Here’s The Super Mario Maker US Commercial

Nintendo of America has released a commercial for the immensely creative Super Mario Maker and it doesn’t disappoint. The trailer showcases gameplay along with some gorgeous CGI animation to create a trailer that most Nintendo fans would be proud of. Super Mario Maker arrives on Wii U September 11th.

Nintendo Japan Releases Adorable New Animal Crossing Commercial


To celebrate the wonderful Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Japan has decided to release an adorable new commercial. The super cute TV spot features CGI Animal Crossing members as well as singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Oh yeah, and the cunning Tom Nook gets his tubby belly pinched by the pop star. You can check out the commercial in the video embedded below.


Nintendo America Reveals Its Family Friendly Holiday 2014 Wii U Commercial

Nintendo of America has just uploaded its prime advert for the Wii U during the all-important holiday season. The commercial is all about gaming with the family and having bouts of Mario Kart 8 sessions. The bundle advertised is the Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land which is said to retail for $299.99. Let’s hope people make the jump. What do you think to their latest commercial?

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Here’s The First North American Wii U Commercial

As promised Nintendo of America has revealed the first Wii U advert ahead of the console’s November 18th launch. The advert provides a dose of electronica along with plenty of shots of gamers, and non-gamers alike, playing Nintendo’s latest home console. What do you think to the commercial?

New Pokemon Black & White 2 Commercial

Nintendo of America has rather kindly uploaded a new commercial for Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 for the Nintendo DS. The video showcases additional areas to explore, and also introduces some new Gym Leaders. If you purchase Pokemon Black & White 2 early then you’re eligible to receive Genesect, the newly discovered Mythical Pokemon. Pokemon Black & White 2 is due for release October 7th in North America.

Nintendo 3DS: Here’s The North American Mario Kart 7 TV Commercial

Nintendo of America has revealed the first Mario Kart 7 television commercial. The advert is a zany throwback to Nintendo commercials of the 90’s and is well worth a watch. Mario Kart 7 comes out December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in the North America.