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New Super Mario Bros U Launch Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded the first New Super Mario Bros U commercial ahead of the game’s November 18th launch in North America. The trailer was shot at the same time as the first Wii U console commercial and the Sing Party commercial. Nintendo confirmed earlier today that the game won’t be running at a full 1080p.

67 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Launch Commercial”

    1. Yeah, that’s what I thought as I watched this commercial too. But I was disappointed that Nintendo didn’t clarify that the Wii U and the Wii aren’t different systems. Most of these commercials will reach an extremely casual consumer audience.

      1. They can always check on Nintendo’s website and learn more about the Wii U and what it looks like. The more they know, the better they will completely understand about Nintendo’s new generation console. You’ve made a good point overall, Zok. I’m sure most of the casual gamers understand the Wii U all the more better.

    1. That’s really Ubisoft’s job when it comes to advertisements, but I do agree that Nintendo should do a chain of commercials for the group of gamers buying the Wii U to play games like ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, or Assassin’s Creed III–all of which are very highly anticipated launch titles for the Wii U.

      I’m not gonna get either of those games after changing my mind about it last night.

      I have a ton of Nintendo 3DS games to catch up on that I just bought anyways. XD

  1. These commercials have really grown on me.

    After watching all of them several times, the dubstep beat is stuck in my head, and I’m seeing the neon-blue tiles that represent the letter “U” EVERYWHERE I GO! It’s strangely…hypnotizing. o.o

    I…I…I want more…give me more, Nintendo…give me more dubstep…

    1. Definitely not dubstep. First of all dubstep is a variation of breakbeats. This is written in 4/4 time and would be classified as electro-house. Crappy at that too.

      1. well the greatest bands ever started on 60s and 70s, like PINK FLOYD, but in my opinion their best albums were around 80s, and some managed to make some masterpieces later, like david gilmour.
        i leave you this gem enjoy :_ )

    1. Only old people like 80’s music…. and 60’s and 70’s. Now it is Hip Hop! Rap! Pop! Electonica! Dub Step!…. In my opinion. Music has gotten better(IN SOME CASES) In a lot of other fields…. music has gotten a LOT WORSE. Rap= disgusting and awful for example. There are some great Pop songs though that will probably last a life time. Not all!!! EX:) Call Me Maybe…. the song makes no sense and repeats lines for ever and ever…. awful.

    1. I don’t even have to follow the link to know what you’re talking about (and I haven’t seen the commercial since the game originally came out).

      It is quite possibly the most memorable Nintendo commercial of all-time! <3

  2. I don’t care that its not 1080p. The fact that its standard HD is good enough. All I’m really praying for is if they’ve used new music aside from the mushroom heights level with the singing Yoshis

  3. two weeks before the Wii U. I have to play more Wii game I never played before the Wii U arrive. In two weeks I finished Little King Story, Dead space Extraction and Kirby Epic Yarn… and two weeks before I finished The last story, Xenoblade and Resident Evil : the dark side chronicles. I have to hurry.. because when the Wii U will be opluggen to my TV .. I will concentrate all my game time on Wii U games.. not Wii games anymore.

  4. I thought this system was cool at first but now this just looks like a fucking kids toy …Fuck this shit i aint buying it …nintendo can kiss my money goodbye. i love how they lied about it being a hardcore system and instead of targeting casuals now they are specifically targeting 7yr old kids …

    1. (Y)

      I think I’ll just use the money I put aside for the Wii U to upgrade my PC. Especially since I’ve had so much fun with the Crysis 3 Alpha.

      1. JellyBean… Get the Wii U or else you’ll miss out of some of the best games ever made. Including The Legend of Zelda 2014 game.

      2. LOL! Ness was never a fan of the Wii U to begin with. He is just trolling on the commercial’s page because he is jealous Nintendo is the best videogame company and he trys to get people to think other wise and buy crappy Xboxes and PS3s… and PC gaming… -__-

        1. I have a brother that’s into PC gaming. He thinks it’s all that and now he despises anything Nintendo. In fact, he kept complaining with Skyward Sword’s motion controls because he didn’t have the patience to use the Wii Remote Plus for motion control. Guess what happened to all of his money after just two years of PC gaming?

          Down the freakin’ drain. He has spent over $10,000 in buying a computer, headset, keyboard, mouse, and all of the DLC associated with the games he bought on his PC. The funny part? Most of the games he bought sucks and all I hear from my bedroom is him complaining of TeamSpeak of how much these games suck for the most retarded reasons ever (such as a character being slightly overpowered in Dragon Age II or Diablo 3, the position of an item on the map isn’t EXACTLY in the correct position in the game world, etc.). Yeah, he has no life.

          What’s funny is he hates Nintendo in every way possible, but he totally loves PC gaming and everything that Microsoft and Sony does with their consoles. He even just bought the Vita–a system that’s gonna be the next Dreamcast of portable systems in general and may be the first nail in the coffin for Sony (the final one may be their next gen console if it ends up being as expensive as the PS3 was when it first came out). People don’t like to admit it, but Sony ain’t in any “good” condition at all. Their stocks are even lower than Nintendo’s (a company that relies on their console sales solely) and they have multiple divisions for their TVs, gaming consoles, monitors, etc.

          I’d be surprised if the Vita lasts another year–and I would be really surprised if Sony doesn’t implode within the next five years.

          All I’m gonna say is this: Don’t focus on this generation when comparing game systems to the Wii U. After a couple more years, Microsoft and Sony are releasing their own consoles. You can compare the Wii U to them if you really want to afterwards. For me, I don’t give a crap about that type of stuff usually, but here’s the most realistic situation that is possible for the next generation of game consoles:

          – Wii U: $199.99 to $299.99
          —– Based on how much it is to manufacture the components of the Wii U console packages, it may not be too crazy to think of the price as being $199.99 for its most basic set by the time that the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony come out. This would allow Nintendo to drive their sales further than ever before with a price that the other two companies just can’t beat. Based on how the Nintendo Network Premium deal is turning out, I won’t be surprised if Nintendo will have this turn out to be something like Playstation Plus where members of the service pay to keep it passed the expiration date of the deal.
          – Xbox 720: $399.99 to $499.99
          —– If it has all of the rumored Kinect crap with the console, expect there to be two or three different models–one model will be the console with Kinect (not much built in memory), another model would have no Kinect (same built in memory, making it the cheapest one to get), and the third model would have the greatest amount of memory.
          – Playstation 4: $499.99 – $799.99
          —– This price depends on what Sony decides to use as their primary format. If the next Playstation is 4K compatible, then we are definitely seeing a system very high in price for the next generation of consoles. However, Sony has stated they won’t make the same mistake twice, so they may not go with 4K due to how much a feature such as that could markup the console’s price.

          Here’s the problem–if Microsoft and/or Sony announce that their next-gen consoles are all digital-only, you can bet that there is gonna be a severe backlash from the gaming community and retailers as a whole. In fact, such a move may even urge retailers not to sell those consoles (I don’t see why they would if they don’t get feel like they can get any profit out of doing so, such as GameStop with their used sales). Like it or not, this gaming industry is NOT ready for an all digital gaming experience yet, and if both Microsoft and Sony cannot see it that way for the next-gen, then they are in for a world of butthurt after they announce their next gen consoles.

      1. when it was first anounced and they said they were going back to the hardcore? which was a BIG FAT LIE , so i thought it was good from the begining you fucking dick sniffer.

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  6. The commercials are getting better. They showed the off TV play and boost mode. This man explains it better than I could.

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  8. Its safe to say the casuals are going no where. I work at target in the electronic dept and the amount of people that ask me if we have the pre orders is crazy. One guy said his whole family been waiting as he knew it would be a matter of time before nintendo released a upgrade.

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