The Nintendo NX Is Called The Nintendo Switch And Here’s All The Details

 In an introductory video released today, Nintendo provided the first glimpse of its new home gaming system and revealed that it is called Nintendo Switch. In addition to providing single-player and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

At home, Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch dock that connects the console to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room. By simply lifting the Nintendo Switch console from the dock, it will instantly transition to handheld mode, and the same great gaming experience that was being enjoyed at home now travels with you. The portability of Nintendo Switch is enhanced by its bright high-definition display. It brings the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on a train, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.

Gaming springs into action by removing detachable Joy-Con controllers from either side of the Nintendo Switch console. One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one; or multiple Joy-Con controllers can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options. They can easily click back into place or be slipped into a Joy-Con grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, if preferred, the gamer can select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead of the Joy-Con controllers. Furthermore, it is possible for numerous people to bring their Nintendo Switch consoles together to enjoy local multiplayer face-to-face competition.

“With this first look at Nintendo Switch, I hope fans are already imagining the possibilities of having the freedom to play when, where, and how they want to,” said Satoru Shibata, president of Nintendo of Europe. “Our teams at Nintendo, and many other developers, are all working hard to create new and unique experiences, and we look forward to showing you more.”

Developers can design their games supporting a variety of play styles which gives gamers the freedom to choose an experience that best suits them. Some of the publishers, developers and middleware partners announcing support for Nintendo Switch are as follows:

•           505 Games

•           Activision Publishing, Inc.

•           ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co.,Ltd.

•           ATLUS CO.,LTD.

•           Audiokinetic Inc.

•           Autodesk, Inc

•           BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

•           Bethesda

•           CAPCOM CO., LTD.

•           Codemasters®

•           CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

•           DeNA Co., Ltd.

•           Electronic Arts

•           Epic Games Inc.

•           Firelight Technologies

•           FromSoftware, Inc.

•           Frozenbyte

•           GameTrust


•           Gungho Online Entertainment,Inc

•           HAMSTER Corporation

•           Havok

•           INTI CREATES CO., LTD.

•           KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

•           Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

•           LEVEL-5 Inc.

•           Marvelous Inc.

•           Maximum Games, LLC

•           Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

•           Parity Bit Inc.

•           PlatinumGames Inc.

•           RAD Game Tools, Inc.

•           RecoChoku Co.,Ltd.

•           SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

•           Silicon Studio Corporation

•           Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

•           SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

•           Starbreeze Studios

•           Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

•           Telltale Games

•           THQ Nordic

•           Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.

•           TT Games

•           UBISOFT

•           Ubitus Inc.

•           Unity Technologies, Inc.

•           Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

•           Web Technology Corp.

Today’s video incorporated short glimpses of representative gameplay to demonstrate the liberating nature of the Nintendo Switch home gaming system. Full game demonstrations, the list of launch window titles, as well as launch date, product configuration and related specifics will be shown and announced prior to the March launch.


          1. There had better be a Yin Yang model available. I’ve always wanted that color scheme for a game system, and there’s never been a more perfect opportunity than here.

      1. I only didn’t completely believe for a long time, since it was all rumors. Of course, they’re not rumors anymore since almost all the big rumors are confirmed now (except for cartridges, specs of the docked version compared to the portable version, Smash 4 port, etc. There’s definitely not a disc drive on that thing though).

      1. Yeah..but that only would if someone is dumbass enough to not carry the joy-cons attached to the tablet unit.

        1. I have to think so. I saw nothing on the trailer (except at first those little controllers) that made me think they screwed up. Since you can use other controllers at any time, anywhere… And the screen is nice and big and it is thin… They hit it out of the park.

          And little cartridges… totallly cool

            1. I was worried when we saw that, basically, same design with the little controllers on the side… since we are not married to them, and seeing it in action overall, they definitely did not screw it up. Bravo

                1. You know… with a couple games. I basically expect to pay 500 for a new console at launch 3-400 for the console, some accessories and then games adding up to 500 or so.

                    1. I am saying that I would spend 500 on it with extras, not that it should cost that much.

                      I imagine 349-399. That is reasonable. If they include a game, that makes it better but that is my guess on the price.

                      Id buy another game or two and a controller. So Id be hitting around 500

                    2. 500$ is just a waste of money for nintendo to come up with that price i would say i want it to be 200$ or 250$. like i said, 500$ is not gonna get more gamers because they will think its insane and there sales for the Wii U will be dropping out soon for there markets. i understand that your being reasonable about the price for 500$ can’t be accepted by Nintendo otherwise, switch will be a completed disaster in there markets.

                    3. I will admit that if it were priced at 200-250 the thing would sell bananas, but I cannot see how the system sells for any less than 300. If it is bare bones I still don’t expect it in the 2s. I just do not think that the price is high. If it comes in at 349, it is still lower than XB1 or PS4, how can you say that it isn’t worth it? I mean, unless you feel that the system is inferior to the others, and therefore it doesn’t have the same value. However, if it is up to date tech and people dig the portable feature, it will sell at 349. 399 might be pushing it, but if there is a bundle for that much, you might be able to sell it that way.

                      People were lining up to drop 500 for the XB1 and this looks a lot more enticing than that system.

                    4. well come to think of it dude. 349$ and 500$ is very pricing dude i mean hell, i just hope this thing will be selling like bonkers man. besides, 249$ is a great value for the company to redeem themselves from there mistakes. besides, the company needs to manage to get the price right and make it prefect for gamers to get there hands on the switch. and also, XB1 and PS4 price is really great and it has less data then PS3 and XB360. ok man. the reason why i’m saying this because this console might be a prototype dude.

    1. Was that 3D World? Looked like a new 3D Mario to me. But yes, they will be on the NX…I mean err, Nintendo Switch. I would assume they are “remasters” like The Last of Us was.

              1. Double Dash, definitely the best MK in my opinion. Looking at those stills above the game is definitely not the same as MK8… maybe Nintendo dropped developing for WiiU to put all resources on this and bust out shiny new games for all IPs

      1. It’s definitely a new Mario Kart- King Boo has not been playable since MKWii.

        PLEASE make E. Gadd a racer this time, Nintendo- it’s all I’ve wanted in a Mario Kart game since MKDS.

      1. Sadly, they could just as easily be updated ports. Like how Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper & Ultimate were just expansions of the original Warriors Orochi 3. It’s possible that’s all it is since there wasn’t enough footage in the 3 minute reveal trailer. But I’ll be happy if proven wrong later on.

    1. ||Imagine how much we will win, once the Pokemon facility develops the true Pokemon game you all have been waiting for since they have no choice but to create it for the Switch…||

      ||The Xbots are doomed and so shall it be because my logic is undeniable…||

    2. Tilmen is trying so hard to not cry (and excuses to criticise the console, saying that it looks like the ps vita)

      1. ||The imbecile is not a true Nintendo loyalist and must be purged…||

          1. ||The only thing that can destroy me is High Command itself…||

            ||This new one?…||

    1. Nintendo made hybrids in the face of a diminishing handheld market, next Pokemon generation will be on NX simply because 3DS was Nintendo’s last exclusively handheld console; whether or not Switch is successful hybrids will be the standard from now on.

      1. The Nintendo 3DS is still alive until the end of 2017. Second of all, the Nintendo Switch isn’t a 3DS replacement. It’s, evidently, a Wii U replacement.

        1. You’re exactly correct. The Switch is not 3DS’s replacement. We aren’t gonna be getting 3DS games. But there is a chance that the developers that only focus on Nintendo’s handhelds might be interested in making games for the Switch since it can be portable. ;)

  1. Nintendo Switch? Pffft.
    Still not buying it day one. No fucking way.
    I’m gonna rob the first truck I see transporting them.

    1. The name didn’t have me at first, but after seeing the whole trailer, the did a very nice job. Design is just right, they got the support and someone learned how to market a product.

    2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! MY GOD!!!! SOMEONE SAID IT BEFORE ME!!!! I was saying to myself, Nintendo Switch????!!!….. that’s a lame marketing name…. OK it’s better and less confusing than Wii and Wii U but still Nintendo NX is well much more appealing than Nintendo Switch. However and not let’s be all doom and gloom about it. It will explain to the casual idiot the concept of this console.

        1. I Play Smash at competitions but hell even i’d want overwatch for the Switch and if that is Splatoon 2 then I may be a day one buyer but i’m waiting first

  2. So… the gimmick isn’t gimmicky. That is how you do it. And you aren’t bound to those little “joy cons” which is good. System has a sleek but also industrial feel as opposed to a toy, which is good.

    And I saw Skyrim, so there’s that. Where can I preorder?

    1. If you got a WiiU day 1, you’ve had plenty of time to get your money’s worth. It’s the people who JUST bought one that might be miffed. At least they can play the new Zelda though.
      And the WiiU is the only way to play X… That we know of so far. That game is epic.

        1. No, they were making fun of me because I sold it. Like I was stupid for getting rid of it….but look at what happened. It turned out to be a sad console.

            1. I agree with the sentiment but instead of selling it, I’m just gonna burn it. I need to take my frustrations out on Nintendo in a physical way & what better way than to burn the center of my frustrations.

    2. Trade it in for the Switch, I’m keeping my Wii U because I own every Nintendo console except for the Virtualboy lol, also I have so many games for the Wii U, especially VC games. I really hope the Switch will let us switch all those VC games over this time, THAT WOULD BE GREAT NINTENDO.

      1. Well its a good thing my Wii U is in great condition, though I need to whip off so much dust and burnt toast.

      2. Nope. Still burning my Wii U til there is nothing left but dust! But I do agree with the virtual console part. Just because Switch won’t be backwards compatible doesn’t mean we can’t at least transfer our virtual console. If Switch has the NNID/Nintendo Account stuff, we should be able to get any virtual console we bought on our Wii U for free when they hit Switch if they can’t be instantly transferred as soon as the console releases. But knowing how they handled VC on Wii U, they’ll charge us some little damn fee. Meanwhile, you can get games you bought on PS4 for free on Vita & PS3 if all three consoles have the same game and vice versa. :/

    1. I think it’s too late for Microsoft or Sony to get anywhere near this tech for a while. They committed to typical box units. I think Nintendo is safe so long as the tech is reasonabley up to date.

        1. If anyone can come close, it’s Microsoft.
          I can already play Xbox games, streaming to my laptop or tablet. If they created a tablet-controller adapter, and a save-transfer app… And a way to load the game on a tablet… Well, it’s a long-shot, but I’ll grant you it’s possible.
          However, like all the two-three attempts, it will be clunky as Hell, at least for years.

  3. OK. Good start.
    Two things.
    What games?
    And when will they launch.
    No more “Launch Window” Bullshit. I’m going to need hard release dates before I even consider buying one. Let the new-blood Nintendo do fans pay the early-adopter premium, then I’ll jump in when there are games to play and maybe a bundle.

    Unless it plays 3DS games… On the TV.
    Then I MIGHT just consider bending over and giving Nintendo my wallet again.

    1. ||Where do you think you came from? You think you were born? No, you were made and your creators want you back…||

      ||We all work for someone…||

    2. Oh & the 3DS games have to be upscaled to look good on the big screen, not pixelated like Skyward Sword was when trying to play it with an HD setting of 720p or higher. Otherwise, might as well just stick with playing them on our 3DS. Least on there, we’ll have the 3D effect to boost the quality a slight bit. Unless you are playing Sun & Moon… *eye twitch* In which case, no 3D effect to boost quality. *second eye twitch* Always some feature removed in the next mainline Pokemon installment. *third eye twitch* Yeah… I better stop before I snap… *fourth eye twitch*

  4. Greatest home console of all time. I saw people complaining that they didn’t want a mobile system. THEN DON’T TAKE IT OFF THE DOCK!! I love that it even has an actual controller, and MAD third part support. NBA 2K????? This is the greatest home console hands down. Graphically, it can do everything the other system’s can do, but it plays Mario and Zelda, and you can take it on the road.

    1. ||Your fate is now decided Xbot, I suggest you run for the limited time you abominations have left before we finally get rid off you all…||

          1. No. It’s just another copycat trying to leech off of Sasori’s infamy so they can get some attention, no matter how negative it is. Some losers are just so desperate for attention that they’ll even take negative attention if it gets them noticed.

            1. Amen to that Kalas Naruto had it’s time in the spotlight although it could of done with out the fanbase like that are like the people wont admit the Simpsons aren’t funny anymore

    2. ||Have you seen how even the Bethesdians submitted to it? You were all made to be extinct…||

        1. ||Everything depends on the imbeciles like the Bethesdians actually supporting the Switch, if they do then they will join…||

                1. ||Yes sounds logical, the only thing that would make me get it on launch day is a Metroid weapon that destroys everything…||

                  1. I’m getting Zelda for Wii U, so they have nothing that makes me want it day one. I’ll be patient this time. Feels weird. I got GameCube, Wii, and Wii U on launch day. Been a while since I didn’t get a Nintendo console at launch (the other three Nintendo systems were gifts for my brothers and I).

                    1. *In fire emblem the pawns go first.
                      and yesh, i see you made a point,
                      ||Your logic is undeniable||

    1. I was hoping the same thing, but technically RD is Rockstar Games and they’re not on the list. It could be they’re just being included under Take-Two.

  5. Bethesda, please bring Doom. I saw Skyrim in there ;)

    FromSoftware is Dark Souls right? Holy fuck.

    And Take-Two as well!!!! Red Dead Redemption 2 baby!!!!!!!!! :D

    I’d like Bioshock: The Collection as well. Please.

  6. I’m so tired right now, I don’t even know what to think at the moment. I’m still a little stressed out that Nintendo’s site wouldn’t even work. Just goes to show how many people were tuned it. And now, let all of the idiots’ impression videos on YouTube commence!

    I don’t know why, but I feel a little sad now that the code name “NX” is now a thing of the past. I got so used to calling it that.

  7. Nice concept, ugly as hell controllers.
    I’m interested, but not overwhelmed. Most likely won’t buy it at launch, if I’ll buy it at all depends on how Nintendo will handle it over the months (or years?), and of course, the games.
    I Just hope Nintendo will treat it like the consumers and the console itself deserves, please no WiiU scenario all over again.

    1. Looks like the pro controllers are nearly the same as wii u pro… which is good for me. Those other little things are my only draw back, but on the tablet they seem fine, but ugly when attached to the square piece that makes them a singular controller.

      1. I’m not on board with the new pro controllers yet. I defended the Wii U Pro controller when people said it copied XBox controllers (basically because it didn’t copy XBox controllers), but it seems obvious that Nintendo took the offset analog sticks directly out of Microsoft’s playbook. I would’ve liked it better if they just improved the Wii U Pro design.

          1. I just realized thanks to someone else’s comment that the GameCube actually had offset analog sticks. So I guess there’s still an argument to say that Nintendo is just going back to an earlier design.

            Of course, that won’t stop Microsoft fanboys from whining about “Nintendo stealing their ideas.”

      2. I agree, it’s fine when attached to the display, but when seperated, attached to the square piece or with each piece in another person’s hand, they look really bad. So in in 3 of its 4 different forms, it seems pretty bad. Not so nice.

        1. Right… but until I have it my hand I don’t know. Still like Wii Mote for platformers. But you can use a pro controller for the portable, so that makes it Ok

        2. I like the fact that you can play with the two attachments separately, like how the wiimote/nunchuck was, except without the wire joining them.

  8. So they FINALLY unveiled this… NES: Nintendo Entertainment Switch, huh?

    Looks fun. I wonder how much this little nes tablet is gonna hit my bank account for?

    $299 to $399 I bet!

  9. Mind not blown, but then – I’m not really disappointed. It looks interesting. I just figured we’d see something featuring VR or AR, but this is…..fine. I’m not sure how much people will utilize the portability and multiplayer aspect of it for every day casual use, but it also depends on the capabilities of the handheld – will it have wifi/internet? Can I add movies or other content to it? If so, it has a serious chance of hitting the mobile phone audience while still appealing to regular gamers – something the Wii U was probably meant to do but failed miserably at.

    If the handheld can ONLY play the game, then I see the feature as severely limited and underutilized, and in that case the system will come out of the gate with a handicap. If you can do more entertainment with it, I believe it’ll succeed. Of course, if it’s the latter case, that also means it’ll be more expensive to make, and I know Nintendo likes to keep things at a lower price point. It’ll be interesting to see what features they incorporate into this system.

    1. “If the handheld can ONLY play the game, then I see the feature as severely limited and underutilized, and in that case the system will come out of the gate with a handicap.”

      My guess is that they might do something similar to what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One/Scorpio, what Sony is doing with the PS4 Pro, and what PC has done since the beginning: have the ability display at least one graphics mode.

      Also, there must be a reason why the stand that we saw in the beginning is so damn thick; there just has to be additional I/O components besides a display port and power port.

    2. Im just glad ill be able to take that thing from my living room to my room at night. Its what deters me from playing many games on all my home consoles. Ive been playing nothing but 3ds lately.

      1. I don’t have that problem as my consoles are in my bedroom with me. Always have been, always will be. I annoy the wife at times when I wake her up in the middle of the night because of my anger issues when something in a game really pisses me right the fuck off but yeah. Always will be in my room. I’m a helicopter parent when it concerns my objects.

        1. I could never do that, I feel like I would have way to much stuff in there. Plus my big tv is in the living room so it all stays out there.

          1. I got my big TV in my room as well. lol And I’m gonna try to get an even bigger one later in the year if not next year. If the burn-in reduction wasn’t such a piece of shit, I wouldn’t bother upgrading since it does HD just fine.

    3. The VR or AR would have caused N to lose focus on the gaming. And I do believe that like other consoles, apps for streaming services and other items will be there. SD (or micro sd) card slot for other media? Maybe and would obviously make it a better device.

      Some people will be fine with it if not, but you make a valid point that it would make it more of a must have or a better competitor to mobile devices

    1. Jessuzzz, damn straight.
      No “Wii” in the name?
      Finally decided to meet their customers expectations(so far)?

      For Comic Book fans, I hope this is where Batman reclaims his mantle from the dumbasses ruining his reputation. Out with the New Nintendo, back with the old, I hope…

  10. Okay ya this is like the Wii U but BETTER. With detachable controllers so that I don’t have to play it like the Wii U!
    However I would wonder if I couldn’t just bring the normal controller around with me. I wouldn’t be so keen on playing multiplayer with a single tiny stick.

    1. I actually wonder about that too. I’ll be a bit disappointed if you can’t bring a traditional controller and let it connect to the Switch’s portable.

      1. It shows in the trailer that you can do that, so I wouldn’t worry. They had in the groups of people about to play splatoon, the joy cons still connected and people using the pro controller

        1. Ah. Yes. Looking at the trailer again, I saw that with Splatoon.

          Speaking of, I wonder how playing Splatoon is going to work. If it’s anything like their local multiplayer controls (and the Pro Controller had HORRIBLE controls), I can’t see it doing well. Of course, I could be wrong and they actually made it work a lot better, but I’ll need to experience it to believe it.

          1. Yeah it makes me wonder if the new Splatoon will still have the super jump feature on the touch screen, I really love being able to look down at the map when I need too…

  11. I am very down with portable Skyrim. No longer having to be attached to my tv to sink 100 hours into it? Yeah, that is very much my jam.

      1. The mere fact that it doesn’t have the “Wii” brand should kill those thoughts. If people still think that it’s just another accessory, though…

        … well, I guess I can conclude that those people shouldn’t even think about breeding.

  12. This is Epic. I like it. I noticed the right analog stick is back at lower area like Gamecube controller was. Thats good.

    Im also hoping my $50 Pro controller can operate this without buying another controller.

  13. I also wonder if both the tv and screen can be operated at the same time to play Pikmin. I hope Pikmin 4 is unveiled. I doubt it though. I should be glad the N Switch is revealed. I dont know if Im going to get this right away or not.

    1. I remember seeing an article saying that they’re not in the process of adding FFV into the N… I mean the Switch, but they didn’t rule out the FFVII re-make. So, maybe.

      Also, I think they’re there because they already announced that a new Dragon Quest game will be coming. So let’s not get our hopes up and keep those expectations low. (Including me, because I’d love to see Square Enix and Nintendo mend that bridge. Probably more than most others.)

      1. Yea, FF VII Remake is a timed exclusive for PS4 coming to also Xbox and PC at a later date. If it is coming to switch it wont be for a long time.

      2. If them mending things means a proper Mario RPG game will eventually get made, I’ll forgive their transgressions with Paper Mario. Til then, Mario RPGs are dead to me.

          1. The context of my comment with respect to mending bridges equates to Square Enix bringing in future Final Fantasy titles back to Nintendo systems, not making another Super Mario RPG (which will not happen under Square Enix ever again; that was mostly a one-time thing).

            1. And you answered your own question. You mentioned Square Enix mending bridges with Nintendo so I mentioned if that means a new Super Mario RPG, awesome. And if it truly was a one time thing, then I guess that seals it. Future Mario RPGs are dead to me because they’ve become a joke to the RPG mantle under Nintendo’s rule. Just another loss from the N64/GCN eras. On up there with the likes of Nintendo letting Rare go. *sigh* Oh well. Just have to suck it up & buy a cheap Xbone later on & get Rare Replay.

                1. I owned (completed and still own) both games at launch. As well as the original Super Mario RPG. (… and the Wii VC version. And the Wii U VC version. Because I can. Not rich, but because I can.)

              1. No. You’re still missing the context. Maybe I wasn’t clear:

                Square End moved FFVII from the N64 to the PlayStation due to the small cartridge size (that’s at least one of the reasons why) and ever since then, Square Enix has always released the main FF games to the PlayStation (some came to the DS as remakes, but that’s beyond the point). I, personally, was upset about that. If Square Enix and Nintendo can mend THAT bridge, then that’s great and I won’t ask for anything else.

                Your comment didn’t help the situation in any way possible. All it did was shove your opinion about Mario RPG games in my throat; I could care less about your complaints about that. (And then you bring up Rare again. Yep: you’re acting like a salty child; here we go again.). I just want to see Final Fantasy games (the main ones) to at least be an option for Nintendo’s platforms. Bringing Cloud to Smash and that Final Fantasy Explorers game for the 3DS seems to be a start and seeing their name in the list of initial partners gives me hope.

                1. I’m expressing my two cents on the matter of Square Enix & Nintendo mending bridges. I could care less what context you were speaking of about that. Fact is, you mentioned them mending bridges & I used that to express my opinion and went on a little off-topic rant in the process. It’s how I am as I always use the things I say as jumping off points for expressing other things I feel as they are on the same level. If you feel I was shoving it in your throat, sorry about that but it’s honestly not my problem. As for your salty child comment, that’s your problem, not mine. It’s my honest opinion about that stuff. If you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to ignore my comments toward you because I’m not changing my way of talking & feeling. If that makes me childish or whatever insult you want to use to defend Nintendo, so be it because I don’t give a fuck. I’m not here to please you.

                  1. *Tsk tsk tsk.*

                    The salty tears keep failing. My point isn’t to change your opinion. My point is to state how ridiculous it is to just rant on something that had nothing to do with want you wanted to say. It’s like if I were to talk about how I hope that there are analog triggers on the Switch and then you end up ranting about how much you hate Zelda or something. Ok. Great job; you have an opinion. Good for you; want a cookie? Did it need to be said as a reply to my comment?

                    You honestly sound like something who kicks and screams about something that’s not happening in the way you want and you need to vent it on someone in order to make yourself feel better. If you need to do that, then you’re welcome to email it to Nintendo, write a comment somewhere else that’s not a reply to a comment, or write a blog post expressing your complaints/hate. I don’t need to know about it, nor am I willing to be a shoulder to cry on; I’d just spit on your face. Seriously: you can barely make about a few posts without crying your eyes out about how “big bad Nintendo is ruining my childhood”.

                    Boo hoo: you’re sad. That’s how you are? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re not going to get far in life, so suck it up and get over it. I’ve said it many times to you before, and I’ll say it again: as much as I like Nintendo, if they die, I wouldn’t really care; I’m not loyal; I have an Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I like them more, but loyalty isn’t the thing. If there was a Sony or Microsoft version of MyNintendoNews, I would be doing the same critical thinking as I do with Nintendo.

                    Suck it up: very little people cares unless it’s for their personal enjoyment. If you’re going to continue that way, then fine: I’ll buy more popcorn.

  14. This is a good concept. I guess a lot of those rumours were true (hybrid console, detachable controllers, etc.) This should satisfy enough groups of people: people who want traditional gameplay and people who want something new. I fit in the latter, so I can breath a sigh of relief.

    That list of developers, though. I don’t know, but it looks like Nintendo learned a lesson or two about burning bridges. Here’s hoping I’m right about that.

    1. The list of developers was supper low. There are a bunch that are omitted especially the smaller ones like trip wire.

      Third party looked like what the Wii U started with in my opinion only time will tell for now.

  15. I must admit I was kind of nervous before I saw the trailer…..BUT WOOOWWWW!!!!! I was impressed. The name is good and way better than the Wii name but the amount of 3rd party support is shocking to me. I totally wanted a dedicated home console but I am ok with this dedicated handheld hybrid…..I guess for a change Eurogamer was correct. It’s seems like Bethesda was trolling us seeing as that I saw the Skyrim Collection but Take Two is on board as well? Oh man……NINTENDO TAKE MY MONEY….NINTENDO SWITCH IS THE FUTURE BABY!!!! I want this so bad

    1. If you haven’t figured it out already, the Switch IS a dedicated home console as Nintendo revealed that before they actually revealed Switch. The handheld part is just an awesome bonus.

  16. It looks very interesting. I did see a couple third party games. Skyrim in particular was surprising. I won’t jump to conclusions yet. Third party support could very well change just like the Wii U. I’ll be impressed if Nintendo can maintain decent support. I’d also like to see what games Nintendo themselves have to offer. That Mario game looked just like 3D World, but I don’t recall that area. So that has to be a new game. And that was definitely Mario Kart 8 that I saw.

    Overall, this looks pretty good. Already better than the Wii U to be honest.

  17. i like it to much…… its an incredible concept, i didnt imagine that. Is a new form of gaming, is different. Now i understand why they were waiting for showing the console. Its a form of protecting from other to copy. I think with this console they can compete with xbox and play, both are very good consoles i dont matter who wins. I think the important is that Nintendo can compete with them.
    Game is for fun not to fight with the others who have different tastes

  18. So.. Nintendo Switch. Nice they get rid of Wii brand.
    Now let see…

    Is not gimmick, nor revolutionary. I wanted something that explode my head but.. meh., there isn’t.
    So.. we need PS4 power there… Do you see that in the trailer? Hmm, nope! Nothing like Red Dead Redemption graphics there, so.. nothing from that side.
    Games! Ok, good games, the ones we expected. Zelda + Mario, some third party blabla, but nothing like new or.. WOW O_O , so…
    Controllers? Again, nothing revolutionary; we saw that concept a long time ago in different “consoles”.
    But one thing i really dig is the Color palette of the entire system, it’s something like Batman Arkham City colours, tough grayish or something like that, love it! No black, no white, different!
    Nice Switch Pro Controllers(the same as Wiiu Pro with little changes)

    But in general I’m worried about the power, because i know Nintendo do great titles with little, but i’m worried because Devs Need PS4 power in there, that’s the only way they could jump in the console and port, and create new IP’s.
    I’m worried about those tiny little controllers that would get lost by the little stupid kids, and that Tablet which seems to be tiny and so…non-sturdy.

    Not worried because Sony/Microsoft THIS time CAN’t clone Switch like they tried to do when the Wii/WiiU came out.

    So, please Nintendo, make this thing Powerful, tough and fun. You got me onboard.

    1. It’s way too late in the game for hardware changes. Especially as production has actually started according to rumors couple weeks ago. It’s running a custom nvidia chip that may be from the pascal family.

      But it sounds like it’s more in line with what is in the nvidia shield than what is in actual graphics cards.

      Especially for battery life which according to leaks is still shitty. Prepare to buy a bigger battery add on in the future.

      I am disappointed in that repsect. nothing they showed even thought it was in a small trailer looked amazing, or wowed me like Horizon, God of war did.

      1. That’s what i’m worried about too, battery life.
        So please Nintendo do it right ! That battery must work for at least 10-15 hours… x360 controller original battery works like full 3 days, if this portable console don’t work for looong hours.. “earth is doomed”.

  19. So… it seems we are back to square one…
    the 3rd parties will prob release all the games they should have released for Wii U on this… then they’ll wait for Nintendo to sell it before fully committing to anything.

    The Zelda on the TV screen was no where near the Wii U version..(i’ll gladly be proven wrong) and it was worse in mobile mode.

    Will Nintendo make great games… yes BUT we know what them 3rd parties are going to say… “it’s not powerful enough” …. will Nintendo be able to provide solid games to fill that 3rd party void?

    The specs will determine what will happen next… unless a Wii miracle happens and people rush this for no reason….

    Nintendo have a whole lot of work to do…

    1. I’m hoping this time people don’t see this console as the Wii, if people buy it it’s because it’s powerful enough for entertain us for years.
      I’m hoping the same, only the PS4 power it’s what i’m asking for Nintendo this time, nothing more than that.

        1. It needs to be! If there’s no much power docked they will loose all those sweet “third party”

    2. I’m from the Future and we see people like you as DUMBASSES!
      Bethesda has graced the console with not only Skyrim but DOOM (2016) and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus!
      They also said there will be more to come in the FUUUUUUUUTTTTTUUUUUUUUURRRREEEEEE!

  20. This Nintendo Switch looks great. I really want to know if I can transfer my Wii U digital games to the Switch so I can sell my Wii U after transfer of my games. I am accumulating too many gaming consoles.

  21. my first impression, I like the concept which remind me the same concept as a laptop and the dock station, I like the design and the possibilities. Now I understand better what Yves from Ubisoft was talking about. I think Nintendo has done a very good job with the reveal, the timing and the trailer were very good. I really believe they doing the right thing.

    I have an issue with the name even so it makes sense. As lot of people say before me they had to get rid of the Wii brand and they did it (see Nintendo learned something).

    No here my doubt, they may have lot of 3rd support but it does not means they will release good game on it. If it like the Wii U, we may see old game with less content than what it already out there or we could end up with a Mass effect 3 without Mass effect 1 and 3 (same apply for Darksiders, assassin creed 3).

    Until they give more details, I see a major flaw in the concept. Some game will be graphic demanding and I am a little bit puzzled about the battery life. Which also make you wonder if you are not going to damage it if you are more a home console guy and leave it for months or year without taking it off the dock station (you know like a laptop on a dock station).

    Again that first impressions and like many others I will certainly wait for the product to be more mature and see if the library of game available on it are worth the purchase of this system. Despite going to the right direction and giving a gentle slap to Sony and Microsoft, for me it’s not a day, a month or half year one purchase.

    1. If they reveal it has a universal account system with cloud storage, they’ll have my money at least somewhere within the first 6 months of release. Because at this point, I’m fine with my Nintendo console being used mainly for Nintendo games & 3rd party exclusives as long as I don’t have to worry about my shit being locked to the damn console like it is on my broken Wii U. :/

    2. Crap! I forgot to mention it’s also because I have my PS4 for any games that I want that don’t hit a Nintendo console.

  22. IIRC I predicted on one of the articles here that if the NX is a hybrid, then it will only sell around 20M units. I think I will stick with that prediction.

  23. Nintendo Switch is the Metal Gear of game systems… you can play a nuclear bomb of a game anywhere, any time.

    Okay, so maybe not just ANYWHERE, but you get where I’m going with the hyperbole.

    1. Actually, I got confused and thought that the games were dependent on a wireless connection to play (which is right for some games), but then I remembered that the games were cartridged-based.


    1. Even if it does, hopefully the save data can also be backed up onto the console itself or into a cloud storage system in case something ever happens to the cartridge or the console itself. No more of this console locked bullshit, Nintendo. It’s time to join Sony & Microsoft in the modern era in that damn regard!

  24. This is clearly prototype hardware. (First Glimpse of DS, Wii and WiiU was the same). I wonder what tweaks they will make to the final version.

    I’m mildly concerned about how common a problem it will become to lose the slide-on controllers (or at least one of them).

    New Pro Controller looks good. Like Someone built an X-Box contoller out of WiiU Pro Controller Parts. I’ll Take It. I wonder if it has motion control. Playing Splatoon without it would feel wrong. If only for that game, tilt control WORKS.

    I don’t like the name. Saying the phrases, “I’m going to buy games for my Switch”, “Is this game coming to Switch?”. “I’m setting up my Switch in the living room to play Elder Scrolls”, etc. … it just doesn’t sound right. That is NOT a good name for a fun, inviting, media platform, IMHO. It sounds like an accessory, not a Game Console.

    Better than Wii or WiiU … but if I were Nintendo, I’d ether change it to something else, or emphasise NINTENDO over the ‘Switch’ part. Like *Big Voice* “NIN TEN DO … “*whisper voice* “switch”

    NINTENDO is a name that says, ‘This is where you go to Have Fun’.

    The logo reminds me of the DS logo. Clearly, they see that brand as carrying more good will and value than Wii to customers looking for something familiar they trust. Probably a good call (Even though I’ve Loved my Wii and WiiU, stupid names aside)

    Other than that, I’m actually quite pleased with what I see so far. A Tablet/Console with the power to run a game like Skyrim remastered on the go, and also allow 2 player split screen play when mobile? And the screen looks fantastic! Looks like a winner to me. … as long as it’s affordable, and the battery life is functional (At least Par with N3DS-XL).

  25. 1.) Player choice is the key to this system. Would you like to mainly play at home? Are you mostly out and about? Do you feel a certain game works better portably or on your home system? Do you have local friends to play with? Do you mainly play online? Do you just want a set-top box with a standard controller? Nintendo seemingly gives you every single one of these options, and it is now up to the player to decide how they want to engage the content. Well done, Nintendo.

    2.) The Joycons potentially present a huge solution to a longstanding problem: Broken buttons. Need that fixed? No longer do you have to send the entire system into Nintendo and risk losing your data. Now you might be able to buy a replacement control portion at a fraction of the cost of a whole system. In addition, this allows for easy upgrading. Vs the New 3DS where you had to buy a new system just to get a built-in 2nd analog nub, you could theoretically buy a new set of Joycon sides with the updated scheme.

  26. Dedicated home console with a handheld component!? Yes! Yes! Yes! That fear of a dedicated handheld with a home console component has been eradicated. :D Now to just hear about a universal account system with no more console locked bullshit & I’m sold on the Nintendo Switch. I just wish they had named it Nintendo xSwitch, though, so I can call it the NxS as NS just doesn’t sound as awesome. Maybe they wanted to avoid some idiot from thinking it was a Nintendo Xbox, though. xD

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