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Nintendo Confirms New Super Mario Bros. U Will Not Run At 1080p

On Nintendo’s website, it once said New Super Mario Bros. U will run at 1080p. Shortly after, Nintendo replaced 1080p with ‘high definition.’ Now, via the updated official site for the upcoming Wii U launch game, Nintendo confirms that the 1080p part was inaccurate.

The previously stated information about video output for this game was inaccurate. The Wii U console supports video output of up to 1080p.

While all Wii U software titles display high definition graphics, resolution for specific titles may vary.

239 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms New Super Mario Bros. U Will Not Run At 1080p”

    1. Exactly. And the game runs at a cool as a cucumber 60fps and looks really beautifull. This pretty much confirms that the wiiu supports upscaled 1080p resoloution which is nice to know.

      It’s not a matter of what the wiiu is capable of like you say, it’s a matter of being launch titles with a very limited amount of time and budget to work with. Rayman Legends is Native 1080p 60fps. And don’t forget NSMBU is native 720p 60fps with 2 screens Running in sync. That shits all over current GEN anyway :).

      Relax guys , Super Mario Universe will be Native 1080p .

        1. I agree , I’m just using ”Super Mario Universe” as an example for what ever the successor to Galaxy may be.

                1. Just a joke. I just think ti would be Epic to have a Mario galaxy HD collection. Throw in Sunshine whilst they’re at it.

                  1. If you get that excited for Galaxy HD imagine Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. I would scream to the heavens in excitement (if it’s worked on in addition to Ratro’s new game that is).

                    1. Sony seem to be taking a lot of ”inspiration” from Nintendo Recently. So I would like it if Nintendo eventualy do the same and release a shit load of HD collections/Remakes. there is at least 50 Games from wii and Gamecube that would be perfect for it.

            1. I’d rather there be a brand new Mario game rather then re-releases of Galaxies 1 and 2 (it would be nice tho if they did but right now we need fresh experiences~ ^^ but deep down I think a HD remake of Mario 64 would make a nice Wii U eshop title~), although the title Super Mario Universe does spark some very interesting game-play ideas, it would make for a huge game, I’d like to see them do something involving the mushroom kingdom, delfino island, outer space, and so much more, seeing as Wii U discs are 25GB on a single layer, there’s no reason for them to not go all out this time and make a truly massive Mario game.

        2. Why 2d mario is great. Ive played New super mario bros wii 6 times all the way through; its a lot of fun with youre family or friends. I hate how you take the game down ifs actually quite good almost every single reviewer believes so ( go check).

          1. none of us are talking the game down, just most of us want a new 3d mario experience, New Super Mario Bros. U is going to be a great game, just most like me want something brand new.

    2. I think the don’t want the game in 1080. Many third party games are in 1080. Maybe they’re saving the 1080 for console after Wii U for a bigger difference in visuals.

      1. WTF?!?!?!?! That would be the most retarded thing Nintendo could do this generation. Besides, the next gen standard would probably be 4K since it would probably be MUCH cheaper by then.

        1. It wouldn’t be that stupid I mean 720 and 1080 don’t look that different and I don’t think TVs are going any higher then 1080 resolution. So when the console after Wii U comes out the nintendo games would look better while ever other game looks the same…… or it could be a dum idea like you said.

            1. Dude that sony 4K tv is over 20k. What’s the most they could drop within 5-6 years? 100k?

              Plus sonys new system dev kits just emerged yesterday, so its prety likely that the next gen isn’t moving to 4k just yet.

              Maybe the 9th Gen of consoles.

    1. What. Most games are 720p standard…. Can’t say it’s better than most. You can say it is as good or equal to most.

      1. No most games are sub 720p that are upscaled to 720/1080p the only true 1080p titles are on PC and (Wii U at launch)

            1. So you can’t, means you’re a pathetic liar of a Nintendo fanboy who under no circumstance should ever be discussing benchmarks of any kind unless he has the data to back up his claims.

              1. It’s Native 720p as we all know. Is 60FPS cus that is the benchmark of the series and HAS been stated by Nintendo themselves (not rooting for article) and Does indeed Display 2 syncronized screens. If that seems so impossible to you why Did the Creator of Rayman Legends say that the wiiu can EASILY do 1080p on the TV 60FPS and 60FPS on the gamepad at the sametime????


                And NO , I will not dig out that Micheal Ancel statement. It’s on this website buried beneath weeks of News .

                1. I’m waiting for the explanation on what the fuck does this have to do with what the PS3/360 can do in a situation where a second screen supplements gameplay.

                  Surprisingly, that still has not been answered.

                    1. This guy is relentless.He is irrelevant to the news and needs to shut the fuck up.

                      Hello,my house has experienced hurricane sandy and doesn’t have light.I am doing this in my relative’s house.

                  1. You know for a fact the 360 and ps3 can Barely Run Native 720p above 30fps.

                    Less than 5% of the ps3 and 360’s library is Native 1080p. And Ridge Racer looks like fucking Horseshit and so do those few other psn games.

                    So if you were to add in a second syncronized screen like the Gamepad which requires Asymetric Dual Rendering of 2 Images at once.

                    How could that possibly work ???

                    1. Are you really this fucking vacuous?

                      Back up your claims with statistical evidence and benchmarks, not guesswork. If you can’t, you are wrong and bullshitting until proven otherwise.

                      1. There is a website for all the ps3 and 360 native resoloutions. And there is like 10 games with 1920×1080 rendering.
                        All the shovelware is less than 720. A lot of Normal games are less than 720 IE GTA4 and CoD etc. And most Average 720p no AA 30FPS.

                        1. Bollocks? Fine, you chose to embarrass yourself. :)

                          Here’s quite a few:

                          Cars Mater-National = 1280×720 (QAA), 1920×1080 (QAA)
                          Fifa Street 3 = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Full Auto 2 = 1920×1080 (4x AA)
                          God of War: Origins Collection = 1280×720 or 1920×1080 (no AA), 3D is 1280×720
                          God of War Collection Volume II = 1280×720 or 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Ico = 1280×720 or 1920×1080 (MLAA)
                          Marvel: Ultimate Alliance = 1280×720 & 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          MLB09: The Show = 1280×720 (2xAA) or 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          NBA07 = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          NBA08 = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Ridge Racer 7 = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Sacred 2: Fallen Angel = 1280×720 (sub-hd output) or 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920×1080 (2x AA)
                          World Series Of Poker 2008 = 1920×1080 (2xAA)
                          1942: Joint Strike = 1280×720 (4xAA) or 1920×1080 (2xAA)
                          Blast Factor = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Commando 3 = 1280×720 (4xAA) or 1920×1080 (2xAA)
                          Echochrome = 1920×1080 (2xAA)
                          Elefunk = 1920×1080 (4xAA)
                          Fat Princess = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Go Puzzle = 1920×1080
                          High Velocity Bowling = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Locoroco Cocoreccho = 1920×1080 (2x AA)
                          Pixel Junk Monsters/Racers/Eden = 1920×1080
                          Rocketmen = 1920×1080 (2xAA)
                          Stardust HD = 1920×1080 (no AA) or 1280×720 (4xAA) post-update
                          Sudoku = 1920×1080
                          Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection = 1920×1080 (no AA)
                          Wipeout HD = dynamic-framerate-dependent 1080p framebuffer (1280×1080 to 1920×1080)
                          Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 = 1920×1080 (2xAA)

                          1. Thats a load of horse shit lol. Lots of those game are either or. What does that even mean ??? they are rendered in dog shit and support 1080p upscaling ???

                            poop. I’ve scanned the official Rendering List’s my self bro.

                          2. So fifa street 3 and tekken 5 are Native 1080p ??? but Fifa 13 and Tekken Tag 2 are 720p ??

                            I smell horse shit.

                          3. This guy is some incredible new force of stupid never before seen in my life.

                            It’s called settings, you may have heard of them in games. But I forgot you’re used to Nintendo consoles in standard definition, so you wouldn’t actually know this.

                            1. Good list Aeolus. Really just made me think you’re even stupid. Who cares if Mario doesn’t play 1080p as long as my tennis, bowling, poker, and sudoku games do. I’ve been bitching for years that there’s no 1080p sudoku games. Moron.

                    1. What are you even going on with? Nobody is talking about second screen (supporting device) resolution. Even then, you’re still wrong as the Gamepad only outputs at 480p, which isn’t even HD.

                      1. i want you to answer one question .. just one question .. if you don’t like nintendo why do you comment here ???? why the fuck do you care ?? if you don’t like it don’t give a shit about it !!! let us ( the nintendo fans ) talk about this and go say your bullshit in a sony website damit

                        1. Because he has nothing else to do.Don’t waste your time,does kinds of questions he doesn’t respond to because he doesn’t have the balls.

                      2. Well, he was actually talking about second screens, if we look at the comment in question;
                        ‘ with 2 screens Running Syncronized’, although I admit I forgot the gamepad only displays 480p.

              1. No need to be this aggressive. This is why there is a variety of titles to choose from at launch day – to cater for everyone’s tastes

              2. And he doesn’t give a fuck off what you say either.He might prefer a different type of game,but that doesn’t mean you have to harass and douche.

              1. Haters gonna hate simple enough. Perfectly fine with someone who dosent understand what the series is about and what makes it fun.

            1. ^This
              I have started losing intrest in the series since NSMB2. Now just look at that beutiful Vincent Van Gogh’s inspired level. In my onpinion, it’s one of best art style in the series, yet they recycled the freacking Ghost house level!! That was an automatic turn off for me.

                    1. *No it is a part of the main series. If you think it’s separate than you are fucking retarded. Lol fanboy knows jack shit about his favourite company lmao.

                      Woopee I forgot a space, you fanboys still have by far crappier grammar.

            2. I wouldn’t say they’re shit, but I definitely prefer the 3D Mario titles. Can’t wait to see one of those on the Wii U

            1. Yes, but you’d think since this game is just 2D that it would be the most likely to run at 1080p. I’m quite disapointed that such a simply structured game would only offer 720p!

              1. What difference does it make? I played some beautiful games on the Wii, it wasn’t even HD. People are so spoiled these days with graphics, some of my best gaming experiences are from the SNES/GBA, and they have shit graphics compared to nowadays, but are the games any less fun? No. So consider yourself lucky that the game is in HD at all, and just enjoy the damn game.

                1. This is true. It’s about game play. Super Mario world. A link to the past! Look back at the film quality of the godfather, are you going to say it was a bad movie because of picture quality??? You better not, you will end up with a damn horse head in your bed if you do!

          1. That’s all well and good… But didn’t they say a month ago that the reason miis were used instead of other characters was because of the 1080p resolution? Correct me if I’m wrong?

          2. Native 720p 60fps upscaled to 1080p with the Gamepad Running in Sync at 60FPS is beyond the PS3 and 360 at launch. That’s all I have to say.

            Rayman Legends will be 1080p 60fps 2 screens at once like Micheal Ancel has stated Numerous times.

            1. Because the 360 and PS3 are perhaps 6-7 year old technology and last gen? It would be sad if the Wii U didn’t do better.

              1. Yeh it would and you’re right. That’s my point.

                Dont forget the ps3 cost $800 at launch and was at least 2-3 years ahead of its self.

                1. $800 to manufacture* …. I’m not boasting lol I have the Sub HD twins right here , I’m just saying that Native 720p 60fps 2 screens at once is pretty much impossible for the last GEN.

              1. Micheal Ancel = ”The wiiu can easily do 1080p 60fps on the TV and 60fps on the gamepad at the same time”

                This guy is such a troll people , Don’t be a Gaelous.

                1. Troll? You can’t even fucking prove that the 360 and PS3 would have trouble doing the horseshit you preach like a mindless Nintendrone.

                  You’ll do anything to make the Wii U seem like the shit, even if that means outright lies.

                  Conclusion: You’re a fucking faggot.

                  1. Your butt = seriously hurt.

                    You will (DO) do anything to make the wiiu look inferior to what ever shit it is that you exclusively play.

                    You’re the one always attacking it. The truth is the wiiu is technically leaps and bounds ahead of the ps3 and 360 and that is no fucking suprise. And what else isn’t a suprise is that the Durango and Orbis will probably be quite a bit ahead of the wiiu, at least on paper anyway.

                      1. Randy Pitchford Gearbox = “The Wii U is a next-gen system, so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. It’s up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they have not revealed all of the details yet. So far we have been thrilled with it [the Wii U] and it’s clear to us that the best looking console version of the game is going to be on the Wii U.”

                        Micheal Ancel = ”1080p EASILY 60fps on TV and 60fps on Gamepad at same time” in contrast to the ps3 and 360 struggleing to go above 720p 30fps.

                        Ubisoft Leak = AMD radeon 6770 DX11 GPU.
                        2GB of RAM >>>> 500MB RAM

                        A tablet controller with a screen >>> a normal controller.

                        1. So, where are all of your sources for this with the exact quotes? This is the first time I’m seeing confirmation of a GPU in the Wii U and that garbage with the PS3 and 360. Source, now.

                            1. You’re really fucking gullible.

                              First off, no way in hell some random support employee from AMD knows what the GPU is and would outright break a non-disclosure agreement to somebody just asking that question via e-mail. Also, the E6760 isn’t even a good GPU by any standard.

                              Secondly, the IGN link has a few lines that very clearly say:

                              “According RUMORS about details leaked by a Ubisoft employee just before E3 2012, the console uses an AMD Radeon HD 6770 and supports DirectX 11”
                              “Note that none of this is OFFICIAL from Nintendo”

                              Keep trying, though.

                              1. The 6670 is a great GPU for a console compared to the dated ones in the 360 and ps3.

                                Iwata Confirmed it’s a GPGPU which the 6670 is and is specialised in running multiple screens at once.

                              2. The 6670 is an absolutely shitty GPU by today’s standards. That thing is powering a next-gen console? You must enjoy how Nintendo limits future multiplatform titles.

                                Nobody cares how marginally better it is than what’s in the PS3 and 360, the thing sucks today and the next-gen is probably coming 2013-2014. That isn’t even a recommended GPU for budget gaming PC builds. Freaking BUDGET builds.

                                By the way “running multiple screens” at once isn’t a feature, dipshit.

                                1. It’s specialised at Running multiple screens dipshit.

                                  How is a DX11 GPU which is basically on PAR with the leaked Durango GPU shit ??? feel free to explain. See RTU and IGN for details.

                                  1. Typo. They are not crap they are almost identical to that of the xbox 720 according to the 60 page document leak that microsoft ripped str8 off the NET.
                                    They’re much more capable than current GEN , which was the original spat.

                                    1. The xbox 720 is rumoured to have a near identical card according to the 60 page document leak on IGN.

                                    2. Let’s see here. I got to try a Wii U demo. It was FUN as HELL. Conclusion. The system is fun and no one but a couple of you but hurt weenies care about the exact specs. So both of you, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMB ASS FLAME WAR.

                                      1. Specs don’t matter ??? Well i want the wiiu to be as powerfull as possible and for it to get great third party support for the next 5-6 years.

                                      2. Lol aelous say that the wiiu 6760 is a rumor but also says that the wiiu gpgpu is weak wich is also a rumor wich also means that he is retarded and confirms it

                                        1. it’s not weak , its far ahead of 360 and ps3 and is on par with rumoured 720 chip :)

                              3. aeolus i will fucking come to your house and murder you if you do not stop posting this bullcrap you have been wornd ps im not seruse

                              1. sorry iv been possesd for the intirer time iv been posting comments i love nintendo wiiu and all games for it will be asowm of no satan is possesing me agein wiiu sucks no it relly doeent em being forced to right tehs bullsi=hit comments

                          1. Yeah, so we’ll be an Aeolus instead? Erm…nope. Can’t do that. I don’t live in my mum’s basement spending every waking hour spewing crap on forums

                          2. nintendward3Dswiiu is one of the only smart people oh and trollers shut up i just want to talk about games not have some asshole 8 year old insalting me

                      2. I’m not as excited for this Mario title but keep in mind that the Mario “Galaxy ?” will once more reign supreme until Zelda HD drops a Lil’Boy on the industry once again.

                      3. Just because New Super Mario Bros. U won’t be presented in 1080p doesn’t mean that I can’t have playing it. At least it runs in as smooth as silk 60 frames per second. You simply cannot let a good franchise character, like Mario, down…. even when it’s not in full high def 1080p.

                        1. New Super Mario Bros is old and boring and should just hurry up and die.

                          Nintendo should focus there efforts on more 3D Mario games if anything.

                          Better yet. Time for a New IP.

                            1. We’re giving gamers a bad name? I lold so damn hard at that!

                              I think you die hard loser fanboys are the real joke. You get all excited when it’s 1080p and then suddenly LOVE the graphics and when this “next gen” system launches with a bunch of 720p titles you get all defensive.

                              1. Why the fuck you care is any 1 asking you for money to buy it? I swer some ppl behave like religius extemist that will bomb your church if the same god have a diffrent name

                                1. 1) Learn to Spell.
                                  2) The only extremists here are you Nintendo fanboys. We say one thing Negative and you go all butthurt.
                                  3) Stop riding Nintendo’s dick.

                                  1. First i spell how ever the fuck i want
                                    Second If im a nintendo fanboy i am in the correct place to be
                                    Third if i ride any dicks thats a problem betwin me and my ass
                                    Fourth is not my foult that in australia dont let people buy the games they want because your goverment think that by letting you play gta you will be returned to your ancestors ways of stealing murdering and pillaging

                                      1. 1.Don’t provoke fights,you have been doing it a lot.
                                        2.If you don’t care about the nsmb series then don’t bitch about it
                                        3.This commenting section has really been tainted.When I first came here I didn’t comment.Then I tried to get peace.Now the trolls are more then ever.We really need to clean this place up,and I can use someone like you.
                                        4.Guys, when aeolus comments IGNORE HIM!He will tire himself out like ness did i my 3ds blog and news.

                            1. So there’s only 4 games in the Super Mario franchise?

                              Stupidity is strong with this one. New Super Mario Bros is apart of the main fucking series.

                              IT’S OLD BORING AND SHIT. Nintendo need to make a new fucking IP.

                              1. Oh so you’re including Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as the four New Super Mario games?
                                My god, there’s so much repetition! How can any of us stand it?!?!?!

                                Besides, I was obviously referring to the New Super Mario Bros games, not the entire Super Mario franchise. No need to get pedantic and make out I’m an idiot, that’s just pathetic.

                                  1. Yep. Nothing about it was new. it was just shit. The idea was old and used. It’s just a better looking longer version of Super Mario Bros. It’s OLD AND BORING. It isn’t innovative and the fact you’re trying to defend it makes you look like an embarrassment.

                                    Stop defending such a dick company. For how advanced technology is, theres is just a joke. You fanboys need to realise Nintendo will always fall behind in the main console race.

                                    1. But games like COD, Street Fighter, Tekken, Halo, they’re all still fresh and exciting, right?
                                      Like it or not recycling is part of the gaming industry. If I enjoy a game (as I enjoy Mario games) then why shouldn’t I play it even if it’s similar to it’s prequel? No one is forcing you to play Mario, go enjoy your other recycled games if you find it boring.

                                        1. He wasn’t comparing them gameplay wise.He was comparing them in a different way.Stop getting butthurt people(talking to everyone then).

                                    2. jellybean what the hell are you talking about nintendo is always going to be better then every other commpeny in the main console race oh my gosh if were idout fan boys then your a mindless troll take that

                      4. im just happy to see mario in HD and if you read it is “While all Wii U software titles display high definition graphics, resolution for specific titles may vary” so at least the wii u can do 1080p native so that great news everybody just enjoy the games.

                      5. Didn’t think it would! With this type of game, they probably thought it was unnecessary to do so, thus saving resources.

                      6. Really? I thought it would be capable of doing so. It doesn’t look like a game that would stress the Wii U’s power too much.

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                          1. Who said anything about the Vita you prick? It’s a non sequitur. You trolls gloat like a bunch of children who got more candy than their sibling on Halloween and now that the Wii U is not living up to your hype, you’re left with egg on your face.

                            As for calling me a drone? Pot, meet Kettle.

                            1. I’m an equal opportunity gamer. It’s these turds on this site who can’t deal with people who like many consoles. Not just Nintendo.

                              1. I have owned each console and handheld this gen i know what are there plus and lows but i dont go to the competitors sites to tell them what they bought was the incorrect choice, i dont see catolics entering a muslin church and telling them they are wrong or the musling doing it,it just a small group of social outcast that are doing it

                              2. Of course your going to find people like that,it’s MY NINTENDO NEWS= a nintendo site for nintendo fanboys.On the vita blog(i go there to see how the competitor is doing)the people bash nintendo 24 seven and there is only one nintendo troll who comes and go.Here there are like 7 relentless ones.See the difference.

                            2. oh great you know what jellybean every one just stop lighsing if we stop talking to the trolls they will lose ther evil satan powers

                      8. Why does anyone give a fuck? Do you REALLY NEED 1080p? I know you all want to see every hair on Mario’s sweet little head, but it’s not that big of a deal. Now, what is a big deal is the game itself still hasn’t given me reason to buy it. Smash 4, and Zombie U are the only games I know of for the Wii U so far that interest me. (Which is why I won’t buy a Wii U until Smash 4 has a release date) 1080p is the least of this game’s worries….

                        1. “Why does anyone give a fuck? Do you REALLY NEED 1080p?’
                          THESE FOOLS DO!!! also from what i seen the wii u gamepad is what force so devs to go 1080 to 720 to support co op, also the launch time they have.

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                      10. most games later in the year would be probably 1080p but for now the small but good titles would run at 720p.The bigger titles like another 3d mario game or zelda, f-zero etc will most likely to run at 1080p.
                        In my opinion the wii u is the best idea ever, i have a wii,360,3ds,and a ps3.Out of all those i have way more and longer enjoyment with the nintendo consoles.
                        * typed on my 3ds*

                      11. Do not feed the trolls of Aeolus a.k.a. Amir Stuart a.k.a. Meg and his boyfriend Jellyfish. All they do is create bullshits and shenanigans. If they want to be all jelly and shit, fuck ’em and let the cowards be. By the time the Wii U is released on November 18, we’ll be too busy enjoying the games.

                          1. There are maybe 5 games at launch that are ports of games more than a few months old. The rest are either exclusives or multiplats. Don’t exaggerate, it’s so unflattering and makes you look desperate.

                            1. 7 I’ve played, 2-3 more I will have played before release of the Wii U (Half the list gone). There’s maybe 2-3 good games left out of that list that are left that would actually be slightly appealing. The rest is just casual shit I wouldn’t even want to touch witha ten foot pole. Shut the fuck up you joke of a fanboy.

                              1. Oh I’m such a fanboy for being realistic when it comes to stating facts.
                                007 Legends, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 are ports. Others like Assassins Creed 3, Black Ops 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, they’re multiplats.
                                It’s all very well and good for you to have played them already, no one is making you wait for the Wii U versions. But for gamers like me who don’t own a PS3/360, or gamers who want to wait for the Wii U versions, why shouldn’t they? Would you complain to an Xbox owner that they should be getting the PS3 version of a game? No, because that’s stupid, let people get the versions of the games that align with their console ownership/desires.

                      12. It’s not just the resolution that counts, it’s also how the graphics are used and implemented. With games like Donkey Kong Contry Returns and Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, the Wii has already shown that a carefully-made SD game can look far better than a rushed HD one. The higher resolution just makes it easier and adds potential if done right. :)

                        1. “At least its not up scaled 540p like everything on 360 and PS3.”

                          @Anonymous, You’re an uneducated piece of shit with the intelligence of a caveman. Listen you prehistoric fuck, you need to get with the times — It’s 2012. You have an unlimited supply of information at your fingertips — use it shit head.

                      13. It sure would be nice if I could get info about the games I’m interested in and talk about them with other fans without a bunch of twelve year olds acting like complete retards. I’m really starting to doubt whether there’s more than five people on this website that’ve gone through puberty.

                      14. And lets not give Aeolus such a hard time. He’s clearly just frustrated that he’s never had a girlfriend and still lives in his mom’s basement.

                        1. Your name,are you a magic the gathering fan?if so i say you may be a red deck user? Maybe red and blue controll deck,red black destruction(my fave deck color combination that color deck has killed more akromas than a wrath of god XD)

                          1. Ha ha, you’re the first person that’s ever picked up on that. I used to play a lot of CCGs back in the day. I started using that as my handle 15 years ago and just never changed it. I still play once in a blue moon. I prefer blue/black/artifact. I’ve got a deck of that format with ZERO rares in it that always schools everyone.

                      15. this simply…… SUCKS!!! lower than 1080p on my rooms 1080p led 240hz tv… god its going to bring ke down as bas as when I tried hooking up my N64 on my first hd tv…

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                      17. I.Dont.Care. Mario titles can be what ever graphics 180, 720, I dont care. As long as Nintendo makes Zelda and Metroid in 1080…. when they come out with those games I will melt of excitement!!! :D

                      18. Didnt nintendo confirm at e3 the 1st party games would all be 720p so whats the issue a simple pr mistakr on a web site so what its a typo get over it it has nothing to do with wkiu power only thkse in sony branded clown shoes wud say such a thing rayman legends is 60 frames x 2 and native1080p and the graphics rendered twice 480p second screen 7x 480p and 120frames and 2 screens and graphics rendered twice over thats way way above ps3

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                      20. Graphically the game doesn’t look impressive anyway, so it’s to bad that it runs at 1080p, but still this is a 2012 new console, it should be able to run games at 1080 without any problems at all.

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