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Rayman Legends Will Be 80% Platformer In Single Player Mode

Rayman Legends lead game designer Emile Morel has told Game Kult that 80% of Rayman Legends will be a platformer. Morel says that the remaining 20% of the game will consist of touchscreen based levels. These Murfy levels are apparently optional and won’t have to be played to progress in the single player story mode. Rayman Legends will also include a leaderboard, so that you can challenge your Miiverse companions.

40 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Will Be 80% Platformer In Single Player Mode”

  1. So they are basically extra levels and if that’s the case I don’t mind having 20 percent Murphy levels at all.

  2. great news, i was curious how that was going to work in single player. Loved Rayman Origins on Vita so i’m really looking forward to this.

  3. I knew that was the case. After playing the demo I was thinking “This is fun but this can’t be the game.” Then that trailer came and I knew for sure that the game will be mostly platforming. in fact I was thinking Murfy would be optional. Overall it’s nice to have confirmation and while I won’t get a Wii U immediately because I can’t this will be one of the first games I get.

  4. This game is amazing. I went to a wiiu event , and I kept coming back to Rayman legends it was so accessible. Everything about the game oozes greatness.

      1. hehe. Rayman is Kick ass!!! Ubisoft really redeemed the Guy with Origins. I hope Sega can do something similar with sonic :(. Sega should let Nintendo make a Sonic game :D

        1. Sega has been doing good with Sonic recently. Let’s see how Sega fares with the next 3D Sonic, and then we can start judging if he should be handled by Nintendo. :D

          1. I neither agree or disagree with you on that. I disagree because they haven’t made a sonic game so there’s no reason you should judge what doesn’t exist. I do agree because no other game developer company knows sonic more than themselves, just like Ninten knows Mario to a degree that no one else do, naughty dog with uncharted and etc

      2. since when is liking a platformer make you a casual gamer? ever played super meat boy and tried to 100% it? didn’t think so.

  5. Loved the little viking girl level in the demo.
    Running and jumping around to the beat like that was way more fun than it should have been.
    This game is a system-seller, methinks. It’s just that much FUN………

  6. I’m not buying Rayman on Wii U for now. I’m buying New super mario bros U, Zombi U, Darksiders 2, Assassin Creed 3 and Ninja Gaiden 3. I dont even know wich one I will play first. Because I allways finish a game 100% before starting another.. and when I say 100% … its really 100% … like finish Dark Souls with all trohpies. Cant buy CoD black ops 2 now because I know I will be stuck with this game for like 7 months playing like a fucking no life … just like I did during my 6 years a World of WarCraft.

    Oh and I forgot Nintendo Land in the delux set…

  7. This game keeps getting better and better. It will somehow outdo Origins I can just feel it. This game alone should be a reason to own Wii U.

  8. This game gets sexier and sexier by the day ;) Want it, but it got delayed :( Now I have to wait longer to play it…

  9. Everyone should check their local Gamestop for a demo of this, because my Gamestop has one, and I live in a ridiculously rural area. If I have it, you should too lol.

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