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New Paper Mario Sticker Star Information

New details have emerged regarding Paper Mario Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS. Online gaming publication IGN recently received the opportunity to go hands-on with a near complete build of the game. Here’s some new titbits of information that were discovered.

  • Gather as many stickers as you can fit in your album
  • Use them as you see fit
  • Not all sticker attacks work on all enemies
  • You can’t hit flying guys with most Hammers
  • Can’t use standard jump attack on spiked enemies
  • Sticker Museum has a spot for each sticker in the game
  • You have to find those stickers to fill the museum
  • Receive a prize for adding every sticker type to the museum
  • Collect items like Electric fans, baseball bats, lucky cats, soda and more
  • Have these items turned into stickers
  • Use these stickers to fight enemies or find secrets
  • Paperize scenes to find spots to put these stickers, indicated by purple blotches or red dashed lines
  • Some of these stickers will push the story forward

31 thoughts on “New Paper Mario Sticker Star Information”

      1. Bad news for all AC3 (Wii U) fans. I just got an email from Best Buy regarding my AC3 pre order telling me the release date had changed to 12-31-12. This would at least apply to North America. Not sure about other countries.

    1. To do something different? I mean it seems like they’re blending a mix of gameplay from both Super Paper Mario and the first two Paper Mario games from my perspective and it seems to have mixed results.

      Still wish they didn’t tease us with that Chain Chomp partner though.

  1. Do any of you think i should get this i played the first paper mario but this one looks kind of weird with the stickers and no partners.

  2. Nothing new that we haven’t seen in a trailer, if you played Past Paper Mario or Mario And Luigi games, and just plain sense. Can wait. Also whats the big deal about not having partners (have they even clarified that there is non)?

  3. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not to get this game.
    I like te idea of a mario RPG, and I appreciate different art and gameplay styles, but I just don’t know.
    I’ve never played a Paper Mario. I may yet try this.
    Verdict: Undecided.

  4. This game is a disappointment. I’m okay with all the other changes they made, but removal of the exp system? Really? Whats the point of fighting enemies if you don’t get stronger? This game doesn’t even deserve to be called an rpg. They watered down almost all the main aspects of a paper mario game. Even super paper mario had the decency to have an exp system, even when it sucked balls. Their are better games to be spending my money on then this ridiculous piece of crap.

      1. So … if someone has an opinion that isn’t sucking off Nintendo’s dick, then they’re a troll?

        Good lord the fanboys on this site are a joke ….

              1. I think that probably should say “why” instead of “who”.

                Also, because I can? You can’t exactly attack me for saying it, then go ahead and call me a pussyfag. That just shows Nintendo fanboys are hypocritical.

  5. “You can’t hit flying guys with most Hammers
    Can’t use standard jump attack on spiked enemies”

    Cause I was Totally gonna do those in the first place…, really. I was really gonna use those commands against those enemies…. :x

      1. Also, what the hell is a banning going to do? -_-

        It’s not exactly hard to get back on sites like this.

        Geez, fanboys these days.

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