Rumour: Xenoblade Chronicles X Dated For Europe?

We know that Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to both Europe and the United States this December. What we don’t know is when in the festive month it is coming. EB Games Australia has recently updated its website to say that the game will be coming on December 15th. There’s also set to be two special editions you’ll be able to get hold off. The Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Premium Pack which features a black premium Wii U console, a physical copy of the game, an Artbook and a World Map poster and the Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Pack which features a physical copy of the game, a SteelBook cover, a World Map poster, a Cover Art Poster and the Artbook.

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Monster Hunter X Is Coming To Japan On November 28th

You may have seen the first footage from Monster Hunter X which should give you a good taster of what to expect when the game launches. Along with the new footage, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter X will be coming to Japan on November 28th. Pre-orders for the game will open on August 1st and no doubt retailers will be caught off guard. There will also be an exclusive newly designed New Nintendo 3DS console available at launch, which includes a copy of the game for 26,000 yen. Monster Hunter X will be available in playable form at the Tokyo Game Show which takes place September 17th.

Nintendo America Website Lists Freedom Planet With August 3rd Release

The well-received Freedom Planet will be coming to the Wii U eShop on August 3rd. The release date was revealed by Nintendo of America on their official website. The 2D platformer that is influenced by the original Sonic titles on the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis if you’re in the US) has received some extremely positive reviews on Steam. The game was available to demo during the “Nindies@Home” promotion and if you downloaded it you are entitled to get 15% off the full release.

Release Date And Screenshots For Nova-111 Officially Revealed

Indiecade 2014 finalist, Nova-111, will be heading to Wii U this September, according to Curve Digital and developer Funktronic Labs. The turn-based, real-time strategy game has been seen throughout several panels to date, generally garnering critical acclaim. According to the press release, the story is as follows:

Nova-111 is a sci-fi themed adventure that lets you utilise both real-time decisions and turn-based strategy to fight enemies and solve puzzles. Pilot your trusty orange vessel through mysterious and foreign planets, navigating mind-warping puzzles and engaging in strategic battles with bizarre astrobiological creatures. It’s all based in a twisted environment where the turn-based world and the real-time world collide – can you fix space-time and rescue the scientists lost in the aftermath of the Universe’s Greatest Science Experiment?

The game seems to utilize turn-based, real-time strategy in space to solve puzzles. While I’m not sure how this works, you can make your own guesses with the screenshots below.

Star Wars Disney Infinity (AKA 3.0) Heading To Wii U August 28th

Disney Infinity 3.0 — in other words, the Star Wars Edition — will be heading to Wii U in late August. People living in Europe will get the game slightly earlier (August 28) than in North America (August 30th). The starter pack comes with a Star Wars Twilight of the Republic play set, a copy of the game, an NFC reading base, a web key for some mobile content, and Anakin Skywalker and Ahsokao Tano figures.

If you are the type to pre-order games, putting down money (on either the starter pack or standalone game) will land you a new toy box game piece at certain retailers. If you are specifically looking for the Boba Fett figure as well as the Rise Against the Empire play set will have to wait until the Sony exclusivity deal passes. Owners who already have the base from previous games have the option of grabbing the game on its own, or a bundle featuring the software and the Twilight of the Republic play set. Along with Wii U, the game is set to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Project X Zone 2’s Japanese Release Date Announced; Collector’s Edition Detailed

This week in Famitsu, a small update for Project X Zone 2 has been revealed including the Japanese release date and what fans can hope to find in the collector’s edition. If you live in Japan, expect to be grabbing this crossover title on November 12 — as of yet, a US release date is still unknown, but chances are the game may be delayed past this Fall. Additionally, a limited edition, first-print version (titled “Original Game Sound Edition”) will be released, containing:

  • Challenge map DLC titled “The Girl from 10 Years Ago”
  • “Black Hot Pants” Special Item
  • A special 3DS theme, called “Namco X Capcom 10th Anniversary”
  • Availability to over 60 tracks from the original Project X Zone Game
  • DLC for Valkyrie no Boken: Toki no Kagi Densetu with Xiaomu, where players will be able to play as Xiaomu

Will you be picking up this game when it comes by you?

Attack On Titan Humanity In Chains EU, AU, And NZ Release Dates Announced

Good news for European readers — Atlus has officially announced the release date for Attack on Titan humanity in Chains (titled Shingeki no Kyogin: Humanity in Chains) for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. According to a tweet from Atlus U.S.A., the game will be coming July 2nd:

Additionally, each copy of Humanity in Chains will include a free theme for the Nintendo 3DS:

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is, of course, based on the wildly popular anime and manga. Players are tasked to defend the city from invading titans, giant-like humanoids with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.