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Ragnarok Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game

Kazuki Morishita, CEO and President of GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that they’re busy developing a Nintendo 3DS title. Morishita wouldn’t be drawn into revealing precisely what the game will be, other than it’s for Nintendo 3DS.

Are you considering to make games for other platforms maybe 3DS, as well?

We would like to focus making games for smartphones as well as portable devices. Right now, the current development status there are a lot more games for the mobile platform.

I can’t tell you the title just yet, but we are developing a title for the 3DS.

37 thoughts on “Ragnarok Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game”

  1. Ragnarok Oddysey for PS vita is supposed to be Generic and repetative. But has really Mixed reviews. Lets t hope this 3DS game is a little more solid.

      1. Yeh. 72 is definitely worth your money.

        IGN can be real D-bags sometimes. Their reviews can affect sales in the 10’s of thousands and beyond.

        1. Their review for the game was absolutely terrible and a testament to why nobody should bother going with their opinion(s) alone.

          Read multiple reviews and even the user ones if you need to make decisions on purchases.

          1. Just read the ign review and i completely agree with you, IGN is like cancer bullet’s to the eyes and ears.

          2. I like IGN reviews , But I like Rich George and Audrey drake more than anyone else on the site. Lucas M thomas is good aswell.

            IGN’s sony team love the ps3 but seam to hate the vita and keep blasting it becuase the graphics are not as good as the ps3. They could say the graphics are amazing for a handheld but instead they say they are not as good as the ps3 :S

        1. I seem to be the only person on the planet who actually liked shadow the hedgehog. shame, it was a good game. in my opinion atleast.

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