Destructoid Gives Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 10/10

More reviews of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze have just come through. Online gaming publication Destructoid gave Donkey Kong’s latest 2D adventure a perfect 10/10. This clashes with GameSpot who awarded the game a 6/10 and EDGE and Eurogamer who both awarded the game 7/10. Here’s an extract from the review.

It’s an incredibly crafted platformer with an HD sheen and an insane attention to detail, and any fan of the genre owes it to themselves to experience it. With the addition of control options to the already proven formula, Retro Studios’ rendition of Donkey Kong is pretty much flawless.

134 thoughts on “Destructoid Gives Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 10/10”

    1. ahh…….another amazing review for Nintendo.

      regular 9’s and 10s

      and really…….gamespot that scored it a 5 must be stupid as everyone else scored it a huge amount.

      1. Speaking of butthurt, why so gloomy about Nintendo scoring the usual high reviews?

        Its because unlike most of your favorite cash cow grumbing asswipe 3rd parties who rush incomplete/unbalanced garbage, Nintendo and their associated development studios/teams actually apply ingenuity, creativity, time, dedication and passion into their games that make it come to life and its actually challenging once in a while.

        Those are the true life blood in gaming that your corporate asshats; that you blindly defend over to get financially raped by, have always failed and struggled to cheat to achieve.

    2. LOL SHUT UP!!I told you YESTERDAY about Gamespots low score for DKTF and you said I was lying!!!I even gave you the link and you still said I was lying!!
      How IRONIC that a day later the score gets revealed!!!

      1. Zorbo, the fact that Gamespot gave it a bad review and most publications gave it amazing reviews only proves Gamespot is in the wrong…

        1. Gamespot and Eurogamer are the last places I go to look at a review. Whenever other scores are available, Gamespot and Eurogamer dont exist.

      2. I never said you were lying, I said it was one Xbot’s opinion…

        And I also said I couldn’t care less what they think of our holy empire…

      3. The source yesterday said Gamespot gave DKCTF a 5/10, but they REALLY gave it a 6/10. That proves both that Gamespot is a clueless gaming site and that you were wrong.

        1. And also shows how stupidly quick you jump the gun just to sound smart for attention by forcing yourself into A&B conversations. Nice try but you’re also in the wrong too jackass.

          1. Erm NO I was not wrong you RETARD!!
            Just as DKTF is gonna bomb just like 3DS rehash Mario 3d World for the Gimmick U did do not cry!!

    1. 7 is ok, since Eurogamer loves to bash Nintendo in order to get some clicks. Gamespot´s score is clearly intentional, as they need a lot of clicks to justify the amount of money they charge from advertisers

        1. Bland level design? I don’t know where the fuck these idiots from Gamespot got that from but they must be playing too many indie games to not tell the difference between the definition of “bland”

  1. I think the best explanation here is that Destructoid compared it to previous DK games as well as other Platformers, whereas reviewers such as GameSpot compared it to their all time favourite games. Both are probably biased, however what can be gathered from this is that the game is an excellent DK Platformer. If you like DK games, you’ll like this.

    1. I think this is probably an accurate comment, which is why I’m definitely not getting this game. I’m just not a fan of the Donkey Kong franchise, and I’m sick of platformers.

      Probably will be amazing for the DK fans and those that don’t mind playing platforms after platformer. I’m happy for them, but between the drought in games and my game pad toggle going bad, I’ve just played my 3DS. I turn my WiiU on because I want to play it, then realize I’ve got the same old games to play over and over.

      One AAA title every few months isn’t enough to keep a console alive. For every big title, only a certain percentage of your install base will want that title, so the others have to wait even longer for a new game. With 3rd parties fleeing the Nintendo scene, there will be even LESS releases. :/

      1. I’m not really a big DK fan, only played a little DK Country on VC on Wii. But the game looks great, gets a lot of praise, and is made by Retro! I wasn’t even hyped for it when I pre-ordered it, I just made expections based on my experience with Nintendo and its first and second party games!

      2. How many mind blowing aaa titles does sony have for ps4… my count is zero.
        . They got a whole horde of average fps right now thats about it.

    1. nintendo has never done tis in history only ms and sony and turd partys do these things LOL YOU FUCKING CHILD csnnot accept truth

      and u likely call ps4 and bone next gen FANCUNT there not in the slightest way next fucking gen


    YOU guYS ArE ALl INGnoriNG LL THE OTher MEDIOCRE REviews!!!


    Ive BEEN Right THIs whole TIME!!!!!!! PRooF!!! MORE PROOf EVRYday and you GUys HATe it!!!!!


                  1. YEAh ok!!!! HAHAH HO HO HAHAHAH!!! EVERybodY ALREady KNOWs that YOu haVE AN ObsESSion wiTH ME ANywaY!!!!! DO anYMORE REseARch on me ANd also GOT anyMORe stORies to MAke up on ME TOO!!!! HAHAHAHAH loSERRRRRRrrrrRrrrRR!!!!

                    BOO MAdE YOU flINch. MY SaniTY EfFECts are JUst too awESome!!!!

                    -THE REAL ICEAZEAMA

                    1. A hint:
                      He was insulting a skin condition and being a total jackass that wouldn’t even talk about the argument and kept insulting every one, and those insults really sucked. Also he was hating on you for having an opinion.

              “1. that’s because Eczema is a complete tool that should’ve been sedated at birth for his insanity”

              THAT ALOne prooFS IT!!!!!! THEre wAS THIS ARTICLE I could POST HEre to show RREAlly faR HE WIll go!!!!

    1. I swear I turned the record over, but it keeps playing the same music??

      You’re comments are as stale as half the shit on the WiiU VC.

    2. In its own way, this is great. Consistent and obvious, yet people still somehow find a way to get upset over your efforts. IGN gives your comment a 9/10.

  3. They said unimagined levels. so a level with tornadoes and lighting, a burning savannah, they BROUGHT BACK UNDERWATER, and the levels change every time. and they gave call of duty 9s 8s just just just FUCK YOU GAMESPOT.

  4. Off subject but my 3ds fc is 1762 2679 0403 add me if you have bravely default flying fairy, and leave your fc so I can add you….

    1. Btw who gives a fuck about the reviews, they’re just one persons opinion, if you like the game just buy it and stop letting people tell you what you would enjoy. I have dkc for wii and 3ds and enjoyed the fuck out of them, and that’s reason enough to buy dcktf…

    2. Is it ok if I leave you a friend code tomorrow. I promise I won’t forget. It’s my friend’s 3ds and I’m trying to get him popular. =p

  5. Retro Studios has demonstrated once again that it can take a treasured Nintendo franchise and keep it relevant, with modern thrills and retro nods expertly combined. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze utilises the Wii U’s graphical capabilities beautifully, with levels both stunning in design and looks, and impressive set-pieces that never skip a frame and can test any gamer’s skills. As a single player experience it is near flawless, but the precision of the level design can lead the often fun multiplayer into moments of chaos.It’s another excellent title on Wii U, and a demonstration of how skilful developers and powerful hardware can be combined for spectacular results. Small touches and masterful contributions, such as the music of David Wise, only add to the experience, and this joins the lengthening list of must-have Wii U games.

  6. there you go nbabies. a perfect score to make you fill your diapers. just don’t cry when other reviewers don’t give it a perfect score. it makes you look worse than an nbaby, an ignorant nclownbaby.

    1. pretty sure your the baby for crying over a catsuit in mario. I think the game is going to be good, but its probably no 10. The side characters don’t look that balance, and the bonus mini games still don’t recapture the charm of the original trilogy

    2. “Buah, buah, Nintendo makes good games and I hate them because I prefer Battlefield duty modern rehash 8 ;n; QQ”

      That’s you lel

  7. hmmm… 6/10 is a bit harsh, 7/10 is acceptable, 8/10 is good and 9/10 is excellent but 10/10 is a bit much don’t you agree? I mean DKTF could be a good game or perhaps even great but 10/10 is something reserved for absolutely flawless games, maybe it is 10/10 for a platformer but not 10/10 for a video game all round…

      1. Hey that’s just me, i’d be happy with 8 or 9 outta 10 but 10 outta 10 is for truly flawless games, I think that Ocarina of Time is one example of a flawless game considering it is one of the most popular games of all time…

        1. I think MM deserved a 10/10…

          OoT only flaw to me is the insanely easy bosses…

          If they were challenging enough, that game would have become more than a legend…

          1. MM was good but not great, the biggest flaws with it was that the time system was a little pressurizing considering the game was developed for kids

            It was also too short, only 4 dungeons and your done

            I did like the many sidequests though and the tone of the game although sometimes depressing and scary was a surprising change from the usual save the princess, love is the ultimate weapon blah blah

    1. Agreed. No game in this generation should receive a 10 because they have flaws in them. But reviewers don’t look at that. Giving a 10 now is like saying I love you now adays. It gets thrown around everywhere not having a real meaning.

      1. exactly, 10/10 means that the game is almost the definition of perfection and that is never the case 99% of the time, for example, NC has a problem with the difficulty of the boss battles in OoT, I have a problem with the length of MM, everyone has a fault with all games and therefore no game is worthy of being 10/10 even if it is made by the magnificent N

  8. Sooo… GameSpot said it was one of the most *bland* and *unimaginative* platformers of all time and gave it 6/10, while Destructoid said it was one of the most *exciting* and *imaginative* platformers of all time and gave it 10/10?

    Something’s off there, I call HUGE bias to one or both sides.

    1. its gamep
      spot that’s biased…….even the biased ign to apple andsony gave it a NINE.

      oh…and gamestop gave it a 5/10. PURE TRYING TO LOWER METACRITIC SCORE.

    1. Yeah and they gave 8.5/10 for shitty game like Nuts&Bolts which wasnt what people wanted, but gamespot was like “nooo this is the banjo weve been waitin for, its good lets build vehicles” fuckin bastards

    1. Kremlings are overrated, sure they were cool but havin same enemy in almost every installment like in Mario is quite a stale imo.

        1. no its a COUNTRY game. a tropical freeze one. in no way there are a return in the title.

          really……..the kremlings are nothing compared to the snowmads( but are better than the tikis and instruments…from returns)

          1. I’m saying the series returned. And I know they’re nothing like the Snowmads. They’re way better. And how is King K. Rool dead? They had his theme song and trophy in Smash, he was in mario super sluggers as a playable character in 2008. Snowmads are a complete knock off of the kremelings. Boat, big bird that’s an enemy, big tall challenging snowmad/krusha, Big fat boss…… Must i go on?

    2. no really. its VERY NICE to have new enemies and frankly……the Snowmads are a LOT BETER and more creative. aslo……k rool is dead.

  9. The gamespot review was pretty bad. The guy complains he can’t find a way to speed run through a level, but knowing speed runners they will. He says the bosses make u start over if u die….omg like most bosses in games. play DCDQ2 and complain to me about that
    ( especially king k rool). yet he thinks the bosses are great He thinks the levels are bland, and life less. They look great and have more life then returns did ( levels kinda looked the same in returns and a freakin tar pit world). I agree on the kong balance, to a degree. The kongs are used to help u get to extra, and save u. They have to make sure ur able to beat the level with just donkey, and if u need another character to beat the level, and can not move forward, thats bad level design. Over all his review was life less it self. He never points out anything to really prove his point

  10. like news you should always read different sources. That the case for Donkey Kong and every reviewed games. It does not take a genius to understand the tester in gamespot may not be a plattformer fans hence the score. Is general you will see the user’s review and the scores are in general 1.5 higher or lower. For donkey Kong I predict it will be 7.5/10 which in my point of view is a good score

  11. Soooo.. it’s a good game then? xD
    I guess I’ll have to play it and not rely on online reviews haha

    I’m just happy Retro are finally finished this game so they can move on to a new Metroid or Starfox game!

  12. it’s weird I saw the reviews, to think Gamespot gave it a 6 and detructoid a 10. It’s awesome this way most people will search more about it and make it their decision this way! I’m going for DK for sure!

      1. I will quote a previous post of mine:
        “1/2 of the people here in a job interview:
        ‘What do I like to do? Go on sites about certain things, and hate on the things that the site loves to annoy/anger a bunch of people.'”

  13. LMFAO typical Nintendo guzzlers Destructoid gives DKTF how IRONIC while the majority of everyone else gives an average of 6/10 7/10!!!
    The low scores from the majority just prove that Nintendo have got lazy, I mean allowing a 3rd party not to utilize the Wii U main selling point the Gamepad is totally pathetic!!
    The reviewers all say the same that the loading times for a non 1080p game a disgrace!!!
    This game is gonna do NOTHING the ONLY people who will buy it are people who already own a Wii U, nobody will spend $300 just to play this lame rehash!!

    1. LMFAO out of the 31 reviews that are listed on Metacritic only 2 rate it a 6/10.
      How is that the majority?
      Tropical freeze has a 8/10 average rating right now with very few 10/10 to spike up the score. The majority rates it with a 8/10 or higher.

      What are you doing here anyway









  15. I’m sorry, but ever since they put motion controls into the previous game for no damn reason at all, I’m approaching this game with much caution.

  16. It doesn’t matter what the reviews are saying. All I know is that I enjoyed Retros previous Kong efforts and look forward to this. :)

  17. HAHAHA! The trolls from the 6 GameSpot review here are so butthurt that not a single comment from them in this article! HAHAHA! XD

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