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Wii U Web Browser Scores Highly On HTML 5 Test

The forthcoming web browser for Wii U has scored highly on HTML5 Test. The browser was ranked amongst all the other web browsers for video game devices, apart from the PlayStation 3. Out of all the web browsers researched the Wii U web browser scored 323, while its closest competitor was the PlayStation Vita beta browser which scored 243. Microsoft’s recently release Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 only managed to score 120. You can see the results here.

196 thoughts on “Wii U Web Browser Scores Highly On HTML 5 Test”

      1. html5 is far more responsive espec on mobile devices

        Flash is a dead technology and is being deserted little by little

        1. i certainly hope so.. can’t happen fast enough for me.. i can’t count the numbers of times flash has caused crashes on my system
          that wii-u supports html5 so well is a good sign
          i don’t doubt that many people will use it for their everyday surfing.. this will encourage web developers to move further towards html5

          1. You are all dumb. Is pixelated video tech what will replace Flash’s VECTOR-BASED awesomeness? People love to animate stuff in Flash. It has it’s place, although this place is not Youtube video anymore. It’s lots more complicated to animate stuff in SVG by now.

            1. i’m not really concerned about how complicated it is for the developer to animate content.. i don’t care much for heavily animated websites anyway
              i do care about flash causing instabilities on my system however

    1. Dear Sir,
      You will be sad to learn, Nintendo does not pay licensing fees for things such as flash.
      You should be happy to know that many large scale companies, including Apple & google, are pushing te migration to HTML5, which will completely replace flash by 2022.

      WiiU scoring high for HTmL5 means that flash games, embedded animation and the things you love about flash, will be supported in the new HTML version.

      Have no fear. Nintendo knows what it is doing, and if you don’t fully trust Nintendo, know that Apple and Google are pushing the HTML5 future.

    2. GOD yes its me i really exist

      DERP HTML5 is way better than flash, and older flash will still work wii was fantastic web browsing and flash play until recently with updated flash yeah im pointing at you xhamster

      my brother has a ps3 the web surfing is fucking awful and it freezes all the time 512mb ram cannot browse properly lol

  1. I wouldn’t raise hopes up completely yet. How come it says the PS Vita got a score of 243 under Beta testing but under the actual list of released browsers it got a score of merely 58. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      Because the Beta version could be an upgraded version they are testing *hint hint* Beta. The current browser most likely “isn’t one par” if you will. So they may be testing another one and found it to be “slightly on par”, excuse me for my “”.

      1. I can see it now! Nintendo: Leave love to masturbating on a gamepad!
        but seriously i can’t wait to see how this browser controls!

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          How is it garbage if it scored higher then that vita your using? Think,Research,Type,Read. Do those 4 things before commenting and you won’t look so stupid.

            1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

              How am I the fucking idiot? I did not say a specific Nintendo console now did I? Without including the Beta PS Vita broswer the 3DS scored higher. Dumbass fuck…

              1. If you’re trying to say the 3DS browser is better than the VITA browser, you’ve lost all your credibility. The 3DS browser is by far the worst browser I’ve ever used. The VITA annihilates it.

                1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                  Oh yea… Because of the bigger screen? The browser itself may be better, even though they BOTH are NetFront, but apparently which browser supports more and has more function capability? 3ds…Thought so.

                    1. No it doesnt support “3D Porn”.

                      The Web browser is not 3D. Unless the website supports 3D, it won’t be 3D.

                    2. This was a test on how well the browsers support HTML5. This was NOT a test on how GOOD the browsers are.

                  1. Not really. I earn enough I can game on all platforms without worrying. Also if you’re going to insult my intelligence, use some correct grammar.

                  1. The development/Beta one has already proven the 3DS will be destroyed. VITA already supports Youtube. It wins. Good day sir.

                1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                  *Cough Cough* That is the PS Vita Beta/Development Browser, Not released yet. Current broswer score 58. 3ds 109, get the fuck out of here.

                    1. So when the VITA releases it’s beta what you going to say then hmmm? The 3DS browser is a pile of shit and will never be upgraded knowing Nintendo.

                2. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                  And if it’s beta rather than development it might not even get released. Making you even more butthurt…

                    1. Sorry. As much as you want me to have a boyfriend, I actually have a girlfriend … something which you probably don’t even know exists. VirginNation.

                    2. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                      No you can’t. The Wii U only has one score and the Wii U already has a release date, ergo that logic wouldn’t apply. Its in development and/or finished.

                3. You’re wrong Sir! You lose! You get nothing!

                  Vita scores a whopping 58 points
                  3DS scores a 109.

                  We’re not counting the beta score here as it is an unreleased version.

                  Good day sir!

                    1. You were not talking about the Wii U.
                      Don’t change the subject of the argument. It just shows me that you are losing said argument.

                      Have a seat.

                    2. jelly bean go piss off you dumbass meth yousing sonofabich fuck idoit jack ass pile of shit stop posting go play your psvita you know if gamestop has not trown them out yet becouse knowone would bye them oh and start yousing logic in your comments you stupid dick

                    3. Get an education Phantom. Trying to understand you is the equivalent of trying to understand advanced Latin.

                    1. Quantity =/= Quality.

                      All the 3DS games I’ve played are easy as all fuck and get boring quickly.

                      Vita actually has quality games.

                      1. And how many ports of CoD made it to Nintendo handhelds? Fuck loads.

                        AC3: Liberations
                        Uncharted Golden Abyss
                        New Little Kings Story
                        Little Big Planet
                        Gravity Rush
                        Persona 4
                        Hatsune Miku: Project DIva f
                        Superior version of Sonic Racing
                        MGS HD
                        Unit 13
                        Sound Shapes
                        Need for Speed MW (Exactly the same as Console version)

                        Upcoming titles also include:

                        Soul Sacrifice
                        God Eater 2
                        Killzone Mercenary
                        Earth Defense Force

                        along with crossbuy titles like Sly 4, Ratchet and Clank, Playstation Battle Royale.

                        Yep, NO GAMES.

                      2. And that’s just naming what I know off the top of my head, there are plenty more too. Along with PSone claasic and PSP titles.

        1. I have a 3DS and the only thing better is that it has developer support. But even then it lacks tons of quality titles.

          Vita is superior in basically every way.

          1. Too bad Vita doesn;t have Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, Pushmo, etc… Vita has jack-shit,

          2. You aren’t too bright are you? Wii U is different from the vita it coming with the web browser for sure while the vita web browser might not come because it just a beta but even though wii u is not beta it surely is getting the same web browser while vita might not because it a beta not all beta come out and wii u is confirmed that it coming so i don’t see the fucking point (and yeah my grammar sucks deal with it)

      1. My biggest issue with the 3DS browser, is that it doesn’t hae enough memory to fully load most web pages… Same problem te Wii had.

        1. YESSSS!!! HATED THAT (even though I sent 1200-1500 hours on my wii browser.. I use to use it every day but sine Youtube’s recent update I can no longer watch YouTube on it (except youtube XL. It sucks. YouTube is not supported by the Wii now. Since a month or 3 weeks. But we are getting the Wii U soon. But I hated that “No more memorie

        2. YESSSS!!! HATED THAT (even though I sent 1200-1500 hours on my wii browser.. I used it every day be cause i hate being on computers. That is the reason why I could never be come a computer gamer. But since Youtube’s recent update I can no longer watch YouTube on it (except youtube XL. It sucks. YouTube is not supported by the Wii now. Since a month or 3 weeks. But we are getting the Wii U soon. But I hated that “No more memory” problem.

        1. Nintendo is in partnership with Youtube and they said it will be “Chrome” based + HTML5, thats highly likeable.

    1. That’s great, but I don’t really care, considering I don’t plan on using it much, if at all… I have a laptop or smartphone for web browsing.

        1. Yea but here is not talking about browsing while playing which is a big plus feature of the wiiu, example you can play on the pad but you prefer to play on the screen you have to go to the bath but not play you take your pad you take a dumb while reading a biased ign review (disclaimer ign news may cause diarea or xtreme costipation)

          1. HAHAHA ”OMG a 6.5 ??? *shits himself* ” XD

            Yeah i seriously am gunna stop using my laptop and PC and just use the gamepad for all my internet worries. It does youtube it does everything..

            1. LOL really good joke guys but the only thing it can”t do is download image and upload which isn’t a big deal for me anyway because this is a gaming console not a computer

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        I agree, but say you want to look up cheat codes (Most gamers don’t, only for fun when they do) the Wii U automatically copies the game’s title and you can have a “quick search” if you will. I would assume many people wouldn’t use the browser considering they have Miiverse “a finger away” to ask their question and look for cheats. Someone contact someone about “gamers” not being a real word, we need to get that added into the dictionary…

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    3. Nintendo, seriously…just stop.
      You had me at “Hello”
      As soon as they said “we have a new console” my money was already being thrown at the employees faces at EB Games.

          1. White wii u- my name is whire cheddar, i can do every thing u can do but i can do it BETTER!
            Black ps3 and xbox 360- ;-(

            1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

              Dear, PS360 11/1/12 16 Days before My Midnight Launch
              Black Wii U- My name is Black Ops (No relation to the game) I can do everything a PS360 can do, while sleeping!( Game being played on gamepad, ergo system kind of gets a break) and everyone knows black runs faster, so SMD Xbox 360.

            1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

              I approve of yours! That means Non-specific action figure approves of it as well, you sir drive a solid bargain!

    4. Damn imma gonna have to steal someone’s WiiU soon if it comes out since I missed out on preordering and their isnt any dedicated gamestore in my area, you better not live near me…lol :(

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        Why still one when you can get one free, with a low low payment of $299.99! Idiot; “Wow it’s free, and all I have to do is pay a low low payment of $299.99? That’s what I call a bargain!” *Throws cash (Over $1000)* Clerk: “Chump! Gets’em every time.”

          1. It’s not a matter of money but a matter of obtaining one on launch day, I bet I have more money than you fake Reggie..

            1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

              Haha no, I have preordered a deluxe Wii U and all 21 of the launch day games, and I plan on getting them all on day one, I don’t use lay-away like you.

              1. Well although I wont be getting a WiiU this year I do in fact will be playing awesome games that are coming out for PS3 (Last of Us and GTA5) to hold me until I get one, It’s good not being a

                    1. I play games on Nintendo, Sony and PC. Just because I like Sony games better does not mean I’m a fanboy. I enjoy all. Just the WIi U line up is shit.

                      1. ok sorry for assuming, I guess I just made an ass out of myself :/ , but in my personal opinion the line up isn’t so bad for others. Well to each their own :)

                      2. wow jellybean you are worse then the other trolls on this topic pc sucks for gameing psvita sucks at every thing oh and you suck as a person

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        We sent an army of Pikimin and Pokemon his way… They should have taken him ou….- I just saw a hyperbeam and many rock pikmin flying through the air… Yea he should be dead.

                      1. Nope. I work in IT buddy. The beauty of being an IT manager :)

                        I can surf the net while still doing my work :)

                      2. Wow, you really have no idea about the IT industry do you? IT managers don’t really have any say in how the PS3 is made. Hardware Engineers and Software Engineers are the ones you more so would likely speak to.

                        You sir, are an idiot.

    5. I wish Aeolus would come on this post and give Nintendo credit where credit is due, since he’s always bitching about it…

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    7. i wish i could get the wii u deluxe on launch. but im just going to wait for ebay or amazon to have it. *on 3ds internet*

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    10. This is awesome news! The Wii U is such a beast at $300. Now when will they tell us about the online. Didn’t they say they would have a Nintendo Direct before the console launches?

    11. So….can i watch porn on this? Redtube is calling me.

      On a serious note, this is very good news. Surfing the net will be an integral part of the Wii U experience. It’s gonna be huge. Leave luck to heaven.

    12. wow jellybean you need to just piss off worthless ignerent trolling satanest you shold just go back to sucking aelous is balls you stupid ass shit faced stupid ass basmentdwellerr go piss off and go back to northkorea im sor they would love you there you jackass and 3DS is WAY better then the playstaion oh and by the way if the vitas so good why is sony giving out free vita games if you buy the PS3 virson thinkabout that you stupid ass troll

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