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Reggie Will Be Taking Over Twitter Tomorrow To Answer Fans Questions About Upcoming Games

Got a question you are dying to get answered by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime? Well you’re in luck as Reggie will be taking over the Nintendo of America Twitter account to answer fans questions about upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games. Hopefully we will learn something new, rather than the standard PR responses. Be sure to check Twitter at around 5:30 PM ET.

Thanks, Kallum

80 thoughts on “Reggie Will Be Taking Over Twitter Tomorrow To Answer Fans Questions About Upcoming Games”

            1. Lol math is a easy subject for me. However English is the worst imo, I have to do essays pretty much every week. It also doesn’t help that im taking an AP class but I don’t like reading books or writing >_<

              1. Hahaha. Lmao. You struggle with my favorite subject. XD I love reading. Even when I was in 7th grade my teacher said I had a 12th grade reading level. :)

                1. Yeah I’m definitely not the best at reading lmao. Usually I would procrastinate or just stare at the words because they give you such BORING writings to read… Not only that wont even remember what I just read XD.

                  Writing is meh… I mean I’m really good at it; in fact my teachers praise my writings, but because of the large quantities if it I have to produce just aggravates me. In fact I had to do a 3 to 4 pages on how language can be misleading that’s due tomorrow.

                  History is alright tho.

                  1. I love history as well. Absolutely fascinating to learn about all the leaders, countries, and revolutionary wars. One of the main reasons why I’m obsessed with Assassin’s Creed. Hahaha.

                    1. Yeah there’s something about history that fascinates me. I just like how like back then, how everything started and developed for the future generations like us. Plus it amazes me how we are apart of history; essentially repeating itself, and how we are shaping the future to literally repeat the cycle of history.

                  2. You know, some people in my English class really upset me… I see them struggling with words and I swear I just want to yell the answer out to them. Especially when they pause and don’t say anything! I wanna throw a book over there at them sometimes. Lol. Hopefully, you aren’t one of those people that I want to throw books at, Anubis. Right? XD

                    1. No XD

                      I’m litteraly the same way! I get annoyed when people screw up words even if they’re easy to say, but it really aggravates me when they read soooooooo slowly and studders at the same time. I’m a moderately patient person, but come on there are things you should have learned by now.

                      P.S when my chemistry teacher told us to do even problems, one student said what are odd numbers… I almost lost it; in fact most of us did lmfaooo

  1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    Out of Curiosity, are people outside of the United States Familiar with Reggie? because I didn’t know About Shibata from Europe until just recently.

            1. Well that’s one reason but It’s also because people outside America think it’s the best country in the world and they envy us. Trust me. Last year I went to Nigeria for a year(since my entire family come from Nigeria) for the first time in my life. Everyone thought I was rich JUST because I’m American.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Only a few, most do it because they are educated enough to know things outside their own countries…

              1. I don’t know why, but that’s not what I asked. :P (btw, I’m 25% Playstation, 25% Nintendo, 10% Xbot, and 40% PC Master Race.)

                      1. In all seriousness though, after I get out this money problem, I’ll probably just start saving up for PC. I’m not concerned with Nintendo platforms right now, but after I get a PC, I’ll be going after a new Wii U.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          You can’t make up your mind…

                          Come back to me regarding this issue when it comes to it…

                          1. That’s where you’re wrong. Lol. I made up my mind long ago that I would stop buying Nintendo games until I got a PC so it probably doesn’t matter much that I don’t have a Wii U or 3DS anymore. Besides, I was gonna sell them both to get a New 3DS and a new Wii U anyways. :P But you know, there could be a possibility that I might just get tired and not want to buy anymore Nintendo systems. Not saying that I’m gonna betray you for the Master Race… just sayin. I can’t guarantee you I’m gonna buy another Wii U yet. XD

        2. There are so many questions I wanna ask! I’m probably gonna ask if he could buy me a Wii U first then start asking about Splatoon since that’s probably my most anticipated game out of everything they announced! Then maybe about Metroid Wii U but I think someone else will ask about that. Maybe his age? Or how is mom doing! I can’t wait!

        3. Some months ago Retro Studios said they still had business with Donkey Kong so Metroid may not be in development until Retro Studios finish with the Donkey Kong games.

          1. Surely retro is done with Donkey Kong for a while. Tropical Freeze had sluggish sales, but looks promising over the long term. I seriously doubt Nintendo will flood the market with another Donkey Kong game. In fact I know they wont.

          2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

            You’re mistaken. The last utterance working on another Donkey Kong game was July 2013. Tropical freeze came out Feb 2014 and there was no more news from them since.

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        5. I hope someone ask him if Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D will be a longer game than the original. If I had a PC I would ask him but I only have 3DS.

        6. Reggie knows they will ask him important questions so he may have to reveal new things about some games like Zelda U, Majora’s Mask, new Mario games, etc.

        7. Soon it will be 5 years without a new Metroid and even more years without a Metroid portable game. Is there some good reasons Reggie can tell us why they have not made even a 3DS Metroid game?

        8. Yeah I got a few regarding Region Lock being removed, Mother 3, Fatal Frame 4, Metroid’s new game, Super Mario Galaxy 3 possibility, will GameCube and N64 VC games be in eShop very soon, 3DS Miiverse having Friend Request/Message system and universal account system with system-linked purchase system being removed.

        9. “Common, Reggie, give us Mother 3!”
          “How bout this instead?”
          Mother 3 localization AND Lucas as ssb4 dlc character

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        11. Everyone, please come together. Ask for Fatal Frame games to be brought over. Ask for Mother 3. Ask to destroy region locking.

          It’s important. The more people that show interest in these games, the more likely they are to get localized.

        12. Someone please ask him if there is ANY chance a new F-Zero is being thought about? GX was over ten years ago and I am sick of waiting for a new one.

        13. I wish Satoru shibata-san would do the same cause I have some serious question for him. No really I want the bastard to explain to me a lot of things. I would not ask about specifics game but a more global business question.

          – why nintendo is so weak at marketing their game in this territory?
          – the Wii U has been out for 2 years now and nintendo TVii does not work in Europe (hence why I think we are an after thought)
          – Why Europe is always an after thought?
          – Why are you doing DLC (I hate this business model with passion)?
          – Sony and MS managed to offer a free region lock console, how come they managed to do that and you don’t?
          – If the region lock it is to protect some distributor/publishers, do think you should let them down after the lack of 3rd party studio which are also the publishers you try to protect?
          – It has been proven that the core audience of Nintendo are male between 25-49 years old, do you think you should pay more attention to them?
          – Can you avoid the diplomatic talk and let us know why 3rd party decided to give up on Wii U?
          – Shibata-san, why are you so discret and do not put more of your person like this block in America or Iwata-san or Myamoto-san?
          – Are you happy with the sell of the wii U in Europe?
          – Do you need help to market your Wii U? Or say differently do you need idea to noost the sale of the hardware in Europe?

          1. I’m gonna ask him… so many troll questions. Like “When do you expect the Xbox One to outsell the Wii U?” “When will you go back to actually making good consoles again?” “Why did you lie about the Wii U’s game drought?” “Why are you guys still living in the past?” “Why are you milling Mario games?” “Why don’t you go back to flipping pizzas?” *evil laughter*

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