Iwata Refuses To Lay Off Staff As He Is Afraid Morale Will Decrease


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained to investors that he refuses to layoff key staff as he is afraid that overall morale will decrease in the company. He says that if he did then he worries that employees, who fear that they may be laid off, won’t be able to develop software titles that could impress people around the world. He has therefore decided that he won’t reduce the number of employees for better short-term financial results.

Thanks, Nintendo Commander and everyone else that sent this in.


  1. Man if he did lay his employees off, that’ll definitely spell more huge trouble for Wii U platform and for Iwata himself as CEO.

    1. It’s basically saying that Nintendo’s employees don’t have to worry about being fired just so that Nintendo can keep their profits higher by not paying as many workers.
      They won’t do that to their workers.
      So, yes, a good thing.

      1. I used to work for a Small company that did contract work in Parks…. The Boss was a greedy prick and had about 4 staff not including himself , when he needed about 10-15 people. He was pocketing like £300K a year whilst we were getting like £13K…. He thought he was invincible and then everybody decided to go on strike demanding we get a Pay increase , More staff to help us or do less work.

        He was stubborn and he lost his contract and his company collapsed and now doesn’t exist.

        It sounds like its this sort of think Iwata is trying to avoid. You can’t just have it all your own way , the whole thing needs to be balanced and efficient.

        Rant over.

          1. He was basically a modern day slave driver. I would get home and my feet would be red raw with blisters from all the shit I would be doing in a day. I would like have to carry shit that 4-5 people would do in a normal work environment.

            He thought he was like some God and brag about his money and shit whilst we were doing ALL the work. But like I said we went on strike and he lost his contracts and was crying like a bitch on the phone the next day lol. I said ”Go fuck yourself you fat cunt” lol!

              1. It was by far the worst. It actually had its perks but they heavily outweighed by the awful pay and slave like work.
                I was a pot washer in a fancy restaurant for a while , that job SUCKED DICK.

                Right now , I technically don’t have a job… I have money invested in a business and get a steady income from that , and I also childmind my cousin who has ADHD. Couldn’t be comfier ;)

                Although I do miss the hands on approach of work because it keeps you fit.

                1. I feel sorry for you that you were a “slave”…

                  I guess this is how it must feel to work for the Xbots…

                  On the other hand I’m jealous that you witnessed the future of the Xbots…*wink*

                2. Well I hope you will find a better job, because that really sucks. My mother’s boss is just like that :/

                  1. I have a nice income right now without a job!

                    I got a huge inheritance and invested in a business with my mum. Now I just sit back and wait for the profit to be deposited into my account.

                    Think Dragons den but on a much much much much much smaller scale.

                    1. The joke would be funny if it held any personal weight , but it doesn’t. Keep failing , troll.

  2. didn’t they just talk about how it takes twice the team to develop in HD? instead of laying off they need to HIRE MORE PEOPLE and get these games out QUICKLY!!!!

    1. my point exactly, you took the words right out of mouth, i feel this is just cheap P.R to improve iwata’s image in the public’s eye and in the eyes of the investors and gamers, i mean come off it, they recently just announced how hard the transition to hd gaming has been for them, and how they have had to increase the size of their teams, and how development is taking much linger then expected, so why on earth would they tell him to fire staff? if anything they should fire him!!

      Nintendo needs fresh new young blood at the helm, maybe then they would not have fallen so behind with the curve, seriously i love Nintendo but more and more they have been irritating me, i have been gaming over 30yrs, and have been playing on Nintendo since the very beginning!
      It annoys the hell out of me, these new age gamers, who have only started playing Playstation or Nintendo in the last 10 to 15 yrs, they don’t have a clue how great Nintendo once was, and how far they have fallen, seriously its all these mindless drones who will be the downfall of gaming and Nintendo!

      i am tired of defending Nintendo, i just want to see them return to total domination, like the nes, and snes days! i understand gaming has changed allot since then, but thier is no reason why Nintendo should not have changed with it!
      They are so backwards at times, its almost painful to watch!
      I know i will take allot of flack for this, and most likely will have those same mindless nintendrones i mentioned above throw insults at me, but here goes,

      Go youtube and watch blackbond, i may get annoyed with him at times, not because i don’t agree with what he is saying, HELL NO!!!
      Its because of how he portrays his opinions!
      But regardless of his methods i find i agree with allot of what he says about nintendo! i too like him game on a decent PC,and have always in EVERY GENERATION OWNED ALL THE PLATFORMS!!
      may be i have been spoiled,and have been more fortunate then others,but seriously any gamer who owns and games on all platforms like me and bond will agree that nintendo need to step their game up BIG TIME!!

      They have again, and again let us,THE CORE GAMERS DOWN!
      and i am sick of cutting them slack, i don’t do it for valve with steam on pc, i don’t do it for Sony, a company which i love the same amount as nintendo, and i sure as hell don’t do it for Microsoft!!!
      Until the fan base speak up, and don’t accept the bullshit nintendo has been doing, the plain lazy ass crap, they will never change! Bond gets allot of hate,but like me,he probably owns more games and consoles then allot of you punks!
      We are old school gamers, who just want to see the company we love on top of the world again, that is all folks!!!

  3. They have so much money at the moment, that they don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. It is however smart for Nintendo to worry about their future worries.

  4. What happens when ps4/xbox1 don’t move the expected number of units. Will 3rd party stop making games, than to put them on Nintendo?

      1. “This holiday”? Uncharted 4 hasn’t been announced, why on Earth would you think it’s going to be released this year? Also, 3D World’s not a port, it’s a sequel. To answer your (rhetorical) question, given sale records, Mario would probably win.

      2. Mario 3D will win, you realize mario kart wii outsold the entire uncharted franchise by itself?

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            1. Who knows, 3D world might be better. Glad to see they included 4 players, You can now explore the mushroom kingdom with freinds… in a cat suit!!! ^_^

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                  1. You’re a teenager and you like Nintendo, Holy Shit. Nintendo is for babies, Something tells me you like mario…….

                  2. Aww man I was hoping to see your very hot picture! It gave me an 401 error! I guess I am not worthy enough. :(

                    1. yea, i hate it when people assume you’re ugly or stupid just because you play video games, 80% of the people on this shitty site are probably fat fuckers who will never get laid.

        2. I agreed. I also can say Wii U console going sell a lot because of Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World.

  5. Firing people always sucks. It makes me cringe that someone has lost their job…even if it is zynga.

  6. They need to fucking hire more staff, not fire?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me. No first party games a VC thats a laughing stock. The Wii U is a waste of potential so far. Hire more people to get the best out of their new console. Im ready to take a shit on mine and sell it
    as modern art

    1. Shes got some large feet..but Im still down :}
      Nintendo needs to stop all this flip flopping..They are so defensive,They need to get on the offensive.And fire whoevers in charge of their us marketing campaigns.All this damage control spells doom and gloom.

        1. Black Tourette syndrom Tony aka Superbro’s sex interest got exposed…..BIG TIME!

          Hey Pinwheel it’s very likely that he actually watches and enjoys this video a lot……

        2. Pinwheel neutron mrpselite… your twisted, sick, and pathetic game of the fugitive is getting old already leave N-Dub Nation alone and move on

                1. this is the one example that Sony drones enjoy their company for copying Nintendo’s originality

        1. Think about it this way. Sony has managed to succeed with out any kind of mascot/face. Nintendo needs Mario to sell consoles Ms needs Halo, but sony doesnt need face/mascot to sell their system they do it with different games to everybody. If you dont understand what i am sayin, please understand.

          1. You do have some points there but the PS3 did not sold well early in the lifetime until some of the exclusive games start coming out plus the price drop for the PS3 make the sale increase. I think Sony still need a mascot and that mascot is now Frank from Uncharted or Cole from inFamous just like any other companies.

                1. Doubt it. If that was the case, he would have been the main protagonist in Second Son.

                  1. That’s what I been thinking but there are no more conduits. If you know what I mean.

          2. Oh really? Ignoring Sony had to sell its headquarters! Also ignoring that if Sony doesn’t need a Mascot, why isn’t Vita selling well?

            1. The ps vita may have been way ahead of it’s time :)

              the only reason I don’t own one yet, is because I have never had enough money for one, but it looks pretty awesome! :D

              1. Doesn’t matter if you want a Vita or not. According to “BIG THREE OVERATED” Sony doesn’t need a mascot to sell. So why isn’t Vita outselling 3DS? See that’s one thing about Sony dromes, its easy to slip through the cracks of their palms when bashing Nintendo.

    2. Good to see black guy talking games.Has anyone else noticed that there are almost or no black game reviewers on major gaming sites? has like 50 show’s almost all,IGN,REV3GAMES.But then I see passionite guy’s like this and why they are not being represented at all.By the way I’m a mid 30’s white male and if this is starting to bug me I can’t imagine how guy’s like this feel about it.

      1. Black-Guy rants is a reviewer. I think that is his name. He is supported by the game companies, I think, so he’s legit. He was able to go to e3 with credentials. He isn’t the most serious reviewer though.

  7. Iwata has done the right thing……for once. Maybe he isn’t that stupid ?
    But they shall drastically upgrade their staff count. Double or triple the amount of good developers!

  8. I like him, but he definitely shouldn’t lay off programmers, he needs to hire more to make more games. Sony has way more developers than Nintendo.

    1. No they don’t. Over the past 3 years devs have been leaving Sony due to this
      either financial situation. Some Naughty Dog guys are at Retro Studios. Some devs from Uncharted are at Retro Studios. A lot of Vita support left and now makes 3DS games. Remember when Sony fires 10000 employees? A lot if Sony Devs saw thar if they continued to work their it would be a risk and they might get screwed they say Sony was going down so they left to work at Nintendo or other places so they would have no risk of being fired. Now Song has slowed down its downfall. But only time will tell if they stabilize or go bankrupt.

  9. I adore Iwata-san. I know the point of investing is to get a return, but they need to chill. The return will come.

  10. What happen to Nintendo topic in comments? This is about war between trolls and anti-trolls on this site anyway.

  11. He obviously has a very japanese perception of work ethics.
    In Japan, companies traditionally reduce costs on all other areas before laying off workers, because they see workers as a valuable resource with thousands of hours invested into them, their bosses worry about them feeling safe and content because they go by the idea that a happy employee is more productive; in turn, the employees learn to trust the company, and their work becomes more oriented towards seeking the company’s well being, rather than individual benefits.
    It all derives from the customary idea of community and mutual benefit, the Japanese often seek the better for their community, in stark contrast to the selfish individualism of the west, it shows even in the simplest ways. In Japan a person needs to be thoughtful of what they say, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings, they will often put social interaction over their own beliefs and opinions, while in the west freedom of speech is highly encouraged and people tend to feel the need to defend their points even if they are hurtful or negative.

    1. Damn, wished that kind of mindset would make it’s way to the US. Would make things a whole lot better in the workplace than it is right now.

  12. Although I haven’t been too happy about some of Nintendo’s decisions lately (mostly with how they marketed the Wii U), it’s good to see that the president cares about his employees.

  13. We’re waiting for the US release of Calciobit, Nintendo
    If not, at least remove the god damn region locks off our Wii U and our 3DSes so we can fucking PLAY IT!

  14. Why would he EVER lay off employees? They need more help now than ever before. All of this talk about Nintendo being in trouble, and the way that the Wii U is making poor sales is scary. I don’t want this for Nintendo. I want Nintendo to be as successful as ever. They made my whole childhood magical, and gave me memories that I’ll talk about for the rest of my life (and share with my own kids some day). They deserve to be in a good financial state. I can’t wait until the Wii U starts selling like hotcakes. I KNOW Nintendo can do it! They always have (Virtual Boy doesn’t count).

  15. Iwata should be fired and reggie should be fired for bad managment and Nintendo should hire people that know that hardcore consoles are wha’ts popular today.

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