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Here’s The First North American Wii U Commercial

As promised Nintendo of America has revealed the first Wii U advert ahead of the console’s November 18th launch. The advert provides a dose of electronica along with plenty of shots of gamers, and non-gamers alike, playing Nintendo’s latest home console. What do you think to the commercial?

130 thoughts on “Here’s The First North American Wii U Commercial”

    1. I agree. They could have shown Zombie U or something. If someone who didn’t know much about the Wii U saw this commercial, they would think it’s for kids with kid games.

        1. That’s true, we alredy know about mature games, in fact, people who want those games before buying a console make at least a little research, but those are gamers who want mature games, not 15 yo kids who want call of duty and stuff.

      1. why do people think kids play only “kids” games and teens and older play only “mature” games… Seriously, do I have to have the “There is no such thing as girl colors and boy colors” kind of talk with you???

      2. I also agree. I don’t play very many mature rated games, but mature games make up lots of the WiiU’s current library.

    2. Agreed. I expect them to do a whole bunch of seperate adds for each game though. There should be a Zombiu add etc etc.

    3. Hardcore Nintendo fans already know about the Mature games coming to the WiiU.
      Hardcore Nintendo fans already know a lot of the WiiU, so they dont need to show that, they need to appeal to the new audience to get more costumers.

      1. True, hardcore NINTENDO fans know of the hardcore games but what about other Hardcore gamers that are not fond of Nintendo and don’t pay them any attention. They should’ve shown at least two hardcore titles to attract more hardcore gamers than just Nintendo fans

        1. I have an idea for an ad: A mom and her two sons, one older one younger, are shown having fun playing NSMBU. The mom and younger son leave for whatever reason (Soccer practice?) and the older son starts playing ZombiU and other hardcore titles. The ad ends “Wii U, something for everyone”.

          1. I guess u guys don’t understand, those aren’t Nintendo games, they aren’t going to sponsor those games, every game they showed were nintendo games that they are developing. Obviously this won’t be the only Wii U commercial, I expect one to show all the hardcore games too and say “next gen” in the commercial

            1. dude seeming that ninja gaiden 3 razor’s edge and bayonetta 2 are being published by Nintendo thy could always do that instead of zombiu

        2. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

          “but what about other Hardcore gamers that are not fond of Nintendo and don’t pay them any attention.” – NintendoCryBaby

          Those people are lost anyways, as they are blindly in love with Sony or Microsoft or whatever they like, rather than enjoying it all like the clever and intelligent people do, and their hate is so that it makes them ignorant. Even if you can’t afford to enjoy it all, at least the real person/gamer respects all the good things in gaming, no matter who the creator is. Halo 4 looks cool. Do I have an Xbox360? No, but I respect them (when some tool Microsoft rep isn’t talking crap about Nintendo MATT whoever you are). Of course, I need to have a PS3 for my JRPG’s :D Like Ni no Kuni!!!! Having said all that, I can’t wait for the Wii U to arrive!

          1. Yeah but if you don’t like the style of Nintendo games then this commercial is not giving you a reason to buy a Wiiu.

    4. true. but you have to remember that marketing is a strategy. There are some ads that appeal to casual gamers and there’s the ads for mature/ hardcore gamers. This is one of many ads we will see in the future.

  1. Meh….. They are not doing these adverts right. There is just something a little wrong about both the UK and US adverts.

      1. I agree. But it’s like they are asking all of the Microsoft and Sony fans to hate them with this lol. I like the ad and I know why they are doing it.

        Hopefully some ZombiU adds will pop up and mario bros etc.

        1. Microsoft and Sony fans will only “hate” them if they’re ignorant fanboys who have already predetermined in their mind that they will dislike anything other than the console they exclusively support.

          I’m a Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo fan. They all coexist in peace by my TV. =p

          1. Same here :) I have all three consoles lined up and Whilst I can agree the wii has been lacking games for a while (bar last story and xenoblade) I still play my wii regularly as it provides something totaly refreshing compared to the other 2 :).

            When wiiu comes those consoles are barely gunna be played until their Successor comes out.

  2. lack of showing mature games. I guess they’re trying to get casuals to notice the new console and not confuse it with Wii

    1. This ad is clearly for casual gamers. Expect ads for mature gamers to follow. Remember, marketing takes strategy, especially for a company like Nintendo

  3. So much better than teh UK one and yes i live in Europe :/ in this clip there was explain practically everything so ppl who see this for the first time will understand

  4. I like it as an initial introduction to the general public. Nintendo obviously needs to get on the third party developers to advertise that their games are coming to Wii U as well. Hopefully some more commercials are coming as well.

    1. What was that a rave in a cubicle? Lame ass commercial.. Nintendo is trying to capture the casual market and who can blame them? still lame though

  5. Nice!! And for all the people commenting on the lack of mature games shown understand Nintendo knows you know about the WII U so to cater to u/us is stupid. The people in the cubes our the uninformed so that’s who they need to target!! Don’t remain DUMB all your life…….

    1. Yes we know of the mature games Nintendo isn’t just trying to cater to the fans. They’re trying to cater to every gamer. So a little mature titles would’ve been helpful for hardcore ppl that are not fond of Nintendo. It’s not all about just Nintendo fans

        1. Right, if ur Hardcore u suppose to already know…..the people who don’t know are the same ones who cause the WII to shock the gaming world….CASUAL GAMERS….and it’s the perfect commercial.

  6. Well i only buy Nintendo consoles, and i even know about xbox games and ps games, plus i dont really watch tv, i use my free time to play videogames, other hardcore gamers also know about nintendo games, even if they dont have a nintendo, and there are people like aeolus that hate nintendo and care to see all of nintendo news, the point is that all hardcore gamers know about the three consoles.

  7. nice comercial, that shows some new features, like the controler and the movie (tv) options… but something is missing… “the hardcore” ?

    1. I will buy it though (After I get some parts for my pc first.. hehe) Because its nintendo and japan! :) They have our support and we expect amazing games !

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          1. I know, he’s been avoiding that question whenever someone asks him that. *Sighs* Pretty sad he’ll waste his time on a website filled with content he hates. You won’t see me going on 360 websites and talking about how the PS3 is better, I’ll tell you that much.

      1. And the one in the UK? Again, casual. You’re a fucking idiot if you think Nintendo will have one dedicated to the “core” audience. Never have, never will.

  9. Lame as shit, so lame they should have just showed tank tank tank , avengers, and transformers prime….
    Should have just stole a video from someone on YouTube and used it

        1. Tank tank tank looks mmmm ”OK” I guess. Transformers prime isn’t the one from the ps360 , it’s the Wii , DS , 3DS , Wiiu game that isn’t on the ps360.

          It may turn out good but I don’t expect it to

            1. It looks like 6/10 shit. Nuff said, lol. Don’t get me wrong wii has tons of awesome games But tank tank tank , Avengers and Transformers prime are way way down my list.

    1. I’ll have to disagree with that, the UK commercial got the point across and showed off a mixture of titles for the core and the casual. While the UK one was more cheesy, it was overall more informative.

  10. I think the add was fine. They don’t need to show any “hardcore” games because the hardcore gamers all ready know about them. People are still going crazy over Bayonetta. They need to target the casual markit; some people still don’t know what the huck a Wii U even is or what it does. The added dubstep wasn’t a bad touch either.

  11. For the people complaining for the lack of mature games here’s my response (it was my response to the UK one): “Do you realize why big companies have multiple commercials? It’s so a different commercial can appeal to a certain audience. Video game companies have a such a huge target audience that one commercial is never enough.”

  12. I can’t lie I’m very impressed with sing star. No lie I have a big group of non online friends and have a decent size family. Actuallt decent is a understatement. I can imagine having a party and setting up to do a little singing over drinks and food. But oh yeah nintendo just launched a shot at microsoft and sony and said oh you want our casual crowd fight me for them cause anything you can do we just did better.

  13. Awww it’s kinda sad that the video had alotof dislikes. Mabye beacuse they didn’t focuse on the hardcore. There’s so many things Nintendo should have done.:/

  14. That was cool. Especially at the end. It’s messed up that they didn’t show the more mature games like ZombiU or AC3. That would’ve helped to a good degree

  15. Like most of you stated, the hardcore already know whats coming out. I think it’s a great commercial for the casual audience, it would make me want to get it or see what it’s about. They’ll be more Wii U commercials, probably separate ones for the hardcore third party multiplatform stuff like BO2, AC3, and etc. :)

  16. Gotta say, the commercial looks pretty good. If I knew nothing about the console this might actually make me want to buy one. Very nicely done. It will definitly appeal to North Americans I can tell you that much.

  17. It was targeted to the casuals but a lot of the casuals still think its a controller add-on.
    they should have put new console and new controller

  18. That’s a pretty cool commercial. Not much for the hardcore gamers, but then again those gamers don’t need to be advertised to because they already know about the Wii U. So good move on Nintendo’s part. Leave luck to heaven.

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  23. hi there saw first wii u comercail in usa at 11:30 pm it was a alwsoume comercaile sence 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% are borging and not good

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