, what the hell are they thinking.

      1. u say it’s trash like you’ve played it already. It looks really refreshing to me and probably to a lot of Nintendo fans that haven’t played the game on a console, let alone an HD console for a while.

        1. Enjoy it then, it looks awful with no originality it’s like retro ported the wii DK game and went on a coffee break for two years

  8. I find it curious he never explicitly denied that Retro is/has been working on another game in that quote, and he specifically says that Retro can’t do two major projects at once but CAN do a major project and a little project at once… Did they ever call DKC:TB a major project? It seems it could be a minor project if they used enough resources from the first one… Hope?

    1. I am still holding onto this,and speculating this. Imagine they will pull off a “Nintendo” and announce the game in 2 weeks. It’s not Metroid, though, so what can it be…?

    2. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of work and time it takes to produce a platformer. Just because it is a platformer and seems simple to make doesn’t make it simple to make; But idk that is just my 2 cents.

  9. bleh.. i just don’t get it.. there have been plenty of donkey kong games recently.. metroid games? not so much

    1. No there hasn’t…

      The only real Donkey Kong game was DKCR…

      Mario and Donkey Kong does not count or the Mario games that has Donkey Kong included…

      There have been more Metroid games than real DK games overall since the Gamecube era…

      1. okay my bad you do have a point
        should have had my morning coffee before posting that

        still i’m kind of miffed they’re creating another DK game so soon after the last one instead of advancing the metroid franchise (yes i know.. other M is also a metroid game.. but i’m actually talking about the shooter spinoffs not the platformers and to me at least other M was a bit disappointing)

        i also liked DK on the wii and i’d love retro to create another at some point but metroid is one of those signature titles that could really show off the wii Us capabilities in all aspects (just like metroid did on wii… except for mario galaxy at that time no other game made such an effective use of the wii features both visually and gameplay wise)

        i’m sure another retro metroid game would have blown everything else at E3 out of the water (and that would be quite a feat considering SSB and the X game)

    2. WRONG. Returns don’t have that name for nothing, since the SNES and 64 we were not gettting platform DK games. I even hope for a trilogy of DK returns, just like the SNES I simply LOVE DKCR on the Wii it was one of my favorite games among with skyward, prime and galaxy and I would say it has better ideas and level design than snes series. (I only miss the kremilings)

      LOL people here complain A LOT. I’m so happy with all games that are coming for my Wii U, they don’t even fit on my wallet!

      1. I agree, although I’m not a fan of these series, it has given me a reason to buy them now…

        Whether they do a trilogy of this or not, I hope they innovate it even more next time…

        I also bet that someone else is doing a Metroid game right now and Retro Studios might do another one at a later time…

        I want them to tackle F-Zero now…

        It has so much potential on the Wii U just looking at Mario Kart now…

        1. I think the best developers to make an F-zero game right now is Shien games, they are small, but they game really good looking games with smooth gameplay, just look at nano assalt neo on the wii u

        2. sorry, it’s Shin’en Multimedia. they’ve made Fast Racing League for Wii, which is a neat fast racing game with a lot of inspiration on F-zero.

            1. still a bit concerned about shin’ens size.. they’re just a handful of people.. fast racing league was great but a project the size of a new f-zero could be too demanding for such a small team

  10. I was waiting for the “bomb” that Nintendo will bring this E3 that will knock our socks off. I guess this is the news. Knocked me not in a good way…

  11. Look at it this way my brethren…

    The Gamecube got 2 Metroid Games, The Wii got 2 Metroid Games, it’s pretty safe to say that the Wii U will also get 2 games…

    And it would surprise me if the 3DS didn’t get one atleast…

  12. Fine. But whether it’s Retro or Nintendo EAD, I still demand a new Star Fox. And to boost Wii U sales, Nintendo would be wise to make a new Metriod Prime and F-Zero.

  13. Donkey Kong Country Will be released this year, so Retro will have an ENTIRE generation to make other games guys. They are talking about NOW. On the bright side of this interview not posted here, they say they have ideas for creating a whole universe for metroid, not only Samus, but also include others bounty hunters and that means it’s kinda of a sequel of their ideas on prime series (prime hunter and prime3 anyone?) They will make a Metroid game, Nintendo knows It can’t be another other M.

    1. Wow really? Yet last year, Nintendo said they wanted to bring back their hardcore gamers. That was the game Wii U really needed.

      1. are you serious? do you think hardcore is just about mature games? LOL hardcore is about dedication, not blood and gore. if you’re hardcore, you not only will beat DKC but you’ll finish it 100% and that is a LOT of work and require time and skills that casuals don’t have

        1. yep beat dkcr 100% man!!!! people are so stupid when they think the meaning of hardcore is blood and gore but in half of those so called games, they are so easy compared to like beating dkcr 100% or banjo tooie. it doesnt even come close.

          1. like call of duty, SOOOOO easy, I can play with one hand. Not saying is bad or anything, but it’s an easy game.

  14. I refuse to believe that it took 3 years to make a Wii U adaptation of a game the released on the Wii 3 years ago. Sonic: Lost World looks just as good maybe better and was done in less time. Same with Super Mario 3D World.

    Someone above made a good point that Michael Kelbaugh did say that Retro can work on a big project and a little one. It’s obvious they are playing games trying to be cute and secretive. The preponderance of evidence suggests that they are working something “big” that Nintendo is waiting for the right time to announce and DKC:TF was the “little project” to keep things flowing.

      1. I think so. Retro Studios is not capable of that level of incompetence. No way DKC:TF is the only game they’ve worked on for 3 years.

    1. In fact, i always see the DKR series more like a eshop title , may be not for the wii, but in te Wii U it has more sense. That doesn’t means that the game is not great don get me wrong, DKR for wii was probably the best sidescroll plataformer i’ve ever played.

  15. I can understand peoples downer but lets be real donky kong needed bringing back from the dead metroidd had 4 outings prime 123 and other m

    Other m mechanics are fantastic it was the utterly dumb feminism that stunk and the LETS GET WOMEN ON BOARD NONSENSE

    Next metroid needs to be like that again but with a metoid story and theme that makes sense

    The more I think of metroid the more I want high paced fun simple. Controls and something cool not just fps/a

    But I also want a follow up to the primes too

    Retro have saved donky kong refreshed it and donky kong sells consoles

  16. I didn’t want retro making another metroid game anyway, I hope they have a new studio working on it with Sakamoto. Little disappointed about it not being starfox, but who knows they might have another studio developing that too, and fzero

  17. Ah, but they didn’t say they’re not working on something other than Metroid. for all we know, this DKC:TF is just their “side-project” and that they may be working on something more special. Coz 3 years, and to come up only with a sequel to DKCR is kinda hard to believe.

    but then again, who knows, we’ve only seen demos and short clips of DKC:TF. maybe there’s more to the game that’s not being shown publicly that will blow our minds out, and effectively make the 3-year reasoning valid.

  18. This makes me very happy that I don’t care about Metroid. Otherwise I’d be very annoyed (like I’ve been with the Earthbound situation for so many years).

  19. I’m happy that I don’t care about the Metroid series. Because if I did, I’d be VERY annoyed (just like I am with the Earthbound situation).

  20. We wanted an HD Metroid game. It’s the logical way to show off the gamepad and Nins first HD console. Instead we are getting a sequel to a Wii game thats a 2d sidescroller and doesnt seem to use the GP. F ucking blows. Who really wanted a sequel to DK?!?!?!

  21. It’s not that this game wont be good, or that i blame them for not making metroid…..

    It’s the idea of who’s making Metroid instead that worries me :/

  22. They made a metroid trilogy, so what’s wrong with making a second DK? No body has been doing DK lately, and metroid at least had other m (as controversial as it was). I wouldn’t Mind if they even made a 3rd DK to complete a trilogy or something and have EAD or someone else. Itelligent System? Camelot? And who says it must be 1st person?

  23. This E3 has gone from shit to shit to shit.

    Donkey kong is shit, and old fashioned.

    Metroid would have been so cool, imagine using your wii u pad as a interative eye in Samus world, x-ray scanner would have looked totally awesome :)

    No I’m not sold on Donkey Kong, if I wanted a decent Donkey Kong game, I’d have downloaded DKC 1 2 and 3 from the virtual console, except nintendo took them off. obviously to make you more interrsted in their new offerings, which do not impress me. Dixie kong is a gimmick, not a character.

    *Slaps nintendo*

  24. If u think DK is a big Project u fooling urself….read between the lines….they didn’t need 2 do much to upscale the game at twik it a little ..hd graphics… same foundation.

  25. The problem isn’t that RETRO aren’t making a new metroid game, the problem is we were all duped(or lied to if you wanna go further) into thinking that RETRO’s new game would be ambitious and not just a souped up wii game(that was great) but now we want something different. It didn’t help either that the 3D mario the game i was by far looking forward to the most was just a souped up 3DS game and im not raging on 3D land i loved it but it is nothing and i mean NOTHING compared to the Galaxy games. Reggie said last year in relation to RETRO’s new project not being shown at E3 2012 “i wanted to show it but they wouldnt let me” implying that it needed just a little more time for polishing now fast forward a WHOLE YEAR! and all we get is this WTF!!!! it took them 3 YEARS!! to get the DK Returns engine to run on the WiiU…. right i believe that alright they better have somethig else real special cooking up in the depth’s of RETRO i didn’t buy a WiiU to play Wii and 3DS upscales…. Mario Kart looked great though.

  26. I’m seriously disgusted. First chose DK over metroid and they had the nerve to call DKC:TF a BIG PROJECT? LOL this is what retro has become? A bunch of DK dick riders? NO ONE ASKED FOR A DK GAME. NO ONE!!! We wanted either a Metroid or a Starfox! But we get this shit? I’m not saying DKC is a bad game, it was amazing on the SNES and the Wii/3DS. But WE WANTED A STARFOX or a franchise we haven’t seen In a while! And they think we are stupid enough to believe this is 3-2 years work? LOL really? This looks like a game that can be made in 6-8 months. RETRO are a shell of there former selves… Maybe that’s why all the original metroid prime devs left retro.

  27. Please Retro for your next project split your team up to make an exclusive Megaman U with Capcom and a new F-Zero with Sega at the same time, that would be sick. After That Metroid and then for the next Gen 3D Donkey kong, Starfox and maybe a new I.P. if there’s even time for that :P

  28. Since they already have the resources from DKC:R and they claim that this game is just utilizing their leftover ideas from DKC:R, I think DKC:TF is the “small” project. Even if it isn’t, this guy is basically saying that Retro has two projects – one main and one small.

  29. Nintendo should try to see if Visceral Games or Bungie would be interested in making a new Metroid game. I think that would be really cool.

  30. Misleading title, makes it look like they won’t do Metroid at all. Well, they said “We had to choose between Donkey Kong and Metroid” ” So we decided to do Donkey Kong as our first WiiU game”. Metroid might as well be the second one, and since DKCTF look like its on its final stage of development, I’m pretty sure they’re already working on their next game as well. They just said they couldn’t do 2 games at the same time.

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