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Sing Party Wii U Launch Commercial

Nintendo of America has released a commercial for Sing Party along with its main Wii U console advert. The vibrant new commercial is build around the main Wii U advert and utilises the same backdrop of brightly lit cubes with happy people clutching their Wii U GamePad’s. But this time the action is focussed on those playing the Sing Party game. What do you think to the commercial?

67 thoughts on “Sing Party Wii U Launch Commercial”

  1. I kind of like the cube theme they’re showing off.

    Now time for the ACIII, Arkham City and other trailers to get released.

      1. There are different ads. They have Sony exclusive ones because of the AC III Hardware bundles and exclusive DLC (plus Liberation for Vita) but there are also commercials for all systems.

    1. indeed :\ but the behind the scenes for the commercial made sense now :0 all those…… wannabe apartment boxes…. things…


      1. In retrospect Nintendo’s E3 2012 wasn’t as bad as we made it out to be. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. It makes more sense as we approach the launch. People who like karaoke, this game’s for you.

    1. Notice how all the Nintendo fanboys (not true Nintendo fans) that start flame wars are black… same goes to PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys, nothing but black people as far as the eye can see.

        1. You know by saying “not trying to be racist” does not make you any less racist. It actually points out your racism more.

        1. Awww look at the little whiner who can’t do kung fu.

          Bitch you couldn’t even last a day, my beard would chock you to death

      1. That comment is so ignorant and not to mention makes you sound like u have some issues/fear of black people that you can only face up to while online by saying negative things about them, Cmon men its 2012 open your fucking eyes, n cut that racist bullshit out…..

          1. It has nothing to do with race, really.

            I am a man of one race. Yet, I have been with girls of many different races – white, black, asian, Pacific Islanders, hispanic, and a bunch in between.

            It wasn’t any easier or harder to get one over the other. It’s all about your demeanor, what you say, do, and how you carry yourself.

        1. I’m Chuck Norris, I can say what I want and it makes what my comment means non-racist. I can see your name is pretty accurate, the bitch part I mean because you seem to be having a period HAHA! Now get back to the kitchen and make us men some sandwiches

          1. Yeah… You’re retarded, I thought u were borderline but you’re a full blown retard, lol at the fact that you get online and pretend to be somebody famous….I know now you have no idea how sex feels, just keep on fucking your hands, it’ll be alright kid….LOL

  2. Why is it that has more news than this site its starting to get annoying all this site post is japan sales bullshit that dosent even involve nintendo. Like that shit yesterday about xbox wants wii owners to buy there system. So fuckin what wii was dead 3 years ago with hardly any games other than nintendo exclusives. Another thing is why do people hate action games so much then clame nintendo is doing a great job in the west when thats a bullshit lie. Westerns like me from the usa love shooters and action sports fighting ect. And people who say shooters are over rated get a fuckin grip turn based jrpg is just chess with anime. And this is coming from a nintendo veteran hardcore.

    1. The last story and xenoblade. Both are jrpgs and neither are turn based. And the point of Nintendo consoles always has been for their exclusives. Every Nintendo vet’s gotta know that. First or third party. You’ve got your Mario Zelda and metroids, but also no more heroes, monster hunter is now a Nintendo exclusive (also non-turn based jrpg), madworld, red steel 2, ect. Before the 360, consoles weren’t about multiplats, but the thing about those is, theyre multiplats, so if they’re going onto the other systems in addition to their exclusives, the Xbox could be in trouble next gen. That is, if Sony makes an easier system to develop for and fixes their online, as well as if third parties do well on the Wii U, then everything else will be upscaled from the Wii U base, like how 360 was the base this time (since third parties didn’t do too well on the wii, but did on the 360). We’ll know in about a year and a half if that’s gonna happen. Wow, I went off on a tangent there. But yeah, the reason that might not is because Nintendo generally is all about the first party exclusives, so we’ll see how they do with thirds this time around. Also, I’m from the USA and shooters and sports games aren’t my thing at all. Action adventure, hack and slash, jrpgs, and beat em ups for me. Outside of explosions, guns bore me, buy that’s just me. I do mix it up every now and then though. Limiting to just a few genres gets old after a while anyhow

      1. I understand what u are saying but its just people will tell u its to many jrpg games and no action in other words 3ds isnt for everyone. I do play jrpg but only on snes and even snes was a jrpg jail house but offered something for everone idk. Maybe im talkin to a wrong group of people

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  4. Are the people that are dancing…are they playing the actual game…or are they just dancing? I like how in the behind the scenes thing at E3…they guy said that the audience doesn’t do anything in most singing games (I thought then the audience would also play the game in this one)…but it showed that the audience actually doesn’t do anything in this game either. This is the worst game ever created.

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