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Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Is Now Playing

Walt Disney Pictures’ Wreck-It Ralph is now playing in theaters. The film features cameos of many familiar video game characters, including Doctor Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*bert, Pac-Man, Frogger and Nintendo’s Bowser from Super Mario Bros. IGN awarded the film with a 9.5/10 and called it “the best video game movie ever made.”

Wreck-It Ralph is not only the best animated film of the year, it’s the best video game movie ever made. Filled with wit, heart and nods to games ranging from Q*Bert to Gears of War, it is a movie for gamers by gamers, but the story and execution are so brilliant you don’t need to be a game fan to enjoy it.


62 thoughts on “Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Is Now Playing”

  1. Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!! I know Mario and Luigi aren’t in it, so i’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any other Nintendo characters (hoping for Samus).

      1. No, the people who made the movie already said nintendo was asking for too much money for Mario and Luigi to be in the movie. If you’re talking about the bar tender, he’s from a different game. I looked it up.

  2. My little bro is in for a treat. I’m going to use him to cover up the fact that I a 21 year old am going to the cinema tomorow to see this.

          1. I thought I was the only one who liked that song! It seems the most remembered song from that movie was Make a Man out of You

  3. Checked my local cinema listings for it. Nothing. Looked further.

    Feb 2013. Coulda at least stated that it was playing in America.

  4. That poster us kinda misleading. Makes it appear as if sonic is a major supporter character. Guess this is how they’d paid off in letting Ralph be in Sonic and all stars racing transformed

    1. I think it might be a fan made poster. They would never put Sonic over Ralph. Ralph is the main character and they want him to be recongnized as a great stand-a-lone entity. They want RALPH to be the famous one here, not Sonic… :P

    1. Im personally excited!!! Disney rocked the Avengers movie so if the Star Wars ones have even a hint of the action and comedy in their Marvel movies than they will be fantastic!!! P.S Are these the ones where Princess Leia GETS A PINK LIGHTSABER!?!? :O

      1. I’m pretty sure Leia gets a blue lightsaber, then again, I never read any of the books, just read stuff on star wars wiki pages xD

        1. Leia lightsaber!?!?!?!…. I’m just kidding. I knew she got one. I just forgot and remembered off these comments and now I am EXCITED!!!

  5. I just came home today from watching Wreck-It Ralph and I must say it was and will always be


    Omigosh I love this movie! The amount of video game refs, so many awesome refs that it’s an gamers dream come true!

    And I must say that I love Vanellope (the little girl) she’s SUPER hilarious I must say, and everybody else was great too!

    All in all, this movie ROCKS!

    I also loved the short animation before the movie began. At first I thought it was made in 2d animation but is actually 3d but looks 2d as well! I’m impressed at what Disney has created…Bravo!

    Now this is unrelvant but…what do you guys think of Disney making Star Wars Episode 7 (I’m not saying they are making it? (I’m saying how you guys would feel if they made it as Disney just acquired LucasFilms)

  6. Sorry, but this movie sucked on all levels. It was pathetic, and catered to adolescents and tweens. The cameos were nothing more than pathetic attempts to hide its weak plot. If you have any shred of intellect, you won’t enjoy it.

    And yet again, IGN WAS PAID OFF.

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