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Rune Factory IV Localisation Hinted

XSEED has hinted to a fan on Facebook that they may handle the localisation of Rune Factory IV for the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s what the publisher had to say when they were asked whether there’s a chance that they will bring the game to North America.

“Hmmm, we’ve had an itch to work on another Rune Factory game since we loved Frontier so much, so let’s see if we can’t grab a back scratcher somehow…”

Thanks, Jordan

27 thoughts on “Rune Factory IV Localisation Hinted”

      1. I liked tod. I didn’t like that you had to beat the game to get married though. That is basically the only thing that I didn’t really like. All of the dungeons were basically the same and, on the wii, the frame rate would drop when there were a lot of monsters. But other than that it was pretty fun! I have played it maybe 50 hours and still working on beating it.

      1. This!
        I play Rune Factory for the dating sim and RPG-ing and Animal Crossing for the bug/fish hunting and day by day life.

  1. Translation:we earned good money releasing many japanese games on usa and we want more especialy if they are sure hits.
    Ps please bring fantasy live and if square is still dump in not releasing bravely default that 1 also

  2. Why do people keep reporting on this, there is no way that XSeed will localize it, Natsume is quite obviously going to do it, and have already basically said as much, the only reason XSeed localized Frontier was because Marvelous tried to make a US branch and had a contract dispute with Natsume, they branch is gone and the dispute if over, Natsume will localize this game, just as they have localized 4/5 Rune Factory games so far…

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