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Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For 3DS Features Twenty Endings

Peter Ong, creative director of DreamRift, has revealed that Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion will feature twenty endings. Ong says that the 2D platformer features a number of character rescuing and quest missions which ultimately gives the player plenty of optional choices. The choices that you make will then influence the ending of the game. Ong went on to say that there are over 20 different endings to the game.

When we interviewed Warren Spector, he noted that different actions you make will affect the outcome of the game, but currently they look like they’re focused on alternative routes through areas rather than moral decisions. Is this the case?

“The character rescuing and quest system in the game involves a lot of optional choices the player can make. These choices influence the ending of the game. In fact, there are over 20 different endings to the game, and many more ways to influence how the Fortress will grow by the end.”

“Many of the choices that you are presented with through the Fortress quest system involve moral choices. Each of the quests that the characters present to Mickey is based on that character’s individual storyline and motivations.”

“Consequently, you will make choices such as whether to help out a villain character like Captain Hook, knowing that the character has previously plotted against you. It’s up to you to decide whether to help Captain Hook, based on how you feel about what that character has done in the past, and whether the player trusts the character’s current motives.”

40 thoughts on “Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For 3DS Features Twenty Endings”

      1. Wait nvm, you did get different scenes at the end depending on how you defeated the bosses and helped certain characters, but they really weren’t that meaningful.

            1. power of illusion is the spiritual successor to Castle of illusion for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.
              When I was a mere 4 or 5 years old Castle of illusion was one of my fav games. Along with Lion King , Alladin , Echo the Dolphin , Sonic . And of course the SNES games of the time.

                1. The days when Gaming was pure. Same in the N64, Saturn , PS1 days. Things started to go a bit tits up for us Nintendo fans during the Gamecube. But the wiiu looks set to Take Nintendo to unprecedented Heights!!!

                  1. Not that the Gameboy , GBC , GBA , DS , 3DS haven’t already established Nintendo as Gamings World leader.

  1. The game can basically summarized as an Epic Mickey spin off and the successor to the “Illusion” games.

    As long as the quest system isn’t like the first game where some quests are basically impossible to complete and/or result in awkward storytelling such as characters acting like you did something even though you never did, I’m okay with it. I look forward to seeing how different the endings are, although I imagine they’ll just be like the first game where the narration is the same, but what is shown is different.

      1. Oh, was this a comment talking to yourself? Because you fit that description perfectly and I can smell your virginity all the way from here.

  2. After IGN gave a shit rating to one of my new all time favorite sprite-character games, I will no longer be using their reviews in my decisions… (OK, I suppose I never was)

    Code of Princess
    IGN 6.9
    Metacritic 7.5
    Users 8.2
    Me: 8.5

    Obviously, IGN is becoming a review-to-the-highest-bidder company.

    I say this because, like CoP, EP Mickey is also Sprite-based. So don’t expect good reviews from IGN, unless their in bed with Disney.

    I personally can’t wait for te Demo. I’d like to test-drive this game.

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