Super Mario Galaxy Is Now The Highest Rated Game Ever

Super Mario Galaxy for Wii has dethroned The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to become the best rated game of all-time, according to Game Rankings. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time previously held the number one position with an average review score of 97.63%. Super Mario Galaxy has beaten it by a tiny margin with an average review score of 97.64%. The sequel to Super Mario Galaxy sits in third place, with an average review score of 97.35%

Thanks, Mike


      1. Galaxy was pretty sweet. One of my favorite Wii games and I only played the demo of it.

    1. i played Ocarina it was Goood 4 its time but its horrible now. im surprised it hasnt been dethroned earlier.

      1. The best game of all time doesn’t mean the best game of today. Ocarina of time is the best game of all time so far. No game has ever had such an impact.

        *insert Aeolus dick riding Uncharted or GTA or Halo*

        Mario galaxy 1 is one of the best games I have ever played. From start to finish the game is just fucking jaw dropping.

      2. first offf “impact” dosent matter at all, its quality (in which SMG is better by far).
        Btw I’d say the fist Super mario bros had a much more significant impact the OOT.

      3. You’re comparing a game from 98 to a game from 2007 ?? really ?????

        Ocarina FOR ITS TIME is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR higher quality than Mario galaxy.
        Mario galaxy although beautiful is not HD in a Time of HD.

        ocarina of time was the best looking game EVER when it came out with the biggest 3d world REVOLOUTIONARY controls etc etc.

        IMPACT means everything and the time the game was developed at.

        So what next , you gunna compare Uncharted 3 to another n64 game ???

      4. Mario galaxy pushed the wii to its limit and has THE best level design and most inspired design in any platform game ever maybe any game ever.

        BUT when ocarina of time came along , Nobody had ever seen a game like it. It had the best graphics in the world , the biggest true 3d world in the world , the best storyline in the world , the best gameplay in the world. it Litteraly made every game out at the time look like shit.

        Mario galaxy and Ocarina are both masterpieces. But in terms of technical achievment for their respective times , Ocarina was BY FAR the bigger achievment.

      5. The gameplay that in general was deeper than any other current game.
        The music.
        The camera- and Z-targeting system.
        So many things to list for OoT’s accomplishments.

        I love SMG, but it just isn’t as great as OoT in my opinion :)

      6. Exactly!!! Whilst Super mario galaxy is an undisputed gameplay achievment. Ocarina did everything to the very highest and unthinkable level in 1998 :)

      7. Are you trying to dispute that Ocarina IS the most revoloutionary game of all time , or that Galaxy isn’t one of the best games ever. Which one is it ??

        Or are you just spewing shit all over the screen?

      8. Actually… “Best Game of All Time” DOES mean “Best Game Today” as Today is a sub-set of All Time.

      9. Yeh but Not just the best modern game of all time. The single game that had the biggest impact on the gaming world in the history of gaming.

        Ocarina Is the clear winner.

      10. Not on Metacritic it isn’t. And look at all the videos on Youtube about the best game ever. It always ends with ocarina of time.

      11. I watched and I agree with a lot of what you say. But caln’t help but feel you are comparing it to modern games. Obviously that game is not as good as twilight princess or skyward sword becuase they utilize much more modern features.

        BUT Ocarina of time is THE most impressive game ever released. Mario 64 is on par with it in terms of Impact.

        Ocarina had the best graphics in the world when it came out, and the best gameplay , and the best story etc etc etc.

      12. This proves nothing mario fanboy! Ocarina is still top on metacritic :P

      13. why is it horrible now? how does a great game suddenly get horrible just because it’s old?

      14. Exactly. Mario galaxy not being in hd had nothing to do with how fun and awesome it is not to mention how great the gameplay is and well crafted the levels are.

      15. Hey DickFACES if you’re talking about impact then I’ll name the FIRST successful videogame[s] to be invented as the best.

        P.S. Ive played the game. Just because it was good 4 ITS TIME does NOT MEAN it STILL IS.

        its like saying the first car ever invented is STILL the best TODAY. illogical. OCARINA Revolutionized gaming yes. THERE R BETTER GAMES NOW.

        excuse my sloppy typing i typed this on my 3DS

      16. That’s not necessarily true. Purely from a technical standpoint it might be inferior, but there’s an element to things that are far more important than how “up to date” something is. Even in your car example, you can’t argue that certain old cars are still considered by many to be the best. Sure they’d be smoked in terms of speed, reliability and functionality, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically inferior. Basically, it is entirely subjective. If you feel an older game is automatically horrible now based off of your modern standards then that’s your opinion, but I pity you for it.

      17. He does have a point, and you obviously have nothing logical to combat it with.

      18. i was merely applying his technique of proving a “logical” point i.e. insulting everyone who disagrees

        so his “logical” point is that every old game sucks no matter how good it was at its time
        my “logical” point is that great old games remain great
        and you’re the one who’s going to judge which point is more “logical”?
        picture me impressed ;)

      19. “why is it horrible now? how does a great game suddenly get horrible just because it’s old?”

        that was my “logical” point

        his reply was to compare a CAR to a GAME

        please tell me how that is logical :)

      20. um no he wasn’t mentioning car physics he meant an actual car..
        “its like saying the first car ever invented is STILL the best TODAY. illogical. OCARINA Revolutionized gaming yes. THERE R BETTER GAMES NOW.”

        of course cars continuously evolve and improve over time as technology improves.. but i’m sure you agree when i say that not everything about a game is technology i.e. graphics.. if that was the case we’d be playing tech demos
        many of the great 90ies games only *look* old nowadays but they still are as much fun as any great game made today
        i agree however that a pong game, while it was the best at its time, can’t really stand up to the gameplay and scope of the later games anymore

        furthermore “the best of all times” is referring to the best games at their respective time and how they compare to other great games in different (perhaps more modern) times, so his argument was moot to begin with

        if you follow that line of argument of his i guess that means that old movies such as casablanca and metropolis also suck

        yeah seems like a very mature point of view

      21. I agree with you. Why does everyone think older games are horrible. OOT is still better than the 3d zelda that came later.

    2. OOT definitely deserves this spot. The game was just aboslutely brilliant, it’s a shame that a 5 year late review of mario galaxy is somehow changing this score enough to put it ahead of ocarina. That, or somebody is hating on ocarina 14 years too late. Galaxy is a great game and all, but ocarina should deserves its spot more than any game to date :/

      1. Heavy Rain is great, but it has its stupid moments.
        As for Black Ops, its online has lots of flaws that often causes frustration.
        So none of those you mentioned are worthy enough.

    3. A Link To The Past, Majora’s Mask, Windwaker and Twilight Princess are all better than OOT.
      And that’s just the Zelda games. Super Mario Galaxy is brilliant game – maybe you just like it less.

  1. I love this game! Haters say otherwise but there is no denying that this game has a charm of its own.

      1. The GameRankings version has more reviews so that means it’s more credible.

      2. Which allows more chances for random people who nobody knows of to get their opinion put in…

      1. GTAIV is only good for it’s amazing physics (for the time) driving around doing stunts and getting police chaces. In that sense it is the greatest of it’s type. but overall it pales compared to the magnitude of San andreas or the impact that vice city had….

      2. And about 5 days of aimlesly driving around until you’re so bored you never want to play the game ever again.

      3. Amazing physics? Definitely not for fucking cars. Slow acceleration on EVERYTHING, and you can overturn shit at the slowest of speeds.

      4. Dumbfuck much, Nintenyearold? Actually don’t answer that, because it’s correct.

      5. Do you spout that shit at anyone who doesn’t like something related to Nintendo? Seriously, you sound like a broken record.

      6. The funny thing it’s that guy was talking about GTA4 which was never on a Nintendo system. LOL

      7. He’s got a point. The physics on the cars in GTA IV were utterly dire. The helicopters weren’t as bad, but there was literally one helicopter readily available, and it didn’t even have weapons.

      8. At the time though, that was the big improvement over the previous gen. It helped the gameplay feel much more satisying. I wouldn’t say it was realistic. But definitiely fun.

  2. I do think Mario Galaxy is a better game than Ocarina of Time overall. I know how innovative and revolutionary Ocarina was but it’s getting kinda out-dated now. On the other hand, Galaxy still feels fresh and original, really smart designed levels.

      1. dissapointing….beat it in one sitting with all coins….well all the 8worlds and 4 especial, another sit and it’s completly beated.

      2. I think I beat it in 2 days, or even less… And I don’t consider myself as a skilled player.

    1. kinda out dated? dude mario galaxy still use the same 3ds enviroment….that’s not the point….

      Still Mario galaxy is way more improved over Ocarina of time and beated it in good terms.

    2. The problem is, a game that’s 14 years old is outdated to you, but a 5 year old game is still fresh, so that’s kinda hard to say for sure which one has the better life span. I find this to be disappointing, OOT was originally a brilliant game and should not be losing this title to galaxy, even if galaxy is an amazing game (which it is).

  3. So according to Game Rankings the top 3 games of all time are…
    1. Super Mario Galaxy
    2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    and they are all Nintendo, this shows Nintendo are the best.

    1. eh
      as long as the games are fun i couldn’t care less about what some meta review sites think the best games of all times are
      after all these scores are also based on the opinion of a select few

    1. Galaxy 2 sucks ass. The majority of the levels are old-school sidescrolling — which they could have done for New Super Mario Bros anyway, and definitely NOT NEEDED for a game like Galaxy. Barely any innovation is felt in the sequel; it just feels like a mere extension of Galaxy 1.

      1. Hum… Galaxy 2 is even more innovative than the first. Of couse, all the mechanics of 2 came from the first, but it was evolved and improved, making the second narurally superior. Miyamoto once said that during the development of SMG 1 the number of good ideas and as well as their quality were so strking that they realized that a sequel had became obligatory at that point.

      2. Yeah, SMG2 lost it astral touch and whenever inplay it i dont feel the same Experience as SMG. They also ripped off a couple of songs in the first one and it feels like a classic Mario game, if i wanted to play a Classic Mario Gamplay i would play the “New” Super Mario Bros. even though they are all terrible. The same to what is going on to the Paper Mario Series.

      3. While, yes, it’s more of an expansion of the first Super Mario Galaxy, I found it’s levels to be far more challenging and to be equally creative. But this is all, of course, subjective to one’s own opinions.

      4. Mr. Anonymous, do you have any problem in both understanding and making statements?

  4. I’ve played both, and I know it’s based on popular opinion, but on my own list I don’t think either of them would be in the top 10. Great games obviously, just my opinion.

  5. Orcarina is a great game, but twilight, wind waker, major, and skyward sword are better, the only reason people put OOT on such a high pedestal is nostalgia.

    1. Not at all. You have to think about the specif time and day these games were released. dude…… Ocarina of time IS the most ground breaking and memorable zelda game ever with the biggest impact on the gaming world. Twilight princess and skyward and winwaker SHOULD be better becuase they’re newer.

      Ocarina is simply THE most impressive game of all time for its specific time.

      1. Exactly what was stated here. What OOT accomplished back in ’98 was incredible, more so than even galaxy accomplished a few years ago. This dethroning upsets me greatly, and why it changed NOW of all times bothers me even more

      2. Galaxy is a masterpiece in its own right. but its not even close to having the ground breaking memorable impact that ocarina had. :S.

        Yeh don’t listen to it. It’s bull shit :). We all know the greatest game of all time so far is Ocarina by a huge gap aswell.

    1. I would put it 2nd after ocarina with mario galaxy third and skyward sword 4th majoras mask 5th :)

      1. That game is as perfect as can be. Made even better with the wii’s pointer controls!

      2. It”s fine on the gamecube aswell , but definitely better on wii :). I have 1 and 2 on gamecube and 3 on wii (obviously) and prime 3 has THE best FPS mechanics ever in a game. Period.

      3. :( jealous.. Never bought becuase I already had. Can’t complain really :)

      4. I don’t know why I felt that it was impossible for me to do so, but I did lol.

        And now as you probably know , its value has skyrocketed to like £60 aka $80

  6. It sure deserves it, the game is extremely revolutionary. And high quality. It is sure to be a classic.

    1. I find OOT to be way more revolutionary for its time. The amount of change it brought itself was extraordinary.

  7. Its just 1 sites opinion. I still say Ocarina is #1 for me. Yah it is an old game but that doesnt matter. Still my favourite game of all time. Zelda HD on Wii U MIGHT be able to top it. But we will see. Dont get me wrong SMG 1 and 2 are PHENOMINAL games. But Ocarina is just pure perfection.

  8. Rates do eventually change with the times.
    It was obvious that Ocarina could only hold the top spot for so long, and I think the very fact that it held the crown for so long is a huge indicator of just how fantastic most think the game was, and still is.
    If anything had to replace it, though, I’m glad it was Mario Galaxy.

    1. Ocarina of Time,I played it on n64 beat it last year I think, it was a game where you feel there’s lot to explore, and so full, I can’t describe it but it is better than most games.

  9. Mario galaxy 2 is the best video game ever (my opinion of course) part 1 is very good but 2 made it better. Still surprised it passed oot

  10. Has anyone even noticed that the Top 3 Rated games are all Nintendo!! How are U guys Not Happy about that??!! Galaxy won by .01%. Just RELAX!!! OOT was an Awesome game but did U really think Nintendo would never make a better game than that after over 10 years?! Then U guys don’t have much Confidence for Nintendo……): (Plus, this is all based on OPINION! If U think OOT should still be # 1 then Good 4 U :3). I think both games deserve #1. :P

  11. It’s one of my all time favorite games. I can’t wait to see Super Mario Wii U, Metroid U, Legend of Zelda U, Donkey Kong U and Pokemon 3DS and Pokemon U.

  12. Ocarina Of Time is a great classic, but it is overrated IMHO. As nice as revolutions and innovations can be, I don’t think they’re the deciding factors for how good a game is – that goes to a combination of all in-game elements – gameplay, music, storyline, atmosphere/visuals, etc. I think Zelda (and video games in general) will continue to evolve over time, and will naturally continue to get better for as long as they shall live. :)

  13. If you take away GTA4 on the 10th spot since it’s already number 4 then Super Mario 64 would be number 10..

  14. Ehh, I always thought Ocarina of Time was largely overrated, even at time of release. I simply dont see whats so “near-perfect” about it. It was a great game, but it wasn’t as exciting as something like Super Mario 64. I wouldnt even place OoT in the top 50, let alone anywhere on top.

  15. Ocarina of time will be always #1 for me along with Majora’s Mask. My brother and I played it and it was the best game I had ever played. (yes, I from the awesome Nintendo 64 and SNES generation and I’m proud of it!). In my Opinion, Mario Galaxy 2 should be at the top instead of SMG1, due to its total perfection.

    1. glaxy 2 is probably below I t just because it lacks the wow factor of the original since we’ve already seen it. if the second and the first swapped release dates hen smg2 would be first and smg would be third… probably at least.

  16. Yes! Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite video game of all time. It could be said that I was excited for “Nintendo’s Revolution” for Super Mario Galaxy alone. I still bought a Wii day one and waited eagerly for Super Mario Galaxy to arrive. The game was absolutely breathtaking.

  17. My opinion is Super Mario Galaxy has no right to be in first compared to many other amazing games. It has not storyline or adventure whatsoever. Ever since Galaxy, 3D Mario games have been losing their touch. There is nowhere to explore in those games. It’s just too isolated for me. Yes it was fun, but by Galaxy 2, it got old really quick. That game had even less of a plot. I just wish Mario could be like Mario 64 and Sunshine again(but better). Those in my opinion were the best 3D Mario games.

    1. I don’t even think this is accurate since Galaxy has much more reviews than OoT and other masterpieces.

      1. Jeez. this thing needs an edit button.
        A majority of the reviews are probably slightly biased anyways and aren’t based on other games of different categories so this website is useless.

    2. uuuuuum, Since when do people play and Love a Mario game for its Plot or Storyline??@.@
      Super Mario Galaxy Doesn’t need an engrossing Plot, It’s all about the innovation and Gameplay Mechanics when it comes to Mario.

  18. Yeah everyone play Super Mario Galaxy. The music is brilliant, gameplay is a lot of fun and the graphics is great. And the controls are perfect for the game.

  19. Ah Nintendo Domination continues…
    OoT would be one of my best games ever, if the fucking bosses were harder.
    They are a joke.

  20. Damn! Even though I love the galaxy games, Zelda OOT should be at the top, it seems right. But Damn!!!

  21. It’ll probably go back down into second place before long. SMG2 was up at the top when it first came out too. Not sure what’s suddenly bumped SMG up a few decimals though especially since it’s been out since ’07.

  22. I’m glad something’s finally surpassed OOT. I honestly loved galaxy, and I think Nintendo deserve it. It just goes to show how much more critically acclaimed Nintendo are. They need to make a similar game to galaxy one day.

  23. It’s all Nintendo. All the time. I’ve haven’t played Galaxy yet, but OoT is definitely the best game I’ve ever played. In the context of the time it was released it was extremely impressive. Even now it still stands head and shoulders above most games.

    All 3 highest rated games of all time are Nintendo games. Nintendo is the best. No arguing that point. Leave luck to heaven.

  24. 2 of the greatest games ever, and butthurt Nintendo haters missed out on them for no good reason but for being stubborn ignoramuses *points and laughs at the dumb animals in the zoo* Hate Nintendo, you are so cool for doing so! All the High School kids must love you… Cool!… not.

  25. Wow, what a joke.
    I know TONS of games that are better than Super Mario Galaxy, many Mario games included.
    Best rated game ever… What the hell, seriously…

  26. Ah, Super Mario Galaxy, a Mario game with REAL creativity and charm.

    Unlike that joke of of a game called Super Mario 3D Land.

  27. Finally. Not that I don’t like OOT, I love it. I really do, but OOT was always overrated IMO. I mean seriously. It’s wonderful. But being announced as LITERALLY the BEST GAME OF ALL TIME? Overrated. At least, IMO.

  28. I’m gonna agree that Mario Galaxy was indeed a fantastic game (Galaxy 2 was even better in my opinion)

  29. Don’t worry guys, OoT is still rightfully number one. If you take all the scores for both games that are on their GR pages, add them up and get the average, OoT scores higher than galaxy by something like 0.20%. The only reason OoT has gone down is because a publication that presumably gave it a high score a while back must have recently gone out of business. GR’s aggregate scores only count review scores from publications that are still active, and once inactive they discredit the score.

    I don’t think you need me to tell you that that’s a very poor critical process.

  30. But OOT only has 28 reviews compared to Mario Galaxys 78. If oot and anywhere between 40-60 reviews it would not even appear in the top 10.

  31. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
    Theres a serious fan-war going on here! Allow me to clear it up.
    Ocarina of Time had a MUCH greater impact than SMG.
    However, game rankings ranks based on gameplay, not impact.
    And, yes, Super Mario Galaxy has slightly better gameplay than OOT. So, Galaxy deserves to be slightly higher. Now I love OOT, but to this day, SMG is my personal favorite.

    1. No love for smg2 or sunshine… but if you ask me, sunshien smg2 and smg have been waring for the top spot in the top three for a while, so I agree with you partially!

    2. Yes! Someone finally agrees with me tat SMG is the best! Everyone else I talke dtoo preferred a link to the past or super mario 64.

  32. I personally prefered super amrio 64 over OOT already, but this game is oen hot one, but its not nmy favorite, I agree its better than OOt, but tis second best. the sequel is better, trust me.

  33. And guys, while I rpefer Super mario 64 of Ocarina, any zelda fans would know that Twilight Princess is the beat zelda game look almsot anywhere reliable they say, best zelda game: twilight Princess best amrio game: Galaxy
    one sight said super mario world wa sbest game but thats bull$hit it better than oot and suepr mario 64 but galaxy and galaxy 2 and sunshine?………………………………………………………………………..

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