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Nintendo America Reveals Its Family Friendly Holiday 2014 Wii U Commercial

Nintendo of America has just uploaded its prime advert for the Wii U during the all-important holiday season. The commercial is all about gaming with the family and having bouts of Mario Kart 8 sessions. The bundle advertised is the Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land which is said to retail for $299.99. Let’s hope people make the jump. What do you think to their latest commercial?

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39 thoughts on “Nintendo America Reveals Its Family Friendly Holiday 2014 Wii U Commercial”

  1. This video put so much yay in my eyes. I’ll happily slurp ice cream grapes after i’m finished what I need to do. Watching this video.

            1. Both sides completely fucked the game. Too many camping 11 year old pussies and the game’s continuance of unbalancing and broken re spawn system plus spamming the same shit every 11 months is getting tiresome and I still can’t millions are still buying this shit. Surely proves how many stupid people are in this world: Far too many.

              1. I don’t understand. A new game a year is something to complain about? You know, COD games do take about two years to make(maybe more) but they do have a ton of people contributing to development. Anyways, I doubt the ratio of campers to non-campers has increased much since the start. What has increased though is the cod fan population and by no small amount. The skill level to be competitive has greatly increased because of it. Umm, you’re calling 11 year olds, pussies. How herioc were you at 11? I mean wtf??? I don’t understand why you care about COD if you don’t buy it or play it. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. I havn’t played COD since BO and I couldn’t care less about what they are doing with the series. You know the worlds population is around 7 billion. A few million COD fans does not prove that their are many stupid people in the world, actually using your logic, it proves the contrary.

                1. And look at COD starting from MW2. Respawning is broken, the balancing is shit due to shoving many more complicated OP weapons/perks, map designs are getting lamer, the online community is full of under aged twats and DLC packs are a ripoff.

                  Advanced Warfare had 3, again, 3 FUCKING YEARS of production and still launched with problems such as framerates all across the board and their excuse to make it look “new” is adding exo-suits which behaves too similarly to Metroid Prime’s strafing and high/double jumping mechanics plus trying to be like Titanfall and Black Ops 2 altogether. COD has no innovation left and has no intention to fix its own piss poor programming and balancing problems as well as telling dumbass parents to stop buying those games for kids below 15 years of age when its legal limit is 17.

                  1. I’m not sure what you were replying too but I don’t really care about what they have done with COD or what they have been doing or what they will be doing (well maybe). I am only curious as to why someone that states they don’t play COD, claims to hate “11 year old pussies camping” hates COD, hates COD gamers and thinks they are stupid for buying the game. Follows COD news to learn about about the features of the new ones they release. Can you be specific as to why that is?

                    1. Do you know how difficult it is to ignore COD related news when it’s presenting itself everywhere like a well known hooker? lol And it’s obvious that Advanced Warfare is doing exo suits even if someone isn’t entirely in the loop.

                    2. Okay. But that does not explain why you get so emotional about COD. I guess it’s none of my business. Cheers.

  2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I was expecting something groan-inducing. This was surprisingly okay. I especially the winter-esque theme they have going on.

  3. A simple commercial, thats nice better then that upgrade crap from last year. I do hope they just advertise the system. Something Like This
    “Don’t u already have wii son. No dad this is not a wii, See this U on the box, it stands for something new from nintendo its not wii.” Something like that maybe

    1. More like… Son mimicking mother: “You already have a Wii sweetykins.” Daughter: “Wii U is a total upgrade mother.” Something closer to those lines but I did enjoy the constant showings of that commercial and others for 3D World, for once they were constantly advertising, especially for Christmas. Though Mario Kart 8 had constant showings during the weeks before the release and during the months after the release.

        1. Exactly. Nintendo only shows their shit on cartoon network but got to admit. They showed the fucking shit out of that hyrule warriors commercial

  4. This commercial will not persuade anyone. Mk8 is old and still broken and now it’s hacked. They need to make a commercial showing them fixing a game or supporting their products.

    1. The perfect commercial…

      Nintendo shows a man wearing a toolbelt( maybe a specific plumber or two) looking over the mk8 game disc. Next, they are seen entering a workshop to repair the game. Looking around they see row upon row of new “online” servers being built. They then zoom in on the mk8 disc and its now sparkling. They then zoom out and show some new releases on the way with the caption, we are now supporting WiiU and our games.

  5. I wished that Nintendo advertise Bayonetta 1 and 2, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors on TV at people’s homes more often.

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