Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Demo Codes Now Being Sent Out In Europe

Nintendo Europe has begun sending out demo codes for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The demo codes are contained in an email that is rolling out to select Club Nintendo members and comes with two additional codes for you to dish out to your friends. North American gamers received their special demo codes yesterday. Hopefully you have already received one!

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New Passwords Revealed For Pokemon Shuffle

To celebrate the mobile release of the former Nintendo 3DS puzzle title Nintendo has given out some Pokemon Shuffle codes. There’s a variety of codes on offer that can be used with the game including a code for Lucarionite and additional coins. You can check out all the passwords, which are listed below.

  • First, if you have the 3DS version, you can enter the password obtained from Pokémon Shuffle Mobile of 86001508 to get 1 Exp. Points *1.5 item, and 1000 coins with the password of 86100002.
  • Second, if you have Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, you can enter the password obtained from Pokémon Shuffle of 65607110 to get a Lucarionite. These have to be entered by September 30th and you need to have updated to at least Version 1.2.13 to redeem them
  • There’s a password for a Mega Speed Up which is 08645601. 100 coins by 86010010, 200 coins by 08620009, 300 Coins by 08630007 and 500 Coins by 08650005
  • Password for 1 Time +10 is also available through the password 08601003. A Moves +5 is available through 86000504 and 400 coins for 86040006


Thanks, iceazeodia

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Cards Nonexistent In North America

Japanese retailers sell download cards for New Super Mario Bros. 2. In North America, however, consumers don’t have the option of purchasing download cards for the game. Instead, Nintendo 3DS users in North America can obtain the game by three methods: purchasing a physical copy from a retailer, downloading the title directly from the Nintendo eShop, or buying a download code (not card) from participating retailers.

For the first time, Nintendo is giving consumers a variety of ways to buy the game. Shoppers can purchase a packaged game as usual at retail locations nationwide. They can go to a participating retailer and buy a code to download the game directly to their Nintendo 3DS system over a broadband Internet connection. Or they can simply purchase and download the game on their own from the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband connection. Regardless of purchasing method, the game sells at a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Nintendo Wii: Amazon.com Now Selling Nintendo WiiWare Games


Following Microsoft’s decision to allow consumers to purchase its Xbox live Arcade games on Amazon.com, Nintendo have now started to promote and sell its WiiWare games on the popular online retail site.

Whilst its offerings are fairly sparse at present – only World of Goo is available for download at this precise moment in time, you can be sure that Nintendo will effectively begin to market and distribute its wealth of WiiWare titles on Amazon.com.