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Nintendo Land UK Commercials

Nintendo UK has uploaded a bunch of short commercials for Nintendo Land. The adverts are just short snippets of what gamers can expect to play come November 30th. Do you think they’ve made a good job of showing off the new console and the attractions that Nintendo Land offers?

72 thoughts on “Nintendo Land UK Commercials”

          1. You have the traditional ”Roast Dinner” which is fucking amazing. You have Hot pot’s , Steak and ale pie , Casserole . The list just keeps going on and on.

            I love food from all over the world , but believe me UK has some really excellent food. The best food is the posh food not the common food.

                      1. is there 1 US dish?? you all came from other countries less than 400 years ago! i suppose pizza, taco’s and sushi are US dishes? lol. you will never beat an ulster fry, or Irish stew! :D

        1. Not bad, not bad. One of many commercials about nintendoland. Wish they showed the multiplayer component of the game, but Nintendo knows what they’re doing.

      1. Major props go to Nintendo of Europe. This shows proof that you don’t need cube rooms to make an epic Wii U commercial. Mr. Reggie, continue taking names on your notebook if you kindly please.

            1. I love japanese womes, games, animations,folkloric music ,pop music,history and will to progres in other country would have recover so fast from a natural disaster and almost nuclear meltdown my respect to all your people

              1. To be more exact, I’m half Japanese and from Canada however I am currently an exchange student in Japan. I love Japan a lot too.

      2. …. a shitting session… so you mean to say that while we play the Wii U in another room, we can go to the bathroom and take a shit… … so.. you’re taking a shit while you do the voice over for the commercial?

        1. There should be an advert with some poop noises and the guy is playin NSMBU on the gamepad then he looks down and says ”yep , I’m taking a shit”.

          1. .. i think that’s why it’s got crude humor listed with the rating of the game. I mean, it kinda goes with the game to begin with since you gotta chisel your teammate outta toy shit lol

        1. I don’t think so.. This commercial sucks, it made the wii u look very stupid – and im not from america so don’t argue with me

      3. xbox live keeps on sending me emails advertising their games and services after I canceled and traded in for wii u. it’s a little funny, but if it keeps up, it’ll go in the spam folder. :)

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