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Here’s The Super Mario Maker US Commercial

Nintendo of America has released a commercial for the immensely creative Super Mario Maker and it doesn’t disappoint. The trailer showcases gameplay along with some gorgeous CGI animation to create a trailer that most Nintendo fans would be proud of. Super Mario Maker arrives on Wii U September 11th.

31 thoughts on “Here’s The Super Mario Maker US Commercial”

  1. I love it. Young adults and instead of children in it and the beautiful CGI production are all great ideas. Now all Nintendo has to do is heavily advertised this game (Mario Kart 8 style) on TV and they rest as they say will be history. We’re two weeks away people

      1. Don’t you mean Splatoon style? Because the marketing of Mario Kart 8 was total shit when compared to Splatoon. Then again, Splatoon has it’s marketing hype manufactured by the fact on-disc content was being held back it’s first few months out.

          1. Yep because you can’t change the fact on-disc content was held back just because it’s no longer locked on-disc content.

        1. Because fuck political correctness that’s why.

          I bet this game will eventually outsell, or at the very least match the sales of Mario Kart 8.

        2. This commercial forgot to mention people have to wait 9 days AFTER purchase WHILE playing the game every day for 9 days STRAIGHT to get the full experience of making your own levels.

          1. Yay for on-disc locked content that can’t be unlocked by skill or by just making levels or progressing normally in the game! *sarcasm*

            1. Until Nintendo sells Super Mario Maker for 10 dollars less & allows me to pay 10 bucks to have all the locked on-disc content unlocked day 1 instead of waiting 9 days, yes I’m still going on about this & will continue to do so. If you don’t like it, tough because I, as a consumer, have every right to not support something I don’t like. It’s my money, so it’s my way or the highway. But you are more than welcome to support this crap; just accept the fact I won’t & move along because you’re just going to waste your time because I’m not ever going to budge.

                  1. Not gonna happen. I won’t risk fucking up my console, or any of my games I do have, for something that should be unlocked on day 1 of my purchase. ESPECIALLY if I payed full price of 60 bucks for it. Which is exactly why I did not get Splatoon on day 1.

                  2. I could almost understand this stance if it was 9 weeks, but… I dunno, nine days is a lot to get worked up about.

                    1. I won’t support it because Nintendo is dumb these days. If Super Mario Maker does well & very few people complain about the 9 day waiting period, Nintendo will think the 9 day crap was a good idea & implement it in other games but will increase the darn thing. I don’t want my future Zelda games telling me I have to wait a couple of days before I can go to the next dungeon because Nintendo got the stupid idea that a waiting period thing was a great idea.

                  3. What a great commercial!
                    I hope they dub this in Europe and advertise the shit out of it Splatoon/Yoshi’s Woolly World style.

                      1. Yeah I know its to coincide with the original Mario game, its just how it was worded. Also I have family and lived in New York at the time so I’m not trying to be ugly

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