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Pink And White Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles Coming To North America

American retailer Gilt is advertising both the White and the Pink Nintendo 3DS XL consoles on its website. The retailer says that you can be the first to get the new Nintendo 3DS XL in either pink or white. You are able to select either a bundle with Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask, or another with Style Savvy: Trendsetter. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm either colour.

Update: Confirmed by Nintendo of America for Gilt Kids.

21 thoughts on “Pink And White Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles Coming To North America”

  1. Message me when you Americans Get your hands on the Silver :P ….. Just kidding I would rather have the blue XL instead of my silver tbh……

    1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

      I think that is what he/she meant, but it didn’t come out that way with the whole “Pink AND White Consoles” wording…. and yes NOA tweeted about this a while ago, and I actually read about this elsewhere before this usually first-on-the-scene website *points finger and laughs* ;) You guys and gals do a good job, I’m just messing with you.

  2. Wow, that makes getting a 3DS XL a lot more tempting. The white would be beautiful. But I’ve already decided to buy the Wii U. Too bad the deluxe version has to be black.

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  4. Nintendo… this is NOT what I meant by “I want a new 3DS XL colour”. Ugh… Guess I’ll wait till spring like my plan and hope for the best.

  5. why the hate? I think this looks nice. I can imagine younger girls using this. Not being sexist… I’m a girl and I honestly wouldn’t mind using this.

  6. I thought they said that the white ones never sell well. Isn’t that why we didn’t get the white one in the first place.

  7. I sure like the idea of a white one. The R button on my 3DS broke and I would rather just buy a fresh, new system than pay $85 + shipping to get my scratched up *cough* because of design flaws *cough* 3DS repaired. I hate the other XL colors, but the white is cool. It’s nice to know I have more options now.

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  11. Pretty, but dont they think they should make a more masuline colour… red, blue, and now pink.. When will we get a black/silver one for the boys, or adults that don’t want silly cheap looking colors?

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