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Mario Kart Series Producer Hopes For A New F-Zero Game


Mario Kart series producer Hideki Konno has revealed that he hopes there will be a new F-Zero game. When asked why Nintendo decided to make Mario Kart 8 instead of a new F-Zero entry, Konno replied by saying the company wants to draw consumers’ attention toward its latest console. “We always have a Mario Kart per console, so we wanted to make a new entry to interest more people further in the new console,” explained Konno. “But I hope that there will be a new F-Zero.”

Mario Kart 8 launches exclusively for Wii U in 2014. While they hope for an announcement of a new F-Zero game for Wii U, fans can get their F-Zero fix by downloading the original F-Zero from the Nintendo eShop. Or they can play Captain Falcon’s Twister Race – a mini-game included in Nintendo Land that’s based on F-Zero.

182 thoughts on “Mario Kart Series Producer Hopes For A New F-Zero Game”

  1. God dammit Nintendo, what’s so hard about taking F-Zero GX, fix up some physics, add better graphics, make it HD, there you go now you have an F-Zero game.

    1. Agreed, and with online…

      And more tracks…

      F-Zero doesn’t need to be all that inventive unless they have a really great idea…

        1. Nintendo Commander

          I don’t really like a track builder…

          It would take away the essence of the game itself…

          Although I want it in Smash Brothers…

    2. Am glad they came out with Mario Kart 8 before the new F-Zero because it will give Nintendo the time to perfect their HD programming and make F-Zero look like Forza 4 X 10! Physics and a bag of chips!

      1. The single player story should be something like this; The story follows Cpt Falcon on a pursuit to catch a powerful drug/warlord who owns a racing league.
        The setting should be a futuristic world with super bright colors and massive lush cities in a continet similar to Europe.
        To catch the boss you have to travel across the continets via multiple races

        Multiplayer should be straight racing online/offline….or co-op story mode

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  2. Just add flight and water mechanics to f zero, new story and new tracks and were good you don’t have to add a crap ton to make f zero feel great

  3. Fzero is dead already, deal with it fags. Fzero doesn’t sell a lot like MariettaKart that’s why Nintendo won’t make another Fzero. cry bitches.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Yeah but they changed the gameplay completely. There wasn’t much to change. F-Zero had a story, protagonist, and a solid gameplay mechanic. Kid Icarus was easy to change.

    1. *calls people on a Nintendo news site fags
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      Lol okay

  4. Nintendo is disorientated atm. They’re kinda out of tune a little bit with what we want due to the massive success of the Wii. We still want Star Fox and F-zero Nintendo. There’s a couple of million of us that want. Pull your finger out and make it.

      1. I think you felt in love with a wrong person there. This is Nintedward and it is not Nintendo Commander.

      1. Hell yeah! Miyamoto hinted that a Metroid game is in develpment. He was saying we have nothing to announce now….. but then he said , hopefully it won’t be too long before they can make an announcement.

        So I recon maybe next years E3 we’ll have a Metroid of some sort!

        1. That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe not show off a trailer or anything if it’s Metroid Prime 4 being made by Retro but at least announce it. Or if it’s being developed right now, then maybe they will show a trailer. Anyways I do think a new Metroid announcement will be announced next year.

          1. I read it on… I should of sent the link to this site , because it was news worthy come to think of it….

            But trust me that’s what he said I can’t remember the EXACT words. But it was something like this ”We have nothing to announce right now. Hopefully we will be ready to make an announcement in the not too distant future”

    1. hey nintendo: you revived kid icarus, there’s no reason you can’t do the same for starfox and f-zero (besides fear of lack of sales)

    2. Would love to see a new Star Fox AND a new F-Zero…that would be epic!

      Off topic…if Nintendo created a graphics engine for its developers, what would be a cool name for it? The Starfox engine? The Powerslide engine?

  5. At least F-Zero fans have a mini game in Nintendo Land. Starfox fans only have a damn remake on the 3DS….

    1. Ewww! Kill me now please. But if Nintendo is doing a another cross over it should be advance was x valkiria chronicles or Sega do there own thing with sakura wars cross valkiria chronicles.

    1. Obvious troll is obvious… and yet people will continue to explain how F-Zero is not a ripoff of Wipeout…

        1. I actually like “Wipeout” for PS3 and Vita but that is a pretty damn good joke there. You get a thumb up from me!

          *thumb up*

  6. Like I’ve said before, F-Zero wouldn’t have to bring anything thing “innovative” to make a new one happen. It can have a level editor, emblem editor, machine editor, and a character creator. It can have all of the previous tracks and new ones, plus a random level generator. It can have all the characters from the series, or not if you care about continuity, plus some new faces as well. Have a story mode that allows you to play as Captain Falcon and go on his bounty hunting adventures. As for the online, 30 players online, 1080p, 60fps, if it can render that many racers online. Plus have different modes other than racing, like a team race thing, elimination, and some different ones.

    If that doesn’t work out, atleast rerelease GX like WW HD. F-Zero is probably one of Nintendo’s most hardcore franchises ever, it’s the only game that had ever made my hands sweat. I’m pretty sure that will attract the hardcore crowd.

    1. It would be freaking awesome if they combined Star Fox, Metroid AND F-Zero into a huge space exploration game where you can race, go on Bounty Hunting missions and shoot up space baddies. Oh man! That would be awesome! Samus, Capt. Falcon and Fox in the same game (aside from Super Smash that is.. :P) 💋

      1. Yes. last time I spoke out for monsgter hunter 3 Ultimate with all things massive. It was and is great. So sime we shall rejoice with the Wii U games that shall be revealed very soon :).

  7. So basically.. F-Zero has to happen and if no one at Nintendo will do it, Hideki Konno volunteers ;D 💋

  8. It would be absolutely retarded to make a new F-Zero game before Mario Kart. F-Zero is cool but it doesn’t move systems like Mario Kart does. The question of why they would make a Mario Kart game first before F-Zero is just plain stupid.

  9. of course, no nintendo developer has any creativity left so they keep hoping for an opurtunity to give us a rehash peice of crap and try to soak us 60 bucks for it, weee, that is so cool, i want to be a fucking filthy jap.

    1. Yet you call out Nintendo games being rehashed ignoring the 15 fps 3rd party games for Bone and PS4. Let’s see something totallydifferent on XBone and Ps4.At least Nintendo’s exclusives started out original and evolved. Kirby games is evolved from Dreamland, DK is evolved from DK Country, Starfox is evolved from Starfox, Kid Ircus evolved from NES, Luigi’s Mansion is evolved. SSB is evolved. Mario Kart is evolved and the newest franchise Pikmin game has evolved. None of these exclusives feel like a Mario or Zelda game.Yet you bitch about something from Nintendo not being different. Its evolution. Mii, Wii Fitness trainer and Animal crossing even evolved from when they first started. Welcome to SSB new coming characters.

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        1. Pokemon games are different from Mario games. Another popular franchise from Nintendo. Digimon copied Pokemon like All Stars. Yet Pokemon and SSB are still here, what happend to Digimon and All Stars? Metroid evolved and still evolving. Sonic has evolved from Genesis totally different. COD 4 has very little differance from COD2. Cod 5 is very little differance from COD 3 unless better graphics is innovative.

          1. How is Pikmin 3 innovation from Pikmin 1 and 2? Answer, 3 players, more real life situation where you need food in order to move on, flying pikmin and rock pikmin do different things and causes better strategies such as being able to use flying Pikmin to carry thing across the water if blue Pikmin aren’t present. Better to attack air born creatures. The Onion evolved to just one Onion to multitask. Replay a mission incase you mess up. Different creatures added. May I also add that at the same Time Nintendo added more Pokemon creatures which are totally different from Pikmin enemies. END OF DAY on Pikmin 3 állows the player to know who is in the ring or not this time. The Pikmin outside the ring will be left behind. One player is able to play with two controllers at the same time allowing the GamePad to map out the area and the Procontroller to be the traditional control. Yellow Pikmin does more than tear down electric fences this time but needed to complete a circuit in order to move on. See EVOLUTION from Pikmin 1. Now where is the evolution in Halos 1-6? What more graphics?

            1. Do I need to explain the innovation from Mario Kart on SNES to Mario Kart 8? What about SM64 to 3D Mario World? Or from DK country to Tropical Freeze? Or Sonic the Hedgehog 1 to Lost Worlds? Or from Kirby’s Dreamland to Kirby’s Epic Yarn? The first Zelda to Zelda U? S sMash Bros 1 to SMB U and 3DS? What about the evolution from the NES controller to the GamePad? From the Gameboy to the 3DS? Maybe from Priness Toadstool to Peach? From Kooper to Bowser? From the first Starfox Team to the Current Starfox Team (Krystal says “hi.”) Who would have Known King DEDEDE that started from Dreamland with Kirby would one day be a playable character? Who would have known that Captain Felcon would be in the same game as Mario fighting each other? Who would have Known Peach and Zelda from the late 80’s would one day be on the same game? From Wario, Donkey Kong and Picachu? Mewtwo and Ganon? Diddy Kong and Lucus? Starfox and Metroid? Britney and Alph, Capin Charlie and Captin Falco? Wii Fit Trainer and Peach. Who would have known that all of this would have started from the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM? Rob and Mario, Falco, Luigi and Diddy Kong? Squritle and Bowser Jr the turtles. Charzard and Bowser both spitting fire from their months? King Boo and Gengar ghost from Nintendo! Who would have known Dixie Kong would return for another adventure? Who would have known that Link would have one day turn into a beast? The Kids Toon Link and Ness!!! Ash Catchem and Mario. ALL OF THESE EVOLUTION FROM THE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!!

  10. Starfox, Metroid, Captian Falcon and Olimar all dealing with outter space and landing on other planets and shit. But is Starfox like playing Pikmin? Is Metroid like playing Captain Falcon? Is Olimar like playing Starfox. To those who think all Nintendo is is a Mario and Zelda is very very very narrow minded.

  11. Blatoise and Bowser are both turtles yet complete different franchises. Kirby and Jigglypuff both can float but are totally different Nintendo IPs. Zelda titles are about the past while Metroid is about the future. From Human nintendo IPs to Animal Nintendo IPs!!!!

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  12. Pikachu and the Yellow Pikmin, Electrobuzz, all absorb electricity. Yet yellow Pikmin aren’t Pokemon. The Pokeball and the Onion houses a character until coming out to fight and work but in a different way. Nintendo Rulz.

  13. Britney from Pikmin meet Peach. Alph Meet Starfox!! Captain Charlie meet Mario. Britney meet Samaus. Alph meet Lucus.

  14. There’s plenty of things a new f-zero could do aside from the obvious (HD, online ect). If they really sat down and thought about it, F-Zero could use Mii verse better than any other wii u game atm. steal an idea or two from Fire Emblem awakening and they could have an excellent game.

    for example, if they put in the track editor and custom machines, let players share them over Miiverse. Then, have the most popular tracks for a week get featured in a grand prix. Then with custom cars, have it so you can challenge an ai controlled version of said car, and if you win you unlock that car (like how in FE you can earn other people’s avatars.)

    The game should still be hard, F-Zero is known for that. But I think it needs a better way to teach new players how to play. Like a guiding line that shows how to clear a turn. And if the player dies, just re-generate the car and let the continue the race instead of making them start over. Just do what FE did and put that stuff into a casual mode, and give more experienced players a “classic mode” without all the hand-holding stuff.

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  17. I love F-Zero, but I feel like the only one who wants to see another Nintendo Wars game.
    Or a Fire Emblem on Wii U that plays like Battalion Wars, third-person action with RTS elements. It’d be a dream come true.

  18. Hello guys! I just spent a fortune and bought both a 3DS and Wii U and would like to fill up my friends list. :) My 3DS friend code is 1907-8776-7868 and my Wii U Network ID is johnwege

    Please add me, and let me know, thank you :)

    1. Big three are overrated

      Because they didnt make “sense” on that overpriced thing and iwata plays safe unlike Yamauchi who used all the guns from Nes to Gc.

      1. You’re talking about Microsoft, not Nintendo.
        If such isn’t the case, then you’re the world’s biggest fucking retard.

  19. Big three are overrated

    Oh, Iwata… You know you only stand to lose from trying to hide F-Zero from us! Hee-hee-hee… I truly hope nothing happens to your precious Nintendo!

  20. I may be a huge Nintendo fanboy, but there’s some games that Nintendo makes that I’ve never cared about. And F-Zero is one of them. I wish that I could love ALL of their games. But I just can’t. I guess NOBODY can love EVERYTHING.

    1. I too do not personally cheer for F-Zero. What makes nintendo unique and great is their diverse but great library. With the WiiU they can grow that library and make it even more grand.

    2. Nintendo Commander

      Even though the Wii U might not get games from all their franchises, it would be clever if they could make a few games for the 3DS as they can play it more risky on that system…

      The 3DS is the pillar of creation this generation…

  21. The WiiU is fine. It is such great condition that it shall sell well. The 3DS is having a bumper harvest in the summer, in ‘SOWING SEASON’ how much more when it’s other fruits reap in the ‘REAPING SEASON.’ Nintendo are as is wise words, preparing while it is still growing season for the WiiU. Lego city undercover sold moderate consoles. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate sold a lot of consoles. Then comes other real gaming experiences like Pikmin 3, super Mario 3D world and Sonic lost world. Every nintendo fan here should be humble and enjoy their games. About 4 million of us already own a WiiU. That’s enough to buy 1 million and more super Mario 3D world games. Which is money nintendo can invest in a STARFOX game with ease.

    Then their are 40 million and climbing 3DS owners buying games like animal crossing new leaf in droves. 4 million animal crossing new leaf games already sold. Between the 3DS and WiiU Gamers, we have variety and a vast library of games. Let us be honest we all cannot afford all the 20 great games coming to the WiiU this year alone.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Indeed, the Wii U shal triumph this generation again once the new undisclosed games as revealed in the near future…

        1. I thought I was the only one who did not care for F Zero. I like adventure games especially platformer games. I won’t to see at least another totally new platformer game.


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