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Super Smash Bros Becomes The Wii U Console’s Most Pre-Ordered Game To Date

Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the Wii U console’s most pre-ordered title to date. Pre-orders for the upcoming fighting game have even surpassed those of Mario Kart 8, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. The Nintendo executive also believes that Super Smash Bros. will drastically improve Wii U sales. The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. launches November 21st in North America and November 28th in Europe. If you have any questions for Fils-Aime, be sure to ask them during his Twitter takeover later today.

“The launch of Mario Kart 8 has essentially doubled our Wii U sales year-on-year,” Fils-Aime said. “Our expectation is that the sell-through for Smash is going to be very strong, certainly on par with what we saw with Mario Kart 8. We think the impact on hardware will be similarly dramatic.”

“Consumers buy the hardware so they can play the software. When you have a robust library of games, that’s when consumers jump in.”

104 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Becomes The Wii U Console’s Most Pre-Ordered Game To Date”

    1. Tis good news for I as well. You see, I believe in balance. Even though I am an Xbox Commander, the success of Nintendo is very important. What shall I play if Nintendo is not making games? You expect me to play thy own games? Or even poverty station games? Please.

    1. Your in denial. Nintendo is fireing on all cylinders. They keep releasing hit after hit. Whoever chooses not to purchase a Wii U now is missing out on Nintendo’s best generation to date.

      1. Hit after hit? Nintendos best generation? Did I just slip into the twilight zone? MK8 is broken. Hyrule warriors is shovelware imo, Bayonetta 2 is not their franchise(and its the best game on their console) they are going to miss an entire generation of the worlds best 3rd person games. I’m not going to argue about this with you, it is a lost cause. You go right ahead and take the blue pill and believe whatever it is you want to believe.

        1. MK8 is a beautifully crafted game and is tons of fun to play, Hyrule Warriors is an addictive game with tons of content to get lost within, Bayonetta 2 is not Nintendo’s IP, like you said, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is an incredibly outstanding and successful platformer, Mario 3D World was so great it won Game of the Year at multiple outlets last year, Pikmin 3 is an amazing third entry to an existing franchise, New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U are great games despite them being based on the New Super Mario Bros formula… doesn’t change the fact that a good game is a good game, plus NSLU is the epitome of amazing DLC, and the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is probably one of the best remakes in video game history…

          We then have Smash Bros coming up for Wii U (which is a GOTY contender), Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (which, if we judge it based on 3D World, will be an EXCELLENT game) and some third party games (Devil’s Third, which looks rad).

          Then next year we are getting the next Xenoblade, Splatoon, freaking ZELDA, More Mario Kart 8 DLC, more Hyrule Warriors DLC, Star Fox, and more (including more third party games and third party crossovers, maybe Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei).

          All the while, I haven’t even talked about the 3DS….

          So yeah, this is Nintendo’s best generation of gaming BY FAR. Nintendo fans are living a dream right now, and it’s only going to get better come 2015.

          1. I guess you’re entitled to your opinion but that’s all it is. So hears mine. MK8 is broken, Item balancing is almost game ruining, people hit boxes and mk8 doesn’t recognize it so the next guy can just get it. When you hit people with an item (especially in battle mode) it doesn’t register a lot of the time, it will show on your end that you hit em though. Mk8 is hacked now. Hyrule warriors is junk. B2 is pretty great. DK is mediocre. 3d world was great but its old now. Pikmin 3 was so easy i beat it in a few hours, miyamoto makes casual junk now. NSMBU and the god awful luigi U are just rehashed shit. Wind waker was great remake. SSB will be great. Toad game looks retarded. Devils Third is shovelware. So a couple of possible good games coming out in year 3, makes it Nintendos best generation? LMFAO. You kids these days are too emotional, this is nowhere near Nintendos best generation. Go look at the game library from past generations.

        2. first of all, mk8 is not broken retard it has some of the best on wii u, same with hyrule warriors. wii u did struggle when it first came out, but now its doing fine. Xbox one on the other hand………

      1. Yes, the “pets” are nintendo fans. Games are like food to gamers. Nintendo is starving their “pets”. It fits like a glove. A couple games a year isn’t exactly eating well. I know your kind though, you will bring up MS and/or Sony even though they are irrelevant to this discussion.

        1. This year is been good so far, i can say it has been better than for Microsoft or sony, no to mention the huge sales that 3ds has idk what you mean by starving i can only see a troll trying to attention like a 5 year old.

          1. I will not tell you that you are starved if you say your not. I just know that if I counted on Nintendo for the majority of my games I would be a “bone rack” right now.

            1. Is rare the person who only buys “Nintendo”, most people play at least two different platforms, the main focus of this site is about Nintendo news, but people play more than one system, it just stupid to bring any other company here cus is totally out of place .

              1. The majority of blogs on this site are non-Nintendo news anyways. Usually, they are about the games Nintendo “wont” get for their platforms. It is not stupid or out of place and before you start calling people stupid you should really consider what that makes you. I have read some of my nephews grade 6 stories and they contain better spelling and sentence structure.

                1. Sorry about the spelling english is not my first language, but i didnt mean to call you stupid, although i do think is out of place saying people is starving with nintendo just because youre getting game in other systems, is just not logically. Youre mixing two different things, people are enjoying lots of new games on wii u and there are more coming, you might not like them and search for something else in other systems, but it doesnt mean the wii u lacks games. I currently have 11 games, and i bought the system back in August, I’ve been playing lots of pikmin 3 NS Luigi bros hyrule warriors Mario kart 8 and LoZ WW. The rest of the games are still new because i havent had the chance of playing them, maybe Wii U isnt you after all.

                  1. You were right to call him stupid, he is stupid.

                    Gamers who use their opinions and personal situations as a basis for fact, like this guy, ARE Ignorant and stupid.

                    MK8 is not broken. It has been brilliantly designed, works fantastically well, is immensely enjoyable to play which millions of people have bought and are enjoying. Sure there are a one or two elements that could do with fine-tuning and tweaking, but broken it is not.

                    1. It is broken. There are a few bugs and a few glitches and exploits. It is even hacked now. Item balancing almost ruined the game. Nintendo will not step up and fix any of it though. Before you call people ignorant and stupid make you’re not being a hypocrite lmfao. You havn’t even played the game you fucking wiitard.

            2. I dont know about you but I have the most wii u games compared to the gamecube at the time I purchased the system. There is too many games own this year. Whether its indie or retail.

            1. I might buy one next year, but im not sure ill be getting the games tho just to make sure they wont go out of print hahaha

              1. Yeah definitely sholdve held off in buying one, now it just sits there but I see it as a long term investment so I dont regret buying it :-)

                  1. Im still getting the last juice out my ps3 i still havent played uncharted 1 & 2 and last of us and i already hit 35 games on ps3

                    1. Sweet bro, dont forget Uncharted 3 if have not already played it and definitely play TLOU such Awesome game..

          1. People like that are a virus apparently. An AIDS level virus at that. You can’t get rid of it & can only fight it… if you even choose to fight it.

        2. I believe your just wrong, flat out incorrect. Nintendo is at thier peak right now. Sales do not define quality. I believe history will remember this generation as Nintendos best generation ever. I can’t imagine when Xenoblade and Zelda U releases. It sounds almost too good to be true. Not to mention all the games they haven’t even released yet.

          1. Nintendo peaked in the 90’s. They are on their way “out” now I do believe. Way too much shovelware on the Wii and now the WiiU. When you target families and casual gamers, shovelware is the absolute worst thing you can offer them.

            1. Shovelware on the Wii U has nothing to do with Nintendo’s quality! Nintendo, themselves, are dishing out incredible game after incredible game… THAT is what gamers will remember generations from now. You can’;t judge Nintendo based on the shovelware that ends up on Wii U. Also, the reason shovelware is ending up on the Wii U is because Nintendo doesn’t want to ban games from their console, because who are they to say a game will suck. They don’t want to accidentally ban a really good and clever game, just because THEY couldn’t see it’s potential. This is why they allow any game on their eshop as long as you become a licensed developer.

              We Nintendo fans are currently playing FUTURE CLASSICS. 3D World is a future classic, DKCR and DKCTF are future classics, Pikmin 3, (and in the future)Smash Bros Wii U, Splatoon, Xenoblade sequel, etc, etc.

              1. What do gamers remember about the Wii? A shovelware box. Think before you speak. Also, Nintendo made it a mission to not allow shovelware on their console which made them what they are today. Again, think before you speak. Now they are going the way of Atari. I’ve seen it happen before. Your opinions need guidance.

          2. Then you add in that we’re getting a brand new HD Starfox game and an exciting new IP in Splatoon. Next year will be even better than this year

  1. I guessbthe reason why i feel the 3ds version is too short(copared with the wii u one) is because they wanna make people feel like is an etire different game, although the 3ds version is (even without an intro lol) really big, the wii u version craps on it jajaja, im getting the bundle and probably never gonna play the 3ds version, is gonna stay in shelf next to the 3ds smash edition .

      1. Damn everybody is getting the Samus Amiibo…….including me lol. I preordered the Samus Amiibo along with the Donkey Kong and Link ones but I’m really waiting for the Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Duck Hunt Dog Amiibos to come….those are the ones I want so bad. I’m so ready for that Smash….9 more days to when REAL GREATNESS AWAITS

          1. LOL!!! Hey is Robin gonna be in the second wave or the third wave set of Amiibos? I know Lucario will be in the 3rd wave

        1. I got Yoshi, if I like how it works I’ll be getting more, the ones you mentioned being some, a Ness one, and a few more.

    1. Wait! There’s a free amiibo deal?Can you please give me info on free amiibo deal like which retailer is providing it and how I can get one?

  2. Of course this is doing well for NoA, becaue NoA doesn’t have to do anything, just sit back and let the brains in Japan do everything.

  3. HYPE TRAIN Smash Bros U! Buy a Wii U the first time in your life>>Play Smash (with 8 players!!!)+BAYONETTA+Zombi U+Pikmin 3+MK8+Deus Ex Director’s Cut(best version of all consoles)+Wonderful 101+Hyrule Warriors+Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze+Super Mario 3D World+Zelda Wind Waker HD+Nintendo Land(5 players!!)+Lego City Undercover(best Lego game so far)!
    Add some Indie diamonds+a few 3rd party games+VC titles.
    Wait for Splatoon, Xenoblade, Captain Toad, Yoshis Wolly World and and and…ZELDA U!
    When will people wake up and recognize the fantastic library of the U?!? No more excuses NOT buying a U!

    1. I feel like more people should have brought Deus ex, Batman and RE revelations(Don’t chew me out idk how well these games sold on the wii u)…I found these games to be really well made ports.

      1. Ok, then we go for more and a bit more mature! I have already some on the list(Deus Ex,Bayonetta,Zombi U),but: Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 3, Dark Siders 2, CoD, Ninja Gaiden, How to Survive, Batman, AC,Sniper Elite, Resident Evil,Tekken Tag Tournament and I forgot Monster Hunter… ;-) PS4 and XOne maybe for so called players, but the U is for EVERYONE! The gates are open! Just entry this fantastic world! ;-)

        1. I’m sorry but that is not a good list. Maybe a few good exclusives in there but still, it is shamefull list for a console that is 2 yrs old.

          1. Nobody said YOU should like. Is it only your nickname or ARE you Lame? ;-P And thanks for wasting your time commenting on a console which is dead…I never thought to comment on a PS4 or XOne blog/news-site: Cause I will comment on things I love! Like the U! And it’s fine that you’re jealous about Smash U: IT IS REALLY A SYSTEM SELLER! And it will do its job… ;-P

          2. The WiiU has the most critically acclaimed games this gen, I own both the Ps4 (Since Launch) and the WiiU and I have logged more hours on my WiiU in the last year, 600hrs on MH3 Ultimate, 50 Hours on Mario Kart 8, 0ver 24 hours on pikmin3, and 30 hours of Bayonetta1/2, these are just games that I can remember off the top of my head then there are the hours logged with my sister playing SM3DW and Wind Waker HD as well as all the Wii games I didn’t get to play that I am now playing, last I checked I was 50 hours into XenoBlade Chronicles and I just completed Metroid prime collection a month back. But Yeah the WiiU doesn’t appeal to real gamers right?

  4. I think this is my first wii u pre order, it’s nice to see this game is as important to everyone else who owns a wii ü.

  5. It will probably be the fastest selling Wii U game to date. It will more than likely out sell MK 8 initially. However I believe MK 8 will sell another million units this Christmas. With Amibos, Smash, and Xenoblade X around the corner, I don’t believe I’ve been this hyped for the Wii U since it’s launch. Trolls and haters are really losing ammunition quickly. Troll while you can, becouse pretty soon your gonna run out of bullets.

    1. Other consoles will always have a hook or apeal in many ways, but you can’t deny that nintendo’s software is as good as its ever been! this console reminds me so much of the gamecube. people laughed at it. it didn’t sell that well but when it’s life cycle was done people were left with so many wonderful experiences!

      1. So true bro. And just to think next year will be even better than this one with games like Devil’s Third, Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario Party 10, Star Fox Wii U and the new Zelda set to release next year, including some games that have yet to be announced. It is a great time to be a Wii U and a Nintendo fan

        1. Never bring up Mario Party 10. It is like 9 in which everyone moves around the board together, completely destroying the entire game.

  6. I hope Zelda Majora’s Mask sell very well the US. That game took a lot of time and effort to the ones who are working on that Zelda game.

  7. I thought Smash Bros. Brawl sell more than Mario Kart Wii. I was wrong. I also like the Mario Kart games as much as the Smash Bros games.

  8. Not surprising, I’ve had my Wii U since the day it launched and Smash Bros. is the only Wii U game I’ve preordered so far.

    1. Smash is also the only game I had preordered for Wii u, but it was cus of the bundle, otherwise I would like to pick it up at the store, ahhh that feeling.

  9. With all the talk about Nintendo fans “hungry” due to the wii u. Just had a quick look at my disc collection for the system. I own 29 wii u games. Plus I have over 20 eshop titles. I own a PS4 and my game collection comes at a “amazing” 8. There is more that interests me on the wii u at the moment and into next year than my PS4.

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