Miyamoto Talks About The Future Of The 3D Mario Series


Legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto recently took the opportunity to discuss the future of the 3D Mario series. Miyamoto says that they have modelled Super Mario 3D World on the critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land. He says that the reason they did this was to make sure the game was the most accessible Mario title yet.

“I think there may an impression that Mario 3D Land did well, so that’s why we decided to bring that to Wii U. But, in fact, what we really try to do is look at, “What is the easiest way for people to play the Mario games?” And certainly we have the new Super Mario Bros. series, which is the new sidescrolling games, and those are particularly easy to play for people who are more novice gamers. You’ve got four-player multiplayer. And then we have games like the Galaxy series.”

“What we tried to do with Super Mario 3D Land, was try to create a Mario game that was set in a 3D world that fell somewhere between the openness of the Galaxy games and the sidescrolling of the new Super Mario Bros. games to create a 3D Mario game that a wider array of people could play. And we felt that, with Super Mario 3D Land, we managed to achieve that. So, what we wanted to do was extend that broader appealing 3D Mario game to Wii U in a way that allow more people to experience it. That’s what we chose for Super Mario 3D World this time. But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there’s a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series. For us, it was really about trying to find the right 3D Mario space in which we’re going to allow the widest audience to play.”

“But definitely with the single-player Mario experience, there’s still a lot of possibilities that we can explore, so I think we’ll probably go back to that again at some point.”

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141 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talks About The Future Of The 3D Mario Series”


            1. SPOT ON!! this comment by shigsy just annoys the hell out of me!! yet again nintendo puts their focus on the casual crowd instead of the core gamers!
              the core gamers wanted a true 3d mario in hd to blow us away! just like mario galaxy and mario 64 did!
              this was their first 3d mario in hd, and should have gone down in history as one of the greats, instead it will be remembered for being a hd 3ds game!
              seriously this is the kind of shit what am talking about, nintendo not caring about the core gamers! i wanted to see the mushroom kingdom in glorious 3d and in hd! i wanted a game like super mario bros 3, which in my opinion is one of the greatest 2d mario games ever made! i wanted to see the giant world, the sand world, the lava world, the ice world, i wanted power up suits galore, maybe even bring a few like the frog suit and tanooki suit back, serious man, i wanted to discover new warp pipes, all i wanted was a mushroom kingdom based mario, like super mario 3 in true 3d and hd!!

              Mario galaxy was awesome as was its sequel, but the whole reason why we got planetoids was due to the puny ram and processing power the wii had, imagine lots of different worlds like mario 64, but allot bigger, since the wii u is plenty powerful with enough ram, serious nintendo just what were you guys thinking?


            1. If it’s the worst Mario game, then why do so many people put it on their list of their 10 favorite Mario games?

            2. Mario Sunshine is the most innovative Mario. You used water and such to play and it was open world! What other game is that innovative?

        1. Ok I need to correct myself again. I just mean the same kind of openness like SMG, SM64. 3D world is a nice mix and all but it’s not what the console needs.

        2. And no I did not consider sunshine a bad game actually. Not my favourite in the 3D mario games, but still good.

        3. Both 64 and Sunshine were great, I loved Sunshine maybe even more than 64. Galaxy was good but I didn’t like its linearity, but it’s very far from being a bad game.
          3D Land was good for a portable game, you know, for once.

        4. But look how good SM64 was. Sunshine was just bad execution, they should have made Super Mario 64 2.

          I’m hoping they do for Wii U.

      1. Even if that were true, which it’s not if you check Mike S’ link. 3D Land is a great title for a handheld, we’re talking about consoles here.

  1. No no no to a Galaxy 3. Let it rest, the first 2 were great yes, but let’s not milk it. Give us something unique. 3D World looks ok but ehhh.

    1. I just posted this but missed your post, I really think he meant a game in the same vein as SM64/SMS/SMG and not another galaxy, considering he said “games LIKE the Galaxy series”.

  2. I’m hoping by ‘the Galaxy series’, he means the 3D Mario games we’re used to and not a Galaxy 3. They’re good games, but I’m a bit bored of SMG now.

  3. I also want to add before someone misinterprets this, I don’t think he literally meant “another SMG”, I think he wanted SMG series to mean SM64->SMS->SMG, just that style of 3D Mario play in general, not SMG3.

  4. I really hope they go back to a huge single player game if they make a second Wii U 3D Mario. By the way, I sent this in days ago. Don’t know what took so long.

  5. Haha miyamoto, just be honest with yourself, it was nothing but a cheap port. Yes, I would like super mario universe/galaxy 3 :)

  6. You take some of Galaxy 1 player Mario and some Animal Crossing in the sense of online multiplayer have Multi-Mario Crossed Galaxy. Maybe Dark Mario vs. Mario.???

  7. For new single player 3D mario game bring him back to the land. I didn’t get into the whole space so i never touched the galaxy series. Love SM64 and sunshine was an okay game. Liked it either way.

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    1. I know right. Who would have thought that Nintendo wants more people to play their games, thus increasing their profit?

  8. Sorry but as a Jehovah Witness i WILL NOT be purchasing this game. Way too Christmas – like for me

  9. idk why Nintendo tries to appeal to non-gamers. doing so sometimes just turns away their current customers.

  10. Galaxy was perfectly accessible to everyone , wasn’t it ? sure the latter levels were tough , but that’s the way games are.

    I hate the soul-less look of NSMB games and don’t see why on Gods green earth you would want to lean towards the style of NSMB as opposed to the stunning style of the highest rated game of all time (SMG 1 and 2)…

    At a first glance , the art style of Mario 3D world is not as eye catching as Galaxy. Not even close , that was my initial disappointment.

    1. NSBMU was believed by many to sell like garbage and yet it still sold…

      Same story with NSMB2…

      SM3DW is even better…

    2. My theory is that Nintendo realized they weren’t up to snuff yet with working in HD and did not want to spoil the 3D Mario games legacy but also not spoil the fans expectations of a 3D Mario game coming out soon They compromised by making 3D World to get better acquainted with HD and possibly multiplayer in a 3D platformer. I think after 3D world they will focus on a true follow up to the legacy of Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1+2. We may not see it until 2015/2016 though. I personally am hoping for either Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Universe.

      1. I think you are 100% right for sure. I agree fully.

        Super Mario Galaxy 3 or something similar will come 3 years after 3d world.

  11. That’s what I’ve been saying! And I really think it’s a great idea. According to an article posted here some time ago, the Bros. series sold better than the 3D ones, so a 3D game that looks like the Bros. series would be just what they need. First, they should make games that sells the console to a wide audience, then make games for the Hardcore gamers, when the console is already selling good!

    1. I dont know about Sony winnin. I mean Ps4 will probably get lots of support and is probably best home console, but there is 3ds which has lots great games on it which you dont find on home consoles like Bravely default. 3ds is BEAST you are sheep too if you deny that fact. If you wanna win as gamer go with ps4+3ds combo.

      1. i own practically ever system available right now, minus a vita, that was a fail.
        and my rig is unmatched.
        sony wins.

  12. Initially I was irritated by Miyamoto’s comment, as I was a non-accessable, hardcore gaming experience. However, after thinking about it, maybe a light, accessible Mario game is exactly what is needed to shift more WiiUs around the holiday season…. maybe.

  13. FINALLY! I was waiting to see the announcement of a new real 3D Mario game! I loved 3D Land, but 3D World is too much! Just hope they don’t make a SMG3, that would be kind of sad. Let’s hope for the best! Also SMG2 was too much of the same stuff. As I said I would like to see something big, something new. ;)

  14. Tsk tsk tsk… I had hope that they wouldnt touch the main mario games and make it into something like this but they did. Now i’m afraid of what “new” ways they will be approaching the new zelda game.

  15. I fucking hate this pussy ass motherfucker…..look at what he is doing to Nintendo!!!!! Turning it into the Fisher Price of gaming. Fuck you, you smug loser. Iwata has taken Nintendo and molded them into this cockless, balless, neutered male, cunt ass faggot, circle jerk fudge packing train of sissies. You want to make things more accessible?!?!?fneccicbaxpg ncflabergasting hellhole shitsack!!!!!! You can’t get any more casual!!!! My god you have people with Alzheimers playing your games. Grow a fucking pair and do what the fans want. Make a real 3D Mario game, open world. Make a Zelda game that can compete with the big boys. For the love of god put online multiplayer in the games!!!!! Make the VC and eshop competitive. The lis goes on and on and on. Iwata I hate you for what you have done to my beloved Nintendo. Nintendo and it’s fans are the laughing stock of the gaming world because of the decisions you are making. Fuck you Satoru Iwata!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH

    1. Minus all the profanity, I pretty much agree with your rant. I am sick of them catering to the lame casual crowd. The casuals are infesting Nintendo and Nintendo seems more than happy to oblige them make money. I don’t care about sales, I care about great games. So far, Wii U is drowning because they don’t have any big hitters out yet. Tired of waiting and waiting. They actually think the casuals are going to carry them for the future generations? I don’t think so!

      1. I’m talking first party by the way. Even third party doesn’t have too many out either though, especially when you consider that several are just crappy ports.

      2. They should be able to cater to both. The problem is they are taking IP’s like Mario and Zelda and trying to make them casual experiences. Why don’t they make new IP for the casual crowd but keep games like Metroid and others more hardcore. Mario used to be trippy and kinda dark in tone. Now it’s bubbly and just plain soft. They need to hire 500 people to make casual games for everyone and get another 500 to make hardcore games and leave their pussyfied hands off Zelda and Mario.

  16. I hope that when he says ”at some point”, it means ”before we make yet another rehash of New Super Mario Bros”

  17. so basically he’s saying that there’s going to be a 3D mario game more similar to galaxy on wii u in future? SWEET.

  18. Hopefully the new True successor to the galaxy series arrives within 2 to 3 years with no more Mario games released in between. Tired of Mario, Nintendo needs to focus on other ip’s

  19. if they haven’t even started on a new mario or zelda they won’t be out will 2017/2018 seems to me they are afraid to develop those games because they know wii u will die so they don’t wanna waste their efforts.

  20. Honestly, some of the people here forget that Nintendo is full of surprises. e3 JUST came. How did they surprise us? With WiiFit trainer in SSB4 You can say whatever you want, but unless you were working on the game befor e3, you did NOT see that coming. So you think Nintendo won’t surprise us with a new style of Mario? Because they did with Super Mario Galaxy.

  21. Wow, can’t believe there are so many people bashing the game just because it looks a lot like 3D Land…. As if 3D Land was a bad game or something lol

    Ok, so from what I read from this article, it seems that 3D World is not going to be like the Galaxy series (to have a exciting background story, dialogues, etc) but I, somehow, agree with what they are trying to do here. You know, every first 3D Mario game that shows up in a new console has to be very different from the rest. SM64, Sunshine, Galaxy, they were all very different from each other, right? Anyway, making 3D World doesn’t sound as weird as before if you consider what I just wrote.

    Also, keep on mind that this game is only going to launch on December, which means that they will have plenty of time to work the game in order to make it look more special, unique, and different from 3D Land. So, yeah, we have the new Cat Suit Power-up, but everybody seems to have missed that part in the trailer that Mario is wearing a Tanooki Suit. My point is: it is still a Mario game, the basic is there, and the fact that people keep yapping “MARIO GALAXY 3 MARIO GALAXY 3″ all over the place just proves how Nintendo can’t even take one step outside of the formula that they are going to be criticized for that. It’s people like you that destroy any chances of a new Mario Sunshine to see the light of day (the same goes for another console Zelda with Toon Link). Again, this game is still in development stage, there’s no point in discussing about it when it’s not even 50% done. I just want a game when I can chill and play with my bro in local, and with my friends around the world online.

    1. No actually, most people DIDN’T want a Galaxy 3. We wanted something new. Yes, something new. Not a 3D Land sequel.

      3D Land was nice, but NIntendo needs to stop trying to appeal to everyone, and make another bold Mario game. 3D World is a “play-it-safe” Mario.

      And if the game is coming in December, what you’re seeing now is pretty much what you’re going to get.

      3D Land wasn’t a bad game, but it was … just a Mario game. It wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t like Super Mario 64 or Mario Sunshine, where those games had their legacies on the series and set many trends. 3D Land is just… another Mario. Nothing special. THAT’S why people aren’t liking 3D World. It’s yet again, JUST another Mario.

  22. “But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there’s a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series.”
    “But definitely with the single-player Mario experience, there’s still a lot of possibilities that we can explore, so I think we’ll probably go back to that again at some point.”

    This right here really makes me sad, the fact that they are now focusing on making every single player mario game more “accessible” and the fact that even IF they decide to MAYBE make a single player game, it will be just like fucking mario galaxy wtf. We dont want another mario galaxy, 2 is enough. We want something completely new for once.

    1. I think what he means when he says “Galaxy series,” he’s talking about the old school single player 3D Mario games, not Super Mario Galaxy in particular.

  23. So their making it easier so new people can join in…who hasn’t played Mario? Mario doesn’t need to be made easier. That’s what will earn it the kiddy title. People buy Mario no matter what it is so why make it noob friendly instead just make a good Mario 3D game.

  24. I wish he’d go back to the Galaxy series NOW. It’s bad enough that games take so long to develop. To think that he’s not even started to look into it is very depressing. My gosh, it’ll probably be the end of the Wii U’s life-cycle before we get a TRUE 3D Mario game. OR, it’ll take SO long that they’ll have to make the new 3D Mario game for whatever the NEXT Nintendo console is instead (same as they did with Pikmin 3).

    Super Mario 3D Land wasn’t a bad game. It was good. But it bored me. It was too easy, and I completed it SO fast. I’m pretty confident that Super Mario 3D World will be more of the same. I’ll probably finish it in a week or less and then forget all about it. That’s the sad part about game development. Games take years to make, but they’re over with in no time at all.

    1. Well, keep in mind. Before Galaxy 2, Miyamoto said, “Yeah we have a lot of unused ideas, we might make a sequel.” He sort of teased it. They didn’t make a definitive announcement. So we all kind of took it with a grain of salt because typically they only made one defining 3D Mario game per console. But when he was saying that, it was likely they were already in the process of making Galaxy 2.

      3D Mario games take roughly 3 years to make if I’m not mistaken. Considering the EAD Toyko finished their Donkey Kong game in 2004, they likely picked up Mario Galaxy around late-2004 and worked their asses off to release it in late-2007.

      Of course, Miyamoto COULD be saying this now, but then it may turn out there’s a team that’s ALREADY been working on a larger-scale single player game, but it’s just taking more time. The “Super Mario 3D_____” is likely its own saga now, and perhaps separate to SM64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. They can’t simply leave this console without a TRUE Mario game.

  25. When I first saw the game footage, I was instantly reminded of Super Mario Bros. 2. Guess I’ll be playing as Peach again!

  26. The big question is that, what will happen if the Mario Galaxy series be over? Will they make an original Mario 3D game that will be less restricted than 3D world? That’s the main thing I’m a bit worried about… :P

  27. I either want Super Mario Galaxy 3 (to make it into a trilogy) or Super Mario Universe. My dream Mario game would be an open world 3D adventure with Galaxy style controls. It would have four player online/offline drop-in and out co-op with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Nabbit, and Waluigi as playable characters (or Peach if she is not kidnapped but Rosalina is and you have to rescue her). It would also include every power up ever included in a Mario game with the ability to mix them to form new more powerful suits and abilities (like imagen Fire Propeller Suit Mario). I would want them to include a worldwide leaderboard in the vain of the Rayman Legends Challenge App that way people feel like they are competing against the world. Throw in some DLC with a great, humorous story that features a lot of Mario easter eggs and cameos and I think that would be the best Mario ever.

  28. I have a video I want to make on this topic but it’s not ready yet. Damn. But I have much to say about this.

  29. They keep missing the concept of the cake and ice cream analogy.

    Sure fine… make the 2nd semi 3d side scrollers for the morons with ADD but every so often, maybe every 3 years, release something that appeals to those people who loved Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy… because it only makes sense to do that.
    But don’t stop there, bring back story elements that harken back to the history of the Mario universe. If there is a to be another galaxy, please jettison Bowser and his kin.
    Bring back Tatanga from Super Mario Land because he’s a friggin alien. Aliens are found in space right?!
    Oh and find a better concept than Peach being kidnapped, its 30 years on and she’s still a helpless stereotype. sometimes hero. Be consistent, what message are they trying to pass on to little girls anyway?

    How is this still an on-going issue!?

  30. O it is going to be the most accesible mario mr miyamoto? so you mean that is going to be the easiest a more boring of the whole serie? I’m tired of this, new super mario bros was cool because it makes you feel like you were eight again and you were playing with your nes on your living room but all of this magic dissappear when you beat the game so easily that you hardly die twice in a stage…
    I’m tired of easy games, where are my challenges? nintendo is not giving a shit for their loyal fans, i’ve bought everything from nintendo since the NES and i aint going to buy anything more, sucks big dicks mr miyamoto.

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