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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Is $29.99 At Newegg Today

Those of you that are considering picking up Paper Mario: Sticker Star may want to think about purchasing it from Newegg. If you use the promotion code EMCYTZT2452 you can get the game for the enticing price of $29.99. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is coming to North America on the 11th November. Be sure to pre-order it today as the discount code is only valid for one day only.


    1. a great website, its mostly known for selling computer parts, but its more than that, as you can see from this article.

      1. Of course, I believe Newegg is based in California, but I could be wrong. Either way, its in the U.S.

        If it helps, I live in chicago, and got my stuff in less than a week with free shipping.

  1. Thank you so much for this. I pre-ordered it, saving 10 dollars on a solid RPG Mario game. I wouldn’t miss this chance if I were you, guys.

  2. I sent on facebook about Professor Layton being 19.99 on sears.com and they completely ignored me. u_u’

      1. its still $30, i just switched my pre-order like 5 minutes ago from amazon, it shows up as 39.99, but after you hit check out, it gives you the option to enter the promo code,

        here ill retype it: EMCYTZT2452
        just incase you missed it.

      2. Lol I see, I shouldn’t have jumpped the gun XD I also checked sears, but the prices are outrageous, $80+ for Mario Land 3D.

        Tooo much.

  3. I’m actually doing the paper Mario diorama contest thing, and it’s turning out good. My diorama is Mario punching a ? Block, and out comes a hammer, but the hammer falls down the hill onto bowser jr. It’s fun making it.

  4. I heard of newegg but i dont really know what it is. Can someone quickly explain to me. And is it reliable?

  5. It’s not working for me, it says the following:

    There is an issue with promo code EMCYTZT2452. Please check promo code again or contact customer service.

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